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Story Notes:

This is my very first story that I am writing and posting on this website. So I really don't know what people are expecting here.

This is on-going and more kinks might be added to the mix - please be aware of that.

This story is also not priority as I'm focusing on my 'The Shrinking Rapture' series.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is just an introduction to ground the roleplay between the relationship / behavior of the two characters.


Tick - Tick - Tick… The sound of a clock ticking was heard from my nightstand. It was Thursday morning. I was a guy that had the responsibilities like any average guy my age would. Getting up, going to work or school and coming home and do the same shit over and over again. Today however was a different day, not what I expected it to be like. It was safe to say my perspective about things was definitely going to change. Getting up from my some-what messy apartment, I walked over to my mirror to take a look at myself.

I was an average built guy, nothing special. The kind of guy that would love to wear hoodies and pants if I could, ironically I’m living in a state that doesn’t give you many opportunities to wear those things. I didn’t have big muscles nor did I try to flex to be. Fortunately I’ve been one to keep my form despite not going to the gym at all.  was a guy in my early twenties. In fact did just turn twenty-two just month ago. I was currently living in Florida and shared this apartment with a girl that I don’t share many common interests with. Hannah. That was her name.

Hannah, not exactly the girl I expected to share an apartment with. I wasn’t given much choice considering how cheap the apartment was. We did go to High School together in fact. But we never went out of our way to talk. Suppose we found our way together again, not the way I’m too keen on. But in all fairness we were sharing this apartment and splitting the costs as this economy was a joke. So we were in the same boat in that aspect. Broke as fuck. Sparing the finer details, we had our moments but were able to get this to work as months went by. As long as we kept our space, everything was alright.

Back to reality I would take a look at myself, seeing the face I always had with the short brown hair I had. “Handsome as always? Eh, yeah, whatever…” I thought to myself. I’d collect myself to come out of my bedroom, probably the most basic young guy bedroom you could find. A desk with a computer setup, a guitar, dresser, desk clutter - however overall I kept the floor clean. I put on a clean shirt, and I did plan to shower a bit. But right now I just wanted to see what was in the fridge. So I’d walk myself out.

Walk down the halls I did, crossing paths with the doors that lead to the bathroom and Hannah’s room. My eyes cornered as I continued to walk.to the small kitchen we had. Though, I noticed it’s been quite hotter in this apartment than usual. “Oh god. Don’t tell me…” *I said to myself as I walked to the AC unit that was hanging on the window. I inspected it, getting a bit fed up that they were paying for this lousy apartment to find out the AC went out during Florida's usual muggy weather!

Finally a voice behind me was heard…

My attention towards the AC would be focused for a brief moment as a voice behind me was called out to me. It was Hannah. Did she come out to say the same thing or waiting for me to say something about it…?

“The AC is out. I just came to tell you that.” A female voice came behind me as stood the girl with shoulder-length brown hair with braids that came down the side of her left head. She definitely had a distinct hair style of choice.

The girl that was the same as my age would be idled there with a hand on the side of her left hip, wearing what it seemed to be a white sports bra as she had a lighter-pink track jacket on that zipped up most of her bra up. Followed by wearing a black set of biking shorts on top of that. Jesus, what a figure she had. I avoided making much eye contact with that, scratching the back of my head as I looked to the side.

“Ah, well, I think I was able to figure that out myself…” I said, being genuine with that response. Though it may have come out a bit more sarcastic as I thought.

Hannah gave me a look as if she didn’t appreciate how I responded.

“Yeah, okay. Anyways, I’m going for a run. I came to tell you before I left.” She said as she walked her way out the front door. “You think it’s a bit hot out to be wearing a jacket…?” I mustered the courage to ask her. I had a point though. She must’ve had a reason for it?

“How about you just not worry about it, okay?” *She said as if she got a bit defensive about it. I didn’t really mean to strike a nerve or anything like that. I just nodded. God, woman. They were something. Of course when she left, it was hard to resist an ass like that hugged in bike shorts' shook my head, letting my horny thoughts get to me.

So that was it then. She left without saying another word. I would get a hold of the landlord later after my shower, but I was a bit hungry or needed something to lean more over as I didn’t like eating breakfast all that much. So I walked to the fridge once again, opening it.

“String cheese, milk, ham…” As I went on with my mental thoughts. Then something caught my eye. A protein shake? Huh? Actually, I liked protein shakes although some did taste like shit. I wouldn’t consider this belonging to Hannah at first. It was from a company I had never heard of.

Resize your energy. That was the name of this drink. I did end up drinking it, little did I know my consequences. Little did I know as well I saved Hannah, a sacrifice I have made. It was a weird drink, definitely was something out of the norm from what I'd actually intake. I'd take it to my room to finish it. I would plan on buying her something to compensate it later. Besides, she would take my stuff too at times. Things I bought with my own money!

The annoying reality to have a roommate like Hannah...

Chapter End Notes:

Might come back and edit this, I know it seems rushed but people will want to be more interested on the size change n' such.

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