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Story Notes:

This story will probably start a little slower than my other stories, and it might not be quite as fetish heavy. But the distraction of writing is very much needed for me at the moment so I hope you enjoy it all the same!


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“And there you have it folks! The New York Yankees are your 2046 World Series Champions. Ladies and gentlemen this has been an absolutely awe inspiring display of the greatest sport to ever be played. The air is downright electric here at Yankee Stadium and if you aren’t here to witness this action in person then you don’t know what you’re missing!”

“Woooooo hoooooooo!” Kayla shouted as she leapt up off of her couch. The petite brunette danced her happy dance as she celebrated the victory of her absolute favorite team in baseball. And as she bounced giddily in front of her sofa, she bumped into the small coffee table, scattering electronic components across it’s wooden surface. 

“Ow, fuck, shit!” Kayla scrambled to stop the smaller components from rolling out of her field of view. As the young woman plucked the last piece off of the floor and deposited it back into the clear plastic organizer from which it was ejected, she returned herself to the couch as she gently raised her hand into the air so that her palm was facing towards her television. Then, with a gentle flick of her wrist, Kayla began to scroll through the on-screen options until she found the next video that she wanted to watch.

“Welcome folks to our opening day celebration here at the Camden Yards. Today is an absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful day to watch the New York Yankees face off against our very own Baltimore Orioles. I hope that everyone-“

“What the heck are you watching?” A voice called out from behind Kayla, causing her to jump in her seat a little. Spinning around, the short brunette sees the smiling face of her roommate, Mary. 

“Jesus, you scared me you bitch.” Kayla shouted, turning back to her game. Recognizing that her attention is back on the screen, the video resumes playing, detailing the action of the first game of the 2047 MLB season. 

“I know, that’s why I did it.” Mary says playfully as she hops over the sofa and lands with a thud before propping her feet up against Kayla’s thighs as she settles into a comfy position. “So what is it?”

“It’s baseball. And could you not put your shoes on the furniture? You’re gonna get the couch dirty.” Kayla said grouchily. She wasn’t the biggest fan of sharing her secret passion with other people. No one else appreciated the old world the same way that she did.

“Well, give me a hand would ya?” Mary lifted her sneaker up and dangled it playfully in front of her roommate.

“Gross.” Kayla shoved Mary’s feet away from her face, causing the blonde to giggle as she curled her legs up and began to undo the latches on her shoes. Once both sneakers were off, Mary placed her feet back down, just barely grazing up against Kayla’s thighs. Kayla scowled as she looked down at her roommate’s damp, sweaty socks came to rest against her leg. Feet disgusted the girl, they sweat, they stink and she just couldn’t stand having someone else’s feet touching her. 

“So what the hell is baseball? Some weird game show?” Mary asked.

“No. For your information it’s a sport.” Kayla chirped back defensively.

“What, like Brakking?” Mary began using one foot to remove one sock and then repeating the process for the other foot. 

“No not like Brakking. Well… sort of I guess. It’s from the old world.” Kayla shifted in her seat as she avoided eye contact with Mary, who was now uniquely curious.

“Old world? Like old world humans? Like pre event horizon humans? That old world?” She asked, leaning forward in her seat. 

“Yes, that old world.” Kayla replied, very matter-of-factly.

“No way! How’d you get the video?” 

“Well the anthropology department managed to defragment some old world records. And I heard they found some baseball related stuff. Turns out they uncovered about two decades worth of recordings.” Kayla shouted again as she saw her team hit a successful triple play, scaring her roommate with the sudden outburst of celebration. The two girls sat and watched the game for a little while, Kayla explaining the rules as they came up and Mary doing her best to follow along with the somewhat boring game.

“Wait so they just have to let him run around?” 

“Yeah, it’s called a home run. When the ball gets hit somewhere that the other team can’t get to it, the hitter gets to score.” Kayla says, growing tired of reiterating the rules to Mary. 

“Well why doesn’t the defense team get clubs? They could stop him from making to the home base.” Mary suggested, pantomiming like she was bashing someone on the head with a club.

“It’s called a bat. And it’s not about killing each other, how many times do I need to say that?” Kayla shouts.

