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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Mike’s eyes flew open when the sound of a light switch being flicked on filled the air for a split second before a bright flash of light flooded the room. Mike had to blink a few times to clear his sight from the blinding blare of the ceiling light that was switched on. The sounds of someone moving in the room with him could be heard as soft thumps filled the room, but Mike couldn’t see who it was. He expected it was his owner who kept him trapped in a large glass jar that he couldn’t escape from.


Sure enough when Mike’s eyesight came back he could make out the young nearly twenty year old walking through her room looking for something, all while texting on her phone. Mike pressed his hands against the glass as he watched the giantess walk toward a closest open it and grab a pair of sneakers. The giantess sat down on her bed and started to put her shoes on, while tapping away on her phone sending whatever message she had typed up. Once she slipped her shoes on, the Giantess headed toward her bedroom door and flipped the lights off before shutting her room closed, leaving Mike in darkness.


Mike sat down in the glass prison as he knew from his countless attempts to escape, there wasn’t any hope. The glass cup or bowl he was in was just too large for his 1 inch tall body to even budge. It was truly a nightmare for him. Mike had turned 19 last year, and caught shrinkism shortly after. The disease stole his height so fast, that he shrunk to an inch in almost record time, he barely made it 5 days before he was this tall. Mike spent a year surviving on his own till one day he was captured and tossed in this glass prison with a few others. Now he was the only one left…


Mike shudder at the fate of the others that used to live her with him. It wasn’t something he wanted to dwell on. Sadly, he couldn’t stop thinking about it as he was surrounded by darkness and glass.


Mike saw an alarm clock with it’s red lights showing the time. Mike could only look at the single light source in the whole room flash it’s numbers, signaling what time it was. Watching the digits flick from one number to the next, Mike sat there restlessly for over an hour before there was a slight bang in the distance followed by some thumping of footsteps. Soon the door swung open and again the light switch flicked on blinding Mike for a few moments. The familiar thumps of the young women walking through her room were heard. A slight creaking noise as she must be sitting on her bed before the sound of a large thump from a shoe being discarded filled the air. Mike’s eyes adjusted to the lighting in the room and sure enough the young blond head girl was taking off her shoes. She looked to be drenched in sweat and exhausted from whatever exercise she did. Mike would probably guess a jog or run, but really it didn’t matter. The Giantess was too busy listening to whatever music she had plugged into her ears as she pulled the sweaty looking sock off her left and than right foot. The clothing flopped to the ground as the blond haired teen got up off her bed. She walked toward Mike and the dresser he was set up on.

Mike stumbled back as the looming Giantess came toward him and blocked out the light from the ceiling. Just as Mike trembled with fear the Giantess bent forward and Mike’s world shook as she pulled open one of the drawers below him. Soon there was some rummaging and than a slamming as the Giantess pushed the drawer back into the dresser. Mike landed on his butt from the vibrations of the shutting drawer that shook the entire dresser. The Giantess soon yanked out her ear buds and tossed them on her dresser where they landed near Mike’s prison. The Giantess soon started to leave her room with a handful of clothing she got from the dresser beneath Mike. There was the faintest sound of water turning on and running, which Mike could only figure was a shower starting.


Mike let out a pent up sigh of relief as he feared for his life when the ginormous women stood over him. Just the prescience of her made Mike want to cry in fear as she could easily wipe his existence out within a blink of an eye if she so wanted to. It was a horrible feeling, and Mike wanted to not believe that she would do that… but he knew better.

Mike’s solitary wasn’t helping as he had no one to comfort him or talk to about his situation. He was just another shrinky trapped and waiting for his captor to interact with him. The minutes soon turned into an hour before the sound of the very long shower cut off. The sounds of someone getting out of the shower and a hair dryer going could be heard in what Mike could only assume was the bathroom. After a little while the sounds of the device used to dry the wet hair was turned off and the door opened. Mike heard more thumping but the door didn’t open. Instead it went past and faded off to another part of the house.

