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“Auntie Joyce will be around soon sweetie. I’ll see you both after work,” echoed his mother’s words before the door slammed shut behind her, leaving her son all alone in her apartment. A few picture frames showed them together when he was young, and she was youthful. The three-room apartment was only sparsely furnished, telling of the fact that not much time was spent within these walls by the residents. The “entrance” was merely a tiled corner of the living room, leading to the door. Beside it was a small TV and a near empty book shelf. Opposite these was a plush sofa with a velvet finish. The once deep red color had faded in patches from exposure to cleaning liquids and other fluids, but it still retained the comforting feeling unique to the material, when stroked.


On this sat Jason, lost in thought as the name his mother had uttered brought back a wave of nostalgia. At 23-years old, the young man had not envisaged being back in his mom’s house, in fact, he was going to be an engineer, but life had had other plans. He vividly remembered the things he had said when he had left for his apprenticeship. And he had meant all of it. Jason fully blamed his mother for the way he had turned out, an angry young man who had little to no social skills. That was her fault, her world’s fault.


But then he had gotten sick, and couldn’t take care of himself. He had lost his job and wound up right back with mother. Jason had only arrived the night before, but he already hated being back. He hated their bedroom, the only other space in the flat, which he had been forced to share with his mom growing up. It was the room where he had seen far too much depravity and intimacy as a child, and where he himself had ultimately lost his virginity in his teens: no one should have to share a bed with their mother.


Jason’s thoughts wandered again as he thought about that very first time he had had sex. He had been only 13 years old, and his mom had obviously been too wasted to keep her eyes open. But he didn’t care: he had had Joyce. His “aunt” was actually his mom’s best friend and colleague, and it was she to whom he had given himself at such a young age. He frowned as he thought about the situation through his new-found perspective from outside of this world. Outside the world of strippers. There had been a time in his youth when Jason had thought it was cool that his mom was so open about her sexuality, but it was ultimately his exposure to so many “open” women that he ruined him. How would he have learned to talk to women, when his only interactions with them were with women who barely asked before getting naked? Why would he go after girls his own age when there were literally strippers in his room every day? Horny, beautiful strippers.


Joyce was no different, a naughty, ebony giantess at 6’2” with a body to match her frame. Jason could still picture her huge frame, blocking out the light from the hall as she loomed over his supine form on the bed, her frizzy hair casting wild shadows over his body. She had a habit of getting into trouble, on nights out, in relationships and even with the law, but she always seemed to get away with it in the end.


He hadn’t spoken to Joyce since his departure, and while his mother had forgiven him, welcoming him back with open arms, Joyce would certainly not be so easy to win over. As if on cue, Jason heard a key click into the door and the lock turn. He stood up to greet his babysitter as politely as he could, given his stature. The door swung open, and Joyce thundered inside.


The shrinking disease was hardly predictable, as the doctors had told him, and Jason counted himself lucky to still be 6 inches tall, as many other patients hadn’t been so fortunate. From where he stood, Joyce seemed even larger, her immense figure soaring into the air. Thick legs with surprisingly tight skin carried her forwards, each step violently shaking his world as the booms echoed throughout the vast room. Her body became wider as his tiny eyes followed her figure up from her high heeled shoes to her enormous hips. The sheer volume of her ass astounded the tiny young man, and the rippled that ran through them with each step, showed from beneath her skin-tight denim shorts. Her vast, bare belly wasn’t fat, but certainly softer than that of an athlete, visible below the cut of her red crop top.


The frilly top was extruded by her colossal breasts, each one almost a foot in diameter and bulging forwards. The massive pair wobbled as she walked, casting a dancing shadow over her tummy. Her eye barely registered him as she tossed a huge handbag onto the couch beside him. Jason fell to the side as the weight of the bag shifted the cushions and caused him to lose his footing. He landed on his butt, still gazing up at his mother’s friend. Joyce stood a few inches away from the edge of the couch, turning her head from side to side as she looked for her charge, her hair bouncing around in a frenzy.