“Whatever. Seems dumb to me. Guess I can see why the old humans were all wiped out… probably died of boredom.” Mary scratched her foot, desperately trying to alleviate an irritating itch. Kayla shoots her an angry scowl before turning back to her table full of components. “So whatcha got going on there?” Mary asked, having genuinely not noticed the unusual bit of tech lying on the table in front of her.

Kayla shrugged her shoulders as she continued to connect various components into the larger amalgamation of electronics in her hands. “Just something for work. They’ve got me working on gravitational tech. Nothing too fancy.”

Mary shook her head as she looked over the unrecognizable piece of equipment that Kayla was tinkering with. It wasn’t surprising that she wouldn’t be able to wrap her head around any of that space tech crap that Kayla was always working on. Her roommate may not have been the most eye catching beauty out there, but there was no doubt that she was genius level smart. 

“Hmmm cool, cool stuff. Well I’ll leave you to your bat-ball.” Mary says, popping up off the couch and moving towards her bedroom. 

“Base ball.”

“Whatever. Old world humans died off like thousands of years ago. I doubt anyone’s gonna be too upset with me.” Mary says as she scampers out of the living room. 

Kayla rolled her eyes. It was true, the old world humans had apparently been all but eradicated by some unknown cataclysm that historians had taken to calling “The Event Horizon.” It wasn’t until a large capsule had been picked up from deep space by an advanced race of synthetic lifeforms, known as the Arc, that the human race was brought back from extinction using DNA that had been cryogenically stored inside the capsule. And from that point on humanity thrived, utilizing the hyper advanced technology gifted to them by the Arc. 

Humans have also managed to uncover large amounts of information about their previous civilizations using the massive data drives that were present on the capsule, and the one bit of history that had managed to capture Kayla’s fascination was an ancient sporting event known as baseball. To many modern day humans, ancient sports were far too mild when compared to the hyper violent sports that they were familiar with today. But to Kayla, baseball was the most fascinating thing imaginable. And that is where Kayla’s biggest fantasy came from. She wanted nothing more than to get to go and experience the thrill of being in that stadium. The popcorn, the beer, the cheering, all of it just seemed so incredible! And she had to be there to experience it for herself.

And that’s where this little gizmo of hers came into play. The device that she was tinkering with was not in fact anything work related, but instead it was a side project that she had been working on for nearly three years. It was a modified navigational cartridge that would allow Kayla to live out her fantasy. At the end of this month Kayla was scheduled to take a nice weekend long vacation to another system where she could kick back and relax for a while. But with this special nav card, Kayla would be able to hijack her transporter and place herself in any location across the universe at any point in time. 

Kayla turned the device over as she studied her work. “I just need to get it to work.” She said softly to herself. Then her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a peculiar sensation of movement across her thigh. Looking down, the brunette shrieked as she saw a small group of tiny green pests crawling across her skin. She flung herself off of the couch and began hastily swiping the tiny insects off of herself while fleeing from the apparent scene of the infestation. 

“Mary! Mary get the fuck out here!” Kayla shouted, chills still running down her spine. Moments later her roommate came running back into the living room to see what all the commotion was about. 

“What? What’s happening?”

“You brought fucking mites into the house again!” Kayla shouted as she retrieved an aerosol can from beneath the kitchen sink. Upon returning to the living room she began to spray the couch and surrounding areas with the disinfecting spray, killing the tiny pests as they came into contact with the poisonous mist.

“Oh shit.” Mary lifted her foot off and took hold of her sock, peeling the damp article off of her foot. No sooner than the sock came free, did a handful of the annoying little creatures fall to the floor before scurrying away. 

“Oh Goddamnit, see?” 

“Yea, I guess I know why my foot was itching so bad.” Mary said with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, I’ll get an exterminator in here tomorrow.” The pretty blonde smiled as she disappeared around the corner.


“Dammit Mary, what the hell!” Kayla muttered as she rolled her eyes and packed up her miscellaneous pieces of tech. She didn’t plan on staying out here with all these little parasites running around. She’d just have to pick up where she left off once the exterminator had a chance to clear all the mites out of the apartment. “Oh well.” She thought to herself. At least now she could go watch some more games in the comfort in her own room.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed it! Chapters may be sparse, so please be patient. 

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