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Author's Chapter Notes:

So... this commission was a new kind of challenge for me.  Thanks to Grimahr for requesting a story featuring the best Pokégirl, Hex Maniac, however I got a little too engrossed in this story myself.  What was supposed to only be a roughly 5000 word story (that I was already giving more leniency due to Inori's stuttering speech pattern) ended up closer to 7500 by the end of the first draft.  And that's after leaving out a bunch that I wanted to do with this to better explain and explore her daily life.  I trimmed as much as I could since I was already past my deadline for this, but it's still a bit longer than normal...  I'll just have to plan better next time!  Still super fun to write.




The twilight hours are generally regarded as a beautiful, mystical time. Serving as an indication to prepare for a night of rest, commonly held superstition says that it also warns that the supernatural may be invoked. In the secluded city of Laverre, where the mysterious is it's charm, those who live there know to be wary of the gloaming sky.


Finishing up his training for the day, a young man tucked his Pokéballs away in his backpack and grabbed his towel to wipe the sweat from his brow. "Geez, I didn't realize it was getting so late. Better hurry ho-?" Ready to return to the city from his training spot in the Laverre forest, he suddenly felt like someone was watching him. "Who's there? Come out already!" He demanded, looking around to catch his voyeur. With the setting sun and gentle summer breeze, shadows fell and moved in an eerie manner, making it difficult to notice strange movements and the humidity wasn't helping either. "Would you just leave me alone already! Day after day, I know you're watching me. Stop being a coward and face me!"


The wind died down, and while it wasn't fully set, the sun had sunk enough to cover the clearing in shadows. Silence fell over the supposedly haunted woods, with not a soul to be seen, other than the violet-haired man.


Despite the stillness, he could still feel someone's gaze fixed on him. "Forget it... I'm going ho..." He thought, grabbing his gear to leave when his legs buckled under him. Falling to the ground, he felt an intense fatigue grip his consciousness and then everything went dark.


As the rustle of the leaves disturbed by his falling body passed, silence fell over the wooded area once more until a young girl gasped for air. Standing from her hiding spot in a nearby bush, she panted heavily to catch her breath as she approached the unconscious man, though even then each breath was raspy and uneven. "Heh, heh heh heh, I... I did it!" She said quietly, brushing leaves and twigs off her black dress and out of her long disheveled hair. "Heh heh heh... D-Don't worry. E-Ev-Everything will b-be fine."



"Uggh, what happened to me?" The aspiring trained wondered as he awoke to jostling, swaying movements all around him. It was hot, humid and dark, which would be the norm given the season, but the intensity of his current surroundings might as well have been a sauna, one that reeked of sweat! Making it all the hotter were the squishy, flesh-like masses on either side of him that simultaneously held him in place, molded tightly around him, and were forcing his body to bounce and shake along with them. "Where the Arceus am I?! Wait, is this what happened to Jamie and Frederic last month?" As his eyes began to adjust to the darkness he was lost in, and looking up he could see a canopy of dark fabric that didn't move in sync with whatever he was trapped in. "Hey! Is anyone there? Help me, I'm stuck and can't get out!"


There was a oddly loud, deep gasp in reply to his movement and for a few seconds the admittedly calm, relaxed, rhythmic motion the substance he was stuck in had became much more violent and erratic before he felt a sudden drop followed by the thing he was stuck in squeezing more tightly around him. However, none of that matter once the canopy above him was peeled back by what he could only rationalize as a giant finger revealing an equally massive, though somewhat familiar, face. "Oh, oh good! Y-You're... a-awake." She sighed a happy breath of relief with a crooked smile. "D-D-Don't worry, T-Ti-Timothy... J-Just enjoy yours-self un... until we g-get home." She assured him, releasing the collar of her dress and leaving him in her sweaty cleavage.


"Inori? Inori, wait! What happened to me?" He demanded, only to be ignored.


Standing back up from hiding behind a nicely trimmed bush in town, Inori giggled happily now that she was sure she hadn't hurt the shrunken boy. "Heh heh heh heh heh. Timothy must really like my boobs. He's playing with them so much." She thought to herself, giggling eerily as she made her way home. She could hear some people she passed making remarks of her being 'creepy' or 'freaky', but today the scathing remarks didn't bother her. "I guess all the stories were true! Having a b-b-boyfriend makes everything better! When we get home we can do all sorts of fun boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, like... like..." Suddenly, the awkward young girl realized a massive hole in her perfect plan. "... I don't know what lovers do together."


