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Mrs.Ryder was a very thorough woman. She had shrunk and swallowed her former employee Peter, alive at breakfast that morning there was now no trace of him left at her home apart from his clothes, which she had neatly folded into a bag ready to be sent to a charity shop. Peter was still alive in her stomach, preserved for now by the same mix of chemicals that had caused him to shrink in the first place. He was constantly drifting in and out of consciousness.


It had long been apparent to Mrs.Ryder that there were some, like Peter, for whom the opportunity of being swallowed and absorbed into her elegant and desirable body was one that they would willingly give their lives for. Consenting victims were generally preferred. She felt that it would be impolite to shrink and swallow someone without his or her permission and if it meant having to wait months or even years for her next live human meal then so be it. The experience would be all the more pleasurable. Sometimes however, she might have to practice a little bit of deception in order to convince her quarry to enter her eager stomach.


Sarah had been a young woman working for Mrs.Ryder at the council offices. Her hungry eyes had fallen upon Sarah some time ago and she’d harboured a deep yearning to eat her from the moment she’d first seen her.


In Sarah she saw someone vulnerable, someone quite lost in an unforgiving world. Sarah was a vegetarian and was very particular about what she ate. (This suited Mrs.Ryder very well who favoured organic food if she could get it). Thin, pale skinned and with hair so fair that it was almost white, Mrs.Ryder thought she would do very nicely. Sarah was clearly intelligent and intuitive but came across as fragile. She seemed like a small pretty bird lost in the big bad jungle and Mrs.Ryder wanted her. But whereas Peter had practically launched himself into her welcoming jaws, Sarah had displayed no sign that she would willingly choose to follow the same fleshy path to oblivion. She’d never surreptitiously glanced into Mrs.Ryder’s mouth (when left open for her to do so) and she’d shown no real interest when Mrs.Ryder had graphically described to her the way in which her pet snake Melissa despatched her live meals.


But Mrs.Ryder had caught Sarah looking at her, and in a way that suggested she might easily be seduced if necessary.


She had also been aware of Sarah’s developing relationship with Peter. There was some kind of chemistry between them and they would probably sleep together before long. Only that wouldn’t have suited Mrs.Ryder’s plans for them.


Being head of financial planning, Mrs.Ryder wielded a lot of power and she sought to use that power wisely, most notably when giving people the sack. But she was not without compassion, and after both Sarah and Peter had been made redundant earlier in the year she’d done what she could to secure their futures. She’d found Peter a permanent position somewhere (extremely permanent) and she’d arranged a job for Sarah at an old established pharmaceutical company up north that her grandparents had founded many years ago.


It was at this company that ‘Hansol’ and ‘Grettol’ were manufactured in their distinctive bottles; “For the relief of stomach upsets and gastric illnesses” as it says on the labels. However it was only Mrs.Ryder plus a select few others who knew the true nature of these popular remedies: When mixed with undiluted human gastric juices they neutralise the acid and then emit a vapour which if inhaled by a second party sets to work a chain reaction in their body known as ‘Cell Reduction.’ Four cells merge to become two, two become one and so on. In other words, bodies shrink.


Sarah accepted the job and was thus conveniently separated from Peter. With no direct communication between them, Peter was now free and available to be seduced, shrunk and devoured.


By chance, some of the staff at the lab assumed that Sarah, having been sent there by Mrs.Ryder herself, held a much higher rank than she actually did. On a number of occasions Sarah found herself present at very secret experiments on monkeys involving cell reduction. On hearing about this Mrs.Ryder was furious. The research carried out there was extremely secret and if it became public, it would be an absolute disaster.


But then again, here might be a reason to ‘deal’ with poor unfortunate Sarah, sooner rather than later. She phoned her:


“…Come and see me Sarah, there’s something I think will interest you and we also need to discuss how you’re getting on at the lab. I’m busy all next week; shall we say a week on Thursday, 2pm?


Sarah drove down the night before and arrived at her old apartment at 8am. Nothing had changed. She turned on her dust-covered computer and there amongst months of spam she noticed messages from her old buddy Peter. She’d always liked Peter, liked him more than she’d ever admit even to herself. She’d meant to keep in touch but just never got around to it for some reason. She opened his first message:


“Hi Sarah

Hope you’re well. Where are you these days? I haven’t got another job yet but I’m still optimistic. Are you going to Mrs.Ryder’s birthday party? She’s got a nerve inviting us after giving us the push. Maybe I’ll see you there. Did you know she was that old? What must she do to stay looking like that!?

