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Author's Chapter Notes:

Prequel to "Thursday Morning". You already know how it's going. Read how it went . . . 'down'.

It was difficult enough to watch the laptop with Gisele's head resting roughly on his stomach, but his growing erection was threatening to tip the computer off his lap as well.

On the screen, a pair of incredibly well manicured hands with French tips held a shrunken man in front of a pair of bright crimson lips. The hands kept the tiny human moving, making sure the camera got every angle and clearly. The shrunken man was struggling, screaming, and trying to escape the grasp of the hands which held him in display. The lips were smiling.

The woman in front of the camera had a lilting, musical cadence to her voice, and clearly enjoyed the show.

"Speck here has been with me for a few weeks. You've seen him before in some of my foot worship videos, my humiliation videos, and I think Speck was even the winner in one of my Vore Challenges, so he's already well acquainted with me…"

The woman dropped 'Speck' out of the shot, instead focusing on herself. 

"with my lips…" she pursed her lips.

"with my tongue…" she let her tongue slide along her upper lip.

"and with my teeth." She punctuated the last point with a sharp chomp of her teeth, letting the brilliant white rows be bared and displayed for the stark white ring lighting.

"But today, little 'Speck' is going to get familiar with even more of his goddess. Today he's going to get a one way trip down my throat, into my stomach, and well, parts beyond. But first!"

The woman brought the man back into focus. "We're going to have plenty of fun together tonight before he takes that fateful, final, and fun plunge."

Greg was getting less and less comfortable with the laptop. When Gisele had asked him to watch some porn with her, Greg had already suspected the nature of the videos. Gisele was deeply infatuated with unsavory interactions with shrunken people, and had even worked some of those kinks into their bedroom play. Greg briefly flashed back to Gisele standing over him, or making him pretend to be small. The previous video had also featured 'Speck', and his "goddess" who went by the moniker "Carnation Carnage". The woman had pinned 'Speck' down with her hands, and spent the better part of an hour tackling, pinning, stripping, subduing, and assaulting the shrunken man with her fingers. A variety of oils came into play, as did a feather, a strap of vinyl, fishing line, even a wad of chewing gum, and series of snacks which ‘Speck’ was made to perilously feed to Carnation. The video before had been 'Speck' being assaulted under Carnation's ample ass and barely covered crotch.

“Stop moving the screen, babe.” Gisele seemed to finally notice.

Carnation’s manual toying seemed to reach its apex and she stretched ‘Speck’ out between her hands. His ankles were held in place by one set of pinched fingers, his wrists by the same fingers on the other hand and he was held still, leveled horizontally in front of the camera. Meanwhile Carnation’s bright red lips could be seen in the background, growing larger and larger behind her victim. Every moment the lips grew larger, they parted more, revealing Carnation’s teeth again, and her tongue lolling out beneath the image of ‘Speck’, who couldn’t see what was approaching him, but renewed his struggling and screaming, no doubt tipped off by the heat of her breath and the moan Carnation made as her mouth approached him.

Greg lost all his composure and slapped the laptop shut.

“Babe!” Gisele jumped up from where she had laid on Greg. “I was watching that!”

“We should go for a walk, Gee.” Greg did his best to deflect, although he was never very good at it.

Gisele smiled knowingly. Her hands found their way to the soft cotton covering Greg’s dick and began to gently massage the boxers, even under the laptop.

“I think I get it. You’re turned on by this.” She moved the laptop forward, where she had previously laid her head, and pulled the screen back up.

The laptop resumed playing automatically, with Carnation’s mouth spreading wider, now framing ‘Speck’ in her lips. Gisele had found the band of his boxers and yanked them down, although he couldn’t see over the laptop screen, the cooler air hit his member only momentarily before he felt the familiar grip of Gisele’s hand on his shaft.

Carnation’s mouth had finally reached ‘Speck’, but true to her word, she wasn’t going to make this quick. Her tongue slid under ‘Speck’, rubbing him back and forth along his length, pushing in and out, savoring his flavor and his struggles. Gisele’s hand had begun gently stroking Greg’s penis, her thumb kneading just a bit deeper into the flesh. Greg groaned in response, but couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.

In one move, Carnation’s tongue dragged up ‘Speck’s back before her lips lunged forward and sealed around the entire tiny man except for his hands and feet still held in her fingers. Carnation chuckled, her lips curling into a smile around her victim. She made a show of pursing and pulling her lips, showcasing ‘Speck’s suffering in between the previously plush pillows of her mouth. Carnation’s tongue re-emerged, pushing out ‘Speck’s body as it slid along his length before pulling him back into the sealed prison behind her lips. In the brief moment he was outside her mouth he was able to draw breath and scream before he disappeared again behind the smiling red labia.