Where was she going? She wasn’t heading back to her room?

Mike wasn’t sure where she was going but the footsteps disappeared only to come back. Soon the door was opened and a look of a refreshed women came through the door. She let out a relaxed sigh before she picked up her phone she left in her room and plopped down on her bed. Mike just noticed that she didn’t have any dirty clothes… she must have tossed them in a laundry bin or washer. Although that didn’t matter, it was just his observation. Mike was still stuck and had no where else to go, so he stayed sitting there watching the young women taping away on her phone and occasionally making noises. A laugh her, a huff, or slight smirk. She was in her own world, ignoring anything but the small device held in her hand, feeding her information on the invisible world of social media and text messages.


Mike was tired of watching the giantess pretty much act like a frozen statue on her bed, and decided to try and look for a way out again, or at least something more entertaining for him. Looking for an escape had the same exact result as last time… nothing. As for entertainment, he found none. Mike knew much of the room from all the time he had spent in this jar like cage. Nothing had changed much since-

There was a loud creaking as the Giantess started to move and roll out of her bed. Mike squirmed back as far as he could as he watched the Giantess, not even looking up from her phone, head for her bedroom door. She opened the door like she was using her eyes, but her vision was clearly glued to whatever she was doing on her phone. The lights flicked off and the door was pulled closed. The stomping thuds faded off as the trail of footsteps faded as they traveled deeper into the home.


Mike once again was left in the darkened room with only dark red numbers giving him any companionship.




Mike was dreaming of something only to be woken by a light and the closing of a door. Mike scurried up and looked around forgetting where he was till the sound of a bed creaking under weight was heard. It was than that he recalled where he was and what was going on. He was stuck in a young giantess bedroom.


Looking over at the clock, which was the only way to tell what time or day it was due to the closed shades, he saw it was well into the evening. Mike looked to see the Giantess laying in her bed like the last time he saw her. Mike watched the Giantess spending her time on her phone. Mike looked at the clock and what time of night it was. She had to be going to bed soon, right? Sure enough she let out a soft yawn a few times in the next 15 minutes or so. As if to confirm his guess, the massive girl flicked her phone to sleep, before getting up and walking off. Soon the sound of water, like from a faucet could be heard. She had to be brushing her teeth. It only last for a minute or two before the water was turned off and the those stomps headed back to the room. Mike watched the Giantess close her door to her room.


She stood there for a second and stretched her arms over her head, and letting out a strained sounds as she pulled her arms as far above her as she could. The stretching in turn pulled at her shirt yanking it up showing off the young giantess toned belly as the fabric couldn’t cover all her body when she lifted her arms. Mike ogled over the showing of skin, till he notice the Giantess look over at him.


Mike gulped. She had a slight smile on her face as she headed over to Mike’s location. She didn’t say anything she just slowly walked over toward Mike. As she approached she started to strip off any clothing she had. First her shirt was gone in a flash, than she unhooked her bra and let it flop to the floor without a care. Mike watched as the Giantess’s chest jiggled ever so slightly with each encroaching step. The Giantess only paused for a moment to slip her shorts off, and finally the last fabric of clothing from down there. Mike couldn’t see what it looked like because she was too close to him, but he could tell that she was completely nude.


Mike looked up at the very nude and unbashful Giantess standing and towering over him.


A drawer opened beneath Mike shaking him, before the drawer was closed shut vibrating Mike again.

Suddenly the Giantess held something over the top of Mike’s prison. The large hand that was hovering over the cover of the jar opened and something small fell from the open hand. Mike acted out of instinct as he caught the small, even to him, object. Mike looked at the weird looking collar. What was he suppose to do with that? Mike held it up to his face and frowned. There was a weird smell coming from the collar. Something kind of stale and … he couldn’t tell what.

There was a slight clinking as the Giantess tapped the outside of the jar and pointed to her neck. She didn’t speak she just smirked.

