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Story Notes:

Second Collaborative piece between Girlfood and Oishi1. F/m willing/unwilling/reluctant.


Chronologically this takes place between chapter 8 and 9 of Girlfood's dinner dates and after chapter 5 in Oishi1's Forbidden Dish Tales.

  1. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.




Adela was excited. The famous pop singer Desdemona Angelou was coming to Forbidden dish. She was touring through the U.S. to promote her new CD "Simply Mona". This leg of the tour would culminate in her ruining "Star Spangled Banner" at the big game by adding too much soul and forgetting some of the words. Mona's visit to the restaurant was not what exited Adela, but rather the fact that this was her first time to be in charge of the purple bands! Mona was alright she guessed, but she wasn't really her thing. Adela had wheedled Megyhn into allowing "Who Bit Fluffy?" to open for her. It was just the thing to help increase her roommate’s band's exposure.




The crowd was already insane. It wasn't like a normal weekday, heck, it was busier than a weekend! Not everybody that was here was a vorephile. Some people loved certain celebrities so much that they were willing to take the plunge for them or become part of them or whatever. (Almost like a human sacrifice) They all had their different reasons and Adela wasn't there to judge, just to give out little purple bracelets.




Megyhn said the purple bracelets were for expedience. Adela didn't know what expedience was but it sounded very important and she was in charge of it, so she was going to expedience them like there was no tomorrow. The concert was only for staff and people with purple bands. There was a sign up sheet at the podium for those interested in receiving a purple band. There were fliers all over the restaurant explaining the difference between the purple and the red bands, and a disclaimer was on the sign up sheet. It would take too long to pass out full packets to everyone involved.








Most of the serving staff didn't like celebrity visits because it meant fewer meals for them, but Megyhn loved them because it meant more revenue. The concert was to be held upstairs in the club, so for today only staff and people with purple bracelets could go upstairs. Mona would get her meal in the large private room with her entourage (normally the celebrity would foot the bill for them as well, but they normally got red bracelets or leftover purples). Only her people and Forbidden Dish staff were allowed in the room so she could dine in peace. Since they could afford it and liked to show off celebrities tended to eat more than the average customer, but one could never judge how many that was.




 Country princess Jordan Quicke ate sixty (the current record) when she visited despite her dainty frame. She also showed a shocking disregard for the ones that changed their mind. Despite her friendly public persona she seemed thrilled when she was told she could eat them anyway.




Happy Happy Pow Pow Ambush, a cute Japanese Pop group ate two hundred and thirty one, but that was between five band members. When they finished they burped sweetly and waved to the staff as they went back to their limo. They didn't speak English, and nobody had the heart to tell them when some of their volunteers chickened out.




 At one time the celebrity was allowed to guess how many they were able to eat and they were all shrunk beforehand and whatever was left over was resold, but that changed when that rich heiress, Milan Henfield came in and ordered all the people with purple bands shrunk at once. Adela still couldn't figure out what was more messed up, the fact that she had over 300 fans despite a lack of discernable talent or the fact that she only ate two before she passed out drunk and the others were resold. From then on ten at a time was the maximum. The celebrity would have to keep ordering by tens to keep the amount of leftovers low. Adela felt sorry for the leftovers, but that was a risk people were willing to take. It was all clearly spelled out on the fliers. (Besides, Adela wasn’t complaining. They had been pretty yummy.)








"If you're here for Mona you have to sign here and take a purple bracelet," She said to the customers as they entered. Some people signed the form and put on purple bracelets, others asked for red or blue. Some complained about the club being closed, but most of them understood why. Adela was good at calming angry people. She had to be since many people were impatient with her short attention span.








James or “Goggles” as his friends called him because of his glasses, clicked on the youtube link for the Desdemona Angelou music video entitled “Because I’m Original.” A pop-up popped up of an entrancing Desdemona gyrating before a group of backup dancers in a Hollywood Studios representation of a post-apocalyptic world.




 There was plenty of smoke, fire and lasers while things like plague, disease and everything else associated with the end of the world was conspicuously absent. Apparently all people would do after the world ended was participate in one giant dance competition. As if to confirm this, Desdemona shook her spandex encased ass in front of the camera, flanked by two muscle bound men who where mercifully wearing pants a bit looser than Desdemona.




Goggles clicked the “pause” on the video just as the camera moved in for the close up on Desdemona’s derrière. The screen froze giving Goggles a perfect caption of the posterior in mid jiggle. Desdemona’s butt had been mischievously called her greatest asset. It had all the girls jealous and the guys drooling. Goggles was no exception. He was an ass man all the way.




