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Author's Chapter Notes:

Parents are leaving. Phillip is left in charge or so he thinks.

“We are going to be gone for two weeks are you sure you don’t need Mrs. Stevens to watch you.”

“We don’t need Mrs. Stevens to watch us. I am seventeen and I know how to cook.” Phillip replied.

“Okay. call her if you need anything. We will be in Europe so there will be a time change for any communication so email us if you need money.” Mom said as she was patting herself down looking for her keys.

“Dad has them and he is in the car waiting for you.”

Realizing this, Mom looks up and says “Your right, better leave now so we don’t miss the plane.” as she hurries out the door to the car.

Phillip closes the door and walks away smiling. He has been grinding on the new first person shooter to raise his level. Nothing was going to stop him except maybe school and homework. Phillip was an introvert. At 5’6”, he was decently athletic, not much muscle and only a little fat on him, but not enough to work really hard for a sports team. He did not do anything for his short brown hair  because that would be too much work. He was interested in sci-fi movies but not too much into being in the geek squad. He viewed himself as a balance between geek and cool. He had some friends and they were going to be on his squad for the game. He had finished his homework so he could play to midnight. He got in front of the tv and turned on the console.

“-are Mom and Dad gone?” a voice said

Phillip looked up at the stairs. Of course, he completely forgot about his sister.

“They left a little while ago.”

“Dang! I was going to ask about having Judith over.” Lily said coming down the stairs. Coming in front of Phillip.

Phillip knew that if Lily, his ten year old sister, was going to be here with him. She was going to bother him as he played his game. Judith was one of Lily’s only friends from school because she did not pick on her for wavy red hair. Lily was small too which didn’t help with the bullies. She was probably going to be 5 foot like her mom. Judith was into occult stuff which means she was an outcast as well.

“Judith can come over tonight if you want to. Just leave me alone with my game.” Phillip said to her.

“Great, she found a board game in her grandma’s attic that she wanted to play with me. Can she stay the night as well?” She beamed.

“Sure, we have tv dinners in the freezer.” he replied, returning to his game.

“Yay!” she said running up the stairs.

“Gosh.” Phillip said. He put his headphones on and went to start a match. He wondered what sort of board game Judith would bring over since she was into that spell and hexes stuff.

An hour passed, and a knock happened at the door with two loud thuds and three small ones. Lily came rushing down the stairs and opened the door. 

“Judy, you came! I thought you weren’t coming! Did you bring the game? She squeaked. 

Judith was eleven with short black hair and glasses. She definitely looked the part of what she was interested in. She lifted up her glass slightly. “I did bring the game. I promised that we wouldn’t stay up too late for school.”

“Sweet. Can I have a look at it!’ Lily replied.

“Take it up stairs and be quiet!” I yelled at them. Peeved at how annoying their conversation was going to be.

Lily turned around and glared at me with her blue eyes. “We were just about too.”

They went up stairs with what looked to be an old board game that did not recognize at all. It did not matter to me because I was playing my game.

Several hours had passed and it was now eight o clock. The girls had come down to eat and were finishing their meal. I had just finished a match with the boys and was ready for another one.

“That last round was rough. I know we can take them out this time.” Phillip snarled into the mic.

“That was my last round. I have to complete my homework before tomorrow.” Beefydude25 replied.

“Same here.”


“You guys are just going to leave me hanging here. I can’t play by myself.” I replied.

“Sorry man, but I have to go.”

With that everyone signed off one by one. I did the same thing because random teams would let me use the rocket launcher or the sniper leaving me to charge in with a machine gun. I leaned back and placed my hands on my face, I had the whole night with nothing to do. What would I do?

“Are you done with your game?” Lily asked curiously.

“My friends haven’t completed their homework for the weekend so I am left with nothing to do.” Phillip groaned.

“You can join us for our board game. It requires at least one boy and one girl” Judith said, peering over her glasses. Her dark brown eyes looked black and mysterious when she said it. 

I pondered it for a moment and wondered why that rule and then I thought that I had nothing to lose and my friends had abandoned me.

“Sure, why not. I have to eat dinner first and read the rules.”

“Yay, I will go get the game set up.” Lily said.

Lily went upstairs to get the game while Judith handed me the rulebook and went to heat up my dinner.

