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One Thought Changed Everything

Chapter 1

    Lying in bed, sleeping in, my wife kissed me on the cheek. She said,” Happy birthday, I’ve got to go. Do you want anything special tonight?”

    I said,” How about a video of you stepping on my little man?” 

    She said,” I figured you were going to ask. I have nylons on and my stinkiest nurse shoes so I can step on you after your little toy man.”

    I said,” Oh my God! You’re awesome!”

    She said,” I know…I’ll see you after work, love you.”

    “Love you too!” I watched her ass as she walked out of the bedroom. 

    After laying there a while, I decided to get up. I’ve always taken off for my birthday. I figured it was one day out of the year I could do what I wanted to do. I was also looking forward to when Marissa came home from work. I feel so blessed to have a woman to put up with my fetishes. I love being under her feet or ass. The thought of being the size of an action figure under her drove me crazy. 

    Anyway, I shake off those thoughts and get ready for breakfast. I went to the local truck stop, they have the best sausage gravy around. I came back home and worked on my 70 Camaro, which I’m restomodding. About an hour before Marissa was to be home, I got a shower in anticipation of tonight’s fun. 

    After hanging the towel and putting on deodorant, I was standing, looking in the mirror, thinking about Marissa’s nylon feet stepping on my little man. Wishing so much to be him.  Suddenly, I felt light headed. Everything went black…

    I woke up, looking at the bathroom ceiling. I’m lying on something soft and plush. I was moving my hands feeling it, trying to make sense of it. Cobwebs started to clear from my head and I sat up. “Holy Shit! What the fuck is going on!!!” I was sitting on the bathroom mat. The vanity towered up in front of me. I rub my eyes and look again. “Noooo, can’t be!” 


    I stand up, looking around in awe of the sight before me. I make my way to the hallway. “This can’t be...I’m tiny…” My heart is pounding so hard I hear the thumping in my ears. I feel light headed again. I can’t pass out now. I lay down on the hardwood floor. Feeling it’s coolness on my back. I stared at the ceiling taking deep, slow breaths. In the nose, out the mouth, in the nose, out the mouth. 

    Alright, Marissa will soon be home. All I have to do is get her attention. I’m glad I’m not smaller, she’d never see me. Ok, I have a plan.

    It still baffles me as to how. I really don’t have anything to go on. Looking in the mirror, wishing I was tiny, did that do it? Noooo, that’s stupid. Get your head out of your ass.  As I’m trying to figure it out, I’m looking around in the hallway. 


     I see Marissa’s shoes in the bedroom. One of her many pairs of nurse shoes. A smile creeps across my face. I ran to them. The opening is up to my chin. Peering inside, the well defined dirt marks of her gorgeous foot gets me excited. The smell coming from inside only intensified my excitement. I hoist myself up and in the opening. On my hands and knees, I crawl to the toe section and lie down with my face where her toes would be. Inhaling deeply her incredible scent. I roll on my back, thinking what it would be like to see her foot enter the opening. I see a tag that has a ten and a half on it. 

    I remember putting my little man on the floor by the bench at the foot of the bed. I hop out of her shoe and I walk around the corner to the bench, I see the not so little toy man. After walking to him, I stare at him for a while, remembering where he has been and what she has done to him. I lie down beside him, his head is turned like he’s looking at me. I’m slightly taller than him. I know he’s just over four inches tall, so I would guess I’m between four and a half and five inches tall. 

    As I’m laying beside him still remembering my wife’s antics with him. Trying to imagine what she will look like now. She has long dark hair, pale blue eyes, with what I would describe as a voluptuous body. She says she’s fat, I say that fat is in all the right places. Looking at this toy, still remembering him disappearing under her beautiful foot, being pushed slowly into her puss or asshole. I even remember her sucking on him. All the memories come flooding back. I’m wondering if she’ll crush me or I’ll survive somehow. 


    What the hell am I thinking, if she stepped on me, I’d squish like a grape. I look back and see the camera ready to record the action. What if she didn’t crush me, would it feel like I think it would feel? Trying to justify staying on the floor when she gets home and not moving. The carpet and padding have some decent give. She just had a pedicure, so her feet are soft.  

    The floor starts to rumble, the garage door is opening. Holy shit, what do I do? My heart is pounding again. The door opens to the foyer, the garage door is now closing. She closes the door and I hear her first step. “Clump” Her nurse clogs make a distinct sound on the hardwood floors. Up the steps, “clump, clump, clump, clump” She’s coming down the hallway, ”Jim?” She stops for a few seconds. I hear her coming to the bedroom.  