Mike was hesitant but he figured, what else could he do. So he attached the collar on his neck and found a small button to hit and a light flashed on. As soon as the light was on the Giantess pulled out a small looking earpiece. She put it in her ear. It was now that Mike realized that he had a communicator.

“You, you can hear me,” Mike called out.

The Giantess nodded with a grin.

“Oh thank god! Ok, look I-”

Suddenly the Giantess’s fingers grabbed Mike’s prison as she tilted the jar and had Mike fall out into her open hand.

“Ahhhh,” Mike yelled as he fell down into the open fleshy palm. “Careful!” Mike called out as he tumbled to a stop. Mike looked around to see that the Giantess’s naked skin showing him that he was right about her nudity. “Wha-”

Mike’s speech was cut off as the Giantess started to head over to her bed. The movement forced Mike to shut up or risk biting his tongue or cheek from the bouncing he was receiving from the massive earthquake like tremors he was receiving. The Giantess didn’t seem to careful on how she walked. She was more concerned on how fast she could get to her bed without running. Mike and the Giantess were already sitting on her bed before Mike could recover from the aftershocks of the Giantess moving.

Mike looked up at the grinning Giantess. She looked happy… or excited?

Mike was in for a sudden surprise as the Giantess shifted on her bed and leaned over to her nightstand. She quickly yanked it open and there was the sound of numerous items rolling and moving around in the sudden opening of the small nightstand. The Giantess rummaged around for a few seconds before grabbing something. Once she had what she wanted, the hand holding Mike collapsed and wrapped around Mike, confining him again.

“HEY! NO WAIT!” Mike called out as the hand wrapped around and forcing him into a cramp and dark fleshy cave. A cave with no escape or exit with the massive fingers wrapping all around him. Mike kept protesting and calling out for the Giantess to stop or tell him what was going on, she didn’t answer. The only response he got was the hand holding him tightening a little for each time he squirmed, and some more rustling around. Finally after a few moments the sound of the nightstand drawer closing was heard.

After a couple of moments the hand around Mike opened, tilted to the side sending Mike falling through the air. Mike screamed out thinking he was being dropped to his death but instead he only feel a short distances before landed on something. It was hard but not too hard. It was almost like a firm plastic, maybe glass, Mike wasn’t sure what material it was, he just knew it was a firm surface he could stand on. Before Mike could react, he could only look up at a delighted Giantess bring something close to him. Suddenly a massive towering object was being brought toward Mike. Mike held up his hands thinking maybe she was going to crush him with it and hunkered down out of pure instinct, cowering for his life. However when the skyscraper sized object came down, it clamped down on something and the sound of plastic or glass screwing together could be heard. Mike opened his eyes and looked around. It was now that Mike found he was in an egg or sphere like clear prison, like the glass jar he was in before, only smaller. In fact it was much much smaller. Mike pushed his hands up and found the ceiling that curved upward only allowing a few inches of space for him. It was like he was trapped in a 6ft sphere or ball, sealing him from the outside world.

“What-what’s going on,” Mike called out looking through the layers of clear material that encased him and towering upward into the sky. He could just make out the Giantess still sitting there larger than his new prison. Mike was confused. What was this place, what was it for, why was he in it, what was going to happen? However the more he asked the less answers he got. The Giantess didn’t so much as laugh at him.


Suddenly something grabbed Mike’s new home as everything started to move. Mike’s cylinder like home was brought skyward toward the Giantess’s face. Mike didn’t know what she was doing, as he was brought closer and closer. Suddenly the sound of the Giantess opening her mouth and saying AHHH, filled the room.

