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Author's Chapter Notes:

A quick story for my good friend TechniMIND

There will be sequels planned, so I hope you like it and want to see more too. 



“Circa! We just heard about the raid your party partook in! Everyone’s raving that you kept the entire contingent alive! We haven’t had as successful of an assault like this in years! Way to go!”


Feeling her ears twitch atop her head as praise was directed her way, a young girl, no older than fifteen smiled back at a group of knights waving up at her as she ascended the long path of stairs that lead her to her home district. It seemed news traveled fast after her group assembled back in Old Gridania. Though how was, unsettling, to say the least.


Shaking her head in amusement, the teenager continued walking as she heard more people calling her name. If she knew popularity was this distracting, she wouldn’t have strived to earn it for so long. As a Conjurer, she was rarely bothered by others with quests. But after she became a White Mage… things got a bit more hectic in her day to day life. It was hard to enjoy the little things anymore.


“Welcome back, Circa. It’s so good of you to return to us in one piece. Your guild was quite… disturbed that you took on a job far outclassing your current responsibilities.” Shifting her slanted pink eyes towards an Astrologian approaching her, the younger Miqo’te gave a gentle bow as her dusky feline ears folded downward in turn. “And I take it you eased their tensions, Erenia?”


Smirking down at the younger girl as she tucked part of her long, porcelain bangs behind her ear, the older woman lifted her hand before flipping it over to reveal a tarot card. “I didn’t say that you died if that’s what you’re asking.” Chuckling alongside her friend, Circa looked up at the taller Elezen beside her with amusement. It was good to have someone to talk with after her missions. It was hard for a while all on her own…


Spying a look of apprehension on her younger wards face, Erenia’s smile faded as she flipped the card, she had been holding over for the dirty blonde to see. “I’m sorry… but I still haven’t been able to discern where your brother is. However, if it will alleviate that troubled face your adorning, he’s still alive. Death hasn’t shown its scorned face on him yet. I’ll let you know if anything changes.”


Nodding in silence as the mood of their conversation took a turn for the worse, Circa silently walked past the somber Astrologian as she continued up the hill they were on. Leaning on an elongated staff, Erenia smiled in silence before shaking her head. “It would do you well to come out tonight. Everyone will be talking about you. And I have use of your company you know… There are only so many stories I can take from the Lancer’s guild before I want to make up fortunes of misery for them to dwell on.”


Smirking silently, Circa looked over her shoulder before giving her old friend a small nod. “I’ll think about it.” Smiling back, the Elezen nodded before turning to leave. “Take care, Circa… I don’t have to read the stars to know your brother weighs heavy on your mental state. If you don’t take time for yourself… you might wind up the same as he…”


Giving the taller woman a stony look, the teenager turned away before walking a little bit faster. “Doubtful…” She wouldn’t choose a fate as foolish as he did…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Shutting the door of her lodging behind her, Circa glowered as she stepped in front of a large mirror set up in her entryway. Looking at the elegant white robes, she had on over, the cat folk huffed in annoyance as she saw the various tears and smudges staining it. If she knew her clothing repairs would be so high, she might have taken a different job over her current one.


‘I bet Black Mage’s don’t need to worry about staining their robes.’ Who would even notice any let alone rips in their cloaks? Shrugging her garments off so she could take them in tomorrow to get them fixed up, the young blonde inspected herself over for any bruises or cuts she might have missed.


The raid she had attended had been so chaotic, she hardly had the time to worry about herself when all her companions took turns as target dummies. Running her hands over her lightly tanned skin, the Miqo’te smiled as she felt no bumps or bruises along her frame. She didn’t look too worse for the wear. Though her hair was somewhat messy still.


Pulling her dirty blonde locks both over and under her protruding ears, the young cat folk tucked her thick strands of hair as she tied them back into a long flowing ponytail. Shifting her face back and forth, Circa nodded before smiling as she inspected her features. She was starting to grow into the tribal tattoos her parents had given her when she was born. Both triangular dusky markings were somewhat faded, but that didn’t make them any less visible on her pert cheeks.


Brushing her skin softly as she felt it over, various memories crossed the teenager's mind. Her homeland… her parents… how they had died… and she was left alone… alone, with him…


Narrowing her eyes, Circa turned around so her rear was visible for her to see in the mirror. Wiggling her blonde tail back and forth, the younger girl gave her ass a firm clench, before feeling the faint tingling from within.


‘Still alive…’ It was hard to forget that he wouldn’t die. But he had been silent for what felt like days. He probably knew what was going on outside. Maybe… But that didn’t matter anymore. As far as she was concerned, nothing mattered, when it came down to what her brother wanted.


He was right where he belonged now.


A piece of shit like him, inside of his little sister’s ass…


And it truly depressed her, knowing that this would never change, and she would have to eventually move on with her life. Only this time, without the only family member she came to this new continent with. It seemed, unreal. How did it even get to this point…?


Moving her hand down to her firm cheeks before giving her plump rear a gently squeeze, Circa continued to glower, as her mind wandered to the events that had taken place a few months back. She would have to address this eventually… but, she really, didn’t want to.


Just like with her parents… she had ended up losing her brother too… and he wasn’t coming back…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


~ 5 years prior ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*~*~




“Look’s like we’ve arrived. Come on, Circa… The dockmaster said we should go to the Aetheryte plaza. I’m sure we’ll find someone to help us…” Standing next to a taller boy, roughly a few years older than herself, a young Miqo'te looked around silently as her pink eyes drank in her new surroundings. 


Gone were the vast plains she grew up on. This new region was full of trees and greenery as far as she could see. It wasn’t home… Looking back at the older boy wearily, he simply smiled before petting her hair comfortingly. 


“It’ll be fine. I’ll make sure we’ll have a place to go. I promised mom after all.” Watching as the younger girl buried her face in the waist of his pants, the dusky blonde cat folk frowned, knowing he had just brought up bad memories for the child beside him. 


Naoh’a and his younger sibling, Circa had recently fled their continent. A war had broken out, and all the people in his village had been either taken hostage or forced to join the fight. Either outcome would surely end with their death though. Luckily, if you could even call it that, the older boy and his sister had gotten away, due to their parents fending off the attackers so they could have a chance to survive. 


It wasn’t very long, but it gave the older Miqo'te just enough time to board their families small raft that lead downriver. It took some time… and a lot of crying and pain, but… they had finally arrived at their new home. The name that had been mentioned overseas wasn’t used here. This place was simply known as Old Gridania on this side of the continent. 


Pulling his sister along as they walked off the ramp of the airship they had come on, both siblings looked around as they saw a woman at a desk registering people as they funneled in. “Stay close to me, Circa. I’ll handle everything. Make sure not to leave my side, understood?” 


Nodding her head quietly, the younger cat folk latched onto the older boy obediently as they walked towards the front of the entryway. This place was different in every way. But if her brother said it was their new home… then it was. She just wished their parents were here with them… 



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 



“Hmm, not too bad. This is better than I expected they’d give us. Go ahead and unpack what you have. We’ll go shopping later with what that woman in white gave us. She was far kinder than I thought she’d be. Perhaps this place will be a good fit after all…” 


Looking back at Circa as the silent girl set down a tiny rucksack before looking up at her brother expectantly, Naoh’a quietly chuckled. “That’s not what I meant when I said unpack. There’re some drawers over by the cots on the ground. Put your stuff in there. We’ll head out after.


Folding her ears downward involuntarily, the younger blonde nodded before pulling her belongings with her. Shaking his head from the silent actions of his once loud and rambunctious sister, the older boy pulled out the town map that had been given to him as his slanted eyes observed it carefully. 


As helpful as that Kan-E-Senna was, he knew that her charity would run out with time. If he was going to take care of both himself and Circa, then procuring funds to live off of would be their number one priority. Luckily for him, their family had been primarily farmers and ranchers. He knew how to cultivate plants and nurture livestock. But that wasn’t where his skills ended. He had been training to fight as well in his village. Kids started young, so at the age of 15, he had some experience under his belt. Though, apparently not enough to protect his family… 


Digging his fingers into the parchment paper as his emotions began to bubble over, the older boy quickly took a deep breath before calming himself. Getting angry about what happened wouldn’t help either him of his sister. He needed to stay level headed. Especially now that he was the head of the household… however small it may be… 


Feeling a gentle tugging on his pants, Naoh’a looked down before smiling as he saw Circa looking up at him expectantly once more. “Alright, we can go now. Let’s get some food first. After that, we can look at other things like clothes. I also need to drop by one of the guilds afterward. I have a feeling one of them will be just what I’m looking for.” He grinned. 


