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Reagan let out a muffled cry, as she hit the wall.  Jimmy, her boyfriend of three months, yelled, “Don’t give me that, whore! You sucked that guy’s dick at the prom last year. My turn!” He started to pull down his jeans. Reagen shoved him down, and ran out of the school’s maintenance room.


Tears blinded her vision, as she raced out into the chilly October evening.  A semi familiar voice called out, “Hey? Reagan, right? Where are you going?”


She turned her head to see Maria Castillo, who ws a fellow drama kid.  She came up close, seeing the tears in her eyes.


She frowned. “Who hurt you?”


She couldn’t even speak, merely pointing towards the door she had just run through.


As fate would have it, Jimmy ran out that same door.  “Reagan? Where are you, bitch?” His jeans were still half off.


Maria’s eyes hardened. She stormed over to the boy. “I can guess what happened.”, she snarled. “So here’s a little something, so you won’t be doing this again, soon.”  With that she brought her leg back, and slammed it in between his legs.


A high pitched scream came from the boy’s lips, as he collapsed.


She walked back over to Regean. “Hey, let’s get out of here, OK?Pizza and movies at my place?”, she smiled.


She laid her blonde head on the latina’s shoulder, her green eyes tired. “That.. that sounds good.”


It had been two weeks later, and they had been studying in Reagan’s room. She looked over at Maria, who was twirling her hair in her fingers as she studied a particular trigonometry problem.  She was so smart, and funny, and so cute, and..


The blonde gasped. Reagan knew she was in love with the girl who had saved her.


She swallowed a lump in her throat. “H..Hey, Maria? You.. You’re really cute. Do you think… Do you want to..?”


The latina put down her textbook, and looked at the blonde. After contemplating for a few seconds that seemed like hours to Ragean, she said “You were so brave, fighting off that jackass. And you’re so smart, and drop dead gorgeous. So yes, I would love to go on a date with you.”.


She let out a squeal of happiness, and ran over to the other girl, plastering a kiss on her lips.



Reagan stepped through the school building’s back door, heading to the bleachers behind the school stadium. It wasn’t like her to miss class, but, hell, it was free period anyway.


She walked along under the bleachers, when a female voice with a slightly lower octave said, “Hey, mi corazon.”


The blonde whipped around to see Maria, standing there.  All 9 foot 4 of her.


She had revealed to Regean, after their second date, that her family had a weird version of acromegaly, on the female side.


Her mother, grandmother, and as far back as her line could be remembered, had all been huge, compared to other people.  Her mother was 7 feet tall, her grandmother had been 7 foot 2.


Sure enough, soon after that date, Maria began to grow. Her feet rapidly outgrew her shoes. She went through bras about every month.  And she went through boxers and jeans every month, as well.


The reason for that last suddenly exploded through the fly of Maria’s jeans.   “Dammit!”, she scowled. “I thought I’d have a little more time before I got too big for these!”


Because she had a penis that was 6 inches, flaccid.  As it certainly was not, now.  It swelled up, bobbing up and down at an astounding 8 inches.


Ragean’s eyes glittered. “Need some help with that?”  She had been working on controlling her gag reflex since not too long after their second date, one year ago.



Maria looked apprehensive “...If you’re ok with that, baby.”


Regean got down and gently took the length in her mouth.


Her girlfiriend must have been on a hair trigger, because about 10 seconds had passed before she burst in the blonde’s mouth, with a loud yell.


That was another thing about women in her family. Up to a certain age, each time they ejaculated, they grew bigger.


Maria moaned, as she loomed above the blonde more and more.  Her butt burst out of her jeans.  Her breasts shredded her bra and t shirt.  Her legs grew more muscular.  As she finally let out a breath, she had grown a foot taller.


Regean gaped. No matter how many times she saw it, watching her beautiful beloved grow was always amazing. She stood, and Maria grabbed her in her strong arms. She gently raised the other girl to her face and kissed her tenderly.


“I’m so happy that you’re here, mi amor.  My mother and grandmother’s husbands eventually left them, because they felt emasculated.”


“Well, don’t really have to worry about that with me”. The two shared a laugh.


The latina let out a shaky breath. “I’m scared, baby. None of the other women in my family have gotten this big. What’s going to happen?”


“What even happens, I’ll always be there, my lovely amazon.” the blonde replied, her heart in her eyes.


The taller girl teared up, pressing her lips to Regean’s again, before setting her on the ground. “Well, time to get going home.  Didn’t think I’d need to get the bigger sizes this soon.”


Fortuneatly, the community had long known about her family’s condition, so she had license to leave school as needed.  Some might have used this as an advantage to cut class, but, Maria valued her education.


As Regan watched her gorgeous, towering, girlfriend walk away, she sighed happily. She knew she was so very lucky.



Reagan was just getting dressed after Phys Ed class. They had done laps around the track of the stadium.  She mentally snorted at the thought of Maria running laps around it.  Although, the Phsy Ed class did have different standards for her, given how big she was.


After she had gotten dressed, she slammed her locker shut. Another locker swung open, with a movie poster for that 50’s B flick ‘Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman’ on it. She bit her lip.  For some reason, the thought of Maria being so huge turned her on.  At the same time, it made her sad, because of all of the things she would have to go through, were she that big.


She closed the locker, and moved toward the door to the hall.  It abruptly swung open, admitting Jimmy Rockford. That same asshole that had tried to rape her. She had tried to tell her story, but, rape victims were rarely believed. It didn’t help that he was heir to the Rockford BioScience company.


He stepped forward, leering. “That giant dyke isn’t here to save you now, whore.” He pulled down his jeans. “Now, let’s start over.”