Now faced with her own ignorance, Inori did the one thing she always does when she didn't know how to do something, go to her favorite book store 'Enchanted Tales'. If she could pick up a book that helped her learn charms and hexes, surely one could help her with dating advice. Besides, she already had her Timothy in hand, or chest in this case, and she didn't want to upset him by being a 'bad' girlfriend.


"Thankfully he seems to be enjoying my boobs a lot. He's been playing with them non-stop." She mused happily, skulking into the book store with only the cashier noticing and acknowledging her.


Little did she realize that staying on her crush's good side was far from what she was accomplishing as the shrunken trainer had to fight just to not sink into her moist cleavage. Just breathing was enough to taste her sweat and every step she took jiggled the well-endowed chest threatening to swallow him completely. "Inori! Cut this out already! What's going on here?" He continued to yell and cry for her attention, with no reply.


"Oh, this one looks good." The dark-haired girl thought, picking up a thin book titled '20 Tips and Tricks to Win a Man's Heart'. Glancing through it, the advice seemed sensible to her and turned to go purchase it. However, she froze in place as she was about to come into view with the cash register and her frozen, panicking face erupted into full blush when she thought about the girl seeing what she was getting. "I never thought buying a book could be so embarrassing... Wh-What should I do?" She frantically thought, pacing up and down the aisles until a conversation coming from the cafe section of the store caught her attention.


Two of the girls from the gym were talking about their respective boyfriends and how the blonde trained him like a Snubbull to behave and listen to her commands. The brunette seemed upset with her own boyfriend who went to Lumiose City without her to look for a couple of his friends that disappeared and hadn't bothered to call her even once!


The girl sounded frustrated about 'her Anthony' to Inori, and the girls continued to chat between them about how best to train boyfriends, but the jubilant Hex Maniac had heard enough. She knew exactly what she needed to become the perfect girlfriend, putting back the book she picked up and grabbing a new one on her way to the register.


"Good evening Inori. Just the one book today?" The cashier asked kindly, scanning the item.


"Ye-Y-Yes... p-please." The socially awkward girl stammered out quietly, looking down at the counter. She took out her card to pay and retrieved her purchase, quickly rushing out the door.


"Thank you for your purchase. We hope to see you again!" The cashier called after her in a cheerful tone.


Before the door could fully close, the gloomy looking girl poked her head back in and made the effort to smile at the friendly employee. It looked creepy, but it was the best she could ever manage. "Th... Thank you..." She replied, whisper quiet before heading off.



To say Inori's house was unusual was like commenting on her ominous choice of dress, both obvious and mysterious. What had been a beautiful log cabin at the extreme North-Eastern edges of the city limits had degraded to a hovel of little more that logs held together by vines and strange fungi that had propagated quickly after her vacation to the Alola region. Strangely enough, the structural integrity was as good as when her late Grandmother left it to her, which is why she is still allowed to live in what would normally be a condemned house. However, from the appearance of her dwelling, the reputation of its owner, the strange sounds that could be heard coming from it and the out-of-the-way location, rumors and gossip ensured the shy, socially reclusive girl was left undisturbed.


"W-We're h-home." She said, closing the crooked door behind her as she entered the dimly lit dwelling. Passing through one of the walled to a room deeper in the house, her loving Haunter rushed to greet her with a wispy, ethereal cry. "S-Sorry I was gone so long." She apologized, hugging the Gas Pokémon as a pale purple light source came bouncing down the hall. "Were you g-girls good while I was gone?" Crouching down as the foot tall animated candle hopped into view, she smiled, happy to be home again. "I... I have someone t-to introduce you all to too." She added, seeing the stragglers coming to welcome her home. Pulling out the collar of her dress she plucked the exhausted, shrunken man from her breasts and held him out to show him off while giggling and blushing. "Girls, meet my b-bo-b-b-boy-boyfriend!"


