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TAGS: Feet, Slippers, Unaware, Amy Kobayashi, Shower Scene

Day 1


Story Start (Sheo)


Crow woke up with a strange headache, but as he looked around, he realized that he wasn’t where he went to bed last night. Everything looked unnatural and some things seemed larger than anything he’d ever witnessed. While he continued to look around, he heard an earth shattering voice say:




Another day ripe for research! Nothing beats an early morning start...




He instantly turned in the direction of that impossibly loud noise, only to see a bespeckled Asian woman standing in the distance. She was wearing a loose fitting black T-shirt with a few holes revealing her stomach, a pair of gray sweatpants, and darker gray moccasins. Then, she loudly yawned, before walking in his direction.




Only, the closer she got, the larger she appeared, until she seemed bigger than the largest mountains. And her footsteps caused shockwaves that made him struggle to stand, until her left foot landed mere inches from him. That crash sent him falling over, and yet she continued on, until plopping down on a nearby chair and opening a book.




While getting back up, he guessed that he shrunk, where he could be no bigger than ½ an inch tall. He didn’t know why, and couldn’t remember much from the past few days, but he had to get this giant woman’s attention. And while he prepared to walk forward, he had the oddest feeling that he became far more durable upon waking up, and he didn’t want to question that thought.




The giant woman shuffled off one moccasin, causing it to fall on its side, with its opening directly facing Crow in the distance. He could tell that the inside was highly fluffy, even from his distance from the moccasin belonging to the titanic woman.




She elected to cross her leg while he began the trek across her carpet toward her...








Crow made his way towards Amy, figuring that the sooner he got her attention the better. He would probably be able to survive being stepped on, but being stuck under her feet for hours on end while she is none the wiser would be less than ideal. While making his way over, he surveyed the room and considered his options.


His two most direct options for climbing up to a point where he could be seen/heard would be either climbing up Amy herself or the chair. At first, the chair seemed to be the safest bet, but considering the verticality of the climb, he wasn't sure if he could make it up to his destination without getting too tired. The fall wouldn't be great either. As a result, he decided to climb up Amy herself, starting with her feet.




Once he made his way to her foot, its smell immediately caught his attention. It was the early morning, so all of her sweat and oils had infused her foot with her scent, and he'd be lying if it wasn't slightly intoxicating. He figured that a little time playing with her foot wouldn't hurt, but he'd start with her moccasin. He'd still have time to climb her afterwards, he thought.




With a lot of enthusiasm, he grabbed hold of her moccasin and hoisted himself inside, his short fall cushioned by soft, sweaty fluff. Already deliriously happy, he crawled over to her toe area. It was even more full of her scent, considering this was where her toes usually were, and he took a big sniff. He coughed a bit at its intensity, but it was still a pleasant scent, so he continued sniffing, oblivious to whatever Amy might do behind him.








While Amy read, and Crow appreciated the insides of her moccasin, she loudly yawned again while saying:




"This is a really good book..."




After saying that, she shuffled in her seat, not finding her current position very comfortable. So she uncrossed her legs and pressed the ball of her foot into the center of the seemingly empty moccasin. And while she did that, she scrunched and flexed her toes, while quietly sighing. A moment later, she lifted her foot and wildly shook the moccasin, unintentionally sending Crow flying and bouncing about the insides of her fluffy footwear.  But as she did that, she muttered:




"Did a pebble fall in there...?" As soon as she muttered that, she yawned again, while thinking 'Whatever, it's too early to worry about things like that.'




Then, she started to slide her foot forward and back, scratching her skin against the soft fluff, loving how it felt. She did this for a few minutes while continuing to read, blissfully unaware of how her actions were impacting the tiny guest in her moccasin.








While he was sniffing, he didn't notice her shuffling in her seat, nor the foot that was quickly heading in his direction. He definitely noticed once he heard the thud of the ball of her foot behind him... and felt her toes fall right on top of him. He was trapped underneath her 2nd toe, and heat absolutely radiated off of her foot. He thought things were a bit stuffy in her moccasin before, but this was on a whole other level.




That would have been overwhelming enough, but then Amy started scrunching her toes, unintentionally moving him between her 2nd and 3rd toes and squeezing him between their fleshy walls. While she scrunched and flexed her toes, he was rubbed back and forth, getting coated in her building sweat and bits of dirt and grime that she must have missed from her last shower. He could also feel the vibration of her sigh as it made its way to him from up above. 




Eventually, she stopped, and after a few seconds of being stuck to her toe, he fell back onto the fluffy floor of the shoe, and crawled back towards the front of it.