Smiling up at her brother as she saw the confident face he wore, Circa nodded before reaching up and holding his hand in comfort. She was pretty hungry. And thankfully for her, her sibling knew it just from one look. She didn’t feel like talking much… Not anymore. 


But her brother always knew what she wanted… He was just like that. And she couldn’t be happier that it was him she was with now. As much as she wanted her parents to be here, Naoh’a would no doubt keep her safe. He always did… 



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


~ 1 years later ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*~*~



“Spying on them again? Is your brother training today, or are you coming up here for another reason, Circa?” 


Feeling her ears twitch as her name was called, the young cat folk blinked in surprise before looking behind her. She hadn’t been expecting anyone to be all the way up here. She had climbed the mountain overlooking the lancer’s guild deliberately so she wouldn’t be disturbed… and to not disturb him either… 


Furrowing her brow as she saw a taller woman, who appeared closer to her brother's age than her own, Circa remained silent before turning back to watch a group of around fifteen trainees thrusting and performing flips with various polearms and spears gripped firmly in their hands. Why did this woman keep talking to her? She had met her around the time her brother began to enroll in his own guild. After seeing the young cat folk, she made it a point to go out of her way to interact with her, much to the teenager’s irritation. 


Smiling as her question was taken in silence, the older woman moved to the Miqo’te’s side before sitting down to join her, much to the younger girl’s chagrin. “You know if you asked the captain down there, he’d probably let you sit in and watch a bit closer. Heavens know that those who partake with the blade enjoy showing off. Especially to the likes of those other than their own~.” The pale woman smirked.


Feeling her cheeks dust over, Circa shifted her gaze to the older woman as she studied her closer. Grey robes, and pointed ears. She was one of the elfish people that came around here every so often. Elezen…


If her new home had anything in abundance it was different species. Back in her homelands, Miqo’te were all she knew. Coming here though, she had met so far, Hyur, Elezen, and Au Ra. And apparently, there were even more across the seas. It was truly sad that growing up in her homeland had made her so sheltered. Trying to learn all of this now was becoming a challenge for her.




Twitching her nose as a potent smell registered within her senses, Circa looked over to the stranger before feeling her mouth water as she watched her taking a bite of something that was both pale and dark. Smiling warmly as she moved her free hand towards the younger girl, the older Elezen sighed contently as she savored the taste of her treat in front of her guest.


“Go on, have a piece. We don’t get chocolate here very often, and I’m sure you probably haven’t tried it before, have you?” She knew enough about the mute child to know that she and her brother were refugees. In her experience, those were the types that didn’t get to savor the little pleasures of life that often.


Wrinkling her face not wanting to engage with the stranger who kept running into her time and time again, Circa looked back at the presented treat before weakly reaching forward as she snatched it away after it became apparent she wasn’t going to lower her hand. ‘It smells really good…’


Smirking, the older woman took another bite of her treat as she observed the group of trainees far beneath them. Vaulting over the head of a Hyur as he tried to thrust the blunt end of the training staff they both used, Naoh’a swept the poor boy’s feet before launching his entire body towards another pair of fighters ready to take on whoever was in front of him. “Your brother has talent. I haven’t seen anyone take to a guild as quickly as he. Though, I take it that’s due to your upbringing… am I right?”


Purring faintly as the sweet taste of the candy she had been given elated her tongue, Circa stopped chewing abruptly as she heard the stranger beside her speak up again. Her upbringing…? Narrowing her eyes, the younger cat girl tossed the piece of chocolate back at the Elezen before crossing her arms over her knees.


“I’m sorry… perhaps, I crossed a line? I don’t know much about you, Circa. Only the little Naoh’a shared with me. He hasn’t been too open about your life before coming here either. All I wanted was to give you someone to talk to. I know what it’s like to be a stranger to a new world… And everybody needs a friend, every now and then.” 


Setting the rest of the chocolate down in front of the brooding girl, the Elezen stood back up before smiling down at her weakly. “Take care, and try to find some purpose here. You can’t move on if you refuse to move at all. Oh, and in case you were curious, my name's Erenia. You can come see me whenever you’d like it if you feel like talking. I live by the conjurer’s guild… It might do you some good to drop by.”


Saying nothing as she heard the footsteps of the strange woman departing, Circa buried her chin into her arms as she continued to watch her brother fighting multiple lancers at once. It seemed like he found his purpose… Perhaps there was some truth to her words…


Reaching a hand out before pulling the rest of the chocolate Erenia left for her, the dusky blonde began to nibble at it as her purring returned.



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



~ 3 years later ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~*~*~




“Hey, did you hear that Naoh’a lead the raid on Haukke Manor?!”


“Seriously?! That place is terrifying! I heard from my friends in the guild that there are lots of creepy things in there!”


“I know right! Naoh’a’s amazing! Has anyone seen him come back to town yet?”


“Probably not, there would have been a crowd by now if he had. Let’s go see if we can meet him before he enters town!”




Smirking in silence as the people around her began to speak about her brother reverently, Circa remained silent as she sat across from her friend as the older woman flipped various cards on the table where they sat, in a similar state of amusement.


“Tragic, I’m not too good at this yet, but I can tell that those two girls will be, heartbroken? Yes… I guess you could probably predict this too though, right, Circa?” Looking back at Erenia as the newly appointed Astrologian showed her a tarot cart with a cracked heart on it.


“Probably. Naoh’a doesn’t like a lot of the girls in this city. He says they act too zealous for his tastes… whatever that means. I bet he’ll find a lancer he likes in his own guild eventually.” Nodding back, the pale-haired Elezen flipped another card over before the entire set in front of her flipped as well.


“Shame… wrong again. It seems I’ll need more time to practice my predictions. The cards say your brothers already found a lover. Hmm, I wonder if it could be true or not.” Erenia mumbled aloud. Scoffing, Circa shook her head before leaning back into her chair.


“Naoh’a goes out, fights, comes home, then goes out and fights some more. He spends more time with me than anyone. I’d know if he was seeing someone else if that was true. Can we drop this though? I thought you were supposed to be here to help me with my training!” The cat folk snapped irritably.


Flipping a card over once more before they all stacked on top of one another neatly, Erenia waved her hand dismissively before resting her chin on the palm of her hand. “My apologies, I just enjoy the town's gossip as much as the next girl. You and your brother came here just a few years back, yet, you’ve both made such waves in the eyes of the public around here. It almost makes me cry knowing my own studies have been lacking so much.” The Elezen whined feigningly.


Peeking an eye open as she saw her friend’s tail twitching in agitation, Erenia smiled before pulling out a pair of scrolls from her waist pouch. “Fine, fine… Here are the tome's I’ve written down for you. These should give you an edge over the other conjurers in your class. Though I do need to inquire. What made you choose to become a White Mage? While I know something like an Astrologian isn’t for someone with your… temper… Why not choose a Black Mage instead? Causing destruction with your emotions sounds like it would suit you splendidly! Healing, however…” Erenia trailed off unsure of what else to say.


In the years she had come to know Circa, she was a silent girl. She only showed her emotions around her brother openly, and when it came to everyone else unless provoked, she remained stoic, and rather off-putting if the Elezen was being honest. But that didn’t bother her much. As much as the cat folk tried to hide it, she was pretty open to most things when given a little nudge.


Pulling the scrolls apart as her feline eyes began to scan them intently, Circa gave a simple shrug in response to her friend's inquiry. “I just want to, I guess. I don’t really care about helping others… but, if I can do something to help out Noah’a, then I want to do that. I’ve seen how destructive novice Black mages can be. Healing my brother’s wounds is better than blasting both him and whatever he’s fighting into the aether.”


Chuckling softly, Erenia shook her head in return. “I should have known your decision was based on your brothers. You did choose to become a conjurer because he joined a guild too, did you not?” Ignoring the older woman’s words, Circa continued to read the scrolls as she tried to cram as much knowledge as she could. Time was running out.


If she didn’t become a White mage in the next few months, then her brother would end up leaving their home without her. Naoh’a was going to be heading overseas to further his training. She wanted nothing more than to stay by his side. And that meant she had to get stronger, both for his sake… and for her own…


Hearing more voices around her as her brother’s name kept popping up over and over, Circa sighed before folding the scrolls back up and tucking them into her pouch. This place was too noisy. She needed to go somewhere else to study, and train.


