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Story Notes:

This is just a quick little ditty I thought up.  Let me know if I should continue it.

All was darkness for me in the tiny leather purse until Rachel reached inside and removed my shrunken body.  Placing me on the plastic bench inside the girl's locker room, she removed her left foot from her shoe and then slid off her sock.

Pressing me down on the cool bench, Rachel placed her big toe over my naked body and titled it toward me, her red toenail shining in the dim light.  Then, she slowly lowered her toe flatly onto my helpless frame, leaving only my nose and eyes free from her lightly-tanned skin.

With more deliberation, she pressed downward on my body, causing my bones to pop lightly and pinching my muscles.  I struggled against the weight, but found even my fingers were cemented flat against the bench.  With a twinkle in her beautiful green eyes, Rachel shook her short brown locks and seemed to be enjoying my torture more with every passing moment.

The aroma of her hot skin entered my nose and and filled my lungs; a hot, humid, pungnant smell of female feet that most likely had not seen the light of day since earlier that morning.  The time was now well past eight at night.

Keeping me  bound in place, Rachel smiled and looked around, presumabley to confirm that we were alone.  Satisfied, she looked back down to me, her face so far away that she seemed a female goddess-mountain.

"Well, Harry, I hope you like my little treat.  Asking me out during our math class was pretty bold.  When I told my sorority sisters about it, they suggested I test your...devotion to me with a little potion we save for our most exciting dates."

Rachel rocked her toe back and forth on my body, never letting up but forcing blood to flow from my head, to my feet and back again with such frequency that I became dizzy. 

"So, here's the plan for our 'date' tonight:  I'm going to place you inside my sock, and then I think I'll use the elliptical machine until I get a good workout going...and, depending on how much fun I have with you in my sock, I'll either stop once my feet get sweaty, or keep you in there for an hour until I've really burnt off a few calories."

I couldn't believe this! Surely she wasn't serious! I knew I shouldn't have accepted a "drink" from that pink water bottle she gave me after math class.  Clearly, there was something in that water besides minerals!

Rachel continued, placing her hand on her knee high above me, unknowingly causing additional pain to course through my helpless form.  "I think you'll enjoy it.  Either way, this is one date you won't forget.  I can tell that you're already 'excited.'"  She wasn't wrong--the moment her soft hands had removed me from the purse, my penis had grown extremely erect.

With the sultry, stuffy aroma of her toe still filling my tiny breaths, Rachel slowly lifted her toe and peeled me off of her skin.  Unceremoniously, she then dropped me into her ankle-high sock, and I landed with a soft *thud* in the toe section.  I watched through the opening as her smooth leg, adorned with tiny gyms shorts, extended and placed her foot inside.  She then pulled the sock onto her foot entirely, sealing me face-first against her hot red sole, the fibers of the sock pressing tightly against my back.  Before I could yell out for mercy, the foot descended downward and was inserted into her shoe.

Bracing myself for impact did no good; I was quickly smashed into the surprisingly unforgiving sole of her tennis shoe, helpless as she tied the shoestrings even tighter.  I took a breath, inhaling mostly hot, smelly air from her skin, and before I could fill my lungs Rachel stood on my body, forcing the hot air back out and causing such a rush of intense pain that I that needles had been inserted across my body.

Rachel then took a step, and for a moment I enjoyed a respite from the torture and a small breath, but as her foot landed back on the ground the pain intensified magnificently.  Rachel continued walking, crushing me with each step and oblivious to my grunts of pain and tiny cries for help.

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