The rules said the game was called “Stars and Boots.” The board looked similar to a candy based game but said it was for 30 and above. It looked like an old time Las Vegas on the design and a black screen appeared in the top left of the board. The way to move was using a single six sided dice. There were six different colors of tiles. Red, pink, tan, light blue, dark blue, and black. The game appeared a little sexist as certain color tiles would benefit you by gender. Red and pink were good for girls and bad for boys and opposite for the blue colors. Tan was to affect everybody and black was a bad one to fall on. 

I finished up my meal and went to the living room. Lily and Judith had set up the game. There were four pieces like pawns. I chose the gold color while Lily chose silver and Judith chose black. The game looked like it was made during some time when Hollywood was big in either the 30's or 50’s.

“The oldest goes first is what it says in the rules.” Judith said in a monotone voice.

“That would be Philip.” Lily replied with a smile.

I picked up the dice and stared at Lily. “yeah I heard her loud and clear.”

I rolled a five on the board and moved my piece five spaces to a dark blue.

“Hey, I landed on blue. That is good for me.” I said looking for a deck of cards but there was none. “I think you are missing some parts of the game.”

“There are no other pieces in the box.” Lily said, also looking.

“Look! The screen on the game is turned on!’ Judith yelled. It surprised us both but we looked at the screen on the game. It had turned gray like the black and white films with a countdown going to zero from three. We waited until it reached zero and text suddenly  appeared on the screen.

$Your workout for the last six month has finally paid off. Enjoy your body.$

That was a weird message. I haven’t been working out for the last six months. I leaned back and put my hand on my stomach and was going to tell the girls it was messed up. I felt my stomach suddenly molding and changing under my hand that I lifted up my shirt. There was a glorious six pack on my abs glistening.

“When have you been going to the gym!” Lily yelled, staring at her brother's impressive abs. She was blushing as she said it.

“I havent-nt been going to the gym at all.” I stuttered. I was just as confused as her at the recent development.

“It is the board game that did it.” Judith said. “The board game has magic that can change one’s body. This got interesting.”

“If this is what it does it should be fine but what happens if something bad happens. We should stop playing the game.” I said. This could get out of hand. I was happy with the abs but was worried if things suddenly went worse. I normally was unlucky when it came to board games so I hoped nothing would--


I looked at Lily and realized she had rolled the dice. It was too late to stop anyone. The game had begun as Lily moved her piece to a pink spot. The screen lit up and did the countdown.

$Role accepted because of a shared drink with a director. Enjoy a cup.$

I wondered what that meant and then I heard a gasp from Lily. Her shirt was getting tighter as her chest was increasing. She did not wear a bra at this age but it was clear that her breasts were forming and swelling into an A-cup. She looked down after the swelling was done because it looked like she was gasping for breath when it happened. 

“I got tiddies!” Lily shrieked. “I got breasts just like an adult.” she hugged herself with such glee. I was shocked and did not believe what happened. She looked pretty cute with her smile.

“I guess this won’t be too bad since it seems we are all getting something nice.” I said, still dumbstruck of what happened to his sister. 

“Four.” Judith said.

She moved to a light blue tile on the board and waited for the screen word to appear.

$You enjoy being a stick in people’s ass so now you can fit a stick up your ass.$

That did not sound good. There was a little “ooh” from Judith as she started to rub her ass up and down her crack.

“My butthole seems to be bigger.” Judith said.

Lily, looking concerned for her friend, said. “Are you okay? Do we need to check it? Do we need to stop the game?” standing up now in Judith’s face.

“I am fine. We do not need to stop the game and I can check it later. It is your turn to roll the dice, Phillip.” Judith said

If that was the only sort of bad thing to happen this shouldn’t be too bad. Judith was fine with the results. I picked up the dice and rolled.


I moved to a pink space and read the screen.

$Looked to young for a roll because you have a baby face.$

I suddenly felt any hairs on my face suddenly return back into my face. I had been hoping to grow a beard but that was all gone as I looked in the dark reflection of the tv screen to see that my face looked like I was in my tweens.

“You look like you're in middle school.” Lily laughed. She was pointed at my face as she did this.

“It’s not funny! I can’t be looking like this. I went through puberty for nothing.” I was angry at the board game right now for looking like this. I would be laughed at by the school as well when I went tomorrow. 

