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Story Notes:

◈ Current categories are possibilities to be included as I am a near limitless writer. They will be finalized once I finish this story.

◈ I am currently reformatting this story and adding new dialogue but keeping mostly what is written in terms of scenarios. Just improving my writing is all. Once this is completed I do plan to continue this story.
- (Chapter 1 - 3 are completed)


The Shrinking Rapture. An incident that is unexplained that has effect the human population. Shrinking at an instant but at a slow rate. A slow rate where humans have falsely accused these ‘missing’ individuals to be kidnapped or some related serious crime. Little did they know these victims shrunk at an instant rate, half the size of a grain of rice. The clothes they wore would shrink along with them, which further proved that these people were kidnapped. Anyone was a victim. Your survival would be quite slim to none. Even if you did get attention from a normal size human, how would you react? Or how would they react? You are a bug, a dust mite. You easily would be smited just for being a size of a bug.

This story will focus on two friends, a boy and a girl. They would be out in the park having a nice walk with themselves and decided to take a seat on a wooden park bench. They were a lovely couple together. Kelly and Tristian. They were happy together. Unfortunate fate had decided something else for them. They faded out, falling down to the ground suddenly. During that time, they were now the next new victims where their survival was put to the test. They were now part of The Shrinking Rapture. . .

- - - -

Tristan’s vision was blanked out for a moment. Everything gone cold and dark. Finally he would wake, everything felt numb to him. Groaning as he sat up, feeling his head as he felt the breeze winding through his short blacken hair, scratching his shaven facial hair as he was dazed what was happening.

“...Kelly…? Kelly!” Tristian yelled.

He looked to the side and saw his blonde headed girlfriend that was laying on the surface of the wooden bench. Neither tinies knew at the moment where they were. Tristan, being the ‘boyfriend of the year’ would come to her rescue and make sure she was okay. She would be fine. She suffered the same fate as Tristian did. He would put her head on his right jean covered pant leg to support the head of his girlfriend.

“Kelly, babe? Are you okay!?”

"Mmmm-" Kelly moaned.

He asked her again as he lightly used the palm of his hand to tap on her cheek a few times. Kelly groaned, she would respond as she opened her brown eyes and met with the face of her boyfriend, smiling.

“...What happened…I…we were walking and sat down…and…now…” Kelly mumbled.

Tristian broke eye contact with Kelly as she noticed something was wrong. As if he was growing a lot of fear and paranoia. “...Babe…?” She began to sit up as she looked around just as her boyfriend did. She gasped in horror. Her chest felt tight, she felt her heart pumping as she was realizing the same time as her boyfriend did.

Kelly stood up, turning herself around. She began screaming and yelling as she felt on her knees. She was being quite dramatic, but it was the fear that they are speculated to be no bigger than a half an inch or perhaps smaller even. There was no clear way for them to tell how big they really were.

Tristan zoned out with his surroundings, taking it all in. He was scared as his girlfriend was. But he took it better than she did. Despite all that, she began screaming and crying as she fell down on her knees when her arms wrapped around her. Tristan came to her and wrapped his tan layered arms around her from the tan colored turtle-neck outfit he wore. He began to rock her and hopefully she would feel better.

“Shh baby…shhh…” He whispered.

Tristian tried to calm her, he wish it were that easy. He was just as scared. They were stuck on a wooden park bench as they could just seen as specks. But they didn’t know that, they knew they had to get help. Tristan would grab out his phone, but for some reason it didn’t work - it was just turned off? No, it just didn't work anymore. That’s when he dug inside Kelly’s pocket and pulled out her phone. She was confused but she let Tristian proceed with his plan. Her phone didn't work either!? "What the fuck..." His mind wondered.

“What the fuck…this can’t be real no…no…what the fuck…” Tristian said in distress.

Tristian began to stand up, pacing around as his girlfriend was left there. Though, her screaming would cease as she continued to be shaken. She stood up as she wore a black coat that she wrapped herself with. It was a little chilly out due to the fall weather…but the cold…it felt much worst being at the scale they were as the cold chilly breeze came through. They were both shivering not just because they were scared.

“T-T-Tristian…this can’t be real…this can’t be real? This-”

"I don't know Kelly!" He interrupted.

She walked to him as she continued to look around as the bottom of her lip quivered. From the distance, all she could really see was the other side of the bench that angled down and the pavement from the distance. Everything else? It was too far to see. Her eyes could only fixate on one thing at a time. Everything from the distance were hard to focus on, it was just all too overwhelming.

“I don’t know! W-Whatever the fuck it is…we’ll get through it! We always do!” Tristian said.

