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In a panicked sprint, Jet the mouseboy ran for his hole with a piece of cheese in his arms.

“I’m going to make it! I’m going to make it this time!” Jet cheered.

But this celebration was interrupted by the sudden thud of a giant wall of flesh in front of him followed by the sudden yanking of the cheese out of his hands. Kayla the catgirl had put a stop to Jet’s thievery yet again. Kayla laid her head sideways on the floor, opened her mouth, and pointed inside.

“Damn it, it’s not fair!” Jet shouted as he frustratedly walked into Kayla’s mouth.

Kayla happily gulped Jet down and returned the piece of cheese to the kitchen.

“Remember, Jet. All you have to do is admit I’m too good of a predator for you and I’ll spit you back out and you can have all the cheese you want.” Kayla said with a smile.

“NEVER!” Jet shouted vengefully from inside Kayla’s stomach.

“Well, guess it’s the kitty box for you again.” Kayla responded as she patted her belly.

Meet Kayla the catgirl, an expert mouse-catcher for hire to any humans you have a problem with a mouseboy or mousegirl, but don’t want to have a pet catgirl permanently. However, Kayla was not in this business to make money or digest mice for nutrients, rather this was a perfect outlet to satisfy the powerful huntress instinct all catgirls have. Although Kayla never tells her human clients this, she often lets mice survive the trip through her body if they were fun enough to catch. Boring mice get an acid bath. Kayla hoped this would help selectively breed mice that are more and more fun to catch.

This is where Jet comes in, a mouseboy so agile that he could didn’t even try being stealthy until he met Kayla. Instead, he would just charge catgirls head on and dodge every grab or chomp they threw at him. When Kayla got wind of such an amazing mouseboy, she got a bit of an addiction to catching him, hoping that one day she could make him admit defeat to her. Even the mere idea of such a talented cheese thief admitting defeat to her skill gave her huntress instinct orgasmic pleasure. However, Jet had an inflated ego from all those years of effortlessly dodging catgirls and wasn’t ready to give that up to her.

That night, after a much-needed kitty box break, Kayla carried Jet back to his mousehole. Jet looked back at Kayla with seething anger as he walked in, but Kayla simply smiled and gave him a friendly wave.

“Better luck next time.” Kayla giggled.

Despite this recent encounter, Jet didn’t hate Kayla, nor was he afraid of her. Aside from the fact that she ate him whenever he tried to steal cheese, she had been kind to him. During bitter cold days in the winter months, Kayla let Jet sleep with her in her cat bed since it was right next to a heater. One time, Jet got sick and Kayla cared for him until he was better. Another time, a mousegirl broke Jet’s heart and Kayla gave her an acid bath. However, Kayla would not let Jet have cheese until he admitted defeat to her, which he had yet to do.

Just then, a newspaper ad caught Jet’s eye.

“A catgirl spoiling your fun? Teach her a lesson with one of our dog girls!”

“Dog girl?” Jet mumbled to himself as he picked up the newspaper.

Jet sat there and pondered the naughty possibility.

“Is this fair?” He wondered.

Then, he remembered that the humans who own the home hired Kayla along with many catgirls in the past to put a stop to them, so of course it would only be fair if he hired a dog girl to put a stop to Kayla. Jet got out his phone and dialed the number.

“Yeah, I’d like to hire one of your dog girls.” Jet said. “What? No! Not to beat her up! I just want the dog girl to give her a good scare!”

The next day, a dog girl broke through the window and pinned Kayla against the wall.

“The cheese is all yours!” The dog girl said as Jet came out of his mousehole and ran the kitchen.

“JET?! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” Kayla pleaded.

Jet came out of the kitchen with arms filled with cheese a few minutes later, but he dropped them all to the floor at the horror of what he saw. Kayla had been beaten very badly and the dog girl was dusting off her hands.


“Oh, trust me. She got a good scare.” The dog girl replied with a sadistic smile before leaving through the broken window.

The battered Kayla slowly sat up with tears in her eyes.

“Kayla, please. I didn’t mean-“ Jet started saying before he was interrupted.


Jet fell to the floor and put his hands on his tearing up face.

“No! What have I done?! Kayla, please wait! I’m sorry!” Jet called out as he ran out after her.

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