Fear ran through the blonde’s veins. Even though she had no way of knowing if her girlfriend was even on campus, she screamed “MARIA!”


The door opened again.  The rapist swung around. “Listen, you. You just-” 


His setence was stopped by smashing his face against a huge denim clad bulge.


Chocolate brown eyes snapped fury. “What. The. FUCK are you doing to my girlfriend, needle dick?”


He looked up, into the volcanic face of Maria.


Before he could say anything more, the giantess grabbed him, and threw him against the opposite wall. He slid to the floor.


As consciouness left him, he heard the blonde sneer, “She’s more of a gentleman than you’ll ever be, Rockford.”


Maria took her smaller girlfriend’s hands in hers “Did..did you get hurt, mi girasol?” Tears welled in her eyes.


Reagan gently kissed Maria’s left hand. “I’m ok, mi amazonas. You stepped in before he could do...anything.” She shuddered.



“You’ve stood by me through all of this.”, the latina said, gesturing at her big body. “I don’t know how I’d make it through, without you.” She let out a soft sob.


Regean kissed the palm of her hand, and led her into the locker room.  She took that same hand, and gently lowered Maria to the floor.  As the blonde wrapped her arms around the woman she loved, Maria sobbed into her shoulder. Life would be rough for them, but, they’d get through it, together.


Later that night, in Maria’s bedroom, both lay in her bed, sated and happy.  Reagan had shown her gallant protector her appreciation for what she had done.  

Maria had said, “Please don’t, love. Not so soon after… I don’t want to hurt you.”


“Sweetheart, you could never ever hurt me.” she said,  and they soon lost themselves in passion.


As the bigger girl spooned the blonde, neither heard the window open.  Maria felt the needle enter her skin, though. Her eyes opened in shock, but, immediately closed, again.



Several hours later, Reagan woke up. She instinctively reached for the warmth of her lover, but, found nothing.  Her eyes shot open, and she turned over in bed.


Maria was gone!  The blonde let out a gasp, and stood up from the bed.  What happened? Where was she?  As fear enveloped her, she shook her head. Either Maria was simply out of the room or the house for awhile, or something else had happened.  And if something else had happened, she’d need a clear head.


She saw a piece of paper on the beside table by the window. 




There was no signurature, but, Reagan knew who it was.



As Jimmy paced the floor of the factory, he noted the time as being 12:50 AM.  It had taken the amount of that shit that an elephant would need, to get that huge freak under. Even with 8 men holding her, she still regained consciouness as they were walking along the catwalk.  Luckily for them, he had had another dose ready, or else her struggling would have thrown them off, to the cement floor far below.  


At 12:58, a figure came through the open loading dock door.


“Little early”, he sneered at the blonde. “This giant freak must mean something to you.”


“Yes, I love her. Something that a rich spoiled bastard would know nothing about.”


He smirked, and nodded his head off to the right.


The factory lights came on,and Ragean gasped in horror.


Maria was hung from a hook and pulley, bound by a lot of very large chains.


“You think you’re the hero of this story? That I’ll talk about my Grand Master Plan? Then you knock me out, and save her, and live happily ever after?   Nah.”, so saying, he clicked a button on the remote control he had. Maria’s unconsicouss body fell into the chemical bath below.


“I have no fuckin’ idea what that shit is, I only know that sure as hell ain’t bubble bath.  Later.”, and with that, he sauntered away, out of the open loading dock door.


Ragean ran up the catwalk over to where her beloved had fallen.   Taking only time to tear off her clothes, she dove in, only one thought on her mind. ‘If I can’t save her, I’ll die with her’


She dove to the bottom of the huge tank looking for some kind of valve.  Nothing.  She then grabben Maria’s unconscious body, and began to swim to the surface.  


It was only because of Ragean’s physical condition, that she was able to swim to the surface with 10 foot of naked giantess.  Even then, it felt like her body had torn itself apart.  She hoisted Maria’s form onto the catwalk, pulling herself up after.


Slowly dragging Maria behind, the blonde reached the factory floor.


After the shock of the last almost day, as well as swimming through god knew only what, her body decided on the most logical course of action.  She fell asleep.


The blonde slowly opened her eyes, blinking. She felt a familiar warm weight against her. ‘Maria!!’, her mind sang joyfully. But, wait. The weight wasn’t as heavy as usual. What..?



She opened her eyes, fully.  Sure enough, she was snuggled against an also just waking Maria. 


As she looked around, the final piece slotted in.  They were in the chemical factory, still.



It’s just that they were both so enormous that they filled a good portion of it.



As the latina’s wits came to her, the both let out a shocked gasp.


“What...What’s happening?”, the blonde whispered.


“I don’t know, baby. I vaguely remember being tied to a hook, but, then, nothing.”


“That fucking bastard Rockford did that to you.”, Reagan seethed. “He dumped you into some kind of chemical. I jumped in after you.”


“Wh..what? Why? Why would you do that, Reagan?”, Maria said, shocked.


“Because I would rather have died with you, if I couldn’t save you”,she replied, as if it were a fact.


The latina passionately kissed her girlfriend. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”


“I love you too, my heart.”


“..so”, the dark haired girl said. “We turned into giants, thanks to that weird chemical shit.  What the fuck do we do, now?”


“Well, I think it’s a little too cramped in here to fuck, babe.”, the blonde smirked. “But, whatever it is, We’ll do it together, always.”


Maria’s eyes glowed with happiness. “Always.”

Chapter End Notes:

I was in a romantic adventure type mood, so here you all go.


Hope you like it!

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