Finally freed from the humid, crushing embrace of the chest of the creepiest girl in Laverre City, Timothy gasped for air that wasn't laced with the aforementioned girl's sweat and body odor. "Good Arceus I never thought I'd miss clear air so much!" He thought, sitting back as he began to process where he was only to have his vision dominated by five gigantic (to him) Pokémon invading his personal space as Inori showed him off. The Haunter and Litwick were well known as Inori's Pokémon, they perfectly fit a spooky girl like her, and seeing a Phantump wasn't exactly uncommon for the Kalos Region and also fit her aesthetic perfectly. The final two Pokémon were unfamiliar to him, despite his extensive knowledge of the Pokémon in Kalos. The walking fungal spore with three mushrooms growing out of it's head definitely looked eerie enough to catch Inori's interest. However, the one that looked to be suspending it's 'small' body with hair in the shape of a pointed hat and two ponytail-like protrusions acting as legs was too... cute to be one of Inori's. "What the Reverse World! Where did Inori find Pokémon like that?" He wondered, backing away from the group.


"Aw, d-don't be af-f-fraid Timothy. They're all r-r-really good girls." Inori teased playfully, giggling at her palm-top lover. "C-Come on... I sh-show you my- er... I g-guess I mean o-ou-o-our room." Closing her hand for his safety, Inori stood up and headed for her room. "I'll p-play with you l-later, okay?" She explained to her Pokémon before disappearing into her room.


Setting her abducted boyfriend on her bed, Inori disappeared behind a changing blind. Timothy could immediately tell her own room wasn't in much better condition to the rest of her house. Roots and vines supporting a sinking ceiling, mushrooms and moss covering the holes where the wood had rotted out. What miracle let her continue to live in such a rundown place? "I-Inori! Inori, what did you do to me?! Set me free this instant, you hear me!?" He yelled towards the blind as she hung her sweat-soaked dress over it. The room already reeked like her, so he assumed she did it so she could dry it, but despite the condition of her home, her room was well insulated and even more humid than it was outside. "And who are you calling your boyfriend?! We are not dating! I'm resuming my journey tomorrow! Let me go-oooooh..." Continuing his little tirade, Timothy was intent to get her to fix this insanity quickly. For the sake of finishing collecting badges to challenge the League he'd not even pursue legal action against her... until the spooky, gloomy, socially awkward girl came out from behind her bind wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of string panties!


He was aware, along with the rest of the town, that Inori had a very well developed body and if it wasn't for her social anxiety, abnormal hobbies and unnerving demeanor she likely could have been one of the most popular girls in Laverre City. However, the truly stacked girl with a healthily thicc ass was even more than he and his friends had imagined. Her skimpy underwear left little to the imagination, biting into and conforming tightly around her crotch, and undoubtedly even less was covering her behind. The shirt was barely able to cover her surprisingly slim, given her bust and hip size, stomach and her areolas were clearly protruding out from behind the stretched out fabric.


"Okay... Jamie and Anthony might have have a point..." He thought, entranced by the bouncing of Inori's massive breasts as she approached the bed. Months ago he had hungout out with his friends talking about nothing important when they got to the topic of the girls in the city. Fredric was adamant that Valerie, the Gym Leader, was the most beautiful woman in the city, and Anthony was talking about his girlfriend who worked in the gym. Then, Jamie said something about how, if Inori was more normal, cleaned herself up and showed more skin, she'd put everyone else to shame. The rest of his friends agreed, though none of them were talking about her politely so he reprimanded them for their crass, sexual comments. He got teased for a while because of it, but Inori definitely had an alluring body. "If she showered and cleaned up a bit..." He thought, backing up as she crouched down in front of him.


"O-Okay... s-so I'm going to s-s-study up on how to b-b-be a good g-gi-g-girlfriend." She said, holding up a training manual for dog-type Pokémon! "You behave f-for a bit, o-okay?" Once again, she tried to smile cutely to the tiny man, but even if she wasn't dozens of times bigger than him she still would have looked creepy. Absentmindedly, she climbed onto the bed over him, giving Timothy a fantastic view of her panty-clad undercarriage as she laid down and cracked open her book.


"There's no convincing her... I never knew Inori liked me, but I have to get away. This is crazy!" The purple haired boy thought, backing away from his giantess captor slowly. Reaching the edge of the bed, he slid down the bedding to the floor and made a break for the bedroom door. "Also, I'm not about to be anyone's pet, let alone her's." He assured himself, crawling under the door. However, as if waiting for him, though more likely waiting for its Master, the bipedal Pokémon he was unable to identify before scooped him up as soon as he pulled himself through. "H-Hey! Hey, let me go! Let me g-!" Struggling to free himself, the admittedly adorable little light pink Pokémon covered his mouth and quietly snuck to the end of the hallway and into a dark, unoccupied room.


