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Author's Chapter Notes:

The Shrinking Rapture

The Shrinking Rapture. An incident that is unexplained that has effect the human population. Shrinking at an instant but at a slow rate. A slow rate where humans have falsely accused these ‘missing’ individuals of being kidnapped or some related serious crime. Little did they know these victims shrunk at an instant rate, half the size of a grain of rice. The clothes they wore would shrink along with them, which further proved that these people were kidnapped. Anyone was a victim. Your survival would be quite slim to none. Even if you did get attention from a normal-sized human, how would you react? Or how would they react? You are a bug, a dust mite. You easily would be smitten just for being the size of a bug. 

This story will focus on Jackson. A guy who would be sharing an apartment with a girl he had a neutral relationship with. A girl he had gone to school with and once again they met after not long of graduation year due to financial reasons. Jackson has to fight to survive from his roommate as she continues her everyday life. Being so tiny, so insignificant due to him being part of The Shrinking Rapture, Hannah had no idea someone would be spying on her. What would a tiny guy like him do in this situation?

- - - -

Tick - Tick - Tick…

The sound of a clock ticking was heard from my nightstand. It was Thursday morning. Jackson was a guy who had the responsibilities that any average guy his age would. Getting up, going to work or school, and coming home and doing the same shit over and over again. Today however was a different day, not what he expected it to be like. It was safe to say his perspective about things was going to change. Getting up from his somewhat messy apartment, he would walk over to the mirror to take a look at himself.

Jackson was an average-built guy, nothing special. The kind of guy that would love to wear hoodies and pants if he could, ironically living in a state that doesn’t give you many opportunities to wear those things. Jackson didn’t have big muscles nor did he ever try to flex to be. Fortunately by how things were he had been one to keep his form despite not going to the gym at all. He was a guy in my early twenties. Jackson was currently living in Florida and shared this apartment with a girl whom he didn't share many common interests with. Hannah. That was her name.

Hannah was not exactly the girl he expected to share an apartment with. Jackson wasn’t left with much choice considering how cheap the apartment was. They did go to High School together in fact at one point, graduation was just a few years ago by how much he could remember. But they never went out of our way to talk, were they even friends? No, not really to be quite honest. Somehow they found their way together again, not the way they were too keen on. But in all fairness, they were sharing this apartment and splitting the costs as this economy was a joke at this point. So they would be in the same boat in that aspect. Broke as fuck. Sparing the finer details, they had their moments but were able to get this to work as months went by. As long as they kept their space, everything was alright.

Jackson would take a look at himself, seeing the face he always had with the short brown hair he typically kept short. 

“Handsome as always? Eh, yeah, whatever…” 
He thought to himself.

Jackson would collect himself to come out of his bedroom, probably the most basic young guy bedroom you could find. A desk with a computer setup, a guitar, a dresser, and desk clutter - however he kept the floor clean. Jackson would put on a clean shirt and did not plan to shower at first. Considering he had a day off from work, he didn’t feel the need. Though, sharing an apartment with a female did make him feel self conscious about that. Perhaps he would plan that shower later. But for now, he walked out to get breakfast.

Walk down the halls he did, crossing paths with the doors that lead to the bathroom and Hannah’s room. His eyes cornered as he continued to walk towards the small kitchen they shared. He noticed it’s been quite hotter in this apartment than usual.

“Oh god. Don’t tell me…” He said to himself.

Jackson would increase his pacing to the AC unit that was hanging on the window near the kitchen. Jackson would inspect it, getting a bit fed up that they were paying for this lousy apartment to find out the AC went out during Florida's usual muggy weather!

Finally footsteps were heard followed by a sigh.

His attention towards the AC would be focused for a brief moment as noises were heard behind him called out to Jackson. It was Hannah. Did she come out to say the same thing or wait for Jackson to say something about it…? Was he left to say something about it as he was the ‘man’ of this apartment?

“The AC is out. I just came to tell you that.” Hannah said with annoyance.

Hannah, the girl with shoulder-length brown hair with braids that came down the side of her left head. She had a distinct hairstyle of choice. Jackson personally thought she was a modern day hippie by how she styled herself. Of course, Jackson wanted to be nice and held his tongue. He was sharing this apartment with her, and having a rough relationship with a roommate is quite a stress in his life he would want to avoid.

The girl was a year younger than him. Hannah would be idled there with a hand on the side of her left hip, wearing what seemed to be a white sports bra as she had a lighter-pink track jacket on that zipped up and covered most of her bra. Followed by wearing a black set of biking shorts on top of that, potentially exposing the panty lines from the firm contact against her skin. Jesus, what a figure she had. He avoided making much eye contact with that, scratching the back of his head as he looked to the side. Admittedly sports bras were one type of attraction he had on a girl. Hannah was one to pull it off well with his tastes, minus her weird hairstyle of choice - or maybe that’s what made it attractive?