“Wh-wh-what ar-are you doing!” Mike stuttered looking directly above him and seeing the dark void starting to encase the very top of the long clear tip of his prison. The Giantess’s only response was to bring the whole top part of the tower into her mouth. She clamped her lips over the tip at the top and sealing it with her lips. Soon she started to slowly push Mike’s home deeper into her mouth and pull it out in a slow jerking motion. Mike was being shoved around in his empty ball of space as the pushing and pulling yanked him around. He found the best way to keep from falling would be to stay on the floor laying down and looking upward. Doing this allowed him to watch as the two pink lips wrapped around the roof of his cage, slowly slide downward with each pull and push the Giantess applied to the object Mike was trapped inside of. He could see the deep void of her dark throat past her lips as more and more of his plastic covered world vanished deeper in her. Soon Mike was screaming as he watched those lips slowly descend deeper and around the plastic and nearly swallow Mike and the almost sausage like shell around him.

It was around this time that Mike found sweat building up on his body. Sure he was scarred but he shouldn’t be sweating this much. The room was hot, very hot. The air was starting to get humid and damp. Was his body temperature heating up the small ball like room that quickly?

The sight of the lips coming down the side of the plastic caught Mike off guard. They were sliding up and down the plastic surface much easier as Mike saw the built up saliva drooling down the side of-


Something warm and wet dropped onto Mike.

Confused Mike held his hand up to the small rain drop that splattered on his face. He wiped it off his face and brought it to his nose. He curiously sniffed it only to get a faint hint of mint. The slippery slimy substance was slightly bubbly but most importantly it was warm. Like body temperature warm. What was this stuff-


Another rain drop splattered his arm, as it dripped from somewhere.


Mike lost track of the sounds of the Giantess sucking and moaning around his prison as he tried to find where this mint smelling substance was coming from. Soon another droplet splattered and another, the pace was like a small leaking faucet or pipe as it dripped every 10 seconds or so. Before Mike could find the source the sound of his plastic prison being completely extracted from the Giantess mouth filled the room with a popping sound giving him light to see again.


The Giantess let out a deep sigh and gasp for air as she panted…

Mike couldn’t tell through the clear layer of plastic and the thick slimy covering of her saliva on the surface if the look she was giving him was the right one. It looked like she was turned on right now… like she was having very lustful thoughts.


Of course this was all cleared up as she started to rise up on her bed.


Sure enough she started to position herself above Mike and his almost sausage shaped cage.

“Oh no...” Mike gasped. He wasn’t in a tower or cylinder like container, he was in something much worse. Mike saw the shape better now that the Giantess cast a shadow over him blocking some of the light. The shape of the shell he was in, was actually very thick near the base, but thinned out near the top into a tip. Just like any penis shaped object would be designed. Mike’s frantic pleading increased as he saw small hair like fractures or lines feeding throughout the clear dildo leading to the outer surface. There were small holes littered across the surface of his prison as he saw them all leading downward toward the top of his small open chamber he was trapped in. That was when Mike spotted the 5 or so small holes in the ceiling that looked to have all the pathways of the many openings lead to. It was some kind of draining system.

Mike held his slightly soaked hand as another droplet of what he just realized was spit splattered on his hand. Mike shook his head at the same time the Giantess started to descend down. The moment the tip of the dildo started to slide into her open lips, a slight gush of air and trapped spittle in the tubing flushed into Mike’s chamber splattering the slightly mint scented saliva and soaking his feet in the goo.

“STOP!” Mike screamed as he watched with horror as the large legs on either side of the dildo started to bend, lowering more of the humongous women down. The sound of flesh rolling over more plastic and bubbling noise of saliva and trapped air filled Mike’s ears. He could almost swore he felt the air pressure change as more of the dildo slide into the Giantess sealing any open air holes he had. However the Giantess didn’t seem bothered by this as she kept sliding deeper and deeper onto Mike’s dildo casing. Soon instead of the Giantess mouth sliding down toward the base he was housed in, it was now her pussy lips greedily swallowing and accepting the massive plastic dildo. Mike watched as the light soon faded to darkness as more and more of the dildo disappeared till Mike was just barely able to see any light below him.

The sounds of moaning filled the air as the Giantess enjoyed the sensation of the sex toy filling her.