Closing the door behind it, the Pokémon used some sort of Psychic or possible Ghost-type move/ability to turn on the lights and held him up and looked him over before setting him down on the floor and letting out a whistley/chime-like cry hopping around.


"H-Hey there... um, I don't know what you are, but could you please let me leave?" Timothy asked politely, since it was between him and the door. "It could be a middle evolution, like Kirlia or Gothorita, so while it may want to play hopefully it's able to restrain itself and will help me." Trying to hazard a guess at what he was dealing with, Timothy attempted to negotiate with the playful looking thing.


The mention of her new playmate/toy leaving didn't sit well with the juvenile Pokémon, as it stopped celebrating and narrowed it's eyes at him. A decidedly devious, borderline sadistic, smile crossed its cute face and before Timothy could say anything else it jumped up in the air and came crashing down directly on him! With the tiny man caught under her butt, the Pokémon giggled innocently as he squirmed under her. Using her hands to hold him in place, she picked herself up on her pony-tails and made a game out of rubbing his face against her butt as she hopped around.


"What, is this thing part Dark-type?" He wondered, trying to push himself away from the strange Pokémon's arse, but given the size difference it was a fruitless effort. If not for his position he would have tried to verbalize his complaints, so instead he tried to wait it out until it got bored or something... and that is how Timothy spent well over an hour with his face rubbing up against the mysterious Pokémon's rear, smeared in its armpits, and crushed under it's non-existent chest.


Now, more intimately aware of this nameless species of Pokémon, the shrunken trainer was about to be sat on again when he heard something he never thought he'd be so happy to hear. "Timothy? Timothy, wh-where are you!?" Inori was calling for him!


"Did she finally realize I was missing?" He wondered hopefully, as his tormentor stopped just as she was about to apply her weight on him again. "Inori! I'm in here!" He cried out, right now any rescue would be better than what he had just been put through.


The sound of the occult-obsessed girl's footsteps got quieter for a moment, "Have you girls seen my little b-b-boyfriend?" Her voice was quiet because of the distance, but then her approach was clear as day and Timothy was pulled out from under the sadistic Pokémon and sat on her hat-shaped hair just as the door opened. "Hattrem, have you seen- Timothy!? There you are!" Inori ran over and picked the tiny man from her Pokémon, nuzzling him with her cheek. "I... I was s-s-so worried. Y-You c-c-can't run off l-like that." She chastised, trying to be stern but the joy of finding him and him being safe kept her smile plastered to her face. "Hattrem, I kn-know Timothy i-is really cute, but I j-just got you a new playm-mate last w-week. This one i-is mine."


The pint-sized mischievous Pokémon seemed to not agree with what her Master said, whining and for some reason rubbing its belly as it hopped around in a tuff. Her eyes shining a pale blue light, she used her telekinetic abilities to lift a rectangular object covered in a sheet and brought it over to them. Saying something in it's mixture of squeals, whistles and chimes, she pulled the sheet off to reveal an empty little cage and began making a fuss!


"Well, I told you they don't come back if you eat them." Inori replied, kneeling down to calm down her tantruming Pokémon. "I lo-l-love Timothy! And he loves me. If I get a chance I'll try to get you some more, okay? I'll take you to Lumiose City in a couple days to get new ones." She stated, heading for the door.


Timothy could see the Hattrem dance happily at the news and quickly opened the cage, dumping out the contents for whatever new... pets(?), or maybe some sort of food based toy that she kept in it. However, just as she was about to be blocked by the door frame, he could have swore it looked right at him and licked it's lips.



"I told you n-not to run off like th-that Timothy. Hattrem is a little sweetie pie, but she could h-hurt you by accident. You should have seen how rough she was with Frederic and Anthony." Inori lectured the tiny man as she sat him on her bed while sitting on the floor herself. "I d-d-don't want anyth-thing bad t-to happen to you. "


"Me?! You're worried about me!?" The tiny boy yelled back shocked at what he heard. "What about Freddy and Tony? Or Jamie? What did you do... wait! What did you mean when you said that Pokémon ate it's new playmates?" Tears were beginning to form in his eyes thinking of how he'd never get to see his friend again, but that couldn't have been the case, there's no way Inori would...


