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Story Notes:

Disclaimer this has ideological sensitive themes.  If you are easily triggered please do not read.

This story containts bondage, smells feitsh, fart fetish, ass fetish

Author's Chapter Notes:

Okay what I have not released yet is this woman is called Rachel and she wen to Hilda to pick up her purchase she made.  Hilda realized she was dealing with a woman with a quite intense fetish, and he soon will find out why.

A new story arch for you guys to look forward too. We now have Samantha, Andrea, Sonia, and now Rachel to look forward too. This will be part 1, like always when I feel all the stories are caught up the next part will be released. 
Rachel walked into her apartment very eager to play with her new purchase that was made. She took no time waiting to open up the new box. In the box was a man that was taped up with his body completely head to toe and a red ball gag was in his mouth. Rachel laughed at the idea of how he was completely tied up and was not able to go any where. She then reached down to pick him up and he was squirming to try and wiggle free. 
“Aww your so cute all tied up. Your going to be my little slave to worship me.” 
The man started to squirm a little bit more hearing those words out of her mouth. 
“You see I paid for you, so you will do everything I asked. Do I hear a some tiny screams trying to speak out with your little ball gag. OMG they are so cute.” 
The man started cringe getting a whiff of her breathe that did not smell that great to be added into this situation. 
“Okay lets get this going actually. You see I could make you live with the suspense of everything being progressive more exposure to your new life, but I get excited telling you.” 
The man was starting to get really nervous now. 
“You see I am really into eating healthy. I really take pride in my appeareance and hard work ethic. The problem is with my healthy diet I get really gassy. My vegan farts smell so bad, and I felt I wanted to have a little fun. I always masterabated to giantess content, but now it will be the real deal. It will make me happy knowing that now I can force a shrunken man to smell my stinky vegan farts. And they get so smelly after a while.” 
The man started to cry hearing that statement come out of her mouth. She started to laugh knowing that she was in total control and he really had no way of escaping. 
“Aww… please do not cry, Just imagine all the different aromas you will get to inhale. It sounds like a dream come true. I promise you it will be fun. I am a very fun woman and this will be no exception. I know you probably want to go back to your family, but no no this is your life now. And we have not even gotten started yet.” 
Rachel then let out a nice loud fart that had some little sour smell too it. 
“Oh excuse me my bad, I love my broccoli it really adds a tint to the stench.” 
She could see her slave could smell it and with the ball gag in his mouth he could not get away from it. 
“Oh you really can not get away from it. Sorry that I purposely made you have a ball gag, but I really wanted you to be able to break down the different textures of what I ate. That is only a sneak peak of what is to come. Wait till your sewn into my panties when I go to the gym.” 
The man started to squirm a lot in her hand trying to get free. 
“Oh you seem very horrified to be in that situation. It will be so much fun. You will love sniffing my asshole all day long.” 
She then started to walk over to another room that was her bedroom. She started to open a drawer next to her night stand and put him inside. “I need to run a few errands, but when I get back oh it is going to be so much stinky fun.”


Chapter End Notes:

Yes this will be a good story.  I also am not done so this story will be updated throughout the weeks.

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