Greg tried to fight it, but the eroticism in front of him, combined with Gisele’s ministrations were getting to be too much.

“Hold up a minute, babe.” Gisele said, standing up. Greg couldn’t see what she was doing, but it looked very much like she was working her own underwear off.

“What are you doing, Gee?” Greg didn’t take his eyes off the screen. He felt like he couldn’t for fear of missing something from the video, which he could easily rewind, or loop.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, babe, just keep that dick hard.” Gisele responded and continued fiddling around with her midsection behind the laptop screen.

Carnation had been pushing ‘Speck’ out of her otherwise sealed lips, letting his kicking legs, flailing arms, or screaming head emerge momentarily in turn before being sucked back in. After a few cycles of letting his limbs pop out and pop back in, Carnation tilted her face forward and let her jaw go slack. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth, and with it, ‘Speck’, now absolutely soaked in spit. Greg expected the shrunken man to run, to try and flee his tormentor, but the tiny form just lie on the clean table surface in the pooling saliva. Carnation licked ‘Speck’, rolling him onto his back where the camera could watch his chest rise and fall. She kept her mouth hovering over his supine form, letting the spit drool down off her tongue and drizzling over his chest, his crotch, his face.

‘Speck’ looked exhausted, but he had enough strength to try to wipe the spit out of his face, but coughed and wretched as he failed to move it all out of the way, inhaling some of it. The sensation of drowning in spit seemed to revitalize him some and he began trying to crawl backwards away from Carnation’s mouth. His efforts were entirely ineffective, slipping in the spit and even if he did crawl some micrometer away, Carnation’s insurmountable size advantage wiped away any distance he travelled.

“I’m having so much fun with you, ‘Speck’. I’d say I don’t want this to end, but the end is so worth it.” Carnation’s psychological torment was almost as arousing to Greg as the physical. Before ‘Speck’ could do anything but scream, Carnation’s open mouth dropped on his struggling form. She spent minutes sucking him up off the table, letting him fall back down, assaulting him with her tongue, letting the spit pool so much and so thick that it dripped from her lips and around her mouth every time she lifted up. Every time she noisily sucked up ‘Speck’s helpless form, what amounted to gallons of saliva came with him, and made fighting back in anyway impossible, even breathing became nigh impossible as she released him time and again, pouring back down to the table, along with a torrent of spit.

Greg was having a difficult time. On the one hand, the scene on his laptop was surreal, and something he hadn’t realized that he was very much into. The audio of Carnation breathily moaning as she pinned and pushed the Sudden Micro-Agent Latency Limited disease victim around the table with her lips and her tongue was almost as good as the visual. On the other hand, Gisele’s top had come off, and she was straddling Greg’s crotch.

“Okay, babe, this should be fucking amazing for the both of us, let me know if you feel anything different.” Gisele said. With that Greg felt her reach down and hold his almost painfully erect cock in position as she began to lower herself down.

“What do you mean, ‘different’?” Greg asked just as his tip found her vagina. The relatively cool sensation of lube leaking down onto him was familiar enough, but Gisele usually wanted much more foreplay out of him, so when she responded by dropping down, consuming his entire length with her pussy, he almost shouted.

“Fuck, yeah! That’s new!” Gisele exclaimed. She wasted no time grinding on his dick. She rolled her hips around, squeezing Greg’s dick with her box, with a moan slipping out of her throat. The wet warmth of her pussy wasn’t alien to Greg, but the shock of suddenly going deep in her was something new. Greg grunted and clenched his eyes, fighting back the building orgasm, but even in the wave of pleasure, he could feel something new.

In addition to the sheath of flesh surrounding his cock, Greg could feel a tickling that had never been there before. A weird feeling he couldn’t place that seemed to be moving near the base of his dick.

Before Greg could really contemplate the new sensation, Gisele started riding up and down on him. Gisele was never shy, and when she was in the mood she could get downright violent in her Cowgirl. Greg seized the laptop to prevent it from falling, but that meant that Gisele set the pace, and Gisele only had one pace; feverish. With her thighs slapping against his, Greg tried to focus on four things at once, but the imagery on the laptop took priority even over Gisele’s bouncing breasts, and he didn’t have a great view of her pussy slamming up and down on his cock anyway.

“Isn’t if fucking hot, babe?” Gisele asked, her own gaze fixed on him while he watched the video. “Watching someone play with a tiny person like that?”

Greg couldn’t respond. He was focused on drawing out his own orgasm, keeping the laptop steady, and enjoying the new feeling Gisele had worked into their coitus.

“I want to do that so badly, babe. I want to feel a tiny person struggling in my mouth.” She said as she bounced up and down. One of hands had found its way to her breasts, the other disappeared down at her crotch.