“I believe everything would be returned to normal once we finished the game.” Judith said. She said this probably knowing I would probably throw the game.

“We should probably stop before this gets out of hand. We--”

“Four” Lily said as she moved her piece to the black tile. This was not going to be good. Black was the bad tile so anything could happen. We waited for the countdown. All of us were anxious and what it was going to say. What was to happen to Lily.

$You were called grandma by the young folk. Age twenty years.$

We were stunned by what the screen said. Judith and I looked at each other before we heard a moan for Lily. We were awestruck at what we saw.

Lily was wiggly in her seat as she was growing taller. Her green shirt was getting tighter than before as it was becoming too small. Her shorts were also creaking from the sound as her ass was becoming rounder. She was four foot six when her face started to change. It started to lose any child fat as it matured. Her teeth straightened out and a plump lip followed suit.  Her eyelashes grew longer and her freckles disappeared and were replaced with smooth skin. Her hair grew straight down her back with some waviness with no poofiness. The other body parts grew and changed as well. Her waist started to slim down and become flat giving an appealing belly. Her butt grew rounder and toner until it was a fine ass stretching her shorts. Her breast started to swell tremendously with her growth. As she reached her final height of five foot. Her shirt ripped along the seams with her breasts popping out revealing a D-cup.

“That felt so good..” she said in a rasping voice not caring for what happened to her clothes. 

“You look amazing!” Judith said. She stood up and went to Lily's side. She was smiling at her friend’s sudden growth.

I was agape with my mouth open at my sister. She had just grown into a fully mature adult in about half a minute. She was stunning. No longer was she an annoying brat of a younger sister but a sexy adult with me looking like a rebellious younger brother. I finally recollected myself, covered my eyes and said. “You need to put a shirt on.”

Lily looked down at her body realizing she was naked and gave me a devilish look. “Why? Do you like what you see? She said in an enticing voice.

I peeked through my fingers to look at her again. I did like what I was seeing. A thin waist and a big butt. Her breast really caught my eyes. They were round and plump with nice nipples at the tip. I turned bright red.

Seeing my embarrassment, Lily giggled and stood up. She was foot taller than Judith who was standing right next to her. “I will go borrow clothes from mom, I am sure she won’t mind. You go roll the dice Judy.” She left the room with her hips swaying back and forth. 

“Gosh!” I thought. “She is so sexy.” Her ass movement was so sexy and she gave a slight glance back when she went into mom’s room. I definitely got a boner from that. 

“Four” Judith said, as I was brought back into reality.

Judith put her piece on a pink tile and read from the screen. 

$the movie you starred in made you look mature. Gain five years and a cup in celebration.$

It was Judith’s turn to gasp as she fell on the floor clutching her stomach and gasping. I had to stand up to her on the ground and she had already grown a lot by then. She was wearing baggy clothes compared to Lily and she was curled up. so I couldn’t see a lot but it was getting tighter. Her hair grew a little past her shoulder from it’s previous neck height. Her ass and waist remain slim. She grew longer than Lily. The growing stopped and she stood up. She was taller than me. At 5’10” and b-cup that stretched her shirt to the limits. Her shorts were tight on her ass as they were slim and thin like her waist. Her face was thin and her lips bright red. She definitely fit the gothic sort of girl if she decides to put makeup on.

“That felt good.” Judith said. Looking over her body that had become a teenager, a year younger than me. “I will need to change as well.” she left into the same room as Lily.

I definitely had a boner as two lovely ladies had suddenly appeared in front of me. I marveled at how lucky I was. This game isn’t too bad. More good things than bad. I picked up the dice and rolled smirking at myself. I rolled a two and moved to light blue tile and read the screen.

$The stunt double training allowed you to survive an accident. Enjoy greater endurance and stamina.$

A warm feeling swept through me as my body became a little more toned and durable. It felt good. I looked over myself feeling refreshed and like someone could swing a metal baseball bat at my head and I wouldn’t break anything.

Judith suddenly came out of the room a white tshirt and sweats from my dad’s closet. She walked back to her chair gracefully like a model. She was wearing a bra from my mom because she was the same size but my dad’s clothes because he was six foot. What came out next stunned me.