“Thank you Erenia. But I think I’m going to go now. I’ve got a lot to do and not a lot of time left to do it…” Frowning as she stared at the troubling expression her young friend wore, the pale-haired Astrologian nodded in understanding before looking over towards a group of about ten women all gossiping loudly about the younger girl's brother.


“Circa… try to not make this a competition… I know you want to become stronger, but don’t misplace that compassionate want for a competitive need. People talk about you too, you know. Our whole guild praises your progress so far.”


Grabbing a tall tangled staff that rested near her chair, Circa nodded stoically before turning to leave. Her friend’s words were comforting, but in the end unnecessary. She wasn’t doing this for anyone but herself… and for him…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




Sitting in silence, as the faint sound of dripping began to echo throughout her quiet bathroom, Circa buried her face in the water surrounding her as her mind ran rampant with thoughts. Her friend’s words were having somewhat of a disconcerting effect on her.


‘I wonder if I would do better as a Black Mage after all…’ When she came home and started studying once more, now in a familiar setting, the young Miqo’te found her thoughts to be just as loud as all the people around her. In the end, she wasn’t able to get much work done. The documents she had been given were pretty much all she needed to pass her conjurers test to become a White Mage, yet when she tried to recall any of the information on them, it just seemed to fade from her memory.


Lowering her nose till just her eyes were raised above the steaming bathwater, the dusky blonde gently breathed out as bubbles began to float towards the surface. ‘I know I can learn this stuff. Conjurer's spells were nothing…’ She had practically advanced to the highest level within two months. If she had been allowed to take her aptitude tests then she would have already been a white mage by now!


‘Stupid policies…’ All trainees had to have a certain amount of time and experience under their belts before they were permitted to venture to the more advanced levels of arcana. It wasn’t fair! Naoh’a shot to the top of his own guild and became a Dragoon within a year!


Gritting her teeth before coming back up for air, Circa splashed the top of the bath water before taking a deep breath and letting out an exasperated sigh in return. She had so much to do still, and not a lot of time left to do it…


Gridania was a beautiful city, but the teenager knew she would want to get out and see the world soon. Just like her brother did now. If she didn’t catch up and match his pace, then he’d end up leaving her behind. And that thought alone terrified her more than anything else…


Staring at her reflection in the bathwater, Circa smiled weakly before reaching up and touching her ceremonial tattoos. They were a gift from their parents. Both she and her brother had them. They signified maturity and strength. Though, it felt like she didn’t deserve hers yet…


Naoh’a, on the other hand, more than earned his. Back in their homeland, he helped out their parents with everything. He was the best at everything! And even coming here after their parents were taken… or worse, he still excelled at whatever he did. And then there was her…


Sulking, the young cat folk held her arms as she sunk deeper into the warm waters for comfort. ‘Can I ever hope to match you, Naoh’a?’ She didn’t want to be a burden on him. But she also didn’t want to ever leave his side. It was selfish of her… but, she really hoped he never left her. He was the last family she had…


And perhaps that’s why she hated hearing everyone in town talk about her brother so highly. It was only a matter of time until someone caught his eye and took her place. Would he move on when that happens? She didn’t want to think about it… She wasn’t ready for that outcome yet.


Closing her eyes as her thoughts took a turn for the worse, Circa sighed before standing up. She needed to get out of here. The bath was having the exact opposite effect of calming her nerves right now. However, as she turned around and reached for the towels she had laid out for herself, a loud thump alerted the Miqo’te, that she wasn’t alone.


Narrowing her eyes before turning towards the cracked bathroom door, Circa’s eyes lit up before her palm began to glow. “Fluid Aura!” Launching her bathwater out as it shot through the parted doorframe a loud cry of surprise was all the cat girl needed before leaping out of the now empty tub, she had been in.


Swinging the door open violently, the teenager snarled before her eyes widened in shock. She expected to find an intruder peeping in on her, and a brazen one at that since he was in her own home… but what she found, had been the last thing she expected to see…


“N-NAOH’A?! It was her brother! Staring at the older boy with a look of disbelief and uncertainty, one thing stood out to Circa… his pants were down, and he wore a guilty look, as he laid motionless against his watery bindings. He… he had been spying on her as she bathed… Her own brother!






_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _















Wincing on the ground as he sat in front of his robed little sister, the older Miqo’te grimaced as Circa paced back and forth in front of him in just the towels she had put on prior. This wasn’t helping the situation at all… Not to mention, he couldn’t so much as get a word in edgewise as his sibling cut him off every time he tried to speak.


Shaking her head as her tail swung around violently, the younger cat folk looked down at her brother with disgust. “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! YOU’RE MY BROTHER!” Panting angrily as she saw the submissive look the older boy wore as he hung his head, Circa growled before sitting on the edge of her bed before crossing her arms.


“Well? Are you going to say something?!” Turning his head away weakly, Naoh’a bit his tongue before closing his eyes. He didn’t want her to find out like this. But it was about time the truth came out. He had a lot to tell her… but, he just wished it wasn’t under the context of this.


“Circa… I… I’m sorry. I just, couldn’t help myself!” Digging her fingers into her arms, the younger girl glared at her brother unsure of what to say. What was he even talking about?! Clenching his fists having just come out and said it, the older boy knew he couldn’t back out of this confession now. It had been a long time coming…


Staring back at his sibling before shaking his head, Naoh’a sighed before hanging his head once more. “Look… Circa, I know you won’t understand what I’m about to tell you… but, I need you to at least, try! Please!” Hearing the need in the older boy’s tone, Circa continued to hold her glare but said nothing in return. She would listen… There was no promise she’d take it well after he spoke, however.


Seeing that he hadn’t been yelled at as he had before, Naoh’a cleared his throat before stating what he needed too. “The truth is… I’ve liked you for a long time, Circa… more, then what should be considered normal. I love you… And it’s been driving me crazy for months now! I just… I don’t know what to do! You’re the only person I want to be with! I can’t get you out of my head!”


Cringing from the sorry tone her brother was using, the younger teen wasn’t sure what to even say. He loved her? But, not like a family should. This was wrong… so, very, wrong… “What the hell are you talking about Naoh’a?! I’m your sister! It’s not like we could be together! How did you even come to have thoughts like that about me?!” They had been together their whole lives and he never showed an interest like that in her until now.


Shaking his head, the older boy looked back at Circa before blushing. “I… I-I don’t know, Circa… I just, don’t. But I do know, I’ve fallen in love with you… I can’t, stand… anyone else! Ever since I became a Dragoon, woman have been flaunting their bodies all over me! It drives me insane! None of them are as amazing as you are! I’ve had multiple people even propose to me! But… I just can’t accept them… not when I love you…”


Moving her hand up to her face before rubbing her temple, the younger girl sighed. It had to be their race. That was the only thing she could think of that justified her brother’s deplorable actions! Back where they grew up, multiple Miqo’te caught the older boy’s eye. Here, however, there were none. The only cat folk they had seen were each other. That had to be it.


“Look… Naoh’a, this… this is wrong. I get that you want to be with another of our kind… But I’m your sister! That can’t happen! We’ll find other Miqo’te eventually! Just think about them and you’ll forget this, creepy obsession with me!”


Staring back at his sibling with pain in his eyes, Naoh’a stood up before shaking his head. “I-It’s not just that Circa! Everything about you is perfect! I never realized it until you started to get older! Your personality is amazing! You’re smart and always think things through. I never do that! I always jump towards things head first! You even have amazing talents with arcana! I’ve never been able to master any spells the way you could! Don’t you get it? You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever known!”


Blushing a bit from her older brother’s praise, the dusky blonde scowled before shaking her head. “Lets… let's just take a step back, alright! Look… Nothing can come from this except distance and scrutiny. Just forget about me… There’s plenty of girls in town who would kill to date you. Fantasize about one of them, not me!”


Lowering his eyes, Naoh’a smiled weakly as his tail hung down between his legs. “I’m sorry Circa… but, it’s no use… I’ve tried that, and no one but you can help me. Not during my cycle period… I’ve been in it for a week now… and It won’t go away! That’s why I can’t stop thinking about you!”


Looking back at her brother in shock, Circa’s stomach dropped upon hearing that. The cycle period was a time where Miqo’te entered a hormonal state of influx. It was akin to an animal going into heat. During it, sexual thoughts and images plagued them horribly, and there was only one cure until it went away…


Tugging her towel closer to her chest defensively, the younger girl blushed even redder as she saw the tint in her older siblings’ pants. It was no wonder he was acting so, perverted. If he entered his cycle, until he got a release from a female, he’d keep at it like this until his body let it pass naturally. It could take weeks sometimes…


“If you’re in heat, then just go find one of your fangirls and give her the time of her life already!” It would pass quicker if he did that! Gritting his teeth from his sister’s lack of understanding, Naoh’a shook his head before pointing back at her.