Keep in touch.



Sarah felt guilty about not telling him where she’d gone to work. His next message was dated just a couple of days ago:


“Hi Sarah

How are you? I passed your flat, it looks deserted. It’d be great to talk, there’s something I’m trying to figure out and I’d value your opinion. Also I may be going away soon, indefinitely.

Hope you are well



His last message had been sent only a few hours ago. She was troubled by what it said:


“Dear Sarah

I don’t suppose you’ll ever read this now. I wish I knew where you were. I’m going away and you won’t hear from me again. There are things I’ve never said to you and now I desperately wish that I had. Please PLEASE stay away from Mrs.Ryder. I know for a fact that she can harm you. PLEASE TRUST ME.




Peter had in fact thought for a long time before hitting the send button. He knew that in a couple of hours he was going to give himself of his own free will to Mrs.Ryder to be shrunk and swallowed alive. Not knowing where Sarah was he now feared that maybe Mrs.Ryder had taken her as well. This was a path that he personally wanted to take and he didn’t wish the same fate to befall her.


Sarah dusted off her phone. Without knowing what she’d say she tried calling him but he didn’t answer. “Poor Peter” she said to herself. “Where’s he gone? What’s all this weird stuff about Mrs.Ryder?” She tried to picture his face but couldn’t. Perplexed, she read over the e-mails again looking for clues.


Mrs.Ryder was waiting in her office at 2 o clock. She hadn’t had any lunch and she was addressing her stomach: “We have a mutual friend coming to visit us Peter. Try not to move around and give me indigestion if you don’t mind, there’s a good boy.”


Sarah arrived a few minutes late and was greeted by Mrs.Ryder with a broad smile. “Ah Sarah thank you for coming, do sit down. Such a long journey too, are you tired? Sorry about all this but it’s important that I talk with you.”


Sarah had always been slightly afraid and in awe of her tall and attractive ex boss and as she nervously sat down before Mrs.Ryder’s black shiny desk, She sensed that something had changed about her. Sarah had always claimed to have the gift of seeing auras and today Mrs.Ryder seemed to somehow possess two. She had her usual vibrant red and orange one, but in the background she could perceive a faint greyish blue colour, almost as if another soul entirely was present within her.


“Hello Mrs.Ryder” she said nervously.


“Call me Helen, please. Now, you’ve been at the lab for what, three months?”


“Yes Mrs. er Helen. Three months.”


“And how’s it been for you?”


Mrs.Ryder was then given a frankly meaningless account of Sarah’s last three months to which she politely nodded now and then. All the while she was lustfully surveying Sarah’s delicate body. ‘Soon my tasty little delight’ she thought, ‘Soon I’ll have you.’ She watched her pale and anxious face as it spoke to her, imagining its pretty features sliding over her tongue. Perhaps her eyes would be open wide in fear and surprise as she entered her mouth, her straight blonde hair soaked with saliva. Would she still be wearing that sweet vulnerable expression as she slid down to her stomach?.


Deep inside Mrs.Ryder, Peter stirred a little from his semi conscious state. He could hear Sarah’s voice. Mrs.Ryder put her hand just beneath her left breast and felt him move.


When Sarah had stopped talking Mrs.Ryder said; “So Sarah, have you heard from any of your old colleagues from the office?”


“Er yes, I’ve heard from Peter actually.” She contemplated being brave enough to bring up the subject of his strange e-mails.


“Ah yes, Peter, he was a good friend of yours wasn’t he?”


“Yes he was, I mean is. Have you, er, seen him at all Helen?


“Why yes, in fact Peter’s lodging with me at the moment.”


Sarah didn’t expect this. “Lodging with you?”


“Indeed. He was looking for somewhere so I gave him my spare room til he gets back on his feet again.”


“Oh, I see. How is he? I mean is he all right? I was, well, a bit worried about him.”


“Worried? In what way?”


“Oh, nothing really, just that I hadn’t seen him for some time.”