Amy wasn't done accidentally messing with him though, as she lifted her shoe into the air, forcing him to fall onto the spongy texture of her big toe. He barely had time to recover from the fall before he was thrown to and fro by Amy's shaking. He bounced between the moccasin and her toes, thanking the powers that be that each surface he hit was soft. She eventually stopped, with Crow coming to a stop right next to the ball of her foot.




This too would prove a bit dangerous for him, as she was not done playing with her moccasin yet. She began rubbing her foot along the fluff, rolling him back and forth like dough. He was getting coated in sweat and debris from both her foot and the inside of her moccasin, and he couldn't exactly tell which side was dirtier right now, especially since he could barely tell which way was up anymore. He enjoyed what was going on, and even enjoyed the beating he took before (excluding the shaking), so while he wanted to escape to try and get her attention, he was also sort of hoping this would go on for a while.








Once Amy finished rubbing her foot, she started to stretch, forcefully pressing down on her moccasins. And while she popped various joints and groaned, Crow was practically flattened under the heavy but soft flesh of her foot. After that, she yawned yet again, before quickly sliding her foot backwards, unintentionally trapping him between her 3rd and 4th toes.




While she finished her yawn, she vigorously clenched her toes, squeezing Crow hard enough to practically force the air from his lungs, filling them instead with the full intensity of the built-up odor from her foot and the moccasin. As she continued to squeeze her toes (and Crow), she mumbled:




"This fluff always feels good to the touch. If I could, I'd wear these babies all day. But I know I shouldn't..."




Due to the already existing fluff, and the grime and debris that had already gotten stuck to him, Amy was not able to clearly differentiate him from the rest of the inner confines of her moccasin. And so she continued to wriggle her toes, unintentionally moving him from toe space to toe space. And he was crammed into each one with very little restraint, coating him further.




All while this was happening, Amy had just finished the first chapter of her book, and she didn't plan on getting up until she read a few more. Possibly several, depending on how lazy she felt and how much the book interested her. Crow would remain in the moccasin as her toe toy for a little while longer, it seemed.








She finally stopped rubbing her foot, and Crow started to try and squirm free, only to be pressed down with more force than he had ever thought possible. His entire being was being smushed by her sole, and while a bit scary, it was also incredibly exciting. He couldn't help but nuzzle his head into her sole, as much as he could at least with his currently limited range of motion. 




After her quick stretch, she rolled him along again, now trapping him between her 3rd and 4th toes. Hearing a yawn from Amy, he was then met with a much harder squeeze than before. He had a bit of trouble breathing while being pressed, the only oxygen he could get in laced with her overpowering scent. After that initial squeeze, he was dexterously moved from space to space between her toes, with each pair of toes clenching him without rest. He was less human than toe toy at this point, and that was accentuated by the fact that every part of his body was covered in grime and sweat.




He figured she would eventually get bored of toying with him, so he decided to wait it out, not bothering to struggle as that might tempt her toes to toy with him even more. He chuckled at the idea that her toes were somehow acting independently from Amy and knew he was there, but the longer he was trapped in her moccasin and toyed with, the less crazy that sounded.








While Amy started on the next chapter, she slid her foot forward and back again, this time only doing so a single time. This caused Crow to be freed from the constrictive grasp of her toes, but his freedom did not last as he was run over yet again under the ball of her foot. Then, she lifted it until all of her weight was centered on the ball of her foot, before aggressively grinding it from side to side. Crow was brutally mashed in all directions by the incredible mass that was Amy's foot, all while she lazily mumbled:




"Feeling itchy... Well, at least the fluff feels good to scratch against."




For nearly a minute, Amy silently rubbed the ball of her foot chaotically against her moccasin, effortlessly dominating the tiny human trapped in her moccasin. And due to the warmth and general lack of breathability, her feet were becoming sweatier and sweatier by the second, though she didn't care as she muttered:




"I'm showering this morning anyway..."




After that, Amy shook her foot just enough to send Crow rolling into the space between her 2nd and 3rd toes. And before he could even catch his breath, she angled her foot upward, before pressing the backs of her toes into the shoe with unimaginable force. One by one, she cracked her toes, crushing Crow to the point of him almost feeling pain. But his body endured somehow, all while Amy had no idea just how much she was tormenting the shrunken college student.




Once she was done, she quickly slid her foot back into the depths of her moccasin, keeping Crow lodged between her 2nd and 3rd toes. Then, she crossed her legs again, electing to lazily dangle her moccasin, allowing cool air to occasionally buffet Crow, while she simply smiled and said:




"I'll get up after... just one more chapter. Probably..."