“PLEASE! Let me out!!” Mike screamed, “YOU CAN’T-”

The sound of dribble fluid splatted on Mike’s arm as it dribbled down from above. The smell wasn’t like the mint saliva from before, it was more like the smell of … his communicator?

“Oh god,” Mike panicked as he recalled the faint stale smell on his collared device, and now it made sense. Mike wanted to say something else, but there was a jerking as the Goddess of a women started to pull herself up off the dildo. This knocked Mike onto his butt again into the slightly small puddle of goo in his chamber. “Is this…” Mikes started to panic as he watched a long dribble of goo push out of a few open holes before stopping. The liquid was seeping into this room, but it didn’t seem to be draining…

“Oh no, no, no!” Mike quickly stood up but the Giantess barred down onto the dildo with enough force, she sucked up a good portion of the dildo and moved the dildo around from her massive force. Mike slipped on his knees and got more female goo on his legs and hands. A slight gushing force was heard as a little more fluid dripped down on Mike’s back. The warm hot liquid rolled off his back and down at his knees, filling the bottom of his chamber a little more. “SHIT! STOP IT!!” Mike screamed getting up and putting his hands up and trying to cover the holes as the fluid dribbled down. Mike found the holes were just far enough apart that he could only block 2 or 3 holes with his hands, leaving just a few more open. As Mike held the holes closed, he watched the Giantess continue to squat on and rise off the dildo at her own pace. Each time the dildo slide into her depths, a slight surge of her cream squirted out of the open holes. In fact, the ones that Mike was blocking with his hands wasn’t 100% plugged. The creamy warm liquid flowed around his palms and down his arms and body pooling more at the bottom of Mike’s enclosure. It didn’t seem like anything he did could stop the slowly rising female juices as now they were up to his shines. “Stop,” Mike begged as he could do nothing to slow down the slowly rising watery and slimy material that spluttered down on him.

There was a shaking as Mike saw the Giantess slide even further down than before, sealing Mike’s entire world in darkness as a moan echoed around him. Mike couldn’t see it but it sounded like the splashing of the liquid splattering into the growing pool at his feet grew larger. There was a good amount of fluid deposited into his room. Did she just cum???

Slowly the light came back as the giantess pulled up. Mike noticed her legs were shaking more than before, the sound of heavy panting could be heard from the women. Of course the clearest sign of the women climaxing, was the pool of girl cum rising up Mike’s thighs. It was a large amount of liquid that wasn’t there just a moment ago.

“Finally, you came...” Mike announced. “You can get me-”

Before Mike got an answer there was shifting all around him as his world tipped and moved. Mike fell to the side of his chamber as he watched the dildo tilt with the Giantess. She was starting to reposition herself, so instead of bouncing on the bed, she was slightly laying down on the bed.

“What-? YOU JUST-”

The Giantess thrust the dildo back in, making a sound of pleasure as she kept going. Mike felt the dildo slide forward sloshing the liquid up his legs and onto his chest as the swaying of the dildo pulled and pushed the cum in his prison in like a tidal surge. Mike got some of the hot gunk in his face and mouth. He quickly spit out the creamy thick slime out trying to get his bearings straight. However Mike didn’t have time to get set up as the slight wave of watery ejaculation splashed onto him as the Giantess yanked the clear dildo out of her pussy only to shove it back in with as much force and speed as before.

Mike gurgled and coughed as he couldn’t see with the slowly growing amount of fluids filling his chamber. What started as a simple splashing of cum on him, soon grew to a slight wave. The goo was splashing and hitting him too constant for him to prepare himself. It was like sitting at the ocean and having the waves batter him from both the front and behind as he tumbled around in his small room praying this would end. Soon Mike was finding it harder and hard to breath as more fluid filled any space in his chamber. The waves were picking up in both size and speed as the battering soon turned to a constant pummeling from ever direction. Front, back, left, and right… he was being hit by the Giantess fluids as she moaned and panted with each push and pull on the rubbery like dildo.