Tristian didn’t mean to snap at his girl like that. He felt the need to apologize. “I…I didn’t mean that…to yell…” He said, Kelly only nodded, honestly she couldn’t be mad at him. Her fears would take over every emotion she had.

There was a moment of silence, Tristan walking ahead away from his girlfriend. Kelly had a need to say something but she didn’t follow and continued to stay where she stood. “W-Where the fuck are you going!?” She called out to him. Tristan shrugged his hands in the air as he didn’t know. “There’s nowhere to fucking go Tristian! We’re on a fucki-” She paused with the trace of her thought, feeling a tremble underneath the surface. An earthquake? Well, it can seem like that. But there was an impact sound along with it.

"What the hell?" Tristian said.

Thump. Thump. THUMP. THUMP.

A girl in her thirties was running down the concrete towards the bench with her athletic wear. Wearing some blue yoga pants and a red track jacket on. Her brown hair that was tied in a ponytail flowed with the wind as her Nike sneakers pounded on the ground with every step. The tinies were dazed by the sensation as they weren’t used to it. Tristan was stopped on his tracks as he looked around. Kelly was once more in distress as she could barely stand, she was running towards Tristian.


"Holy shit..." Tristian's mind raced.

The commotion was at it's peak, the person who was responsible would come into view. A gigantic female female that casted over a shadow of the two tinies. The form of her body were clear as day to be seen, especially for Tristian. The massive curves of her butt were just too hard to ignore for any man. Still, Tristian knew what the dangers were. He wanted to be fixed. He began waving his hands in the air, screaming.

“HEY! HEEY!” Tristian screamed as the girls rhythmic steps would come at a slow pace as she began stand in front of the bench as her front potion of her body faced them. Kelly would be absolutely speechless as she just stared with wide eyes up to the massive girl. She didn't have any thought about what Tristian could be gawking at, however, her boyfriend was being strong and yet surprisingly respectable to keep his mind where it belonged. To get help.

The thought of humans being at such a massive scale did not come across the two tinies minds. They were just too worried where they were currently standing. This situation would emphasize the danger they were in. They were small. They were insignificant and no way to tell how they would be seen against humans. Could they be mistaken as bugs even? Neither of them would want to find out.


The gigantic girl would raise her right leg up as her black and white Nike runner shoes would step on the edge of the bench. This caused the whole bench to shake violently due to the vibrations. Kelly would stop screaming and fall over as she attempted to reach Tristian. Fortunately she would be spared as the shoe behind her would slam into the wood, the intense vibration knocking her off the tiny feet of hers. Tristian was able to maintain himself, helping his girlfriend up. Not long Kelly was helped up, Tristian would run towards her shoe and waved a hand

“HEY! HEY! OVER HERE! DOWN HERE!” Tristan ran at a full sprint towards her shoe as her massive feminine hand tied her strings together, adding a few jumps and arm waves. He swore to God if this girl didn’t see them. Were they just that tiny to be overlooked? “H-H-HEY! Down…DOWN HERE!” Kelly added herself into the yelling frenzy. This was the current hope they had. Getting off this bench would be a problem especially by how it was designed. There were gaps on the wooden bench, they were stuck on the single wood piece that stretched across of it. Finally her shoe moved.


The giant female removed her shoe off the bench, sending a single shockwave of her right foot. The giant female began to turn as her brown ponytail would whip around from the wind as she would begin pacing herself into the run. She began to run, sending more violent shakes and booms that would began to fade into the distance. Just like that she left the tinies alone on the bench once more. The concept of hope was beginning to fade between the tiny shrunken couple.

“DAMN! DAMN IT ALL! YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKIN’ BITCH YOU LEFT US…TO…DIE…!” Kelly fell on her knees again, pounding her fist onto the wood as she looked down, sobbing out what she could. She was so mad. So angry. So scared and helpless. There was no way that she and her boyfriend could live much longer being on this bench. The scale of them were too small. There was nothing on this bench to shelter, eat or other basic needs. They were destined to die.

Tristian was lost with words. He didn’t know what else to say or do. Like…what can he do? All he could do was comfort his girlfriend. But what was the point? She was going to keep having freak outs like this. He would her cry it out, let her adapt to the situation as he would need to do the same. They had to work together. Tristian was taking this like a champ, but he wasn’t trying to impress anyone. He was just numb to know what to do at this point. Like, being tiny? Well, it could be a fun little fantasy thing. But this being the real deal? There was nothing funny about this. Especially when they were so close to salvation. The fact that people were so massive, it was just too much to grasp. This was a sick game that he and his girlfriend were brought into.

Best they could do is wait it out and see where it leads them…

Chapter End Notes:

End of chapter.

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