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My lifelong nightly dreams, where I find pure nirvana and such glory.Alas perhaps someone here knows the right magic, such that could make this my true story.I have secretly had the most incredibly wonderful dreams of a sensual nature. Without exaggeration, I’d say I experience these dreams at least three or four times a week. They began in my childhood, shortly after my 8th birthday. In these dreams, as if under a questionable spell of magic, I find myself in an altered state of existence. I’m entirely aware of my surroundings but can’t interact with or influence them. I’m unable to produce a sound that others can hear, and I find myself immobile, held captive and motionless. At this juncture, I realize, in addition to the conditions I’ve already described, that I no longer inhabit a human body. Instead, my soul and sense of self are deeply embedded in what appears to be a chocolate-covered form! In other similar dreams, my existence is concealed within a different chocolate treat. Occasionally, I’m nestled at the base of a cone-shaped vessel, buried beneath what feels like a cold, heavy, creamy substance. Though dense, it drapes over me like a silken blanket, obscuring me from the outside world. Later in the dream, I come to recognize this material as ice cream.
All memories of my human life and the entitlements that came with it have been wiped from my mind, save for one singular, burning desire, which is now crystal clear: the desire to attain my ultimate state of bliss. This yearning consists of being taken to the pinnacle of my existence in this form — to be granted the honor and joy of unconditionally surrendering myself for a girl’s pleasure. My purpose, to achieve enlightenment and salvation, feels like an overwhelming expression of love, gratitude, and honor, a state surpassing even heaven. This euphoria is my entire universe, stemming solely from the girl’s hunger and delight. When she discovers me within her treat and recognizes her favorite flavor emanating from my unconditional love, it feels as if she consumes all that remains of me. To me, this sensation is akin to being enveloped in pure, orgasmic ecstasy.
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A music teacher is found by his student as a chocolate bar.

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