“It’s not that easy, ok! I tried that already! Don’t you think I would have done something sooner if I could?! I already told you, you’re the only one I can think of like this! Your looks, your smell, your voice, everything! Hell, I can’t even get off without thinking about you using your magic on me! Do you know how much it began to hurt when I learned you could shrink things?! EVERYTHING YOU DO TURN'S ME ON, CIRCA! IT’S NOT MY FAULT!” He cried out angrily.


Giving her brother a scrutinizing look now at the mention of her spells, the younger cat folk shook her head in uncertainty. “M-My magic?! What the hell are you even talking about!?” Dragging his hand down his face as he paced back and forth, Naoh’a shook his head unsure of how to describe it.


“I-I… I don’t know, okay! It's just… when I saw you practicing your shrinking spells on those rocks a few weeks ago, that turned me on so hard! I couldn’t stop thinking about you just doing that to me! Being shrunken in your hands, having you hold me close… feeling you use me, so powerfully… It’s just, too much!” Naoh’a growled before whining in discomfort.


Blushing as she watched her brother hiss in pain, no doubt due to his cycle acting up again, Circa was at a crossroads now. She was both flattered and horrified that this was who her brother really was. Who would think to let someone shrink them willingly for carnal use?!


Was this really what her brother wanted, or was this all because of their biology? Damn it all, what the hell was she supposed to do about this! If Naoh’a couldn’t get a handle on his lusts, how long would it be till he tried to peek on her bathing again, or worse…


Clenching her fists in anger, the younger teen glared back at her sibling in disappointment before a dark thought entered her mind. It was apparent against Naoh’a’s better judgment, he wouldn’t stop pursuing her even if he didn’t want to, and that his fantasies about her were growing out of control. So… why not give him what he wanted?


Staring back at her brother in his pained state, Circa narrowed her eyes before her hand glowed faintly atop her lap. It would be coercion, but… that was the point. If she showed him that what he wanted to be wasn’t really what he fantasized about, it would turn him off to her permanently… right? There was only one way to find out… but, she feared it would ruin their relationship forever… Then again, this event might have already done that. She just wanted things to go back to normal!


Raising her hand towards her brother, Circa’s eyes glowed faintly, before she parted her lips. “Mini…” Looking back at his sister in shock as a bright white aura surrounded her, Naoh’a tried to speak before the light radiated around himself as well, causing his vision to grow blurred in an instant.


Standing up silently, Circa stared down at the ground irritably as she saw the diminutive form of her brother sprawled out on his back in confusion. She couldn’t believe she was really doing this. It was wrong… and gross… and just plain creepy! But if she didn’t make a statement about what she thought of her brother's own *crush* on her… then this could become an even worse obsession. She needed to end it now. Hopefully, with as little interaction as needed.


“So, you like the thought of your own sister towering over you? How does this look? Are you excited?” Rubbing his eyes as the dots began to clear up, Naoh’a looked towards his sibling before his stomach dropped. She was huge! She actually shrunk him! He didn’t think she’d ever considered doing it, not even in his own fantasies!


Raising her barefoot over the inch-tall frame of her sibling, Circa hovered it over the older boy with a look of hatred strewn across her features. “This is what you wanted, right? To be treated like a bug? Do you want me to squish you like one? You wouldn’t bother me anymore if I did…”


Wondering if her words were too harsh for him or not, the younger girl tried to keep an angry expression, but it was hard. She didn’t really want to do this… but, she had to make it seem real or else Naoh’a would probably want her to do this to him again!


Tilting her toes to the side as they neared her tiny brother, Circa expected to see a look of fear. Who wouldn’t be scared of a giantess ready to step on them? What she saw, however, was the exact opposite of what she had hoped to see.


Panting on his back as his hand moved within his pants, was Naoh’a… And he looked, excited… ‘A-Are you serious?!’ He was really enjoying this?! She was threatening to squish him! Growling in anger, Circa lifted her foot up higher before stomping down hard… right next to her brother.


“You’re seriously sick, you know that! How can you get off to something like this! I was threatening you! S-Stop touching yourself you pervert, I’m your sister!” This wasn’t good… He didn’t seem phased by her words in the slightest. His cycle was even worse than she imagined it was… She would have to get serious if she wanted to break him of this habit. And unfortunately for her… that would require touching him in ways she never imagined she would before…


Staring at her diminutive brother with a sour look, the larger girl reached down before plucking her tiny brother by the back of his shirt as she dangled him in the air. How could he want this? He was the pillar of their household. Not to mention the face of their community’s lancer guild… This disgrace should be something he would never live down. But he didn’t seem like he was ready to stop at all.


Panting loudly as his hand continued to wiggle beneath his pants, the shrunken man said nothing as his glossy eyes took in the visage of his sister lustfully. He looked so… pathetic. Hardening her gaze, Circa looked behind her at her bed, before tossing her brother into the air uncaringly. If he could survive a raid on the various outposts around them, then freefalling from this height shouldn’t do much to him…


Moving her hands up to her arms as she tried to silence the unpleasant tickling sensation she got from doing that, the younger girl pondered what to do next. There was absolutely no way she was going to let her brother touch her… down there. But, that didn’t mean she couldn’t use other, unpleasant, parts of her body.


She just had to make this as horrible an experience as possible for him, and the older boy would be begging her to stop. Right…? Feeling something press into the back of her bottom, Circa soon sighed before craning her neck to look down at her brother's petite form… naked… He had stripped…


‘You disgust me…’ Swinging around before flicking her brother onto his back, Circa growled before standing back up. “You really don’t get the situation you’re in right now, do you? I can do whatever I want with you, Naoh’a… No matter what you say, you can do nothing. I’m in charge!”


Tugging the blanket forward, the smaller boy came with it until he rested right beneath the younger teens pert rear-end much to her embarrassment. “Why don’t you have a timeout. Don’t die… Telling everyone how you passed away under your little sister's ass would embarrass me. I can't even call myself that at this point…”


Hearing his sibling’s words but not fully listening to them, the older boy wasn’t aware of what was going on, until a large shadow fell over him. Gazing up at his sister's towel-covered butt as it began to descend, a moment of realization soon hit Naoh’a before he threw his arms up, far too late to do anything about it.


Plopping her rear on top of her brother’s puny form, Circa forced all of her weight onto him before twisting her bottom back and forth on her bedsheets to grind him in place. She could feel him. His tiny limbs, trying to press against her butt. He was completely powerless to stop her from sitting on top of him…


Blushing as the thought passed over her mind, the younger girl quickly shook her head as faint goosebumps rose over her arms and thighs. Why was this so… exciting? She didn’t like the thought of her brother being the one she was doing this too… but, there was an undeniable fact that she somewhat liked the idea of having this type of control over someone else.


‘Why does it have to be you though, Naoh’a?’ She always looked up to her brother. After this though… she wasn’t sure if she ever would again. Raising her butt up about an inch, Circa smirked before dropping her full weight back down crushing the smaller boy against her plump rear once more.


Bouncing in amusement, Circa soon stopped before snapping out of it. She could hurt him if she wasn’t careful! Standing back up with a stern look as she tried to keep her cold gaze intact, the larger girl soon paled as she saw her brother weakly stroking himself as he gasped for air. It was no use… he was still enjoying himself.


‘I-It’s hopeless…’ She had thrown him around, and crushed him with her butt! No sane person would be alright after having either of these things done to them! She had to get more extreme! Thinking carefully, Circa nodded knowing what she had to do next. If this didn’t work, she was worried nothing else would…


Reaching down, the larger girl pinned the shrunken boys’ arms to his sides before hovering her face over her brothers. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m still in charge! You don’t get to touch yourself! You need to cool off…”


Pursing her lips above Naoh’a’s head, the younger girl felt guilt for what she was about to do next, but… it was too late not to be aggressive. If she had done this sooner, perhaps her brother might have not turned out the way he was now.


Staring up at the angelic face of his little sister, the older Miqo’te flushed red with desire before his eyes widened as he saw saliva pooling between his sibling’s plump lips. “C-Circa?!” Jolting upright against his restrained body, the pinned cat folk coughed as fluid rushed into his mouth, his sisters spit now completely covering his upper head and torso…


Glaring down at the shrunken man, Circa gathered her saliva back up in her mouth before spitting on her brother once more as she watched him flail helplessly in the foul puddle she was drowning him in. ‘Pathetic…’ Naoh’a fought marauders… undead… gigantic beasts that would crush any the most seasoned adventurer... and here he was, drowning in a puddle of his little sisters’ spit!


