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Chapter 1

“Oh come on Jason!” laughed Eve Tudor, reaching out a hand to playfully ruffle her boyfriend’s hair, “you know that I’m just messing with you when I say that kind of stuff.” She had just brought up the fact that she had graduated from high school with a perfect 4.0, while Jason, while maintaining a respectable 3.7, was really nowhere near her. Her little tease had caught him a bit off guard, and he hadn’t been able to hide the indignation on his face. He had tried as hard as he could in school, but math had always been a sore subject — Eve, on the other hand, was just one of those people who coasted through school, acing everything seemingly without effort. In reality, Eve studied very hard.  

“I—I know,” said Jason, who was smiling despite his initial reaction. He puffed up his chest and made a show of mock masculinity, flexing his impressive muscles. “Besides, if I was better than you in school, you’d have nothing to hold over me.”

“Oh, on the contrary,” said Eve, walking up and standing over him. She stared down into his eyes. “It looks to me like I’d have plenty to hold over you.” Jason looked up into his girlfriend’s pretty brown eyes. Her face was framed by gentle waves of chestnut brown hair. He had to give it to her on this one — at 6’1, Eve stood a good 5 inches taller than Jason, who at 5’8 was by no means short. It was true that such a height disparity was unusual, but the two of them had been dating for 2 years now, ever since sophomore year, and they hardly thought anything of it anymore. It helped that Jason was no slouch himself when it came to his physique: even though he was a tad shorter than average, what he lacked in height he made up for in brawn. He was an all-state wrestler in the 170-pound class.  

He looked straight forward into the elegant white curve of Eve’s neck. Then he averted his eyes up slightly to her red lips, which were pursed in simulated seriousness. Jason couldn’t hold it in any longer and smiled; he looked up into Eve’s eyes again, which sparkled playfully. He loved this girl — he suddenly reached around her back, seized her in an aggressive embrace, and lifted her up off the ground.  

“Ohhhh!” said Eve, caught by surprise as her boyfriend spun her around. She loved when he did this; even though Eve stood much taller than him, she liked to be reminded that he could effortlessly sling her around and do what he wanted with her physically. For the state champion wrestler, picking up Eve like this was no problem — she was quite thin, weighing only 142 pounds.  

“I know you’ll always be above me, baby,” said Jason, looking up at Eve as he continued to hold her aloft. “And I’m totally cool with that — it’s only proper for a queen to sit higher than her king, after all.”

“Oh stop it,” laughed Eve as she waved her hand dismissively, “you’re so silly!” But Jason could see her blushing even as she spoke, and he warmed inside. He knew that she loved it when he talked this way — even though Eve was unquestionably progressive and forward-thinking, there was no denying that she appreciated the traditional gender roles that their relationship upheld. As she looked down at her boyfriend, and felt his strong arms around her waist, and saw the teasing confidence in his blue eyes, she felt pleasant tingles go through her body. They reverberated in her pussy: she was turned on by masculine displays like this. Even though she definitely thought of herself as a “strong independent woman,” the fact remained that what turned her on in a guy were confidence, swagger, and…well, muscles. And Jason had all of that — plus, he was super smart, although perhaps not the academic savant she was.  

Jason caught her blushing. Their eyes met; their eyebrows went up. A minute later Eve was on her hands and knees, clutching onto her bedsheets as Jason penetrated her from behind. She gritted her teeth as she felt his sizable cock slide in and out of her lubricated pussy. He was thicker than average, and a few months ago Eve had made a sexy show of measuring his length. He was a little over 8 inches. Upon learning this information Eve had pushed him down onto the bed and jumped straight on his dick, riding him like a cowgirl. She didn’t usually get on top during sex (as she preferred to bottom), but receiving physical confirmation that her boyfriend’s cock was over 8 inches long had made her especially lusty.

Back in the present, Eve shut her eyes as Jason went roughly into her, then out, in, then out, in a steady and deliberate rhythm. He was holding onto her hips as he speared her from behind, and each time he went in he saw the gentle contours of her ass flesh jiggle and ripple sexily. Eve was pretty skinny…there was no doubt about that. She moved like a deer, with long thin limbs that gave her an unmistakable gracefulness and regality. Still though, ever since they graduated a few months ago, Jason had noticed Eve getting…a little bigger in certain areas. Her previous A-cup tits had gotten bigger, so much so that she had actually ascended to a B-cup. Her skinny jeans were looking a little tighter on her these days, indicating that her thighs had thickened a bit. But more than anything, it seemed that her hips had gotten fleshier, and her ass had gotten bigger. Like, noticeably bigger…more than any other part of her body. Throughout high school Eve had sported a relatively flat ass, to go along with her small tits. Her hips had always been fairly wide, but they hadn’t had a lot of extra flesh to pad them. These past few months, however, all that was beginning to change.  