She then laughed to herself, still mistaking the shrunken Crow with another simple lump of moccasin fluff...








Crow was finally released from her toes, and breathed a sigh of relief, but his respite was short-lived. Amy almost immediately shifted her foot again, stopping him under the ball of her foot. At this point, Amy was putting even more pressure on him than before. He was surprised that she didn't notice him at this point, but maybe she did and just thought he was a pebble or something. That rationalization didn't help his current situation though, as Amy's foot continued to bear down on him, now mashing him into the floor of her moccasin with incredible force. It was like the most intense massage of his life. 




He expected to be nothing but a stain at this point, but he was still breathing. He was definitely uncomfortable, but he was alive, confirming his suspicions that his durability increased. Then, he felt vibrations from above, which he assumed was her talking, but her foot muffled her words too much to understand them.




While he was continuously rubbed and smushed, the cramped space he found himself in was getting sweatier and sweatier. With each second, sweat seeped out of her foot and coated both him and the fluff beneath him. If Amy smelled him after this, she would probably smell nothing but her feet. His scent was now completely overwritten by Amy's, and a part of him was completely okay with that.




Eventually, she finally lessened the pressure she put on him and shook him loose, only to deposit him between her 2nd and 3rd toes. He was moved upward along with her foot, and then pressed into the bottom of the moccasin with less force than the ball of her foot, but still an immeasurable amount. From his perspective, he was surprised she didn't break the bottom of her shoe and detach it from the rest of it, but she wasn't even close to doing that. It further dawned on him just how small and weak he was compared to Amy, a fact which both scared him and greatly excited him.




Eventually, she finally stopped, but not without keeping Crow between her toes. He felt the shoe move again and then a bit of cool air broke through as she dangled her moccasin. After the harrowing experience he went through, that cool air was the most refreshing breeze he ever felt in his life. He then started to squirm, wanting to get out from between her toes and into a position where he could potentially escape her moccasin and try to climb up her and get her attention.








While Amy was engrossed in yet another chapter of her book, she felt an odd tickle from toes, causing her to reflexively squeeze them. Crow just barely avoided being trapped yet again between them, and clung on to the back of her 3rd toe. He could only watch as they forcefully hugged each other, creating enough vibrations to force him to cling to her sweaty skin. As she did that, she said:




"Wait, what time is it...? I honestly should get up already..."




With that, she bookmarked her current page and put down her book, before hopping back to her feet. The sudden act sent Crow rolling down toward the fluff in front of Amy's toes, though he didn't have long before she started walking. Crow was sent tumbling all around the toe section of the moccasin, occasionally finding his way under her toes, only to be pounded into by the relenting weight her body exerted. As she walked, she took off her shirt, exposing her bare chest in the process.




Then, once she reached her bathroom, she slipped out of her moccasins, leaving Crow stuck to the bottom of her big toe. A moment later, she swung her legs forward toward her shower, one by one, to remove her sweat pants. This sent Crow flying toward the shower, though the speed at which he flew almost blinded him. Who knew where he'd land before she stepped inside, ready for a nice and hot shower. And before turning it on, she said:




"I'm sure all that itching was because I delayed my shower..."








Just in the nick of time, Crow managed to hug the back of Amy's toe before she squeezed her toes again again. He wondered for a second what it would feel like to be in that vice grip, but he'd already been squeezed between her toes more times than he could count, so he wasn't in a rush to put himself in that situation again.




Then, he felt his whole world move around him, and with a loud thud, he was thrown against the fluff in front of Amy's toes, finally given a view of the five little demons that had played with him for the past while. She then started to walk, bashing him around much like before. He sometimes got caught under her toes again, once again being subjected to the entirety of her body weight, but this happened in short bursts, as was to be expected.




At some point, Crow got stuck underneath her monolithic big toe, which was certainly the strongest and most intimidating of her toes. From underneath, he could hear some thuds from outside his moccasin prison, and then the unexpected happened: the moccasin came off and he finally had some fresh air.




He took a big breath in, or at least as much as Amy's toe would allow, as he revelled in his change of circumstances. However, after removing the moccasin, Amy's foot collided with the cold bathroom floor, and Crow immediately wanted to go back into the warm moccasin.




Suddenly, Crow was launched with great speed away from Amy, and landed in her shower, right on top of her washcloth. He saw Amy in the distance, still removing clothes as she prepared for her shower. Initially, he blissfully watched the lewd display, but then the realization hit him that she would be entering the shower soon, and she would likely use the washcloth he was on. He probably wouldn't have time to get out of the shower before she got in, and he wasn't about to get on the floor where he could be whisked down the drain, so he elected to stay still, hoping that she would use her washcloth gently today.