Lily walked out in some tight jeans and a blue blouse. The jeans hugged her as making it stand out because she had a bigger butt than mom. Her blouse was unbuttoned on the top but still pressed against it because she also had a bigger bust than mom. She walked back to her seat as well moving her hip back and forth. With Lily being thirty now, she really made the clothes show her sexy body. She looked at the dice, then at me, and sat down. She definitely saw my boner pushing on my pants. She gave a slight smile and stared at me with an improving glance. 

“You rolled the dice so now it is my turn.” as she picked it up and rolled. “One.” 

She moved to the red square and read the screen.

$You movie became a hit and you an even bigger star. Grow two feet.$

I was dumbstruck again at what it said. I looked at Lily as she moaned in a loud sexy voice.


She started to grow again but unlike last time her body portions stayed the same as she grew. Her jeans she just put on were under great stress as her plump legs that were stretching it before it started to tear it apart from the crotch out. She brought her left hand down to her pussy and started to play with it as she grew even more and moan more. Her breast started to press against her blouse due to them growing bigger. They stayed the same portion to her if she had her d-cup at five foot but they were no longer d-cups because she was getting bigger. The button started to pop off when she reached six foot. They continued popping off until her breast once again spilled out at 6’6”. She groped her breast with her right hand as she continued to grow even more. It had been a minute of this with her groaning and moaning. We rubbed her breast and masturebated in front of us as she grew. She reached 7 feet, she lurched backward with an orgasm.

“That was amazing and I feel so sexy.” She said as she looked down at us. She stood up to see her true height compared to us.

Judith looked so happy that she jumped up and was again looking over Lily's body. Feeling the breast and butt.

I stood agape again and just looked at my sister's new body. She was an amazon. Tall, big ass and breast and totally slim waist. Her hair reached down to the tip of her butt. The nipples and areola were pink. Her mature body just made it all the better. She was the dream girl for many and me. There was no doubt that I had a boner and precum coming from the tip. 

Lily stared down at me knowing fully well what was going on in my head and body. I was totally into her. She put her hand on Judith’s head and spoke.

“No one’s clothes will fit me in this house and Mrs. Steven definitely doesn’t. So I will have to play like this for the rest of the game.”

“That is totally fine with me. Your body looks so sexy and hot. I believe Phillip thinks the same.” she beamed turning to me.

I turned red as they looked at me with my dick pressing against my pants. Lily gave me a smug look like this was how it was going to be. There was definitely no clothes for her that she could wear and it was only going to be until the game was done. 

“Uh that sounds fine. Yes , Lily looks very sexy.” Embarrassed, I looked away. 

“It is your turn Judy.” Lily said. She sat down crossed her legs and arms in such a sexy way I had to hold my body in check.

“six. “ Judith said and moved her piece to pink and read from the screen.

$The beaches were nice today with plenty of photographers to see your nice tan.$

Lily and I glanced at Judith as her skin turned tan that would make photoshop master cry at how perfect the tan was. No longer was she able to be a goth girl but could join the cheerleader squad. 

“It looks so good on you, Judy.” Lily said leaning forward. 

“It clashes with my whole style. How am I going to return to my hamlet looking like a girl from the beach.” Judith replied.

“No worries, you will think of something out. It is now Phillip’s turn.”

I rolled the dice hoping for something like biceps and fast reflexes. I just stood still as the two rolled and I landed on black.

$A movie was needing munchkins so they hired you. Lose three feet.$


I felt dizzy as my whole world spun around me. The ceiling was getting farther away and my clothes were slipping off. I fell over on my side and everything went dark.

Next thing I knew, I felt as though someone was taking my clothes off me. That turned out to be correct. I was staring up at giantess and goddess. My sister had taken off my shirt which had surrounded my body. Lily then picked me from my waist lifting me up. My pants and briefs fell off as I flew in the air. I was held above her head which was so high. I was scared as everything was so far away but I had the best view of Lily’s breast. I was completely naked. 

“He is so cute!” Lily squeaked.

“He is just like a toddler. That is very high for him so he is probably scared.” Judith said.

Lily brought me down and squeezed me against her breast. They felt so soft and warm. I was in the best place in the world. “Your right. But he's just so cute!” she held me out again to get a look at me and I got a look at her again. She was so hot. She pulled me in between her breast and squeezed again. That was enough for me. I blew my load.

“I think he went and did his load on you.” Judith said, not at all surprised. She knew it was coming eventually. 