Jason wasn’t complaining. He bit his lip as he honed in on how each one of his thrusts sent Eve’s ass into a rhythmic dance. While he was definitely under the impression that he liked his girls thin, in recent weeks he had caught himself staring at his girlfriend’s expanding ass. He even had to shut his eyes and shake his head a few times to snap himself out of the mini-trance he would go into whenever Eve was walking in front of him and her ass cheeks jiggled up and down with each step. Aside from his obvious attraction to these new developments, Jason didn’t really think much of Eve’s growth. It was only natural for girls to fill out a little bit after high school — there was nothing odd or out of place about that. And as he looked down at her ass shaking and bouncing on his dick, he couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. What, was he going to complain that his girlfriend was getting curvier?  

He gave her wobbling ass a hearty smack, eliciting an aroused moan from Eve as she backed up harder and harder into his dick. His pace became more and more feverish, and a minute or so later he ejaculated inside her, into the magnum condom he was wearing.  

“You know,” said Jason, a little bit later as they were basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, “I can tell you’ve gotten a little thicker recently.”  

“Aww, you can tell?” asked Eve in a parody of disappointment. She sat up on her bed and faced her boyfriend. “Is it really that obvious?” She reached down and clutched the flesh on either side of her hips. There was enough there to fill her hands.  

“I mean…kinda,” said Jason. “Especially…uh, I mean…your ass is definitely bigger.”

“Oh yeah?” asked Eve, turning around and looking back at it. “You’re sure?”

“Oh yeah,” laughed Jason, “I’m pretty damn sure, Eve. I mean, I look at it all the time — so I should know.”  

“You perv,” teased Eve. But she looked back at herself and then turned her back to him so that her full naked ass was on display. ‘Yeah,’ thought Jason, ‘especially from this angle, with her kneeling on the bed and everything…it’s definitely bigger.’ She twitched her ass cheeks up and down a little, and there was ample flesh enough for the motion to be obvious.  

“You think I’m getting too big, Jason?” she asked seriously, turning her head around and looking at him.  

“No way, babe,” he said, smiling as he enjoyed the view. “You’re just looking more and more like a woman. I actually used to think that you were too skinny, you know.”

“What?” she asked, whipping around irately, “what are you talking about?”

Jason laughed, enjoying the rise he was getting out of her. “Come on babe, just a few months ago you were all skin and bones.”

“Like hell I was!” said Eve animatedly. “You’re just insecure because I’m bigger than you now in some areas!”

“Oh yeah?” said Jason, still smiling, “like what?”  

“Like…well…I’m obviously taller than you,” said Eve. She was actually curious about how this conversation was going to go, but their recent sex and Jason’s playful chiding had gotten her feeling a little feisty. Besides, there was something about body comparisons that…well…turned her on a little bit. She didn’t quite know why, and had never really stopped to think much about it. She bounded off the bed and stood naked in front of Jason with her hands on her hips. He regarded her nude body from his sitting position on her bed, grinning at her antics.

“Taller doesn’t mean “bigger” you know,” he said, arching his eyebrow up at her.

“What’s the matter big guy?” she teased down at him, “afraid to stand up next to me? Afraid to stand in your girlfriend’s shadow?”

“Ooo you wanna play, huh?” said Jason, and he jumped up off the bed and stood before her, crossing his muscled arms across his chest. It was impossible to argue with her about the height thing, and he did notice (with a weird kind of shudder) that Eve’s head did happen to be perfectly positioned to block out her overhead light. He was indeed standing in her shadow. The top of his head was even with her eyes, and he had to look a little upward in order to see her chin. Still though, what was she talking about? He was way bigger than her.  

“So what about it?” he said, his arms confidently folded across his chest as he looked up into her eyes. “Ok, so you’re taller — what else, big girl?”  

Eve’s eyes sparkled a bit as her lips curled upward in a knowing smile. “My hips are bigger than yours.”

