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Brooke tossed around all the possibilities of what she could do to the city, but one thing she knew for certain. First, she wanted to get a closer look at the millions of insignificant specks who had to look up miles into the sky just to see her face, and whose deaths could be caused by her slightest whim, or even an accidental twitch. She wanted to see them, to dominate them, to revel in her power up close and personal.

To achieve these ends, she stepped casually onto the outskirts of the city, and knelt. Her knees impacted the city, but that was only the beginning of what she had planned. She bent over the city, planting her hands in the residential neighborhoods to support herself. She felt the feeble crunch of the city’s structures beneath her hands, and began to appreciate how completely helpless they were before her. She paused a moment, relishing her power, as her gargantuan tits hung heavily in the air, pointing to the doomed city below.

Then, she carefully and slowly lowered herself onto the city. First her thighs impacted, then her pelvis, then her tight, toned belly, and finally her behemoth tits. They collided with the city, flattening several square miles each, and smothering several hundred thousand people. As she lowered, she could feel the buildings collapsing beneath her. She imagined the screams of the millions she was obliterating, and as her sensitive breasts touched down, she could swear she felt the individual poppings of each of the hundreds of thousands of people who met their doom.

While millions of people ran panicking through the streets, one man in particular stood motionless, a microscopic island of serenity in the swirling maelstrom of fleeing citizens. He had recognized the futility of running, having realized that this woman was far too large to be outrun. At first he had been terrified when the light streamed into his city, and the two titanesses had begun destroying it for their sexual pleasure. But that fear and trembling had metamorphosed into a growing fascination and eventual adoration of these women, these colossal monuments of beauty and power. And now he was about to meet his end, snuffed out by his Queen’s breast. He could not think of a better way to go out.

As those around him screamed and ran, he stood in place and gazed upward, eyes widening in awe at the growing shadow above him. As she slowly lowered onto the city, he watched as her hips and then her belly crushed hundreds of thousands and tossed up mountains of smoke in the distance. Looking straight up, he calculated the trajectory of her descent. In the briefest moments before his death, a smile crept across his face as he realized he was directly beneath her nipple. He was, in fact, the first person to be crushed underneath her breasts, as her right nipple collided first with the city, popping him like a ripe grape beneath her melons. He considered it a privilege to be the first sacrifice to her insatiable lust under her mammoth tits, and then he was no more.

A low growl escaped Brooke’s lips as she settled in. She looked forward into the few inches of downtown that lay before her face. Here they were: her victims, a captive audience. She was making eye contact with them, even though her eyes were still over a mile off the ground even as her chin rested on it. She could say anything she wanted, instill in them tremendous fear or toy with their hopes. She could be as cruel as she desired, and there was only one thing she wanted to do.

She pursed her lips together and blew as hard as she could. Hundreds of buildings were crushed by her breath and hundreds of thousands of people were blown all over the apartment. Many were blown onto the kitchen floor or into the living room. Some were blown into the walkway, where they landed in or on the several pairs of shoes that the girls kept next to the doorway. There these people would remain, stranded on vast planes of giant footwear, until either of the miles-tall girls decided to go for a walk, crushing them to death as they slipped on their shoes. Some landed on the groceries sitting over in the corner, waiting to be cooked and eaten. None of them landed anywhere safe. Brooke had, with one simple breath, guaranteed that she and Kelly would be crushing thousands and thousands of people accidentally around the apartment for many days to come.

Brooke then realized that there were some people beneath her who had not yet been crushed, namely those underneath the space between her breasts and chin. These people had been spared from destruction by her ample endowment, which created a pocket of space under her neck. She didn’t know quite how to handle them…until she had another stroke of genius. (Her level of cleverness had risen drastically since she’d decided to focus it on torturing millions of tiny people.) Putting her hands out in front of her to brace herself, she scooted forward, scooping up parts of the city into her cleavage and tank top. Though many thousands were bulldozed by her tits, others survived in enormous heaps under her shirt.

Satisfied, Brooke rolled over lazily onto her back, devastating still more of the city under her back and ass. By now, almost half of the city had been destroyed, and it wasn’t looking good for the other half. This was the beginning of the end.

“Hey, you got something in your tits again,” Kelly remarked playfully. “Let me take care of that for you.” With that, she planted her foot squarely on Brooke’s right breast. The unfortunate people there were crushed beneath the weight of Kelly’s bare foot pressing into Brooke’s enormous breast. Kelly continued to move her feet around, massaging Brooke’s breasts and obliterating thousands of people. Brooke reached up and grabbed ahold of her foot, pulling it to her mouth, where she began to lick the toes clean of all their blood and gore and death and destruction. Brooke’s tongue swept along the bottom of her foot and probed in between her toes, sucking them occasionally and picking up the people who had been clinging to the tops of her toenails. Then Kelly’s foot returned to Brooke’s breasts, slathered with a fresh coat of Brooke’s saliva, which enabled her to pick up even more people so that Brooke might devour them whole by plucking them from her toes with her tongue.

This continued about two or three more times, with Kelly cleaning out the remains of people from Brooke’s cleavage with her feet and Brooke licking them off, until Brooke had another burst of inspiration. This time, she grabbed Kelly’s foot, and pulled her leg out from under her.

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