“Aww! Did little brother have something in his peepee.” Lily cooed as she held me out. “I guess we have to clean him up.

She brought me to her face, more specifically, my dick. She engulfed my entire dick in his mouth. I moaned as it entered her mouth. Rubbing my dick was tongue so masterfully getting the cum. She brought it to the balls and then outside. Consuming all the cum in big gulps. She pulled me away after cleaning me. 

“If you need to use the peepee again like that just tell me and I get it right away.” Lily said like she was talking to a baby.

“I am your brother, why would you do that! I am not a kid, I am your older brother. You-!” I yelled but couldn’t finish it as she put her finger on my mouth.

“You are the one who blew your load on me. How I see it, you did it first and I get to decide what I want to do with it. Also, I am thirty right now and you're a seventeen year old who looks like a toddler. So I am in charge now.” She said with authority.

I realized my situation. I was small, she was older, bigger, and sexier. She had the power over me. All I could do was finish the game and have everything return to normal. I will be big again but I will miss Lily’s sexy body. 

Lily put me down on the chair and grabbed my shirt. She wiped my cum off of her with my shirt and put it next to me. I tossed the shirt away because I did not want my cum on me. I turned back to the game to see the most wonderful ass in front of me. She was bent over the table so I could see everything. Everything was cleanly shaven and glistening. “Man,” I thought, what would it be like to have my face in that pussy and ass.” As I focused on the ass I did not hear Lily roll the dice.

“Three, That is light blue.” Lily said and then read the screen.

$you were such a big and sensitive pussy at the party. Your pussy will be bigger and more sensitive.$

I was paying no attention to what she said. I just suddenly noticed the most wonderful ass get better. The pussy got larger in front of my eyes. It kept swelling until I believed I could put most of my head inside of it. I reached for the pussy but I fell off the chair to the ground. I was not used to my new size. Both of them hadn’t noticed what happened as I stood up. Lily had straightened up and was standing above me now legs apart. I was once again staring up her pussy as it was brightly glistening. I was shocked again on how huge she was. I was barely above her knees and almost a third of her height. My dick had hardened once again.

“Anything weird or a problem, Lily.” Judith said

“Nothing at all, must have been like your butthole. Bigger and a little annoying but we can manage.” Lily replied as she moved back to her chair. 

I jumped back into mine naked. I was not thinking about putting my pants on at that time. Lily was back in her chair with legs open wide, showing all her glory. I could only stare and have an erection. Lily knew that, that's why she was leaving her legs apart. She had grown in her sexual knowledge when she aged to thirty and she knew how to use her body. She was going to be a tiger when she actually grew up. She looked down at my erection and gave me a wink with a smile. 

“One,” Judith said after she had rolled the dice and landed on a tan tile. 

$The party was great and you were all lovely, You just have to join in tomorrow for the afterparty. Wait until tomorrow night before playing again.$ the screen read.

I was shocked. I had school tomorrow and so did Lily and Judith. I was small. I will be laughed at. Judith was a teenager now, how was 5th grade going to work out. heck , Lily was in a bigger  problem being an adult and amazon. I had to skip school tomorrow.

“I guess we have to turn in for the night.” Judith said.

“We have to order some clothes for tomorrow as well I have nothing to wear.” Lily replied. “Some websites have same day delivery. So measure me tonight and we can order it.” 

“Same here. We have school tomorrow. Let's order it tonight and expedite it for early morning.” 

Lily stood up and stretched. I was too shocked to even look at the beautiful scene. “Sounds good with me.” She walked to the stairs with Judith and then stopped. “You go on ahead I have to pick up Phil.” 

“Don’t get too caught up. I will open the website.” Judith said


Judith went up the stairs but Lily walked to me in her sexy walk of swaying the hips. I did not register her at all in my conscious mind but my unconscious mind made my dick shoot straight up. She toyed with it a little but did not get any reaction from me. She picked me up and carried over her shoulder. She put me on my bed in my room just staring at the ceiling. She moved over and kissed me on the lips. She stood up with her full height above and I was in awe. My tongue moved out to lick where she had kissed. She smiled at me when I did that. I rolled over and started to go to sleep. She walked out of the room and stopped and said. “I hope tomorrow night is even spicier than tonight.”


Chapter End Notes:

This is my first story. I hope you all like it. Please give me advice and suggestion

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