“Oh yeah right,” said Jason, immediately glancing down at her hips. They were substantially higher than his, rising up just about to his mid-torso. And as Eve flashed them playfully, he did feel that they were definitely wider than he remembered. But they definitely weren’t bigger than his, surely. He looked down at his own hips, which were firm with muscle. A doubt emerged in his head…were his hips actually bigger?

“Hmmm, yeah…I’m pretty sure mine are bigger,” persisted Eve, with even more confidence in her voice. “Come on, let’s compare in the mirror.” She walked over to the mirror that was hanging hanging on her closed bedroom door. Jason followed her, feeling a little nervous despite himself. The mirror was body-length, and the two of them stood before it.  

“Gosh, look how high my hips are on your body, Jason,” said Eve, with genuine surprise in her voice. “My legs are so much longer than yours.”

“Longer, yes,” said Jason, “but bigger —” and here he flexed his impressive quadriceps and calf muscles “—no.”

Eve giggled, shaking her head. “Well, I’d be a little worried if my legs were as big as yours. There’d be something all out whack with my hormones or something.”

“Yeah, that would be a little concerning,” agreed Jason. 

“But what about hips?” asked Eve, returning to her original focus. “I think mine look wider than yours here.”  

Jason had to admit that she was right. Her hips did look a little wider than his from this angle.  

“Well, even if you’re a little wider,” he said, “I’m definitely thicker. Here, let’s stand the other way and see.” He pivoted himself so that the mirror reflected his body from the side. Eve did likewise. After a few moments she spoke up; her voice was raised a little in pleased uncertainty. 

“Mmmm, I don’t know, Jason,” she chuckled, “you don’t really look thicker than me from this angle.”  

Once again, Jason was forced to admit that Eve was right. Even from the side, it didn’t really look like his hips had anything on Eve’s. If anything…and he felt a little uncomfortable admitting this…hers were actually a little thicker.  

“Let’s get that tape measure out and see,” said Eve suddenly. She gamboled over to her dresser and a moment later was turning back with the tape measure in her hand. Jason looked up at her uncertainly as she waltzed up to him and dangled it playfully in front of his face.  

“Oh, what?” said Eve, teasing him as she noticed his ambivalent expression. “You afraid to see?”

“No!” said Jason, now taking his turn to respond irritatedly, “no, I just…it, uh…what does it matter, anyway?”

“Well if it doesn’t matter,” said Eve, unfurling the tape measure as she winked at him, “then why not measure and see? Come on, Jason, I’m just curious, that’s all.”

“Oh all right,” he said reluctantly, smiling up into her face. “Here, measure me first.” Eve grinned as she bent down, wrapping the tape measure around his hips. Jason definitely was in good shape, but he didn’t have a lot of body fat — almost all his weight came from the muscles that he had worked hard to build for wrestling. Consequently, though, he didn’t have a lot of extra padding. Eve’s fingers worked delicately around him. Her touch was like electricity to his skin, and even though they had recently had sex his cock responded to her touch and started rising again.  

“Sooo….we’ve got 34 inches,” said Eve. “And…just to see,” she continued, pulling the tape measure up to his waist, “your waist is…32 inches.” She stood up, looking down on him. “Uh, that’s pretty small, Jason.”

“You’re full of it,” he laughed, shaking his head. “That’s not small — besides, it’s normal for guys to have smaller hips and shit.”

“I don’t know…” said Eve, inclining her head and arching her eyebrow. “That seems pretty small to me.” Jason knew she was teasing him, but he still heard something in her voice, behind the play, that was serious.  

“Oh whatever, let’s see your measurements then,” he said. “Come on, gimme here,” and he snatched the tape measure out of her hand. He started to measure somewhere in between her waist and her hips.  

“No, silly!” she said, reaching down and guiding his hand farther down, “that’s where you measure the hips!”

“Oh forgive me if I don’t know everything about how to measure for prom dresses,” said Jason.

“What a jerk,” she giggled. They were both smiling for a moment, but Jason’s smile vanished when he saw the measurement.  

“What’s it say?” asked Eve. Her heart was actually beating faster…for some reason this felt very exciting to her.  

“Uh…it says…36…just over 36,” said Jason, not quite believing his own voice. It was true — Eve’s hips were bigger than his.  

“Ha! I told you!” said Eve triumphantly, thrusting her fist high up in the air. Jason looked up at her, not quite knowing what to think.  