Mrs.Ryder continued to inconspicuously stroke her belly through her blouse. “Well then you must come and see him. Don’t worry, he’s quite comfortable staying with me.” She smiled down at Sarah. “Actually, that’s one of the reasons I asked you to come down. Peter’s been a little depressed and I think it might do him good if he had some company.”


Sarah couldn’t help observing that Mrs.Ryder wasn’t the sort of person to show such consideration. Especially not to an employee she’d only recently sacked. But depression might explain Peter’s strange e-mails. “Oh I see,” she said. “Yes of course I’ll come and see him.”


Mrs.Ryder beamed at her across the desk. “Good” she said “I’ve finished here for the day so why don’t we pop over and see him now? He’s been out today but he should arrive back around the time we get there. Alright with you?”


Sarah hesitated. Here she was completely ignoring Peter’s warning to stay away from Mrs.Ryder and now she was actually going with her to her house. But she couldn’t think of any reason to disbelieve what she’d said, so she agreed.


Mrs.Ryder was already standing up ready to go. Sarah tried not to be caught admiring her fine full figure, so confident and beautiful as she went to pick up her overly expensive laptop. She followed her down to the basement and to her stylish German car waiting in its special reserved bay.


As they drove Sarah was feeling uneasy once more. She pulled down the hem of her purple velvet skirt to cover her knees, causing the material to stretch tightly over her thighs. Mrs.Ryder glanced down out of the corner of her eye. ‘My god, you gorgeous creature’ she thought. ‘I mustn’t make you too small.’ She imagined Sarah’s smooth legs in miniature between her lips, writhing as they slip inside her mouth.


The car pulled into Mrs.Ryder’s leafy driveway and they got out. Sarah looked up at the house, hoping to see Peter’s face at a window, and what a relief it would be when she finally got to see him. But there was no sign of him. “Come inside Sarah.” Said Mrs.Ryder. Sarah obediently followed her through her grandiose front door and on into her spacious kitchen.


“Tea or coffee?” Asked Mrs.Ryder.


“Oh thank you, coffee if it’s not too much trouble please. She looked around, feeling decidedly uncomfortable. “So erm, is Peter back yet?”


Mrs.Ryder was aching to answer with: “Yes, and he’s slowly digesting inside my stomach Sarah. I ate him this morning and now I’m going to eat you as well.” But she restrained herself and settled for: “All in good time Sarah. I hope you won’t mind if I don’t join you only I haven’t quite finished digesting someone I had earlier…”


‘Someone? Did she say someone?’ thought Sarah. She assumed it was a slip of the tongue, but all the same, it added to her rapidly increasing sense of unease.


 “Now, I’d better take something for my stomach” said Mrs.Ryder. She reached into a cupboard and took out a bottle of Grettol. “Where would we be without good old Grettol, eh Sarah?” She cast Sarah a knowing glance.


 “Are you feeling unwell Mrs…er Helen?” Sarah felt obliged to ask.


“No I’m fine thank you, fine.” Mrs.Ryder walked over to Sarah and took up a position, which felt just a little too close for comfort. Sarah watched her swallow five spoonfuls of Grettol, which seemed to her a little excessive. She tried unsuccessfully to hide her fascination as Mrs.Ryder purposefully licked her lips after each spoonful. Seconds later, Peter, who was conscious again, encountered the liquid as it entered his fleshy prison, seeping down the undulating walls and sizzling slightly as it touched the thick pool of warm liquid at the bottom in which he lay.


Mrs.Ryder handed Sarah her cup of coffee. Sarah looked towards the door as if to remind her host that she was still waiting to see Peter, but Mrs.Ryder set off from the kitchen in the direction of the lounge saying “Bring your coffee Sarah, there’s something I need to ask you.” Sarah followed obediently and was invited to sit down on the sofa. Mrs.Ryder sat down very close, next to her. On a coffee table next to them Sarah noticed what appeared to be a neatly folded black silk dressing gown, a lamp and a small round make-up mirror.


There was something about all this that didn’t seem quite right and Sarah was feeling more nervous by the minute. She was beginning to feel like a little mouse that’d been invited to tea with the cat. Peter’s words of warning came back to her.


“So er, is Peter upstairs Helen?”


Mrs.Ryder smiled. “No, he’s not upstairs. Don’t worry, you’ll see him very soon, I promise.”


