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Brooke had just walked in the door of their apartment after returning from a quick run to the grocery store down the block. She held a couple of plastic bags in either hand, each filled with necessities and goodies alike to hold them over for the next week or two. As she had approached the door from the outside, she heard her roommate’s enamored moans issuing forth from the apartment. Mystified, she flung open the door to find Kelly bent over the kitchen table and licking it passionately. 

“Kelly? What the hell are you moaning about?” Brooke queried as she stepped further into their apartment and set the groceries down in the corner. She was dressed very simply in a pink tank top that strained to hold her ample breasts, denim shorts, and pink flip flops. This posed a stark contrast to Kelly, who was still mostly in her work attire, wearing a light formal blouse and high heels. Despite her formalwear, Kelly struck Brooke as being anything but sophisticated at the moment, as she was hunched over the table and slobbering unceremoniously all over it. 

Kelly stood up quickly (providing quite the spectacle to the tinies), whirled around (giving them a view of her taut ass for the first time), and sputtered, “Hey, Brooke! Surprise!” 

With that, Kelly gestured broadly over the miniature cityscape, causing the millions of microns to again be awestruck by her sweeping motions. She was trying desperately to compose herself, but she was not doing a very good job of it, and it was obvious from her panting and slight perspiration that she had just been interrupted in the middle of something very exciting. 

Brooke, not fully understanding (as was her custom), slowly approached the kitchen table to see what all the fuss was about. The city’s residents were understandably distraught at seeing a second giantess approach, and many began to come to terms with the fact that there was no way any of them were going to survive this.  

Those closest to the shoreline were unable to see Brooke’s face, owing to the fact that her large breasts obscured most of her face from the view of those directly below her. Those farther out saw a very cute girl, beautiful by any standards, though not as pretty above the neck as her mass-murdering friend. The look on her face was one of perplexity and curiosity. After a moment, it was instantly replaced with one of recognition and excitement. 

“It’s here!” she exclaimed with a giggle as she jumped up and down. The tremors reverberated throughout the apartment and shook every one of the millions of tinies to their knees, knocking down a few of the weaker buildings, as well. Her mind began to recall her own plans for the city, most of which were simply curious experiments, although a few dark and sexual thoughts cropped up.  “We’ve been waiting for over a week now! But…what were you doing?” Her voice was a mixture of indignation and alarm: indignation at the fact that Kelly hadn’t waited for her, and alarm that Kelly had, well, been making out with the city, which was frankly kind of weird. 

“Ummm, sorry I didn’t wait for you. I figured you wouldn’t mind. Besides, I’ve barely done anything!” Kelly had already killed over 170,000 people and destroyed several blocks of downtown, but she had a point: her escapades had only crushed a corner of downtown, a few square inches on their scale, and there were still hundreds of square miles left to enjoy. 

Brooke quickly recovered from her slight outrage and instead decided to focus on all the possibilities that lay before her. Yes, Kelly had started without her, but plenty of the city was left unscratched, and Brooke wasn’t about to waste time dwelling on the past when there was so much to do in the present. One question still lingered, “Why were you making out with the city?” 

Kelly blushed slightly, knowing that she had been caught. “Give it a try,” she said sheepishly. “Then you’ll see.” Brooke was skeptical to say the least, and she didn’t want to delay implementing her own plans for the city, but she figured that if Kelly was deriving so much unbridled pleasure from it, there must be something to it. 

Brooke backed up slightly so that her breasts didn’t come down on the city, bent over, and leaned forward until her face hovered over a part of downtown that was a few inches away from Kelly’s recent devastation. A few stray strands of sandy blond hair snaked down over her shoulder and collided with the city, crushing several buildings and killing a few hundred people. This went completely unnoticed by both giantesses. 

She paused for a moment to stare down at the miniature city. Those below her paused a moment to gawk upwards at the girl who was about to casually annihilate them. She was not as pretty as Kelly, and her lips were nowhere near as full or plush, but she was attractive by any standards. She crinkled her nose somewhat disdainfully at the thought of tasting a city but dutifully bent forward and stuck out her tongue. 

Kelly watched this all from a few feet away, unreasonably aroused by her roommate’s enormousness. Standing back and viewing it all from a third person perspective, she was able to see how Brooke’s massive stature positively dwarfed all structures in the minuscule city. The slightest twitch could kill hundreds if not thousands. Several city blocks could fit under her thumbprint. All these thoughts swirled through her mind—which was already in an addled and aroused state from all the making out she had just done—and combined to make her passionately hot for her oblivious roommate. 

Speaking of whom, Brooke had just stuck her tongue out over the city, and, after a moment’s more deliberation, she finally touched down. The taste was rather bland and disappointing. In fact, it was a little disgusting, and Brooke moved to stand up to let Kelly know that she still didn’t know what all the fuss was about. She would soon find out.

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