“Jason?” she boomed, “Come on out and say hello to your aunt Joyce.” Oblivious to the tiny figure before her, Joyce glanced down slightly. Unfortunately for Jason, her massive bosom hid him from her view, and she reached for her phone from her back pocket. Tapping in her PIN, Joyce opened messenger. Jason’s heart leapt into his throat as he watched the gargantuan figure turn her sizeable back to him.


“Aunt J….” he started, but was cut off as Joyce sat down with almost blinding speed. The tiny boy saw the enormous mounds of her ass cheeks spread to cover his entire field of vision before the insurmountable weight fell on his little body. The fleshy cheeks swallowed him up, his body sinking into the soft meat of the giantess’s booty. Jason felt his body crush, the air leaving his lungs and an immense pressure fix him in position.


“What the …” Joyce murmured, sliding to the side and inadvertently pulling Jason along the couch with her. She looked down at the sofa and saw nothing, but still felt the form of the tiny boy flattened beneath her. Jason groaned in agony as his voice was lost in the African-American lady’s thick butt.  Figuring that it was must be a lump in the couch, Joyce set about fixing it, by grinding her enormous ass as hard as she could into the lump. Jason’s body felt like it was going to crack as the unimaginable weight ground him into the velvet. He screamed, but this she couldn’t hear him.


CAN’T FIND J, she texted her friend, who replied quickly.


WAS ON THE SOFA, his mother replied.




U KNOW HE’S SMALL RIGHT?” came the reply.


Just then it hit Joyce that they had talked all about Jason’s shrinking illness. Following suite, she connected the dots between the lump she had felt under her ass and the shrunken boy that was supposed to be there. Dropping her phone beside her, she propelled herself up to her feet, her tensing glutes picking Jason up and crushing him between them as she stood up.


“Well, hey there little man,” Joyce said apologetically as the twitching figure stuck between her butt cheeks. Jason gasped for air as his lungs inflated, his face red from his torment and tears streaming down his face. But Joyce wasn’t interested in his face. Instead, her eyes fell lower down the naked young man, namely at his throbbing penis.


Jason would never have admitted it, but he had always been infatuated with Joyce’s rear, and being swallowed up by the dark mounds was nothing short of a dream coming true. His erect penis was throbbing from the experience, and the middle-aged stripper caught onto his arousal in a heartbeat.


“Poor little guy, being crushed by my big old rump. Let me make it up to you,” Joyce giggled as she scooped him up in her left hand. Dropping him back onto the couch, she gave Jason a second to once more gaze at her monumental ass as it hung over him, threatening to crush him once again without hesitation. Then, with a twirl in her step, the seasoned stripper spun around to face him. Her enormous breasts swinging overhead and then bouncing as she dropped to her knees with practiced ease.


The woman’s face was now within reach of the tiny boy, her wide eyes struggling to accommodate him as they crossed to try to keep him on focus at such proximity. Jason was on his back once more and gazed down his body at her, the mountain sized breasts resting on the velvet, cushioning her chest as she half lay on her front. Without warning, the huge, rosy lips planted themselves on his body. With her lips parted, Joyce’s maw covered his puny figure from his knees to his nipples. Jason wanted to say no, to be terrified for the giantess almost sucking him into her mouth, but it was too good an opportunity to miss. His body spasmed with sheer ecstasy as her thick, wet tongue fell onto his waist, smother his cock in its warm, slimy embrace.


He couldn’t understand how, but Joyce seemed to know exactly how much pressure to put on his weak little body to make his every dream come true. As he squirmed in pleasure, Joyce stroked his dick with the tip of her tongue, flicking it up and down to the boy’s unending pleasure, all the while gently sucking his body to keep him inside her mouth. She instinctively bobbed her head up and down, as she did with every blow job, but this made Jason’s whole body rise and fall, the ultimate experience for his perverse mind. He shook with pleasure as his body was picked up and his dick was lathered in Joyce’s salvia. As she sped up, Jason couldn’t hold it any longer and with a pathetic squeak, blew his load onto her tongue. For Joyce, the tiny droplets of semen were almost unnoticeable, quickly sloshing around in her spit and being swallowed without a second thought.