On screen, Carnation had slurped ‘Speck’ up off the table. The shrunken man was lying prone on her tongue. He seemed to be aware of the camera, and was looking into it.

“I want to play with him until he gives up.” Greg was only vaguely aware that Gisele was looking right into his eyes.

Carnation said something with ‘Speck’ still on her tongue, it sounded like “Say ‘goodbye’, little man”, but Greg couldn’t be sure.

“I want to let him slide to the top of my throat after he’s finally been broken.” Gisele picked up the speed. Her thighs slapping into his with an almost angry speed.

Carnation’s mouth slowly closed, her tongue pulling back in, her teeth slowly shutting, and her lips sealing shut with a kind of grim finality.

“And then, babe, I want to swallow you whole!” Gisele shouted, lifting high up on his dick before slamming back down.

Carnation’s head tilted slightly back, exposing her neck as she audibly gulped. Greg came, exploding into Gisele’s cunt that had pressed against him.

“‘You’?” Greg gasped as he felt his junk pump again and again into Gisele.

Gisele collapsed forward, her torso shutting the laptop as she grabbed Greg’s face.

“Babe, you gotta promise me; if you shrink, I want to come straight to me. I want you to find me and become mine.” Gisele hadn’t broken eye contact with Greg. “Wait, don’t answer yet, babe.”

Gisele climbed off Greg, and the warmth of her pussy was replaced with the suddenly too cold air of their rental. It was only then that Greg realized the tickling, the small moving sensation hadn’t really stopped. Greg could see his deflating penis now, his and Gisele’s fluids glistening on it, but there at the base of his dick was something he’d never seen in person. Even smaller than ‘Speck’ had been to Carnation on the video, there was a diminutive, shrunken man, coated in bodily fluids, and struggling desperately to free himself from the mire of goo, hair, and sweat.

Gisele knelt down between Greg’s legs, only briefly looking down to Greg’s dick. She deftly scooped the tiny man up, along with a bit of pooled fluids with a few fingers and re-locked her gaze with Greg.

“Babe, I want you to promise me that if you shrink, you’ll come to me. I want you to submit to me, babe. I want to do things with you, to you, that you can’t even imagine.” Gisele slid up toward Greg, her breasts dragging along the laptop.

“And then, babe, when we’ve had more fun than your mind can handle, when you’ve been inside me in ways you never could otherwise…”

Gisele didn’t need to state what came next, instead she licked the man and the semen on her fingers off, plunging the digits and her victim into her mouth and greedily sucking her fingers. When she pulled the fingers back out through her lips, they almost looked clean and the shrunken man was nowhere to be found. Gisele let her mouth fall open and Greg was treated to a view of that same shrunken man, screaming, and flailing around on her tongue. The shrunken man was desperate in a way that ‘Speck’ had not been. ‘Speck’ had been resigned to his fate, and Greg had seen a sampling of the torment that broke him, but this new stranger was fighting for his life, and it appeared the shrunken stranger continued fighting as Gisele closed her mouth, and swallowed.

Greg’s eyes widened, his dick gave up a robust spurt that left a pearly trail on Gisele’s back. Seeing it in person was a completely different affair.

“Promise me, babe.” Gisele said.

Greg looked back into her eyes. Suddenly, as hot as the spectacle had been, and as eager as Greg was to watch the video again, to be a part of Gisele’s fascination again, something turned inside his mind.

“Yeah, sure thing.” Greg said, almost absentmindedly.

Gisele squealed with glee and dropped back down to Greg’s side on the couch. “I mean, only like one out a thousand people even shrink anyway.” She said as she lifted the laptop screen.

Obligingly, the laptop picked up where it had left off. Carnation stroked her throat with both hands and hummed contentedly. Her lips came back into center focus and she leisurely opened her mouth to showcase the absence of ‘Speck’. Her tongue moved out of the way, and before she closed her mouth again, that tongue licked her lips in satisfaction.

“Thank you all for watching. I found a couple of more willing participants for next time, and I stumbled across one less-than-willing participant for a special treat for you all. If you’re squeamish, I’d recommend skipping my next video. I’m gonna give you real sick fuckos out there what you’ve been asking for…” She chomped her teeth down hard together, letting the brilliant white enamel shine… “I’m going to chew someone up for you. Remember to send your payments to CarnationCarnagesCarnalCarnival so I can keep making these wonderful videos for you. And if you’re watching and you’ve shrunk, DM me now, so I can arrange to have you shipped to me, right away. Bye bye my little snacks.”


As the video faded out Greg looked down at Gisele’s contentedly smiling face. Behind her lips, Greg could see her tongue idly passing over her teeth, and Greg made a decision then and there. Greg resolved that if he should ever fall victim to the shrinking virus, he would never let himself be found by his girlfriend.

Chapter End Notes:

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