“Well then, where…?” Her words tailed off. Mrs.Ryder was looking directly into her eyes.


“Before I take you to him Sarah, there’s something I’d like you to do for me.”


“What do you mean?” asked Sarah almost in a whisper, her heart beginning to beat a little faster. “Where is he?”


Mrs.Ryder’s big dark eyes stared right into Sarah’s. “Before you can see him, I want you to let me do something.” She moved her body closer to Sarah’s, til they were almost touching.


“What, what is it?” muttered Sarah, confused, her palms sweating.


Mrs.Ryder fixed her in her stare and said. “I want you to let me kiss you…”


Sarah could now smell Mrs.Ryder’s warm fragrant breath. She had no idea how to respond and could say nothing. “Let me kiss you Sarah.” Mrs.Ryder’s face filled her field of vision. “Have you ever been kissed by a woman before? I’m sure you’ve thought about it haven’t you?” Her mouth was inches from Sarah’s. “I’ve seen you looking at me Sarah. Not just once, but lots of times. You’d quite like to kiss me, wouldn’t you?”


Sarah was turning bright crimson. “Well, I, I er.. What do you mean?” she stammered. “Where’s Peter?”


“I give you my word Sarah. Let me kiss you and then I’ll take you to him.” Sarah found herself looking down at Mrs.Ryder’s beautiful lips, which parted slightly. So red, so perfect. And her smell was so intoxicating. “Just a kiss Sarah” she whispered. “Come on now. Just a kiss…”


Had she wanted to, Sarah could have got up and walked out there and then. Mrs.Ryder wouldn’t have stood in her way, and Peter would have been digested alone. Mrs.Ryder wasn’t one to force herself onto people, even if she did intend eating them. But she knew that Sarah wasn’t going anywhere. Far from it.


She placed her hand over Sarah’s. “Come Sarah, let me, let me…” She spoke so softly, her eyes were so reassuring.


“It’s not right…not right… what if Peter. .?” Replied Sarah, but her words tailed off as her resistance dwindled away. She looked at Mrs.Ryder’s face for a moment, then closed her eyes. Mrs.Ryder gazed at her and knew that at last she’d got her.


And then, in one shocking movement, Mrs.Ryder plunged her hand right under Sarah’s skirt forcing her thighs apart. Then she began fondling her furiously there with her fingers. Simultaneously she opened her mouth wide and pressed it against Sarah’s face, completely enveloping her lips. Taken by surprise, Sarah gasped a sharp intake of air, air directly from Mrs.Ryder’s stomach. Mrs.Ryder released her just long enough for her to exhale but before she could take another breath, Mrs.Ryder clamped her lips back down, only this time stretching them wide enough to encompass Sarah’s nose as well. In a confused mixture of panic and excitement Sarah struggled to free herself, but her assailant was too strong. Just as it felt like her lungs were going to burst Mrs.Ryder let her go. Sarah tried to stand up but only fell back onto the sofa, her head spinning and her body weakened from the effects of the Grettol.


Mrs.Ryder smiled down at her. “Thank you Sarah, that was lovely. Don’t you agree?”


Sarah tried to compose herself. “I’ll see Peter now…then…must go..” she said breathlessly.


“Soon Sarah, very soon, but first I’m going to kiss you again.”


“No, we really can’t, I must…” But Sarah’s protests were cut short as Mrs.Ryder got up and knelt over her, straddling her, before resuming her lethal kiss. The unfortunate girl had only enough strength to lay back and breath as best she could as her voracious seducer let her passions begin to take over. Now Mrs.Ryder eased her full weight onto her prey. Sarah tried to turn her face away but couldn’t. She feared that Peter might walk in at any moment and find them.


After a few minutes Mrs.Ryder’s passion seemed to reach a new level and her cool veneer was for now cast away. This was a Mrs.Ryder that few had ever experienced, and those who had were invariably destined to undergo a journey through her digestive system. Sarah did manage to turn her head away for a moment and there in the fading light she could see their clothes messily strewn about the room. She couldn’t quite remember them coming off.


Panting, Mrs.Ryder relaxed and whispered into her ear: “Sarah, at last I’ve got you. You’re mine now.” She licked her lips. “I’m going to devour you my pretty, swallow you whole and alive Sarah, whole and alive.”