Jackson was back to reality, giving a slight cough. “Ah, well, I think I was able to figure that out myself…” he said, being genuine with that response. Though it may have come out a bit more sarcastic than he thought. Hannah gave him a look as if she didn’t appreciate how Jackson responded. 

“Yeah, okay. Anyway, I’m going for a run. I came to tell you before I leave.” She said as she walked her way out the front door in such a hurry as if she was expecting Jackson to address the AC situation.

“You think it’s a bit hot out to be wearing a jacket…?” Jackson dared to ask, mustering the courage to ask her.

Jackson had a point though. She must’ve had a reason for it. Who takes a run outside in the humid muggy weather like this? With a jacket on? She had to be on drugs, maybe she was actually high? She looked like the girl that would do such a thing.

“How about you just not worry about it, okay?” Hannah said as if she got a bit defensive about it.

Jackson didn’t mean to strike a nerve or anything like that. He just nodded. “God, woman.” He would mutter under his breath as Hannah was walking to the doorway.

When she left, it was hard to resist staring at an ass like that hugged inside a pair of bike shorts. Jackson shook his head, letting his terrible horny thoughts get to him. Unfortunately with how much he consumed pornographic materials at times, it would persuade Jackson’s decisions poorly. It was one secret he had. If he let his guard down, for sure he would be looking up the same material online. Hell, a quick wank before the shower while Hannah was gone would leave him enough time, and might just do that.

Jackson pondered what to do next as Hannah was out the door. Shower was in the mind, so did jacking off. If he did, would he be wanking it to her or what he was specifically craving for? That was it then. She left without saying another word. He would get a hold of the landlord later after his shower, but he felt a bit hungry or needed something to lean more over as Jackson didn’t like eating breakfast all that much. He just didn’t have the hunger for it. He walked to the fridge and observed what was inside.

String cheese, milk, ham…” As he went on with his thoughts.

Then something caught his eye. A protein shake? Huh? He didn’t like protein shakes as they usually tasted like shit with his taste buds. He knew this belonged to Hannah. She had more than one drink, taking one wouldn’t hurt. So that’s what he did, he took one of the bottles, giving it a good shake as he slammed it.

It tastes like Strawberry as advertised. Jackson didn’t mind what Hannah got this time, maybe he could ask where she got it. Of course, she was going to get pissed, he planned to buy her one to compensate. But she did take his food at times, unaware if it was intentional or not. It was fair game at this point. Jackson began walking back into his room, getting himself prepped up as he was starting to get rushing thoughts in his mind. His addiction.

He would give a good wank to himself before his shower. That was his plan. He planned to do it in his bedroom as it was an extra layer of privacy. If ever in an event that Hannah needed him, she wouldn’t barge in. At least that’s what never happened as of yet.

Jackson would start sliding his shorts off completely along his briefs, however, Jackson began to feel a little funny. Like, really funny. He felt like he was getting lightheaded as if he were getting sick. The head felt fuzzy and things started to look…bigger? What in the world? He was panicking. Like, bad. Something was up here. He felt like he was getting some sort of anxiety attack and needed to get someone! Thankfully his phone was in his room. But that’s when the unexpected happened. He would blank out where he stood as it was hard to even take a step. He felt as if he lost control, like an actual anxiety attack.

The man faded, he would be rendered unconscious for an unknown length of time. Jackson shrunk down to a size that was smaller than a half an inch, no bigger than the size of a single grain of rice. It would be half an hour before he would start to regain consciousness from his own body once again.

Lightheaded he felt as he sat up but now in a pile of clothes that left off a gamey smell. His smell. It smelt bad, he smelt this bad? Suppose when you’re smaller the smells around you are more distinct. Wait, where was he even…? Unfortunately, where he had shrunk, he was standing over the black basketball shorts he had worn freshly from before, resulting in him being where he stood now.

The realization hit him a bit, he was remembering what was happening to him. Quickly he tried to get himself out of the pile of clothes that were next to his doorway that lead to the hallway. After a small fight, and about five minutes of crawling over the detailed smelling fabric of his scent, he eventually made it out. Now he was half-naked as he only wore the white shirt he had, standing around as he saw his white bedroom door towering over him. His whole room, everything…was towering over Jackson!

The young man dropped to his knees, a panic attack was flaring up.

“...Oh shit…holy fucking shit…” He would pant out as his breathing was rapid.

Jackson didn’t know how big he was right now. The size of a thumbtack? An ant? He didn’t know! Jackson didn’t know what to do at this point. Suddenly he heard something in the distance. A yell.

"JACKSOOON!" A thunderous voice yelled from the kitchen.

Fuck. This made things even worse considering he could rely on only one person. Hannah. She wouldn't be knowing about the mess he got himself into.

Chapter End Notes:

I transitioned everything from first to third person in this story. I went back and revised and altered the shrinking process to match this story to be part of my The Shrinking Rapture series.

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