"I'm sorry Timothy..." Inori replied in an unnervingly calm, almost detached voice. Her swirly eyes glazed over as she nervous mannerisms and really all human emotion vanished from her speech, frightening him into silence. "I gave them to Hattrem, she played with them and eventually put them in her mouth... one time less than pulling them out. I couldn't allow such... such filth around my boyfriend." Timothy wasn't sure if it was his nerves getting to him or the strange powers the gigantic girl before him must have possessed flaring up with her anger, but Inori's eyes began to glow a soft, deep purple. "The way they talked about me that day. The stuff they said they'd like to do to me. No, those thoughts do not belong anywhere near my kind and righteous Timothy. I won't let them corrupt you, I'll keep you safe from their, and the rest of the city's, filthy and mean thoughts."


"Wait, is that what this is all about? Sure, they made some rude comments about you but that doesn't mean you can just magically shrink them and... and..." He argued, trailing off.


Snapping out of her emotionless trance, Inori smiled shyly to the tiny boy and blushed. "O-Oh no, Timmy... I... I d-didn't learn that spell f-f-for them." She explained, looking away and squirming in place. "I just wanted t-to make sure i-i-it was safe... I d-don't know what I w-would have done i-if someth-thing happened when I u-used it on you."


"Me?! Why me? I didn't say anything bad about you! Why would you do this to me?" He asked, upset, angry, confused and worried. "Wait, did you just call my 'Timmy'?"


"Because I l-love you. Y-You said th-those nice thing ab-bo-bout me... di-didn't call me cr-cr-creepy. Y-You're the o-only man who s-said such nice things about me!" The spooky girl confessed. "I kn-know it'll take s-some time to adjust, b-but I'll take care of y-you now. I g-got the perfect book to teach me how to b-be the best g-gi-girlfriend!" Again, she meant for her smile to reassure the shrunken Trainer and convey her affection for him, but in the dimly lit room, the shadows cast by her messy hair and her complete obliviousness to her own awkward smile, a chill ran up Timothy's back as she held up her 'reference material'. "And I have to have a pet name for my boyfriend, it says so, my 'Teeny Timmy'." She added with a giggle.


"Girlfriend? Putting aside my current feelings, to say nothing of how I felt before you abducted me, that's for training dog-type Pokémon! I'm not some Snubbull or Lillipup! I'm a human being!" He tried to reason. "Just let me go..."


"Still h-having thoughts of running away? Well my b-book says I have to be stern and promptly punish bad behavior like th-that." The young Hex Maniac said, standing up. "'Choose a n-name, establish rules, give them th-their own s-space, reward good behavior, punish b-bad behavior, p-p-play together often and shower him with lo-l-love and affection.' Those are the m-main points I learned to be a g-g-good 'Master' for your 'P-Pet'. Th-Those girls from the gym comp-p-pared their b-boyfriends to pets... so that m-makes me your 'M-Ma-Master', right?" She explained plainly and, coming from her, unnervingly. "Let's see... punishment, punishment... Oh, I know!" Turning around, Inori pulled up the hem of her large t-shirt, exposing her wide, plump butt with barely a sign of her underwear to be seen. "I heard si-s-sitting your boyfriend's face was a good p-punishment!"


Caught in the shadow of the creepy girl's rear, Timothy didn't waste time trying to convince her to stop. To say nothing about getting sat on given the size difference between them, the choking smell of her unwashed, sweaty body was bad enough in her cleavage. Running towards the wall, he quickly formulated an escape plan. "Okay, getting Inori to fix me isn't going to happen. First I'll hi-!"


"Uh uh uh, bad Timmy. If you're g-going to try to escape your p-p-punishment... I'll just have to ma-make sure you can't run..." Inori chastised, having easily seen him trying to run and quickly picked him up before he could get too far. "I'll l-let you out when it's bed t-t-time." She said, pulling out the deeply wedged material of her underwear and slipping Timothy's tiny body into the crack of her ass. As soon as she released her panties, her boyfriend was shoved deeply between her butt cheeks and all but pinned in place.


Timothy knew Inori either didn't wash regularly or, hopefully, just had been neglecting it recently to stalk him. When he awoke to the humid, sweaty confines of her boobs, it was suffocating how thickly the air was laced with her scent. So much so that he barely registered the earthy, moldy smells of her house. However, that was nothing in comparison to her ass! Her unwashed body odor could be bottled and sold as air fresheners if the rest of the world smelled like her butt! At least in her cleavage he was able to keep his mouth shut and choke back her noxious smell, just being held over her ominous butt crack was enough to cause his body to start coughing uncontrollably. And with his mouth finally open while squeezed between two masses of sweaty flesh Timothy experienced a taste as revolting as her smell. It wasn't quite vomit inducing, but he involuntarily tried to violently spit up the foul liquid which opened his mouth once again for the process to repeat over and over. "It's like a Garbodor and Muk got together and..."