Amy turned on the shower, waiting a few seconds until it got to a nice temperature for her, which was fairly warm. Then, she stepped into it, allowing the water to flood down her body, giving Crow a mesmerizing sight as Amy loudly sighed. The roar of the shower was already deafening, but her volume was enough to shake him to his bone, as she said:




"So... nice..."




She spent nearly a minute basking under the water, leaving Crow to feel like he was trapped in a sauna, all while the sight of her abs kept him company. But before long, a hand blocked out his vision while she grasped for the washcloth, quickly squirting her body wash on it. Crow was drowned in the fruity smelling sticky liquid, but he couldn't even cough up the horrible tasting stuff before the washcloth walls closed in on him.




Amy rubbed the cloth until she made a good lather, before starting the process of cleaning herself off. And as she rubbed her body all over, Crow was mashed into every inch of her, being constantly drowned in her sweat and the suds, not to mention the warm water that constantly rained around him. It was difficult, and he occasionally felt a twinge of pain whenever Amy used a bit extra force in her washing, but still nothing broke. And due to the bumpy surface of the washcloth, Amy couldn't even feel his presence even while she vigorously scraped him across her body.




And while she continued to smash him into her soaking body, she sighed again while saying:




"Hot showers are the best..."




Who knew how long she'd shower for or if Crow would even remain on the washcloth by the time she finished cleaning herself off. But Crow could only enjoy the ride. And at least all the toe gunk and sweat would be removed from his body by the time Amy finished…








The view of Amy's nude body was, to say the least, absolutely stunning. Crow was a bit shy normally, so he never really talked much with girls, let alone went on dates. But now he was looking at a naked woman right in front of him, and it was one who was more than a hundred times taller than he was. His size kink mixed with this new sight sent his adrenaline into overdrive, and he was completely transfixed by her beauty, especially as the water of the shower cascaded down her soft, silky skin. It was incredibly hot in the shower, but he didn't care.




He did care about her approaching hand though, as his previously safe perch was now anything but. Once she grasped the washcloth, he was met with the feeling of her hand, which were a welcome departure from her feet. The washcloth, while bumpy, was also fairly soft too, but he didn't have time to savor the feeling once her body wash was squirted on him. He also barely had enough time to spit out the body wash before the washcloth walls closed in on him.




He was brutally wiped down while she made a good lather. He concluded that while the washcloth was sufficiently soft, it sure didn't feel that way while he was being sandwiched inside of it. Finally, his battered body was released, covered in body wash. He wanted to relax now, but that would have to wait, as now he was gonna be a part of Amy's washcloth whether he liked it or not.




She started with her neck, intending to work her way down. Crow tried to scream to get her attention, but he was completely drowned out by the deafening sound of the shower. Next was her arms, which were uneventful enough, and then came her boobs. He was rubbed firmly into Amy's soft breasts as she sought to clean every part of it. The softness definitely cushioned her blows, and Crow was thankful that she was well-endowed enough to make this experience slightly enjoyable.




Next came her armpits, which had become quite sweaty since her last shower. At her size, she probably couldn't even smell them at all, but to Crow it was noticeable. Crow had a thing for armpits too, but it was definitely something he was a bit ashamed of, so while she was wiping her armpits, Crow blushed out of embarrassment, despite the fact that no one was watching.




Next came her belly and back, both of which Amy pressed down especially hard on to clean, which Crow found surprisingly painful given his newfound pain tolerance. Then came the areas he was dreading/looking forward to the most: Amy's butt and crotch. Amy started with her front, wiping the washcloth and Crow across her labia. She thankfully didn't spend too long here, since if he got her attention later, he didn't want to have to give too many details on that part of the journey. She didn't spend long on her butt either, but he did feel the inside of her cheek for a split second, grateful that she kept even this part of her clean.




Finally came the legs and feet, and after sliding the washcloth down her leg, Crow was reacquainted with her feet, only this time he would only be visiting. She wiped down the top of her foot, her sole, and between her toes, the latter of which he was very familiar with. Crow finally felt the washcloth rise, assuming he was done, but then she brought it over to her breasts again, possibly having missed a spot.




She wiped the area underneath her breasts and pushed the cloth into her underboob, cleaning the crevice like the rest of her body. Out of nowhere, Crow finally got detached from the washcloth, only this was not the best place for that. After cleaning her underboob, the washcloth retreated, leaving Crow behind in the hot, cramped space under Amy's breast. He tried to squirm free but to no avail, deciding he'd rather wait until she was done showering to try and get out from his new prison.

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