    I’m feeling light headed again, the floor is shaking from her coming toward the bedroom. Last clump was loud, the next step was muffled. Holy shit she’s in the bedroom! I’m paralyzed from fear, but there is also this incredible excitement building. My cock is so hard, it’s throbbing. It’s the only part of my body working right. 


    She’s getting close. I see her shoe come around the corner followed by the rest of her. I feel faint looking at her. She’s so fucking big and gorgeous at the same time. I try to wave at her, my arms won’t move. I feel like I’m hyperventilating. 

    “Well at least he has the stuff set up for the video. He should be back soon. I’ll get the video done for him.” She starts the camera recording. She pulls her top off stepping forward to throw it on the bed. She steps squarely on the toy man beside me. She applies her weight as he is slowly forced into the forgiving carpet. His face is looking at me as she compresses him. Only one eye is visible through the darkness under her sole. On the side of the black sole I read “Nurse Mate” with a blue heart. Still compressing, his eye is gone from view and I hear the creaking of his hard plastic body trying to hold her.  

   Stepping back, she looks down at us. “Oh..., Jim bought a new little man. Wow, that one is realistic looking. It even has a little dick. He would definitely want me to use that one instead.” She picks up my plastic friend and puts him on the dresser. She takes off her shoes and the rest of her scrubs. She’s standing there in blue silk panties and bra with suntan knee highs. I get a whiff of her feet, it smells amazing. 

    She returns to me and says “I hope this one is softer than the other one to step on, this one even looks like Jim. He’s going to love this video!” She steps over me. I can see her blue toenails as she does. One foot on either side of me, I see the fabric of her blue underwear pulled into her crotch from the top of her puss back through her large round ass cheeks. Her pale blue eyes peering down over her large tits. 

    My view is overtaken by the sole of her nylon clad foot. Slowly it descends till the heel is on the floor just below me. She wiggles and flexes those beautiful toes for the benefit of the camera. The smell has become very intense. With her toes flexed up, she lowers until the ball of her foot is on my chest. My throbbing cock pushes on the taute nylon.  Her toes slowly lower and the pressure increases. The damp heat of her sole engulfs my small form. My heart is pounding faster than I thought possible. I feel it pounding in my throat, ears and forehead. My face is pushing into the wet nylon under her toes. Everything goes black…

    I snapped my eyes open in time to see her foot descending again. “Hoooommffff” The ball of her foot impacted my chest forcing the air from my lungs. She twists her foot on me, it feels like she was going to rip the skin from my chest. Her toes lowered, still twisting. My head was turned side to side forcibly by her sweaty toes. Her heel lowered, still twisting on me. Pressure was lighter as my dick was being rubbed by the nylon under her arch. 

    Twisting stopped and pressure ensued. She was going to step on me. “Nooooo, Marissa” screaming in my head as there was no air in my lungs by this point. Looking through the nylon stretched over her toes, I could see her light hearted smile. I’m starting to black out again. I feel like I’m going to burst. My view of her face is taken by the toes of her other foot. Fuck, she’s standing on me! As her toes block the light, I also go dark…

    Oh my god, I hurt all over. I open my eyes. I’m still on the floor with Marissa to the one side of me. I try to wave and yell, the beating has taken its toll. I can’t move and my voice is no more than a whisper. Her toes cover my bottom half. She scrunches her toes and my cock is squeezed hard under her big toe. Just when I think I can yell, my upper half is covered by the toes of the other foot. She uses her toes to pinch, rub and twist me under them. She baby steps forward over me until I’m under her heels. She pumps her heels up and down a couple of times. 

    She raises on her toes and drops her heels with an audible thump. Felt like my legs were going to pop out of the socket at the hip. The air came out of my lungs so fast it made my throat sore, luckily my head was turned to let it escape. The vertebrae in my back and neck let out a crunch sound. After thumping me several times like this, each with varying intensity, she baby stepped back until I was under her toes again. She kneaded me with her toes a little bit. She turned and sat on the bench. 

    With her big toe, she pushed on my shoulder and rolled me up on my side. Her other foot came in, pinching my shoulder between her big toes. She rolled her feet in sole to sole with me in between them. Releasing my shoulder, I slid to the middle as she pushed her soles together. Her toes clamped onto my head and rubbed up and down in a scissor motion with my head as the pivot. It was aggressive but didn’t hurt. It felt like a deep tissue massage all over. The smell was still intoxicating to me. The softness of her foot and nylon were rather pleasant. 

    Her toes flexed open and repositioned themselves. Then the motion changed from up and down to back and forth. The motion is becoming gentle and slowing in speed.