With her misbehaving boyfriend stuck in her butt, the giddy Hex Maniac stood up and made sure he was deep enough to not escape or get hurt. "Th-There you go Timmy, now b-behave in there and think ab-bout what you did." She lectured, feeling him wiggling and squirming in a pleasant, almost arousing manner. He was right up against her sensitive backdoor, so every twitch made her clench the ring muscle around him. "Heh heh heh heh, oh Timmy. Such a n-naughty boy. How did you know I l-like having my bum tickled? This just pr-p-proves we're the best couple. But don't think k-k-kissing up to my butt will get you off the h-hook. You're staying th-there until bedtime, no matter-!" As if to test her resolve, Inori felt it... a discomfort deep in her bowels accompanied by a deep grumble. A pocket of gas pushed its way down her intestinal line and she quickly clenched her glutes tight to hold it in. "Oh no... try to be s-still little Timmy, unl-less you want me tooooooooo~!"


"No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh sweet Arceus, get me out of here!" Timothy had also felt the loud rumbling and felt Inori's tacky anus puff out trying to contain the pocket of pressurized gas. At the threshold he would take the full brunt of Inori's fart if she eased up at all. "Inori! Inori, please, I'm sorry! I'll be a good boyfriend. I'll do anything, just don-!" In his panic, Timothy accidentally lodged his arm into the puckering sphincter, which was the breach needed to cause the dam to burst!


"Oh Timmy!" The Hex Maniac squealed happily as, to her, the tiny man forced her to release the pent up fart. For 5 seconds or more, Inori's asshole was pushed open as her bowels relieved the built up pressure. When it finally passed, she collapsed back onto her bed with a wide, embarrassed smile on her face. "I tr-tried to warn you Timmy, or do you have a...? Oh, you must! Heh heh heh, what a d-dirty boy, but I still l-love you." She said, feeling the tiny boy resume 'playing' with her. "This is supposed to be a p-punishment, but I won't st-stop you from enjoying yourself this time."


However, unbeknownst to Inori, her punishment was still just that. "What crawled up in there and died?! Not even a Weezing's Poison Gas smells that bad!" His lungs burned, his nose, thankfully, went into shock and his brain was still trying to process the foul stench that had registered before olfactory overload. The heat and humidity of his fleshy prison increased to unbearable levels. There was barely any actual oxygen left in what little atmosphere that surrounded him and he could feel he was on the verge of passing out. "Inori... please, hel-"


"Well, if that's what he wants." Misunderstanding boyfriend's actions, the unhygienic girl didn't bother holding back the secondary fart that followed. Clenching her intestinal muscles and relaxing her anus, she gave Timothy another blast, knocking him out as he pleaded for mercy. Not that she knew. "Oh Timmy... It's r-really embarrassing, but for you I'll do anything. Though... if you l-like it in my butt that much, I'll have to think of another place to put you as a pu-punishment." She thought aloud, walking to her bedroom door. She could clearly feel his tiny body rub against her with every step, bringing her smile back to her face. "Heh heh heh, well I guess we both have a l-lot to learn about each other." Reaching behind herself, Inori shoved a finger deep into her butt crack and stroked him gently. When she was finished, she exited her room. "Okay, who wants to play before bedtime?"



Hours passed with Timothy stuffed in the back of Inori's panties as she played with her Pokémon. Several times she felt the tiny boy squirm and wiggle after a length of idleness, causing her to fart on him after which he stopped again. Soon enough, Inori and Hattrem had to get ready to go to bed, leaving her nocturnal Pokémon to entertain themselves. She let Phantump and Morelull out to take care of the nearby forested areas, while Haunter and Litwick wandered off into the night to entertain themselves.


Tucking her mischievous but adorable Hattrem into her little bed, Inori noticed that the cage she kept her 'toys' in had been cleaned up as she closed the door. "I suppose we'll have to go to Lumiose City soon." She giggled, heading back to her room. "O-Okay Timmy, punishment's over. Though I g-guess it wasn't much of one for you." As she closed her door, Inori dug the shrunken trainer out of her butt and stripped naked as she went over to her bed. "I'll figure something else out as your punishment for the future, and we'll go over our expectations for this re-relationship tomorrow but for now I'll show you where you'll be sleeping."