Pressing her index finger into the shrunken man’s torso, a faint hint of delight shot through the younger teen as she watched the smaller boy choking on her mucus riddled fluids. Watching enraptured as little bubbles of air slowly sifting through her saliva, like sap from one of the great trees around their capitol, Circa couldn’t help but let out a silent whimper. It was hard to explain why, but… she felt, kind of excited…


Moving a hand down below her waist, the younger cat folk blushed red with embarrassment as her fingers were greeted by the dampness of her crotch. She was getting turned on, from the torture of her older brother. This… it was wrong… all of it was so, very, wrong…


Growing wide-eyed as she realized that she still held her brother pinned, the younger teen quickly let go of Naoh’a as he shot upward gasping for air. She… she didn’t mean to actually drown him! Staring her brother down as he gripped his chest in agony, the dirty blonde continued to lightly touch her saturated neither’s, unsure of what to do. She was turned on… It was rare… but, she had never had this happen like this. What was she to do?


Her brother though… was still as equally turned on, if his erect member had anything to say about it. Even drowning him hadn’t worked. It was hopeless… Staring down at Naoh’a disbelievingly, Circa’s face fell even redder as she continued to stare at his naked form. ‘Is there really nothing else I can do to dissuade him?’ She had tried everything that came to mind that would normally put others off… Well, almost everything… There was still one thing she could try… but, she wasn’t sure their relationship would ever recover if she did that!


‘Can it really be salvaged, though? Even now?’ She wanted to believe so. Her brother… he was, her family. Her only family. Without him… she had no one. Continuing to stare the naked boy down as he calmed down from his labored breaths, the teenager's gaze hardened. ‘It’s too late…’ She had already done stuff to him that was unspeakable. If anyone found out about any of this, nothing would ever be the same. The next course of action was no different. In the end, what was one more depraved act, compared to everything else that led up to this point. She needed her brother to forget his desires… and that meant making them repulsive to even him.


Reaching down as the courage to do what she had to began to manifest itself, Circa gripped her brother's soaked form as her saliva dripped down his naked frame. It helped that she had spit on him. He’d go in easier this way…


“Useless… You’re utterly useless Naoh’a. I looked up to you… and this is how you repay my respect for you? Your shit! A shitty brother! I hate you for making me do this!” Circa screamed angrily. She didn’t want any of this! But now for whatever reason, it seemed like she did! And she hated it! She hated this feeling! She hated this situation she was trapped in! She hated her perverted brother for being like this! But most of all… she hated what she was going to do next.


 “I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, Naoh’a. You need help, and this is the only way I can think of to help you. What you want is gross… and I’m going to make sure you know that too!” Hearing his sister’s words through the burning sensations that shrouded his hormonal state, the older Miqo’te felt something else for the first time since he had been reduced to the state, he was in. Guilt…


Coming down from his lusts, Naoh’a tried to speak, but, he had already been moved away from Circa’s face, and presented with something else that caught his attention. Feeling the heat in his body beginning to grow once more, the shrunken cat folks’ eyes widened as he stared up at his sister’s pale ass cheeks. Her butt was huge!


Panting as the pain came back, whatever calmer state the boy had been in instantly left him, as his lusts came back tenfold. ‘S-So, cute… Damn it, Circa!’ Why did his sister have to be so beautiful?! Grimacing as she pinched her shrunken sibling between her fingertips, the reluctant teen closed her eyes before sighing deeply. She had to do this… even if it was going to be unpleasant for her. She had made up her mind…


Pulling on one of her pale plump cheeks, the cat folk spread her ass apart as she presented the divide between it to her diminutive older brother. ‘I’m sorry Naoh’a… I hope you can forgive me…’ She didn’t want to do this… but no matter what she told herself… there was still this feeling deep inside her. She was about to do something terrible… and her brother could do nothing to stop it. He was utterly helpless to her whims…


Staring on as he was moved closer between his sister’s pert cheeks, the older boy’s eyes widened as he glimpsed Circa’s puckered anus coming towards him. It was twitching, right beneath the base of her dusky blonde tail. He wanted, to touch it… touch her…


Feeling his wish granted as he continued being moved towards it, the older Miqo’te’s eyes widened with need as his hands moved on their own. Reaching forward once he was within the right distance of it, Naoh’a groaned as he felt the pulsating heat coming from his sibling’s cute little asshole. Each of the crevices and wrinkles of it was being burned into his memory. This was, amazing!


Feeling his hands beginning to push against it, however, the older boy’s euphoria was short-lived, as he felt his body continue to move forward much to his confusion. What was going on? Pressing both hands against Circa’s anus, a foreign sense of panic slowly began to set in as his arms, sunk in. What was she doing!?


Biting her bottom lip as the tickling sensation of her own brothers’ limbs began to press against one of the most private spots on her body, the younger girl shuddered as she tried to relax. If she resisted, this would be harder then she wanted it to be. She had to just calm herself, and follow through with her decision…


Jerking his body away as his mind began to come back to him, Naoh’a gasped as his entire forearm was suddenly shoved in, as he continued being pushed forward by his little sister’s powerful hand. “C-Circa?! C-Circa, stop! What are you doing?!” Screaming his sibling's name as he was forcefully shoved inward, the older boy’s eyes were wide with horror as the implication of what his younger wanted to do too him.


Crying out in terror as both his arms were engulfed by the younger girls twitching anus, the older boy thrashed wildly, but he was absolutely powerless to do anything, as his face was jammed into the sticky skin of his little sister’s asshole. “C-C-Circa! S-Sto-“






Gasping as she felt her brother’s body fully enter her ass, the younger girl shivered as she felt a pleasant sensation beginning to spread through her core. Naoh’a… he was, tickling her sensitive walls… It felt, good… Crying softly as she let go of her asscheek, Circa moved her hand up to her mouth before biting down on her knuckles.


‘I’m sorry… I’m so sorry! I’m sorry… I’m sorry!’ She shouldn’t be enjoying this… it was gross… her brother was gross! Sinking to her knees on her bed, the younger girl began to lick her hand as her sweat glistened down her pale body. Flicking her tail around wildly, the teenager’s eyes grew glossy. This feeling… was unlike anything she had ever felt.


He was in her… Her own brother was inside her! It was wrong, it felt, so wrong! But she couldn’t stop her hand… Pressing against her crotch as she gently began to touch her puffy lower lips, Circa cried softly as she clenched her ass repeatedly, feeling her brother's struggles within it. He had to be in hell… And that thought was beginning to arouse her.


‘I-Its, punishment! That’s all it is!’ She was punishing her naughty brother… And this was her punishment too for enjoying it. Rolling onto her back as she mewed against her hand, the teenager panted weakly as her hand left her parted lips and moved down to her exposed breasts. The air was nipping at her hardening nipples… they needed attention too…


Giving her pink areolas a gentle pinch, the younger girl's eyes watered as she choked back her own breath. What, was she even doing! Her hands moved on their own. Her body was rebelling against her. Her lusts… were getting out of hand… She was beginning, to turn into her older brother…


Moving her finger in as she began to probe her quim hesitantly, the dirty blonde mewed once more before her weak touches began to turn needy. ‘Naoh’a… this is all your fault… I hate you!’ Gritting her teeth as the heat within her began to grow too hot to bear, the young Miqo’te cried out angrily before thrusting her fingers into her aching quim. SHE NEEDED THIS NOW!


Screaming within his sister's pulsing rectum, Naoh’a eyes were wide with fear as the horrible stench around him invaded his lungs. She had really done it! He was in her ass! Thrashing against the sticky confines he was surrounded by, the older boy cried in anguish as he was squeezed mercilessly by his little sister’s powerful anal walls.


“C-Circa! Stop! PLEASE!” His screams… they were pointless, and he knew it. There was no way for his sister to hear his shrill cries… But he didn’t know what else to do. The filth around him… it was sinking into his skin! He needed to get out! He needed out now! Struggling violently, Naoh’a cried as he wiggled deeper in, his senses betraying him as he grew lost in the miasmic confides of his younger sibling’s ass…


Rubbing circles against her clit as her middle and ring fingers rapidly drove themselves back and forth inside of her parted lower lips, Circa panted loudly as her brother's vibrations traveled through her bringing with it one of the most pleasant feelings she had ever experienced before.


