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A sudden pandemic coursed across the planet. They say it started in Washington but there’s too many unknown factors to be certain. All Jack knew was that he was one of the victims.

The day had begun like any other Saturday; he stayed in bed until midday, he nipped out to the supermarket for his Mom, he played a few games. As the evening grew to a close, Jack felt himself growing weaker. A fever caught hold of him, his breathing became laboured and his head began banging like never before.

“I’m gonna hit the hay” Jack weakly stated to his Mother and sister, clearly very unwell, before heading upstairs to rest. As soon as his head hit the pillow he was out cold.

And that was day zero.

The following day Jack was shocked to find his world covered by a sky of heavy fabric. How had this come to pass? Aimlessly he wandered across the dark, empty landscape. “Where am I?” he asked himself aloud, his words dampened by whatever covered his tiny body.

Eventually Jack reached the edge of the foreign landscape where the sky met the ground. Peering down over the edge, he noticed he could see the cream coloured floor below.

Reaching over to the fabric sky that fell over the side of the landscape, Jack gripped it firmly with two hands and began to shimmy himself down. After quite a battle with gravity, Jack reached the floor and quickly realised where he was.

A familiar, yet totally unfamiliar, scene presented itself to him; his bedroom, except it was significantly bigger. Jack was in complete shock, had he shrunken?! Or had the world around him grown? Did it matter? He began to feel faint again, his vision faded and he fell unconscious.

Suddenly Jack stirred awake. He looked around at his surroundings, the faces of his family all peered down at him as he lay in a box of tissues.

“You caught SHR-1, you’ve been in a coma for the past few weeks. You were lucky your sister found you on her bedroom floor! You could’ve starved in that coma!” Jack’s Mother said matter of factly. He looked up at his sister’s face, she smiled a hero’s smile. Jack didn’t buy her hero act, she has never been nice to him in her life. And why was he on her bedroom floor? Didn’t he fall unconscious in his room?

“Wait, what is SHR-1?” Jack asked, confused. “SHR-1 is a virus that went around the world a few weeks ago. It made thousands of people your size, super resilient and it makes your tiny body store food and water way better than ours!” Jennifer explained, knowing far too much about his illness for Jack’s liking.

“Jennifer is going to look after you from now on until they find a cure” Jack’s Mother, Mandy, explained. “IF they find a cure” Jennifer helpfully added.

“Does she have to?! Jack replied, desperation in his voice. Mandy snapped back “Do you expect us to watch you 24/7? Take you to school? You’re lucky the school holidays have just begun! Jennifer has so kindly offered to take you everywhere with her”.

Jack’s heart sank. “You get to sleep in my room. Come look!” Jennifer said gleefully as she reached to pick up the box of tissues. With very little grace, Jennifer gripped your bed and immediately left the room.

Walking to her room, she peered back to check her Mom wasn’t listening, “I found you way before I showed you to Mom, I did my research so she wouldn’t have to!” Jennifer whispered. “Don’t you dare say anything! Remember you’re the ideal size to go in my asshole… Again… Kidding! Totally kidding.”


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