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Kristin dutifully obliged, opened the door, and took her first steps inside the girls’ apartment. She did not notice anything unusual. The microns on the floor, on the other hand, were even more terrified than before. 

The move from the kitchen table to the floor had been relatively uneventful to the city’s inhabitants. After watching in horror as thousands of people were slaughtered between two amorous titanesses, the move from up high to down low was a welcome and easy change of pace. All things considered, relatively few people had been killed or injured from the move, since the girls’ careful movements prevented any jostling and subsequent undue destruction. 

Their relaxation was rudely interrupted when SHE entered. SHE was unlike anything they had ever seen before. The two girls before had been massive, horrendously destructive, and coldly callous. SHE was indescribably large, and chillingly oblivious. For starters, they hadn’t seen anyone from the ground up yet. Before, their perspective had been bolstered by being placed on a table. Now, they had to look up, and up, and up, from the floor. On top of that, SHE was a head and shoulders taller than any of the other giantesses. To them, she was almost 30 miles tall. Those that could see her face saw a girl who was not unattractive, but somewhat plain, with brown hair and a blank but quizzical expression on her face. Those that couldn’t see her face were focusing their attention on more immediate concerns: her feet. Each foot was over 4.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide, covering more than 7 square miles, resting on top of a foam platform that rose thousands of feet into the air. A single footstep could toll unprecedented disaster. 

Oh, and SHE was completely unaware. 

Kristin took her first steps into the apartment and stood in the narrow entryway, shutting the door behind her. She cursorily looked left and right for any sign of Brooke or Kelly. Seeing none, she kicked off her flipflops and stepped into the apartment. She felt an unusual crunch, and after about three or four steps, she looked down to see what she was stepping in. 

The tinies had watched her enter. Now she stood, removing baby blue flipflops that were to her completely insubstantial. She kicked one harmlessly to the side. The other she kicked forward. It landed just short of the city’s edge. The foam sole rose thousands of feet into the air, and was an imposing harbinger of the destruction that was to come. The rush of air displaced by the errant sandals was enough to blow over a few buildings and kill a few hundred people. An awed hush fell over the city as they waited for her to make her next move. 

And move she did. 

Over the course of the past hour, in all their playfulness and passionate intimacy, Brooke and Kelly had managed to kill about 280,000 people. 

A single footstep from Kristin put that figure to shame. 

Her first step covered three distinct sections of the city. As her enormous ped swung overhead, the heel eventually came to rest in the residential neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city proper; the center and arch fell on the industrial district, and the ball of her feet and toes stretched into parts of the heavily occupied downtown area previously untouched by Kelly or Brooke. Her titanic heel was like an immeasurable hammer, and those beneath it were able to marvel at its beauty and inescapable power before it splattered them unceremoniously between her sole and the ground. Her arch spanned much of the industrial district, shielding part of it and obliterating the rest. 

And then there were her toes. As the ball of her foot settled into downtown, it destroyed over a dozen city blocks, demolishing dozens of skyscrapers and squashing over a hundred thousand people. Her toes, too, landed downtown, and even the tallest skyscrapers were completely dwarfed by her smallest toe. That toe, incidentally, landed directly on top of the city’s football stadium, obliterating it unnoticed beneath Kristin’s uncaring tread. Their tallest buildings were truly humbled next to her mighty toes. Those standing closest to her toes, or even between them, were momentarily spared. That is, until her toes spread out to accept her full weight as she lifted her other foot to continue moving forward. The slight spreading of her toes knocked over still more buildings, killing thousands more. 

All told her first footstep into the city killed more than 400,000 people. 

Kristin noticed the slight crunch, but paid no attention to it and continued walking into the apartment. After three more steps (each of which claimed hundreds of thousands more unnoticed lives), she finally looked down. She saw that she was standing near the middle of a most unusual square rug, about five feet by five feet. Every step she took deformed the rug noticeably, leaving a perfect imprint of her huge feet. Curious, she stuck her toe into the rug, and swept it over the rug’s surface for about a foot and a half, noticing the pronounced swath it made in the rug’s design. Eager to get a closer look, she squatted down over the rug and poked it, seeing again that it predictably left a perfect imprint of her finger. 