‘S-So, good! Damn you… damn you, damn you, DAMN YOU!’ Why did this have to feel so good!? Crying out as tears began to stream down her cheeks, the younger teen felt the sensations beginning to reach their peak. She could feel it… her orgasm… it was close…


Shaking her head as she continued to cry, the younger girl Clenched her anus hard, trying to stop Naoh’a from going any further inside her… but, this only made him wiggle around even more violently. It was like, he wanted to serve her… He was nothing like this… just a bug… just a pathetic, little… useless! BUG!


Growing wide-eyed as her thoughts forced a jolt of pleasure through her core all the way to her fingertips, the cat folk screamed before bucking her hips in the air, her climax shooting out of her, as she began to squirt onto her bedsheets.


Keeping her fingers pressed into her folds as she tried to stop it, the younger girl could do little more than letting the orgasmic sensation finish, as her body fell back into her bed with a light bounce against her mattress…


Laying still once it ended, Circa’s eyes were hallowed, as she felt a feeling of bliss, unlike any orgasms before had ever provided her… This time… it was the best, in her life… And she had it because she was punishing her brother…


As the minutes passed by, her sibling's miniature movements within her faded away allowing her to think clearly once more. Pulling her soaked fingers away from her still twitching, lower lips, the younger girl moved her arm to her side, letting it rest along with her as she was left to reflect on what had just happened.



‘W-What… have, I done…’



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




Too late… it was too late, to take it back… She went too far… How, could things ever go back to normal now?



Sitting on her bathroom’s toilet for what had felt like hours, Circa’s face was sullen, as the disgust for her decisions the night before resonated within her. After coming down from her power high… the remorse of her actions had hit her like a rogue Aero blast from one of the incompetent conjurers she trained beside…


‘Naoh’a… damn it… why?’ Wanting to cry but not finding the capability to do so, the young Miqo’te remained seated in silence as she repeatedly pushed on her bowels. Her brother… he was still in her… somewhere. After forcing him inside her asshole, his body had just… vanished. He had been completely swallowed alive.


Gritting her teeth in anger, Circa shook her head as she tried harder to find her sibling. She might have just killed her only family member left… And all for what? To teach him a lesson? To try and control him? To… to enjoy the feeling, of having power over another…?


Sobering up as her mind traveled back to the euphoric stupor she had been cast into after stuffing her brother into her ass, the teenager was left utterly speechless by her choices. She knew it was wrong… but, it just felt… liberating! Using her brother… putting him in his place! She loved it… She hated that it had to be him… But, the feeling… the intoxicating feeling… it was indescribable!


Slamming her fist into the tank of the toilet angrily, Circa tried to ignore it... but, she was starting to get wet when she thought about it again. What was wrong with her?! Better yet… what was wrong with both of them? She wasn’t innocent in all of this, but neither was Naoh’a! This was all his fault… And she had fallen victim to his desires… Hopefully, though, he hadn’t died for them either…


As the dirty blonde continued to berate herself mentally for what had occurred prior, a feeling deep in the cat folk’s stomach soon signaled to her what she wanted, and for the first time all morning, a genuine smile fell over her face. “Naoh’a!” She felt something!


Grunting loudly as she pushed harder than she did for anything else in her life, Circa’s eyes watered from the strain before she was rewarded with the new sensation tickling her backdoor. Panting softly, a loud plop, followed by a few more echoed out from the toilet she was seated on as her sphincter finally released its contents of her bowels into the bowl beneath her. 


Jumping off the toilet, not even caring to clean herself up, the younger girl's hands shot into the toilet as she began to sift through her own shit much to her disgust. Thankfully though, it seemed like a miracle had occurred, as she felt something solid encased in one of the few logs she had shoved out of her rear.


Shaking it vigorously, tears soon swelled up in the teenager’s eyes as the limp form of her older brother revealed itself to her. “Naoh’a!” Crying softly as she pulled his lifeless form out, the younger cat folk moved to her sink before gently scrubbing him clean. He had to be alive! He just had to be! The shrink spell, it decreased size but increased durability in other places. As far as she could tell… her brother hadn’t been eaten alive by her stomach acids… Which meant if he had died… it was either due to suffocation or worse… drowning…


“N-Naoh’a… Naoh’a, p-please… Naoh’a! Damn it, wake up! Naoh’a!” Muttering her brother's name over and over, Circa suddenly froze, as she watched the older boy's body twitch. He moved… HE WAS ALIVE! Crying unencumbered now, the younger girl wept freely as she continued cleaning her brother’s body off.


He was alive… that’s all that mattered! She didn’t care if he hated her… She just wanted him to live!


And… it looked like he would. He was breathing again… Thank god… She hadn’t killed him…



Hopefully… he could forgive her for what she had done. She knew she wouldn’t have been able to forgive herself, had the outcome of her lustful mistake been more severe.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



“Naoh’a… Can, you speak…? P-Please?”



Sitting across the small dining room table she had placed her brother on, Circa was somber as she watched him wakened form… just, sitting there. His eyes, they looked… sullen, and sunken in. ‘I think, I might have traumatized him…’ It was a terrible thought… but, all signs pointed to that.


Moving her hand up and hovering it near the tiny boy once more, Circa winced as she watched her little sibling flinch away with a fearful look in his eyes. He recognized her… He knew who she was. And he was scared… What had, she done…? Better yet… what had he done to her?


Blushing as she gazed down at the shrunken cat folk, the teenager's face was aflame with a bright blush, as she felt her excitement growing. She liked it… Liked, the control. She was starting to get turned on, from watching how helpless he truly was… What, was wrong with her…?


Looking down at her hand as it trembled, the Miqo’te wasn’t sure what this meant. Was it, excitement? Did she want to keep doing stuff like this to him? To, her own brother? Or perhaps apprehension for if things could go back… Maybe, fear? Fear… that she had ruined the close relationship she once had with the only family she had left.


Shivering in her seat as she matched her brother’s demeanor, Circa closed her eyes as she tried to calm down… but to no avail. He was scared… scared of her. Anything she did, he began to panic and grow horrified. She had attempted to change him back to normal, but even seeing her do that… had caused him to start screaming when he saw her hand glowing with magic.


‘What do I do… Tell me Naoh’a!’ Her brother was always the voice of reason and command in their household, even before they left their old village! She didn’t know what to do! What could she do?! Gripping her blonde locks between her fingers as she bared her teeth, Circa growled angrily before slamming her fist onto the tabletop, her angry eyes traveling back to her older brother as he stared back at her aghast.


“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU IDIOT! QUIT LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT! YOU, WANTED, THIS!” It was his fault! All of it! Banging her hand repeatedly until she felt it growing numb from the pain, Circa softly cried before shaking her head. She knew it was too late… She just didn’t want to admit it… Admit, that there was no going back from here…


Even if she changed her brother back to normal, he would never be the same. Their relationship would never be the same. Perhaps, that meant… she only had one real course of action. If she wanted to keep her brother… even if it was just a husk of what he had once been, then she would just have to keep him like this. At least that way… they could still be together…


Leaning her head back, Circa softly sobbed as she felt her body rebelling against her. She felt excited, at the thought of keeping him this way… This was horrible… and it was now hers to bear, alongside her brother. Looking down slowly, the larger girl's eyes landed on the trembling cat folk before she began reaching towards him, this time, unconcerned for the fearful state he was now in.



“I’m sorry Naoh’a… I’m so… sorry…”








_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


~ Present-day ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~



Walking over to her bed as her mind traveled back to the past, a place she wished to not dwell on so much… Circa stripped her clothes off as she moved until reaching her large cot in just her white knee boots and underclothes.


Sitting down lightly, and deliberately, the Miqo’te having had years to know what type of pressure to use in regards to her shrunken rider, the older girl settled in before unlacing her footwear. She was pent up… and it was time for her *big brother* to pay his dues. He had changed her irrevocably… And after years of practice and training… she knew just how to deal with these… feelings… she now possessed courtesy of her fellow cat folk.


Kicking off one boot as she began to work on the other, Circa clenched her ass rhythmically, as she began to push and kneed its contents. If he hadn’t been awake before, he would be now. The older boy knew by now what this meant. Feeling weak movements as minutes passed by, the blonde-haired girl nodded as she took off her remaining boot.


