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Author's Chapter Notes:

Metal has had a peceful 19 years without the device. But when something is still around, it will inevitably be found.

Metallus was happy. His wife Lily was happy. That’s usually all that matters. But, as a married couple, it’s hard to resist trying to find new ways to excite themselves. That’s partially how they came to have their daughter, Harmony. Now, unlike her parents, she had blonde hair rather than having black hair like her parents. And it wasn’t just blonde, but rather very bright blonde and lightly colored hair. Instead of brown eyes, she had blue eyes. Instead of partially dark skin, hers was a bit pale. Harmony and her parents contrasted to an extreme. I guess you could blame recessive chromosomes for the deed.

At the age of 18, Metal had made a device to shrink or grow anything he desired. He tried it on his friend and soon to be wife Lily. Because of their experimentation, they fell madly in love and married each other at the ages of 21 and 20. The year right after they got married, Lily gave birth to their daughter Harmony. Fortunately she only brought her family closer together rather than further apart.


Harmony woke up one morning to the sound of ocean waves and the bright light of the sun. She slowly rose up out of her bed knowing that she could never possibly fall back to sleep no matter how hard she tried. Sitting up straight; with her lower body still covered by her very warm, plain and comfortable tan sheets; she gave out a big yawn while stretching out her arms. She shook her head ridding her tiredness, and letting out her beautiful blonde hair in a big shaggy mess. Then looked down at her chest and fixed her white bra and spaghetti-strap top. After moving her large breasts around in her bra and top, she stood up and did the same with her large and rounded ass within her blue sweatpants and pink g-string underwear.

Harmony is 16. The baby girl Metal and Lily have known and loved is long gone. She is now all grown up and is practically at the height of perfection. She has the most beautiful hair you have ever seen on a young girl (about down to her shoulder blades), as well as the most captivating blue eyes. She is only 5’5”, but she is beyond the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen. She is always smiling and carrying her positive aura with her wherever she goes.

Harmony walked down the hall of her house and walks down the stairs to her kitchen where she is greeted by her loving parents. Metal and Lily are now 37 and 36. They both still are amazingly handsome and beautiful, but have lost a bit of their look of youth in exchange for their now more mature look. They both say almost simultaneously, “Good morning Harmony!” Harmony smiles very cheerfully back at them and responds, “Good morning loving parents of mine!”, and sits down at the dinner table with them and does her usual routine. She eats her breakfast, goes and takes a shower, brushes her hair and teeth, gets dressed for school, gets her stuff together, and leaves. Nothing too special. Everything as normal as ever.


Keeping her cool after a long day of school, Harmony comes through the front door, throws her backpack next to the couch, takes a seat, and does her homework. Even though it’s a Friday, her parents are still at work, so she has a bit of alone time. After all her work is out on the coffee table, she realizes that she’s missing something. “Hmmmm…..”, she thinks to herself, “…..I have a big project due on Monday, but I’m missing a few of the materials…….I know! Daddy’s a teacher, I bet he has the stuff I need.”

Harmony goes over to his desk and starts searching through it for what she needs. After a bit of searching, in the back of one of Metal’s drawers she finds a strange device that kind of looks like a tazer. On it, there’s a little red LED light on the top that is usually on most remotes that shows if it’s working, a green button, a red button, and a knob that says, “PWR LVL” under it with numbers 1 to 10 around it. Harmony is too curious to resist and takes it out of his desk and goes outside into their backyard.

She goes outside and sits down in a lawn chair to examine it. After a while she finally dares to tamper with it. She turns the knob to three and pushes the green button. The red light goes on, so she listens to her surroundings. Nothing. It isn’t a remote. Then she pushes it again and listens to it. Not much but a little humming. Doesn’t sound like a tazer. Then she thinks, “ Maybe, with the humming and everything, it’s a retro, handheld massage toy or something.” She then presses it against her belly and pushes the green button once more.

Chapter End Notes:
She's found a device. She has no clue what it is. But hey, what you don't know can't hurt you...right?
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