Sarah assume she was merely finding expression for what were clearly powerful desires and failed to see that what she said was meant literally. Still pinned down, Sarah looked up into her eyes. They were so beautiful, so big; in fact her entire face appeared enormous as it peered down at her.


“You’re getting smaller Sarah, smaller by the second my dear. Why soon you’ll be small enough to pop right into my mouth!” She smiled and her eyes widened as she spoke. “I mean what I say, I really am going to swallow you Sarah. Just like I did with Peter!”


A look of fear and confusion slowly passed over Sarah’s delicate features. She again tried to get up but Mrs.Ryder was too heavy as she lay over her. “You see Sarah, I shrank Peter too, and then I swallowed him, only this morning. He’s still alive inside my stomach… Isn’t that so Peter?” She asked, raising her voice. But don’t worry Sarah; I’m not going to digest him just yet. Not until you’ve spent a little time together. Would you like that?” Her smile broadened, revealing her perfect white glistening teeth. “You see I promised I’d take you to him didn’t I?” She slowly opened her mouth just inches above Sarah’s face before continuing; “Do you remember the monkeys at the lab? Remember them shrinking? Think about it Sarah, think about it.”


Mrs.Ryder teasingly opened her mouth once more, forcing her to look inside. Realisation of what was happening finally began to dawn on Sarah, especially when she attempted to push Mrs.Ryder away and found that her hand was now barely as big as her chin.


Suddenly Sarah’s body was seized from head to toe with pins and needles as the chemicals accelerated through her veins. Her muscles started to convulse as if out of control. Mrs.Ryder held her head firmly between her hands and once more resumed her fateful kiss. Her lips were now spread over most of her victim’s face. Her tongue forced it’s way into Sarah’s mouth, where it could help control her breathing.


Minutes later, judging that Sarah had had enough, Mrs.Ryder climbed down from the shrunken body of her imminent meal. Hands on hips, she stood naked in the dying light of the room and regarded her for a moment, before bending over to turn on the lamp.


Sarah was now in no doubt that she really was shrinking. The convulsions and pain went on for another minute or so and she endured it with her tiny teeth gritted and her eyes closed.


Eventually her body relaxed. She was too exhausted to move but she managed to open her eyes to look out at the strange new world around her. There was the pale body of Mrs.Ryder, so smooth, like marble, perfectly rounded and perfectly preserved, serenely going about picking up clothes from the floor, folding them neatly and then putting them into a drawer. ‘Could Peter really be inside her?’ Thought Sarah. ‘And Am I…to end up…in there too!?’ Paralysed with fear, she looked down at her own body, unchanged but miniscule against the vastness of Mrs.Ryder’s sofa.


With a look of satisfaction on her face, Mrs.Ryder came over to Sarah and knelt on the floor by the sofa. Her belly loomed over her miniature victim. She’d clearly judged it just right. Not to big and not too small, in fact perfect for making the act of swallowing into something of a challenge. Sarah looked up at her tormenter’s face, which was partially hidden by two voluminous breasts. Only her fierce brown eyes were visible. She tried to get up but a huge hand came from above and gently pushed her back down. With her other hand, Mrs.Ryder began to stroke the soft cliff face of her abdomen. “Look Sarah” she cooed. “Inside me, here, see? I can feel Peter just there. He’s waiting for you, aren’t you Peter?” She poked gently at her own flesh. “Wake up Peter, Wake up, you’ll never guess who’s coming down to join you!”


Sarah pathetically tried to free herself from under Mrs.Ryder’s gigantic hand, but realising how futile that was, she took to shouting up at her instead: “You’re mad! Change me back! Let me go, let Peter go!” But the only sound Mrs.Ryder could hear was a barely audible squeak. More mouse than human.


Mrs.Ryder smiled down at her. “Not complaining are you Sarah? After all you did ask to be taken to him now didn’t you?

Now, time I dressed for dinner. No need for you to dress though my dear, clothes give me such terrible indigestion.”