Laying back into her bed, hair matting her dirty face as she wiped down her sweat-laden skin, the Miqo’te didn’t blush as she pulled her panties down. This wasn’t embarrassing. It was natural. Almost, as if it were instinct. At least that’s what she told herself. In truth… there was nothing to feel ashamed of. She was just getting ready to pleasure herself, with her property…


Spreading her legs apart as she lifted her ass high enough for her cheeks to rest in front of her, Circa grunted softly as she began to push. “It’s time to come out now… You have a responsibility to uphold… Your only one…” As the older girl spoke, she began to feel the movement within her bowels stirring to life.


Hissing softly as her breath whistled past her parted lips, the young cat folk gave her anus a few tentative clenches, before feeling something breach it from within. Moaning from the feeling tickling her sensitive hole, Circa moved her index finger down between her legs, as a tiny pair of hands began to grip her extended digit. She had trained him well…


Pulling her hand back with a light whimper, the Miqo’te shivered with delight as she began to tug her older brother’s body out from her ass. He had been buried in there for a couple weeks now… Hopefully, he had the energy to pleasure her. It would be a shame if she had to seal him back in and finish on her own… She hated it when that happened.


Flicking her wrist once her brother came out fully, Circa moved her hand towards the side of her bed before wiping off the thin layer of gunk that now coated her dainty digit. ‘Shameful…’ He hadn’t cleaned her good enough. She would have to punish him for that. The shrunken cat folk only had one job. Lick and clean her ass from the inside out…


It was simple, but taxing no doubt. Too bad, he had been slacking. Raising her head up as she stared between her legs and down at her tiny sibling, the larger girl showed no hint of empathy for what she saw. That had been killed off long ago…


Kneeling in front of her ass, was Naoh’a. His skin was paler than it once was from never being exposed to the sun outside. Though, it was hard to tell, with the filth that was coating him, parts of her shit and other fecal matter layering his form in different areas. He looked pathetic…


“You’re not cleaning me properly… Do I need to bury you again?” Seeing a harsh flinch as she spoke down to the tiny man, Circa nodded as she saw him staying as still as possible. He was awaiting orders. After years of personal use… Her brother was no more. His mind was gone… and now he lived to simply serve her needs.


Feeling a foreign feeling deep within herself, Circa cast it aside like she had done countless other times as she prepared to use her brother for what was probably the thousands time since she had quit counting. She once felt empathy… sadness… remorse. But why torture herself? He did this… it was HIS fault… All his fault…


Nodding slowly as the feeling buried itself back from wherever it had come out from, Circa moved her hand down her ass cheeks, before her fingers rested on either side of her gaping anus. “Get to work… lick me… clean it… do your job…” Her tone wasn’t harsh… just succinct. She was giving an order… Not to a person… but to a toy…


That’s all he had become, in the end. A toy with a mind of its own, that lived to serve its owner. Staring forward with vacant eyes, Naoh’a said nothing as he began to walk towards the dark hole he had just been pulled out of. His life… their past… the future… it didn’t matter. He was hers… He only lived to service his little sister now…


Letting out a soft sigh as the faintest of tingles began to brush against the outside of her anus, Circa laid her head back as she let her *brother* work without further orders. He knew what he had to do. All she had to think about now, was the pleasure. It was what she lived for now.


Moving a hand down to her budding breasts, the young Miqo’te purred softly as she began to pinch her hardening areolas. In recent years… she had taken to playing with herself more. In the past, it wasn’t something she concerned herself with. In fact, it kind of made her feel gross to even think about it. It was funny how things turned out now though, leading to her having to touch herself daily or else she’d get very tense and fidgety.


Moaning into her own gentle caress’s, the cat folk licked her lips as the pleasure from her ass began to stir her lusts. Her brother’s affections were beginning to turn her on now. It was hard sometimes… Keeping him stuffed up her ass felt euphoric, so when she did let him out… it didn’t really compare to the fulness she felt with him in it. But there was something to be said about having a shrunken person licking her butt…


The power she felt was an element that came into play. She had grown into it over her time with Naoh’a reduced to this state. Moving her free hand down her front, her fingers gently sliding between the crevice of her breasts and circling the dip of her navel, the teenager paused as she felt the light bristle of her pubic hair scratching against her skin. She would have to shave today… There wasn’t to much time to do that out in the field.


Ignoring her lower hair as she brushed past it, Circa gently rested her fingers against her quim as she felt her excitement beginning to drip down her digits. She was already so wet… something that surprised her given her lifestyle and choices that lead to this.


Smiling weakly as she began to touch herself in a way only, she knew how to, the tired blonde moaned once more as the stimulation she felt began to probe her body. A pinch here, a caress there. A continuous feeling of worship against her most sensitive hole. She was more than ready now. She didn’t need a lot of foreplay to get excited. Not when she had a shrunken person pleasuring her asshole at least…


Shifting her hand down a little lower, pressing her index finger against the back of her diminutive brother’s head, Circa smiled as she began to force him back into her anus, before feeling her body open up to her probing. “Crawl in, and get back to work, Naoh’a. I want to feel you inside me again. Make up for the mess you made. Lick until your mouth dries up. Feel your tongue go numb against my filthy walls. Keep worshiping me, until you’re on the brink of collapse… and after that… continue to lick, until you blackout from the pain…”


Smiling with the slightest hint of pleasure as she spoke, Circa began to push on her brother's head more forcefully now, before stopping altogether, once he began to crawl back in all on his own. The tiny Miqo’te knew his place. And, he also knew the places she liked being touched the most, after months of living within her bowels.


Moaning softly, Circa’s toes curled into her bedsheets as the young cat folk bit her knuckles in delight. He had already made his way to a good place. Clenching her anus tightly, the dirty blonde wiggled her butt slowly as she began to grind into her bed.


“Come now… You can do better than that. Don’t forget, that you wanted this… not me…” Her words might have been heard… or, perhaps not. But that didn’t stop the shrunken man from doubling his efforts after the cat folk began to squeeze him in her anal cavity. Her point was clear… She wanted more!


Dragging his limp body around in his cramped living quarters, Naoh’a trailed his tongue out as he began to lick his little sister’s insides. The taste had once bothered him. But now, the foul flavors of the larger girl’s colon didn’t phase him. Nothing did anymore really…


The lack of light, and the all-encompassing darkness… The foul stench of methane, and the lack of breathable air… The painfully claustrophobic walls, pulsating around him. Gripping him, and squeezing his tiny, helpless body… He was used to it all. Fear was gone… along with most of his mind.


All he knew, is that he was here, to serve Circa and her needs. And from the rapid heartbeats he heard thumping loudly amongst the muffled wails he could make out from the outside, the cat folk knew he was living up to her needs… It almost made him feel, something. Joy, perhaps? It was like, he had a purpose… something he didn’t know he had, after being reduced to this…


Mewing on her bed as her fingers found their way to her needy, lower lips, Circa panted softly as she fingered herself in rhythm to her brother's actions. Each touch they shared, each gentle rub, and tender caress… it was driving her to the brink of orgasm!


Clenching her anal muscles tightly to restrict her tiny sibling, Circa shook her head slowly as she began to slow herself down. ‘T-To soon…’ She wanted to drag this out longer… Rolling onto her stomach before raising her ass in the air, the cat folk smiled to herself as she began to pet herself once more.


“You’ll need to work for it, Naoh’a… Try harder, to get me off…” She may not like that it was her brother doing this… but, she would still make it a challenge for him. Prolonging the pleasure, helped her forget about their past…


Sliding down his little sister’s sticky inner walls, Naoh’a came to a stop as he sunk into something soft and malleable. Even if his eyes had abandoned him in here, the gurgled squelching he made when he tried to move in it, accompanied by the foul stench that suddenly got stronger, told him exactly what he was currently stuck into.


Struggling to climb back up, the older boy only served to sink further in, as a foul blast of air suddenly escaped a pocket in the squishy mass, buffeting him in his face like a humid burst of oppressive wind. Gagging from the potent, point-blank stench, Naoh’a cried from the miasma all around him now as he began to furiously lick in an attempt to appease his cruel little sister.


Feeling a faint gurgle traveling upward, Circa grunted before a light fart escaped her ass, much to the cat folks amusement. ‘I guess you’re digging deep now, Naoh’a…’ She could feel him moving further in, his frantic wiggles only serving to coax her further. But she wasn’t about to let him get out of this. He had a job to do after all… and she planned to make him see it through, whether he wanted to or not…


Clenching off and on, almost as if her bowels were trying to chew its contents, the younger girl smiled in amusement as she felt the tiny form of her brother sinking deeper in. She could barely feel him now… But she was close enough to finish even if he disappeared altogether. That was her plan for him at least.