Finally Mike heard a harsh strained voice of the Giantess before a splash of fluid hit his back and head before the shaking stopped…

Mike coughed and spit up another mouthful of the warm and viscous gook, the slight white but clear goo was sloshing all around him… at about shoulder height.


“Sto-” Mike coughed and spite out the last mouthful. “I’M GOING TO DROWN,” Mike screamed as the liquid dripping and pouring in from above slowed down.

Mike watched the giantess slowly sit up from her laying down position. Mike felt the slight sway of the contents of the room shift as the Giantess got back up and into a kneeling position, with the dildo still between her legs. Mike saw that half the dildo was stuck in her.


“Please… you can’t do this to me,” Mike begged. “I-I’m a still… I’m still a p-”

The sounds of the Giantess slowly slinking down on the dildo started to fill Mike’s ears. She was slowly swallowing the dildo and shoving Mike deeper into utter darkness.

Mike realized she didn’t care…

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!” Mike screamed in frustration.

There was a slight rumble… like a laugh. She was laughing at him…

There was the sound of something humming and buzzing just outside of where Mike was. Soon there was a slight vibration everywhere. It was just enough to slightly shake Mike’s prison. The buzzing kept going like some kind of machine or device was running, one that would shake and vibrate things. Mike was confused as to what this was but the sounds of the Giantess’s pleased gasps and moans were a little louder. Whatever she was doing it was getting her off. Sure enough, Mike couldn’t see in the dark, but the sound of liquid squirting and plopping into the ocean of goo already around him were noises of horror. His heart beat with a frenzy as the liquid that was up to his chest ever so slowly crept up to his neck. Each second rose the liquid just a fraction.

“She’s going to drown me...” Mike muttered and cried at the fact that this was it. This was how it was going to end. Mike couldn’t stop from praying and begging as he felt the goo starting to increase faster.

Suddenly there was a muffled cry from all around as a sudden surge of cum showered down all around him. Mike sputtered and splashed as the very warm cream like slime went up over his chin and up to his mouth. He took a deep breath as he slowly was quickly enveloped in the syrupy slime that swallowed his head. Mike had nowhere to go. Mike was about to give up, when all of a sudden the dildo was yanked out of the Giantess’s over used vagina. Mike felt a surge of hope as the Giantess pulled the dildo out of her. Still submerged in the girls cum, Mike watched as the Giantess looked through the clear plastic and slurry of her juices and at him…

She was grinning.

Mike felt any hope he had vanish as the smile grew wider and wider as she watched Mike struggle. The last thing Mike saw before he gave in was the Giantess biting her lip as a very turned on look washed over her face...





Tess finished fingering herself to one more orgasm for the night. Just the sight of the shrinky in her sex toy and cum… Tess shuddered. It was a major turn on for her.

However, she needed to get some sleep. Cleaning up, Tess dumped the filled dildo and lifeless shrinky away, she made sure to get the communicator off it first. Those were expensive, and she couldn’t afford getting a new one every time she wanted to have some fun. Putting the small communicator and ear piece away, Tess set her sex toy in the night stand by her bed. As she opened it she saw the countless shrinky based sex toys she bought or stole from her friend’s parents. She shut the drawer and started to go to bed only to lay down on a very damp patch. At first she was disgusted at the feeling of the cooled down stain she left from her massive climaxes… but than she just smirked recalling the sounds the little thing made and how good it felt.


Shrugging she ignored the feeling and would clean up tomorrow morning.

Besides she had more important problems to worry about, she was out of shrinkies. It seemed like she would need to get some more. Tess continued to smile in her sleep as she recalled something. There were rumors that the girl in her class, Marry, was starting to look smaller...


Chapter End Notes:

So was just going to make this like spin offs or one offs with different POV or character. Probably use Tess some more, and Allision I have a few plans (like her night with those shrinky outfits). Others just going to be like maybe a brother and sister shrinking… I might have some of these character appear in Shrinkism later or just kind of mentioned.

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