Kicking and screaming for all she was worth, Sarah found herself being tenderly picked up and passed through the sleeve of Mrs.Ryder’s black silk dressing gown as she put it on. “That’s right Sarah, show some spirit! Peter was a little bit laid back when I ate him to be honest; slid down like butter, so I’m hoping you’ll give me a little more entertainment. I do love to feel my prey struggle as I swallow. You’ll do that for me won’t you Sarah?”


Mrs.Ryder held Sarah in front of her face. She couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of her little meal’s anger. Sarah could see colossal teeth as they caught the yellow light of the lamp. As an act of defiance, or maybe through sheer exhaustion, she stopped struggling.


Mrs.Ryder studied her for a while before saying quietly: “That’s right, rest awhile. Prepare yourself. Prepare your mind for what I’m about to do to you… It’s nearly time.” There was almost a hint of sadness in Mrs.Ryder’s giant eyes now. She let her tongue trace a shiny moist line along her lower lip and then she brought Sarah closer, languorously opening her mouth wide as if to show her victim the path she would soon have to take. Confronted by the nightmare vision of this saliva coated fleshy cavern before her, the poor girl resumed her frantic struggles, a kick landing hopelessly on Mrs.Ryder’s neck.


The immense lips spoke to Sarah as her arms and legs thrashed about. “Listen carefully Sarah, this is important. Keep one hand in front of your face so that you can breathe whilst I’m swallowing you. Understand? We don’t want to present Peter with a corpse now do we?” But Sarah just kept on writhing and kicking with all the energy she could still muster, unwilling to engage in conversation any more with this mad witch who’s intention was to murder her. “Well, anyway.” Continued Mrs.Ryder. “It’s time to proceed.”


Looking as if she were saying grace before dinner, Mrs.Ryder held Sarah between the palms of her hands. Her prey stopped struggling. Bending forwards slightly, Mrs.Ryder kissed her ever so softly first upon her sweet diminutive face and then further down, on her more sensitive areas. Sarah was bathed in a breeze of warm breath as Mrs.Ryder said, “I want you so much, so very very much.”


The giant hands opened up and Mrs.Ryder pressed her vast tongue down onto her body. The tip of her tongue began to play slowly and deliberately with Sarah’s breasts, gyrating them gently at first, but then going harder and faster until they were red and sore. To Mrs.Ryder they felt like two ripe little pimples, ready to be bitten and squeezed. Sarah could see up into the darkness of Mrs.Ryder’s throat, as large amounts of saliva began to flow down and wash over her. Not wanting to hurt Sarah, Mrs.Ryder turned her attention elsewhere. She held her upright with one hand, slid her tongue down her torso before using it to rudely force apart her pale legs. Sarah’s head fell backwards over Mrs.Ryder’s finger and she closed her eyes. Her fine hair dancing playfully for the very last time over her smooth white back.


Now Mrs.Ryder began furiously tasting, probing and exploring her tiny victim. Sarah opened her eyes again in utter astonishment as wave upon wave of intense sensations overcame her. She could see the room behind her, upside down and blurry, spinning and dark. Saliva was streaming down her legs and dripping from her feet onto the sheer black sleeve of Mrs.Ryder’s dressing gown.


Eventually Sarah tried to lift up her dizzy head once more. Mrs.Ryder helped her by using her finger to gently push it from behind, all the way forward in an arc until it was face down on the hot wet middle of her tongue. She opened her jaws as wide as she could and drew her tongue back with Sarah prostrated across its length. Then she slowly shut her mouth and only the unfortunate girl’s legs were left hanging from her red lips, glistening in the cool air.


Sarah now found herself being squeezed into the roof of Mrs.Ryder’s mouth. Her ears popped quite painfully, she turned her face sideways, gasping to breathe the moist, slightly stale air.


Mrs.Ryder picked up the vanity mirror and moving near to the warm glow of the table lamp, she held up it in front of her face. She parted her lips just a little, enough to see the miniature girl struggling inside. She carefully put in two fingers and pushed against Sarah’s buttocks, forcing her further towards the back of her mouth. She watched as her bulbous uvula slapped mischievously against Sarah’s face before positioning itself triumphantly above her pretty head in anticipation of the rest of her. Sarah desperately punched against the slimy flesh all around her. The uvula rose sharply and a gaping chasm opened in front of her, as if Mrs.Ryder’s throat had just awakened in readiness for its second live human that day.