Finally free for his captor's butt, Timothy couldn't even enjoy the relatively 'fresh' air of Inori's sweatbox of a room. The stench of her bowel gas clung to him along with the greasy anal lubricant that splattered him everytime she squeezed out another blast anytime he moved. "I-Inori... please..." Utterly defeated and his morale literally crushed under her soft, disgusting ass, the tiny trainer just wanted to sleep.


"Aww, did someone tucker himself out playing with his g-girlfriend's big, gassy butt?" She cooed playfully as she laid down on her bed and crawled under the covers. "Ne-Next time I'll be sure to pay more attention to you, I promise. I could pu-put you back there if you want. Like I said, I'd do anything for you, no matter how embarrassing." The voluptuous girl offered, her cheeks reddening.


"No! No, no, that's... that's fine!" Panicking at her innocent naivety, Timothy just wanted to get some actual sleep and this horrible day to end. "Let's just... let's just sleep and talk about 'us' in the morning."


At the mere mention of an 'us' between her and her crush, Inori's eyes light up and she couldn't stop smiling. "Heh heh heh, okay." Turning onto her side, the occultic enthusiast raised her arm into the air, exposing her steamy, hairy armpit. "The book said establishing a strong, s-scent based bond is important, so you'll be sleeping in here." She explained as she shoved him face-first into her unwashed, untamed underarms. "Heh heh heh heh heh... I... I'm sleeping with my boyfriend! And from now on..."


Now trapped in the thick vines of Inori's pits, once again Timothy was subjected to an entirely new type of environment than her tits or ass. The amount of sweat that built up around him was on a whole different level than even her butt, likely because of the coarse hairs that surrounded his body, so when he tried to breathe the BO tainted air his lungs were also sucking up the foul, salty liquid as well! "I... I have to get out of here! Drowning in some creepy chicks armpits is not how I want to die!" He thought, coughing and struggling to crawl in any direction, but the more he moved his limbs, the more the untamed bramble or hairs coiled around him. It didn't help matters either that Inori herself was pressing her arm against her body harder.


Her thoughts of sharing her bed and body with the tiny man quickly devolved into her lustful fantasies. How could she possibly resist? The man of her dreams was her boyfriend! The growing heat in her crotch spread to her entire body, forcing her to kick her sheets off and start rubbing her love button. She roughly grabbed her breast with her free hand and pinched her nipple, pulling on it to heighten her arousal. "Oh, Timmy! Your big, juicy girlfriend is too lewd and naughty. You'll still love me though, right? Even though I should be trying to sleep, I can't help myself!" She thought, feeling him squirm in her underarms. "Oh, do you feel the same? You feel really good wiggling in my armpits... but..." Unable to control her lust, Inori bit onto her nipple to free her hand and pulled her two inch tall lover free along with a few hairs that refused to release him. The slight pain only turned her on all the more, her eyes shining a pale purple as she huffed and puffed through gritted teeth. In her hand was her boyfriend, the object of her affection. "Heh heh heh... what a n-naughty bo-boyfriend I have. It's bedtime, yet you've made me so hot and sw-sweaty. But I forgive you, my Teeny Timmy, since I'm very n-naughty myself."


Grateful to have been saved from the waterboarding in her rainforest of an armpit, Timothy had to restrain himself from yelling at or complaining to his captor. He had to try and stay on her good side. However, seeing the naked, voluptuous girl, laying in her bed dripping in sweat and her messy hair sticking to and covering her face... he had to admit there was an eerie beauty to her. The subtle blush in her cheeks, the luster and shine of her soft skin, even her scent, which was so much less pronounced now that he'd experienced more intense concentrations, was mildly alluring.


"Heh heh heh... my boyfriend is speechless. Look at him. Defiling me with his eyes!" The heat in her nethers flared up even more seeing Timothy's reaction to her body. "I'm all yours, my Timmy." Unable to want any longer, Inori lowered the tiny boy to her crotch and pressed him against her clit, holding him in place as he began to furiously massage her love organ. "And you're all mine!" She continued to use Timothy to masturbate, pressing him against her bean while holding him between the velvety folds of her womanhood. She was tempted to push him deeper, but she didn't want to overwhelm or possibly hurt him. Sure, thanks to her practice prior she was able to make him tougher than her test subjects but she wasn't sure by how much. She was happy with the current moment they could share.