Clawing at the sticky, mucus lined walls suffocating him, Naoh’a grit his teeth as his survival instincts went wild. He needed to escape! He was too deep! He could feel it now… He was waist-deep, in his little sister’s waste. The squelching noises he was making from his frantic movements only further coaxed him to kick and fight… But he was still sinking.


Crying out in pain as the walls around him clenched him hard once more, the older boy’s strength began to waver as he was sapped of what little energy he tried to cling to. Digging his fingers into Circa’s walls, the older boy pressed his face into them as he weakly licked, his tongue had gone numb by now. He tasted nothing… and he was sure his vision had gone completely from the lack of air. Even in the darkness, his eyes were assaulted by white prickly lights, indicating he was close to passing out. This happened frequently…


Giving a few more kicks in vain, Naoh’a soon regretted this, as his foot met yet another pocket of foul air, releasing it, and damning him in the process. As a final gust of methane shot into his face, opening the crevice it escaped from, the older boy suddenly sunk down, as he was encased completely, in a steamy, moist pile of his younger sibling’s shit.


Gasping from the shock, Naoh’a would have cried if he hadn’t already been dehydrated, as filth traveled down his throat, as he was buried alive…


Sinking further down like he was in a boggy swamp, Naoh’a’s eyes closed as consciousness left him… the last thing resonating in his mind, being the sound of Circa screaming, as her heartbeat pounded like a war drum, ushering him deeper into her intestines…


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Crying out loudly as she bucked her hips into her fingers, Circa hissed before letting out a final whine from her loud and vocal orgasm. She felt him… felt him, vanish… Falling onto her side from the strain of keeping her ass airborne for so long, the Miqo’te panted quickly as her breath came out in short gasps.


It had been a couple weeks since her last orgasm… Gods, it felt liberating! Moving her unsoiled hand up to her face, Circa weakly wiped the sweat from her brow and eyes before laying back in her bed calmly. She felt, so exhausted… There was no greater pleasure, then when she used her brother to get off…


Nothing even came close to compare! Graduating the academy… Becoming a full-blown White Mage… Leading her own squad into combat… Nothing mattered when she was in the throngs of ecstasy using another person for her own gratification… It made her feel… like she was Menphina…


Chuckling off and on as her breath came out parted, the tired teen snuggled up against her blanket before her tail curled around her thigh. She was completely drained. Coming back from a mission, and then using Naoh’a, always left her in a sweaty heap…


And she couldn’t be happier…



For all the horrible things that had happened to her in life… Having her brother shrunken like this, ended up not being one of them…



He was her property… Her plaything… and, her responsibility.



She would continue to take care of him, and he her…



Nothing had changed in the end, but how close they had truly become…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



~ Epilogue ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~




“So, have you given thought to what you’ll do now, Circa? Dare I say, you’ve plateaued… You’ll hunger for something more sooner or later~.”



Looking up from a small parfait she had been eating, the blonde-haired cat folk silently chewed as she heard her friend chuckling in a knowing tone. Why did she always have to be right…? Swallowing quickly before giving the Elezen a hard scowl, Circa huffed as she waved her spoon in her face.


“What are you going on about now, Erenia? I just become a White mage last year. My careers just beginning. You’re not trying to turn me into a magician with all those cards again, are you?” Hanging her head at the crude way she had been called an Astrologian, the older woman chuckled once more as she slowly began to shuffle the stack of tarot cards she had been organizing.


“Certainly not. I’ve long given up on trying to turn your interest onto the path of the stars. No, it does not suit you. But neither does your class, does it? Care for a fortune? I’ve been practicing since you’ve been gone you know… And I think I finally found your path. What do you say? It can’t hurt since they’re just a bunch of silly little cards~.”


Scowling as a strawberry was plucked off the top of her parfait and popped into the pale-haired elf’s mouth, Circa hung her head before letting out an audible sigh. “You won’t drop this will you?” “Why, it’s almost as if you could see the future! Perhaps there is hope for you yet, becoming an Astrologian~,”


Groaning as she pushed her dessert away from her, the Miqo’te looked back at her friend as Erenia began to set cards down in front of her, now done shuffling her deck. “Take a step back, and observe the path you’ve walked so far. Here to start, we view your new birth, with this~.”


Watching as the first card was flipped over, Circa gulped involuntarily as it showed a grim reaper on the other side of it. “Death… Not of body, but of your old life. You left it behind and came here. Gone is the future you once had, now that you’ve walked down this path.” Erenia whispered, as her hand hovered over the next one with a knowing smile.


Flipping it over, the Elezen hummed thoughtfully this time. “Hmm, The Lovers… I suppose, this is the bond you formed with your brother… Or it could be a special someone you haven’t told me about. You wouldn’t be holding out on me, now would you~?”


Feeling her smile crack from the hard scowl she was receiving, Erenia chuckled meekly before moving on to the next of the five cards. “Fine, fine. Here we come to, T-The Magician?” Looking back at her friend who wore a confused look, the older woman hummed thoughtfully as she looked back at Circa.


“The Magician symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings… I imagined… this would be the fourth card. Perhaps, I don’t know you truly as well as I thought…” Seeing the disheartened look on her friend’s face, Circa looked back down at the two remaining cards, before reaching out and flipping over the fourth for her.


“The Devil…? What does this one mean?” Staring back at the card with a look or worry, Erenia looked back at the young cat folk with a concerned expression. “Circa… Is, there anything you would like to tell me? Something personal, perhaps? We’ve known each other for quite some time, you know… and I wouldn’t judge you, if there was, perhaps… something you wanted to get off your chest…”


Looking back at the Elezen in surprise, Erenia remained silent, as her finger lightly tapped, against one of the prior tarot cards. Staring down at The Lovers once more, the Miqo’te slowly began to blush, before turning her head away. “No…”


Closing her eyes with a disarming sigh, the older of the two shrugged her shoulders. “Well… if, you ever need to talk because something has happened… Something, you’re afraid to discuss… or something, you know but are too ashamed to share… I’ll be here.” Erenia whispered softly, before reaching out and resting her hand atop Circa’s.


Sitting in silence as it began to drag on awkwardly, the cat folk blushed brighter as the faintest of tingles within her ass began to stir her feelings. But, as quickly as it came, they soon faded away. Moving her hand with Erenia’s resting on top of her own, Circa set it down on the final card, unsure of what to say. Thankfully though, the Elezen spoke up, breaking the awkwardness that had settled over them uncomfortably.


“Moving on, from where you lie now… we have your future, Circa. The future you want… The one you need… The one you’ll be bound to from now on, if only you choose to follow your fate. Let’s take a peek.” Erenia smiled before grabbing her friend’s hand, and flipping over the final tarot for them to see together.


Staring at the card as it flipped over, revealing an angel reaching down to a plethora of fairies flying towards it, Erenia soon began to giggle confusing the cat folk in front of her. “What, what is it? What does Judgement mean?” It sounded bad… But better than her last one…


Letting go of the younger teen, Erenia cupped her face before shaking her head. “I’m relieved. Judgment signifies a sudden realization and a higher calling. It’s the climax of your struggles and the end of your journey. You’ll soon reach it, and become what you were meant to be! I’m so proud of you~.”


Looking back and forth from the tarot card and her only friend, Circa soon began to scowl again. “So… what does it mean…? What are you trying to tell me?” Staring back at the Miqo’te in amusement, Erenia simply shrugged her shoulders, irking the cat folk in the process.


“No clue~. I just know you’ll discover what you want when the time comes. Only you know what your path will become. But I stand by my fortune-telling. You might want to keep an open mind, to all the things you can become. I may not know what that secret of yours is you won’t tell me, but I can at least tell, that your un-content with the path you’re walking down now.” Erenia muttered as she pulled the parfait that Circa had set aside.


Growing wide-eyed at the bold statement, the younger teen looked back at her friend, but she was already eating the sweat treat, seemingly unaware of what she had just announced. Blushing in silence as she stared back down at the fortune cards, the teenager paused as she admired the artwork on the final one.


The fairies look quite cute… Perhaps… the Elezen was right… On both accounts… However, as her eyes fell back on her only friend, the cat girl’s tail soon began to swish back and forth in agitation…




“You wanted my dessert from the beginning, didn’t you?”


“See~? I told you that you would make a great Astrologian!”



Hissing at her Erenia before Jumping across the table to tackle her, both girls began to struggle briefly as the people around them watched in confusion as they started to bicker.


It seems the tale isn’t quite over, for Circa… and her little brother, as well…



To be continued.





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