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Kelly was thrown completely off balance, and, with her leg swung up in the air, she lost her balance and came crashing ass-first down onto the city. The destruction was incomparable. Kelly’s amazing, taut, perfect ass had just fallen straight from a height of 13 miles onto an unblemished portion of the city, covering over a dozen square miles and completely vaporizing everything beneath it. Thousands of people all around were blown outwards, some onto Brooke, others to various parts of the city and apartment.

After landing on her ass, Kelly lay back and enjoyed the feeling of hundreds of tiny structures popping beneath her. The two giantesses lay there, side by side, for a few minutes, not saying anything, just basking in the triumph of their destruction. Millions of people tried to take advantage of this brief respite by fleeing the city. The girls lay there like whole mountain ranges superimposed onto the city, and the eerie quiet terrified the people almost as much as the wanton destruction had.

Kelly was the first to break the silence, rolling over onto Brooke and straddling her. She bent down and planted a delicate kiss on her lips. The kiss was reciprocated, and the two giantesses began their foreplay in the middle of a ruined city. The kissing escalated to massaging, which led to caressing, which gave way to total abandon as the giantesses recklessly rolled around the helpless city on top of each other. They vigorously embraced and stimulated one another, and tore up undamaged parts of the city to smear on each other’s erogenous zones. Millions perished as the titanesses grew to realize that this was the climax of their love-making, the one last over-the-top push that would lead to orgasm and the complete and total destruction of the city beneath them.

They purposed to roll over or smear every remaining undamaged part of their city, and they both climaxed simultaneously, completing the annihilation of the minuscule city and the slaughter of the millions that had once lived there. They continued to embrace after orgasm, planting gentle kisses on one another, until at last Kelly rolled off of Brooke and onto her back. They lay there for what seemed like days, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Panting from exertion but smiling from satisfaction, Brooke wryly quipped, “So, was it worth the five hundred bucks we had to spend on it?”

Kelly replied, “I don’t think you could get action this good anywhere in the city for $500.”

“Maybe we should order another one.”

Kelly’s mind was excited at the prospect, but her memory kept her from getting too hyped up. “Didn’t the ad say there was only one available? First come, first served?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Brooke responded dejectedly. “At least we made the most out of it.”

“Yeah,” Kelly conceded. She desperately wanted to buy another one, though she knew there wasn’t one, and she was confident that they had made the most of this one.

Mulling things over in her mind, Kelly finally decided that the millions of tinies they had crushed could definitely not have been real people. I mean, where did they come from? How could someone shrink an entire city? Was it magic, or another dimension, or something out of a pulp science fiction comic? And why would anyone sell it through a magazine ad? And lastly, nothing that small could possibly be sentient, or have feelings or emotions or wants or desires. They simply could not be human.

She was interrupted in this train of thought by a low rumbling that seemed to reverberate throughout the entire building.

“What the hell is that?” inquired Brooke.

“I don’t know. It feels like an earthquake.”

“Look outside and see if other buildings are shaking or if there’s a power outage.”

“Okay, okay,” Kelly snapped. She was really in a good place right now and didn’t want to have to get up, but she got up from the floor and lazily sauntered over to the window, crushing a few hundred displaced tinies on the hard tile floor underneath her bare feet, and peered outside.

She was struck speechless.

“Kelly, what is it? What’s going on?”

Kelly could not find the words to answer. She gawked at what could only be described as impossible.

The entire sky was filled with a single giant eye; and a familiar shy, quiet voice rumbled, “I’m so glad it finally came! I guess I can play around with this to pass the time until dinner.”


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