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Stephanie reclined in the white lounge chair next to the hotel's large, luxurious pool.  Adjusting her white bikini and playfully curling her long blonde hair, she gazed at the various people walking around her in the heat of a day ruled by the cloudless sky.  This Mexican tourist city was hot indeed.

Extending her left leg foward, she arched her foot back and forth, playfully exposing her hot sole to the searing sun, then curling her foot to create a shadow on the lounge.  She noticed the red toenail polish was starting to chip, and decided that her new servant would need to fix that later.

Taking a sip from her frozen beverage, she giggled at the tiny, tickling sensation on her sole.  Stephanie reached foward to touch her little, shrunken son, now strapped to her foot's sole, chest and face-first, with some miniscule strips of a shredded band-aid.

Pressing her warm fingers against his naked body, she gently engulfed him further into her foot's skin, his back already hot and most likely burnt from the blazing son.

Removing her finger, she whispered to her little boy as his partially-covered face murmured against her foot.

"You shouldn't have lied to me about going out with your friends, Zach," she said quietly and with relish.  "You might be a senior now, but you're still in high school--and mommy doesn't want you to get hurt by driving around with drunken idiots.  Maybe this...vacation of ours will teach you a lesson."

Stephanie sat back and exposed Zach to the sun once again by arching her foot upwards. Already, driplets of sweat were forming on her red sole, and as her son tried desperately to breath against the steaming skin, little bits of his mom's sweat drippled into his mouth.

"You know," she continued amongst the noise of the pool and patrons, "there's a lot of cute girls here.  I just saw a long-legged brunette walk by us.  If only she knew that a little boy was being baked on his mommy's foot, she might have taken you home for herself...but, then again, how could she take care of you the way I can?" Stephanie giggled.

Having shrunk Zach at her home with a hidden blend of chemicals in his dinner's water, she had waited patiently for this Mexican pool before removing him from her purse and adhering him to her foot.  Despite his movements, he was bound to her sole, and she knew each beat of her heart was pounding him in the chest, face and legs.  The torture was sweet indeed.

"I wonder if a little white shape will be left on my foot after I remove you," she said.  "A little shape with a head, legs, arms and body were the sun didn't get a chance to touch my feet...because you blocked it with your tiny body."  Stephanie wiggled her toes.

"Don't forget, Zach," she continued, once again reaching foward and pressing him deep into her foot.  "Tommorrow belongs to my right foot...and after that...who knows? Maybe my butt isn't getting a tan either," she laughed.  "I'd like a little boy-shape on my cheeks."

For his part, Zach could only cry quietly for mercy, but Stephanie's skin, now swollen with heat, had swelled around his nose and much of his mouth.  Zach was barely able to derive hot, humid oxygen that was completely tinged with his mother's foot odor.  Her bodywash fragrance had long since vanished, and as he sucked in meager air for his lungs, more hot, salty sweat ran onto his tongue and down his throat, filling his belly with his mom's foot juice.  Nor was his hair spared, now soaked in sweat.

His own sweat, now mingled with that of his mother, helped the sun to further bake and burn him.

In the distance, Zach heard the splash of children and adults playing in the pool.  The high-pitched giggles of girls his age tortured him as they walked past.  Out of the corner of his eye, he occasionally glimpsed some incredibly attractive girls with long, black hair and tight, supple bodies.  At times, his penis grew erect, and as his mother noticed this, she would shake her foot and press him deeper into her sole, punishing him for looking around at hope. 

"Another drink, miss?" a waitress asked.

"Yes," Stephanie replied, handing the curvy Mexican girl her empty glass and already feeling tipsy.  "I'm going to be here for a while." 

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