Pulling her head back from the couch, she looked down at the satisfied, spent young man. Jason looked right back up at her, the colossal face beaming down at him.


“Does this mean you forgive me for being a dick to mom?” he shouted.


“I will … in about half an hour,” Joyce purred. As the words finished, Jason stared at her puckering lips, a thick blob of saliva building between her lips. He raised his torso with his arms but was beaten back down as the mass off drool hit his body, spilling over him and drenching his hair. The thick fluid smelled heavily of minty chewing gum but carried a sweeter note to it as well. Jason fell back and struggled to rip the liquid from his face, breaking through the sticky secretions in time to breathe before he blacked out, and in time for Joyce’s next ball of spit to rain down on him.


“Cut it out1” Jason yelled, but the giantess didn’t seem to hear him. She continued to watch him with a smile on her face as her drool almost drowned the 6-inch tall body before her. When she was satisfied that he was thoroughly soaked in her saliva, she stood up. Jason’s eyes widened as the entire length of her enormous body shot past him, from her colossal tits to her gigantic belly, finally stopping as her hips shot by her thighs remained.


“You can’t have all the fun, that wouldn’t be fair,” Joyce sang as Jason failed to notice her arm rushing up behind him. With a deft movement, she grabbed his body between two fingers and her thumb, lifting him off the sofa. Her other hand was already tugging down her shorts. The denim slipped down, revealing … well not underwear to speak of at all. All Jason could see as he stopped level with it, was a forest of dense, curly, black pubic hair, surrounding the opening of an out-turned vagina. The fact that she was wet was evident, but even so, Jason was struck by the heavy smell emanating from her pussy, a smell which suddenly became stronger as his body shot towards her.


Jason opened his mouth to scream as his face rushed past the strong hairs that scratched his skin. Unfortunately, before any sound could escape his lips, his entire face collided with Joyce’s already hardening clitoris. The vibrations from his cries for help only sent waves of pleasure through the giantess’s body, causing her press him even harder against her, smothering him totally in her sex. Joyce began to turn him around her clit, twitching her hand to flick his body against her as she got even more excited.


Jason thrashed with his arms, trying to push away the hot flesh that was stopping him from breathing. He managed to sneak in a few gulps of air here and there, but he was tiring. He had never been held so hard, certainly not since shirking, but Joyce didn’t seem to care about harming him and her grip tightened and she continued to please herself with him. As the flicking intensified, Jason found himself being thrown from side to side, his whole head slapping against the thick, firm clit with painful force. His vision was starting to blur, from a combination of the trauma and the thick secretions quickly coating his body.


When it finally felt like she couldn’t thrash him around any faster, Joyce suddenly pushed him lower. Jason slid along the thickly coated labia and just as easily slipped into her vagina. The sound of her pulse was deafening. His head entered the pitch-black cavern and her thick juices seemed to seal him off from the outside. He could no longer hear the giantess panting but the throbbing of her blood rushing around the walls of her vagina echoed around him. He was still able to breathe despite the heavy, humid air, at least until Joyce shoved him in further and his face contacted the inner wall of her pussy. The skin here was not like her clitoris. Jason could swear that it was hot to the touch, and muscular too. They seemed to suck at his face, pulling him in with each emphatic flex. Joyce then pulled him backwards, but didn’t allow his head to leave her body. Jason was then pushed back in, to have his face once more buried in the contracting, almost living walls of her vagina, as the entire mountain of a woman shook with delight.


Joyce continued to plunge Jason inside her over and over again as her vaginal walls tightened around him. When they were all but crushing him, squeezing him so hard that he could hardly be pushed in or pulled out, Joyce came with an earth-shaking moan. The gush of liquid filled Jason’s mouth and nose causing him to cough violently as the giantess pulled him out of her painfully slowly. His shoulders and chest were bruised from Joyce’s powerful inner walls, and his legs ached from her iron grip, but he was alive. Dripping in the stripper’s pussy juices, exhausted and stuck to a few of her pubes, but alive.


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