Mrs.Ryder opened her mouth wide again. As the light flooded in Sarah turned her head for a moment and there beyond a pair of huge red fingernails and moist tender lips was Mrs.Ryder’s face reflected in the mirror. Their eyes met. Mrs.Ryder’s eyes were burning with a mix of conquest and exhilaration, whilst Sarah’s ryes were more like those of a tiny mouse; frightened, yet resigned to its fate. She turned away contemptuously to face the darkness of Mrs.Ryder’s throat, which was poised and ready to open up and engulf her. She blanked her mind to what was going to happen next.


Mrs.Ryder meticulously put the mirror down on the table. She tilted back her head and took an immense gulp. Relishing every second she tightened her lips around Sarah’s thighs as the tiny head slipped over the back of her tongue. Inside the tight and stifling confines of her throat, Sarah was finding breathing difficult. She gagged and spluttered but managed (as Mrs.Ryder had advised) to get a hand up in front of her face to create a pocket of stale smelling air. Her ears were ringing and she could hear Mrs.Ryder’s heart beating somewhere below. Then, Mrs.Ryder let out a long and pleasure filled “MMMMMmmmmmmm…” which almost deafened Sarah as her middle section slid smoothly over the tongue and all to easily down into her expanding throat. It triggered Sarah into one last desperate struggle for life. She beat her fists against the hot wet flesh that squeezed and caressed her. Her feet kicked wildly behind her in a hopeless attempt at causing discomfort to her assassin. “MMMMmmm…AAAAhhhhh…Yes Sarah! That’s right, dance for me my pretty one, let me feel you dance! Came the almost frenzied voice from somewhere above her.


So for the second time that day, Mrs.Ryder’s oesophagus welcomed a live human meal into it’s supple length, to be cajoled, ravaged and bullied deeper and deeper by peristaltic muscles towards the deadly chamber of horrors that was her stomach. Mrs.Ryder lay back on the sofa in her dressing gown and put her feet up. She smiled and closed her eyes as her unfortunate victim slid down inside her. It was a good few minutes before she felt a distinct and satisfying ‘plop’ as Sarah was propelled through the taut stomach entrance at the end of her horrifying journey. She kept on struggling but her shrunken brain was losing its grip on reality. She’d started to forget why she was even struggling at all. “You see Sarah,” cooed Mrs.Ryder, “I kept my promise, didn’t I?”


Peter, himself now barely able to distinguish between dreams and reality anymore, woke up to a strange sensation. There was someone lying next to him in the pit of Mrs.Ryder’s stomach. It was Sarah, His Sarah! (She was bigger than he was; he’d been ‘reduced’ more than she had). She was holding him, shaking him and shouting at him saying “Peter! Peter wake up! We’ve got to get out.. We’ve got to…” But Sarah couldn’t quite remember what it was they had to do any more. As the world outside started to fade away, they just lay there and held on tightly to each other. Their minds ravaged, but their bodies and senses and instincts still intact.


Mrs.Ryder could feel them moving about inside. “Enjoy the moment my little ones” she said. But please try not to keep me awake all night, I have a busy day interviewing tomorrow.”



By the time Mrs.Ryder took her shower next morning, she couldn’t feel any more movement in her stomach. Peter and Sarah had both lost consciousness. By the middle of the day, the Hansol and Grettol were no longer neutralising her stomach acids and digestion had begun.


Interviewees that afternoon found themselves sitting opposite a tall, formidable and rather beautiful middle-aged woman. She appeared at times a little tired, as if she hadn’t had enough sleep the previous night. She would yawn now and then, displaying to potential employees the delicate pink interior of her charming mouth. She later concluded that one or two of the candidates would be eminently suitable to fill the position she’d got in mind.


The following morning some of her staff noticed how shapely she appeared that day, how she seemed have a spring in her step and how her pale cheeks were slightly pinker than usual. Strictly forbidding any disturbance, Mrs.Ryder sat in her office and made out her report:


Subject 1:  Male, 30.

25ml. Hansol

93% reduction (length) over 72 minutes.


Subject 2:  Female, 26.

25ml Grettol

86% reduction (length) over 69 minutes.


Predigestion period. 17 hours.


98.5% absorption. Slight hair trace in faeces.



Mrs.Ryder really was a very thorough woman.



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