    Her feet separated and she pushed me onto my back. Her foot was on me with her toes flexed up.  She rubbed back and forth a little while. She pulled back till her toes were just under my chin. She leaned forward and looked at me,” Since Jim went through the trouble of getting a special little man, I’m gonna give you something special.” 

    Marissa grabbed her shoes she had worn all day and placed them beside me. After taking her foot off, she put me in her shoe head first. I tried to do anything to get her attention, my voice squeaked out a “Stop.”  She never heard it and my movements were too slight for her notice. She stood up and her foot slowly entered. Scrunching and flexing her toes to walk them over top of me in the tight confines of her shoe. After pinching my head with her toes and some wiggling to get me in a comfortable position for her, she pushed hard while rocking her heel until it popped in the shoe.  I was sealed in with the temperature and pressure quickly rising. 

    She stood on me while she put the other shoe on. I was close to blacking out. The pressure was gone and I was launched forward. A loud thump and the pressure returned rolling up my body. My chest was compressed so hard I could feel my ribs deform. My back was wet from her sweat in the insole. Launched forward again. After about ten times of this, she sat on the bench and crossed her legs. 

    Marissa dangled the shoe I was in.  Bouncing it up and down, rubbing my upper body with the ball of her foot. My  face was being kneaded by her toes. With each bounce my cock was rubbing and pushing into the taute nylon. The smell was incredible, my cock was extremely hard. After a minute of this treatment, I climaxed.  As I climaxed she uncrossed her legs and dropped her foot to the floor forcibly pushing it back in and standing up. 

    My dick kept pumping as I was being squashed under her. I’m starting to feel faint. She pinches my head in her toes as I black out again…

    I’m awakened by a lack of oxygen. It’s hot, wet, with pressure and suction at the same time. I feel her hand holding my legs. She pulls me free and I see her lips as they pull from my head. Lifting and tilting me slightly, her lips open and her tongue pushes on my cock as her lips move in and seal it within. With her lips squeezing and her tongue rubbing around, it didn’t take long. Consuming my load, she never slowed down. She didn’t even know it happened. After a few minutes, she lifted and tilted again. She took the bottom half of my body into her mouth. 

    She ran her tongue from my ass cheeks to my belly button. Licking and sucking. After being crushed under her feet to being sucked on, the intensity of the feeling is indescribable. Suction increased and I’m in where her lips are wrapped around my neck. Without any warning she sucks me in all the way. Her tongue smashes me against the roof of her mouth rubbing all over and still sucking extremely hard. Marissa finally stops and I slide out into her waiting hand. 

    She changes her position, as I’m moving, I see my destination. Her puss is even more breathtaking at this size. If I die, I’ll die happy. She pushes and rubs me up and down through her labia, stopping on her clit to concentrate some attention on it. Her musky scent permeates me.  Down, she finds her opening and doesn’t hesitate. Head first up to my waste. I hear her moan from inside her. She starts pumping me in and out. I’m trying to get some air without much luck. She pulls me out and rubs me on her clit again. 

    Marissa is getting extremely excited now. She thrusts me back into her opening up to my ankles. Her puss is pulsing around me. Her juices fill every nook and cranny. As the pulsing slows, I’m slowly sliding out. She grabs my legs and pulls me out, I gulp in much needed air as she switches position again to her hands and knees this time. 

    She drops her chest on the bed with her ass in the air. I’m moved between her legs through her crotch till her asshole is now in view. She’s pulling her ass cheeks apart with the other hand as she rubs my face on her hole. Her index finger pushes on the back of my head as her asshole pushes out and opens allowing my head to enter. She gets aggressive and shoves me in up to my knees. I hear fluid moving, gurgling and her heartbeat. It’s hot and I’m being squeezed hard. She grabs my legs again. She thrusts me in and out, fucking her ass. 

    She pushes me in up to my ankles and I can feel her shaking uncontrollably. Her rectum is pulsing hard and pulls me in all the way. This is how I’m going to die, swallowed by my wife’s beautiful ass? Lack of oxygen takes over as I feel the calm come over her. I fade to black again. 

    My eyes snap open. Something’s different. Wow, I hurt. I hear Marissa calling for me. After laying there a few minutes, I’m finally able to sit up. I’m my normal self again. I’m in bed and smell of our hand soap. I finally get up and put some clothes on. 

    After telling Marissa what happened, she thinks I’m lying. She thinks I was in a fight and someone got the better of me, I just won’t admit it. 

    I’ve never been able to shrink again. At least I have my memories and a video. I still can’t believe she didn’t crush me to death, it had to be close…


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