“Aw, does that bother you?” asked Eve, genuinely feeling for her boyfriend. “Come on, Jason…I mean, it’s…it’s normal for women to have bigger hips. You said it yourself.”  

“Y-yeah, that’s true,” he said uncertainly, “it’s just…I just…uh, I never really realized that you were…uh, bigger like that.”  

“Well, I know I’ve grown a bit the past few months,” said Eve proudly, swiveling her hips. Then she stopped. “This…this doesn’t actually bother you, does it, Jason?”

“No!” he said, maybe a bit too heartily, “no! It’s just…a little surprising, that’s all.”

“Well, how about you measure my waist,” offered Eve, “I’m sure you’re bigger than me there.” Jason checked, and at 28 her waist was indeed smaller. He didn’t know why, but he felt some relief at this knowledge. 2 years back, when they first started dating, Jason had been insecure about Eve being substantially taller than him. Learning that her hips had grown wider than his was bringing back some of the old memories of apprehension, and Eve saw it in his face. She took his face in her hands and averted it upward so that it was looking straight into hers.

“Hey there,” she said, the arousal plain in her voice, “it’s me. It’s just me! Who cares if my hips are bigger. Jesus, who cares if my whole body got bigger than yours, Jason? I would still think you were the hottest stud on the planet.” She didn’t quite know why, but the combination of measuring with her boyfriend, comparing their bodies, and his subsequent uptight reaction really turned her on. It was a rare moment of vulnerability for Jason, and to Eve it just seemed like the cutest fucking thing. Her hunky, muscular, wrestler boyfriend all out of sorts…he was so adorable. And yet she also remembered his insecurity years ago — she saw it flicker again in his face, and she was seized with a desire to show him just how hot she found him. She turned him around and pushed him back down on the bed. His cock was rock hard again. For a split second, Eve felt a bit surprised…why was he hard right now if he was feeling insecure? But it didn’t matter, and it all passed by in a flash. His dick looked delicious, and she was going to eat it up.  

Eve wasted no time in taking him in her mouth. Jason sucked in air as he threw his head back in wordless pleasure. His member was long and thick — Eve had never quite mastered the art of the blowjob, even though she had gone down on Jason plenty of times. He was just…too big for her to really get any substantial length down her throat. But in this moment, she felt raunchy and naughty…and she was very turned on. She suddenly got it in her head to push harder than she had ever pushed before, just to see how much she could take.  

“Oooo, jeez,” moaned Jason as Eve bobbed up and down aggressively on his length. After a few practice thrusts of her neck, she reared back and plunged down on his engorged member. Her eyes were tightly shut and she felt her lips and cheeks stretching more and more…and more as she took him into her mouth. She felt him at the back of her throat. She gagged. Undeterred, she pushed harder. She gagged again. But she was not going to stop this time, like she had so many other times. She fought through her gag reflex and kept pushing. His dick slid into her throat. Jason looked at her down the length of his body and saw that she was impaled on his length, and that there were only a couple inches left. She strained and strained to get the last 2 inches in, but he had filled her mouth to capacity.  

“Mrrrrrggghhhhh!” she moaned aggressively, opening her eyes and looking straight at him. That did it — he shot his load down her throat and she gladly swallowed it with appreciative and exaggerated moans.  

A few minutes later they were once again basking in the afterglow of their sex. The late afternoon sunlight peeked in through Eve’s bedroom blinds.  

“Well,” she said, smiling at Jason, “you wanna keep packing? I helped you pack all your shit — it’s only fair that you help me, you know.”

“You’re really something, you know that?” said Jason, grinning at his girlfriend. “You’re a real piece of work.”

“Work, yes. Exactly. That’s what we need to be doing,” she teased. “God, can you believe it? Classes start next week!”

“I can’t wait,” said Jason drily, reaching down to put his clothes back on. They were going to the same state college, and both of them were on scholarship (although Eve’s was a bit more substantial).  

Eve’s phone rang suddenly. She answered it as she shimmied her underwear back up her hips. 

“Hello? Oh wassup girl…yeah? Yeah? Oooo how exciting! Yeah…awww, you’re too sweet! Yeah, I’m at my place. Jason’s helping me pack up. Yeah…yeah I know, what a gentleman…yeah…ok, well come on over! Can’t wait to see what it is! Ok, bye.” She hung up and turned to Jason.

“Lauren’s coming over,” she said excitedly, “and she’s bringing me a present!”


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