However, Timothy was not enjoying himself anywhere near as much as she thought he was. In combination with the amount of sweat she was producing, the copious amount of sexual lubricant seeping from her pussy left him with few chances to breathe. To make matters worst, she had pressed him into her sex upside down, so his face was firmly lodged into the folds of her sex while he kicked furiously at her clitoris. Inori either misinterpreted his actions or didn't care in favor of her own sexual desire as she continued to use him like a sex toy until her body convulsed and a deluge of liquid sprayed out of her directly in his face.


Basking in the afterglow of one of the best orgasms she had ever had, Inori absentmindedly laid in her bed smiling and giggling as she caught her breath. Wiping the sweat-soaked hair from her face, she registered Timothy's movements against her thoroughly satisfied sex that she had still been pressing him into. "Oh! Sorry Timmy. I got lost in the moment there." She apologized, bringing him up to her face smiling. "I'm too tired for a-n-nother, but we can again la-"


"ARE YOU FUCKING NUTS!" After everything that had happened to him, his abduction, being manhandled by a strange Pokémon, and constantly being subject to Inori's whims/misunderstandings, Timothy had reached a breaking point. "What in the Reverse World is wrong with you! I almost drowned! Yeah, I'll admit, you have a better figure than those dark dresses you wear let on. Out of all the girls in town, I don't think even Miss Valerie can compare with those tits and ass. But, that's ALL you've got going for you! Have you ever heard of a shower? Or even a bath? I've never smelt such disgusting BO in my life! And you're so creepy! Stalking around, avoiding people, muttering to yourself and laughing at nothing. The guys were right about you. The only things you have going for you is your body, and you're wasting it!" Panting from yelling so much, Timothy, like a Mega Aggron using Iron Defense, was ready for the consequences of his outburst. However, when he looked his kidnapper in the eyes again, it wasn't anger or sadness that he was greeted with. It was the cold, scarily calm, emotionally vacant stare she had shown earlier that night.


"I see. So it was worse than I thought." She replied in an even-tempered tone that weighed on the tiny man like a herd of Snorlax. "Those 'friends' of yours. They poisoned your mind against me. Well, don't you worry, my cute little Timmy, their bad influence can't reach you anymore. I'm sorry I'm not the perfect girlfriend you wanted, but I promise you we will be the happiest couple together. We b-both have a lo-lot to learn." Slowly, her calm gave way back to her warm, misguided kindness and she smiled a genuinely warm, loving smile at him. "And even though the way you said it hurt a little... I'm h-happy you'd be so honest with me."


For a short moment, Timothy could see Inori's honest affection for him shine through the dark and gloomy girl's desperation. The most socially awkward person he knew was doing her best to convey her love for him. It was wholly misguided and criminal, but honest and purely for him and him alone. "I-Inori... I..."


"That said, I can't allow you to yell at me like that without proper p-punishment." She continued, cutting him off with an all too chipper tone. "Now then... I do-don't wear anything to sleep, but keeping you between my bu... buttcheeks wasn't... or actually... I guess it was a good punishment and didn't realize it." Pinching my tiny boyfriend between her fingers, Inori lowered him down between her legs again. Using the fluid that had dripped down from her nethers earlier, the young Hex Maniac rubbed and prodded her slicked up anus as she spread her butt cheeks a bit. "But since it didn't take, I'll have to try a bit... d-d-deeper."


"Wh-What? No, wait! Inori! Ino-!" She heard her tiny boyfriend cry out in the most adorably panicked voice as she pressed him against her quivering butthole.


To her surprise, her backdoor opened with no resistance for the little guy and she actually heard an audible 'slurp' as he was pulled from her fingers. Giggling to herself, Inori rolled over onto her back and closed her eyes to focus on the frantic movements in her lower bowels. "Don't worry my Teeny Timmy, you'll be fine in there until morning." She reassured, loving the sensation. All his futile squirming only made her lustful itch start to come back and a familiar pressure push against her anus. "I promise you Timmy, in time you'll learn. We'll be the perfect girlfriend [Master] and boyfriend [Pet]." Uncharacteristically confident in herself, Inori slowly drifted off to sleep, releasing a little fart.




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