Kristin’s curiosity killed the people of the city in droves. Her first step alone had killed over 400,000 people. Her next few steps managed to land mostly in the more sparsely populated suburbs, but they still killed a few hundred thousand. Ominously, she stopped moving after a few steps. The residents of the city craned their necks upward to see what she would do next, fearing it would be catastrophic. She did not disappoint, and a big toe 2,500 feet wide plowed through several miles of suburbs. She squatted down, startling most people into falling over backwards. In a breathtaking display of power, she reached her hand down and poked at a neighborhood. Then she paused, examining the fingerprint. 

Kelly and Brooke were watching from the other room and had become very hot indeed. Watching their awkward, shy, kind of pretty friend destroy a miniature civilization with her oversized feet gave them exactly the kind of voyeuristic kick they needed. They exchanged a fleeting kiss before Brooke was again struck with a genuinely clever idea. 

“Hey, Kristin!” she yelped, jumping out from the other room. The effect was exactly as she’d intended. Kristin, caught unaware and totally surprised, fell backwards onto the city. 

By normal standards, Kristin’s ass was not large. It was actually kind of cute. But to the city’s inhabitants, it was devastating. Her ass was miles wide, larger than any footprint, and on contact it demolished several square miles of previously inhabited city. This was not something the people had been prepared for, and many of them ran and screamed in a futile attempt to forestall the inevitable. It was all for naught, and they were smeared beneath her cute ass. The gust of wind created by the impact blew thousands of people away from the crater. Some flew into other parts of the city, or flew out of the city altogether, landing in the entryway or the kitchen. Some even landed on Kristin’s sandals. 

“Oh! Sorry. Didn’t see you there,” Kristin chirped, happy to see her friend. “This is a really neat rug you’ve got. It’s so delicate!” Kristin picked herself up by rolling to her side, off the city, and then putting her hands down to steady herself as she stood up. This caused minimal damage to the city, although a few thousand were crushed beneath her hips as she rolled off the “rug.” 

“Thanks,” Brooke replied, not offering a hand to help Kristin up. “It’s brand new. We just got it in the mail today.” 

Kristin stood up and brushed herself off, smearing the few lucky survivors that had gotten stuck to her ass. “Well, it’s really cool.” She paused. “You busy right now?” 

“Actually, I kind of am,” Brooke said, not wanting to sound like she was giving Kristin the brush off but wanting to give her the brush off just the same. “I’m waiting for Kelly to get home so we can make dinner.” 

“That sounds really fun!” Kristin responded. “You guys mind if I join you?” 

“Not at all. Tell you what, I’ll come over and get you as soon as dinner’s ready. Until then, I’ve got to clean up the apartment. I haven’t even put my groceries away yet,” she said, motioning to the groceries she had dropped in the corner earlier. She had absolutely no intention of coming to see Kristin later, but she was anxious to be rid of her and get back to her own destruction. 

“That’s fine. I guess I’ll see you in a bit. I’m sure I’ll find something to do till then.” Kristin walked towards the door, stepping over the city and landing in the walkway. She slipped her light blue sandals back on, unknowingly crushing a few thousand people who had been blown there by her ass’s impact. 

As she turned to leave, Brooke reminded her, “Don’t forget to wipe your feet on the rug before you leave. You wouldn’t want to track any dirt from the hallway into your apartment.” 

“Oh, yeah. Guess not,” Kristin replied, without realizing that the suggestion actually made no sense. She dutifully wiped her sandaled feet on the rug, demolishing twenty square miles beneath her enormous feet before leaving and closing the door behind her. In a few short minutes, she had killed over 1.6 million innocent people unknowingly beneath her sandals, bare feet, and ass. 

“Now,” Kelly said, emerging from hiding, “Let’s get back to work.”

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