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Author's Chapter Notes:

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In the not too distant future, about next Sunday AD, overpopulation has reached the point where people are paid to be shrunken down to live in comfort in contained biomes. Some companies took this a step further and offered incentives for people to move into biomes that would be converted into jewelry for people to own and care for. Minirals LTD had created a program where people would live in replicas of cities they once called home, in the possession of caring caretakers. There were many precautions in place, but sometimes things go wrong…

Jamie never thought he would be shrunken. Granted, he never thought his entire company would be liquidated. He, his wife, and their eldest son were all stuck with astronomical debt. So, they, like many others, took the easy way out. With the meager remains of their savings, they could afford a comfortable space in a Minirals piece. They’d known of Minirals for a while, Jamie’s wife Gloria had even considered purchasing one less than a year earlier. They would be among the thousands in this overcrowded world to agree to be shrunken down into a tiny city inserted into a jewel. They also would have their debts forgiven for moving into the piece, so Jamie, Gloria, his eldest son Miguel signed the family up for the program, including the younger twins, Sophia and Carlos, as they had not turned 18 yet, despite it only being two weeks away. Naturally the twins were upset, Sophia especially angry at leaving her girlfriend Isebella, whom she called Izzy. Granted, Izzy had graduated the year earlier and her family had sent her to a very prestigious school in Spain. 

The family of five awoke and found themselves in a beautiful hacienda that overlooked a beautiful blue lagoon. They were on the border of a large and flourishing city that was a recreation of a long gone coastal community. Perhaps the piece was intended to be sold to a wealthy aristocrat who longed for the simpler times and wanted a ring to remind her of said times? Speaking of, when the family looked up, they could see a beautiful blue sky that was somewhat translucent. Had they been less lucky it could have been a red or green sky, but they were selected for a piece that resembled a sapphire. Whenever the tinies in the coastal paradise looked up, they could see the underside of the display cabinet they were in. Occasionally, one of the well-manicured women behind the counter would pick up the box containing them and a massive woman’s face would examine them with a modicum of curiosity. After two weeks of being a curious bauble to be browsed by Brobdingnagian beauties, it was the twins' birthday. The reluctant, newly eighteen-year-olds were melancholy about their situation. Despite the celebration in their new comfortable home, the pair were aware that had their parents and brother waited a few weeks before agreeing to this, they’d be free instead of trapped in a gem. This was also the night they were bought. 

The light seemed much brighter and harsher through the gemmed dome of their home as they awoke the next morning. The tinies had gathered in the town square and were all looking to the sky. They no longer saw the familiar trappings of the jewelry store. Instead it was the sky, the real sky filtered through their dome. Sophia was neither amused nor interested. She hated the thought of some old bitty having bought their homes. That was when her phone pinged for the first time in weeks. This was odd. The only one who should be able to access any of their phones was their new owners. She looked at the message. It was Izzy. Her heart leapt as she read the message and their world moved. 

“Look up, little one.”

Sophia rushed outside and looked up at the sky. Through the tinted dome she could see the world moving rapidly until a pair of breasts the size of planets soared by, followed by an elegant tanned neck, full plump lips, and finally a pair of deep brown eyes with a mischievous twinkle in them. Another message. 

“Heard what happened. Still want my girl. No matter how small. You always loved my navel piercing. Now you ARE my navel piercing!” 

Those giant lips puckered and kissed the domed city before her eyes winked and the gem was once again moved down her body, before the belly button piercing they were housed in was set in place. Izzy’s massive fingers reached down and tapped the gem dome, leaving fingerprints smears from her tanning oil as she laid back on her lounging chair beside the pool of her parent’s estate. She was content that she had her little love with her, forever. 

As was previously said, sometimes things go wrong,terribly wrong. This is an instance where they went terribly right, at least for one girl and her giant love.

Chapter End Notes:

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