Goggles had read an article saying that a large movie company planned to cast Desdemona in an upcoming picture as Ninja Girl, a super heroin. There had already been some speculation as to exactly what kind of costume Desdemona would wear. †In a newspaper article Goggles had come across, the movie director had boasted that he had cast the perfect ass for the part. The article went on to say that the Ninja Girl alter identity was that of a brilliant scientist. Goggles guessed (correctly) that it would take a whole set’s worth of movie writers, editors and one hell of a director, each armed with loads of patience, to try to get Desdemona to sound intelligent.




Despite being a physically striking woman, Desdemona was not the brightest crayon in the box. She had once visited a homeless shelter. (The visit had been her agent’s idea, saying that any sort of humanitarian work would be helpful to her career.) While there, Desdemona had spoken with a young child. After a few moments of pretending to listen to him, she had asked him when he would be able to go home. She was later quoted in saying that she hadn’t worn her makeup to the shelter to help her understand what it was like to have nothing.


Fortunately for Desdemona, she was pretty enough that no one really cared about what she said. Like Goggles, everyone just watched her videos of her shaking her butt or bought CDs of her generic music.




Goggles watched the rest of the video before clicking a link that took him to a gallery of Desdemona pictures. Clicking on one of her more scandalous tabs, a pop-up jumped onscreen. Goggles hated pop ups. He had depressed the mouse button down to close it when the large blinking advertisement brought him to a stop. This is what it said:








In much smaller letters it said “Signature of legal disclaimer required. Must be 21 years or older.”


Now that was worth investigating. Goggles wrote down the address of the restaurant. He knew where he would be going!






It was one in the morning but there was no way Sam would be able to go to sleep yet. His blood was liberally saturated with fructose from the Mountain Dew and pop-tarts he’d been eating since that afternoon. A zombie in Sam’s video game exploded in graphic brain chunks and blood as Sam guided his character to another section of the haunted graveyard.


Suddenly a large trap opened up beneath the game character and he fell into the abyss, ending the game. Sam groaned in frustration. He’d been trying for hours but still couldn’t get his character out of the graveyard. Maybe it was time for a break.




Switching off the video game console, he opened his computer and started visiting some of his favorite Internet sites. With the knowledge of the world at his fingertips, Sam restricted his use of the Internet to three subjects; computer games, fast cars and giantess vore.




Sam wasn’t in a car mood right now and having just finished a video game he decided to do a celebrity search of giantess pictures. A search of Desdemona Angelou Giantess, brought up several web sites with collages of her standing before various buildings. Sam clicked on one. He looked through the pictures before scrolling through the comments at the bottom. One caught his eye. He looked closely. Apparently Desdemona would be appearing at The Forbidden Dish, a restaurant that catered to the vore lover. If the quote was to be believed, you could actually sign up to be eaten by her!




This was a little too much for Sam. He was a hard-core Vore fan who also loved Desdemona! It required more research.


Driven by the iron will of a man who wants to make his dreams come true and fueled by the junk food of a nerdy insomniac, Sam hurriedly punched in a few other sites and confirmed that she was indeed going to eat her fans at the Forbidden Dish on an upcoming weekend. So it was true! He was going to have to go to be eaten by her!




Sam already knew about The Forbidden Dish and figured he would go there someday, when he had enough money to pay for it. This however, he couldn’t miss. Not only to be eaten, but to be eaten by her! It would literally be a dream come true. He had to get there soon though. His car had been impounded after mimicking the parking style of a movie star; driving it with reckless abandon then leaving it on a city sidewalk outside of a police station. Driving was out. Without losing a second he called up his bank statement and took account of funds. If he hitchhiked to the nearest major city, then caught a plane.


Goggles signed the waver flyer and handed it to a rather airhead like girl who seemed to constantly need to be reminded of where she was.


“Do you, like, want a peak at the contract?” the girl asked.


“No thanks. I just want to see Des,” said Goggles patiently.


“K then, like, hop in that line over there. Here’s your purple bracelet. Put it on now and don’t lose it otherwise they won’t let you in k?








Goggles did as he was told and followed the large crowd into the building. He stood behind an Asian guy wearing a Star Trek t-shirt.†


“Hey,” he said. He looked friendly if not a bit nerdy. Goggles could forgive that. He went through his own nerdy phase himself. He still had his “Sith Lord” t-shirt at home too.


“Hey,” said Goggles. “How you doing brother?”


“Excited!” said the man. “I guess you and I must be into the same thing!”


“Yeah. Desdemona. Wish I were balls deep into her.”


“We’ll be inside soon enough. Do you know I always wanted to come here? I mean the Forbidden Dish is famous but to go with Desdemona eating here. Amazing! That’s all I can say.”










Wilmer LeFleur was uncomfortable. He was the only one here wearing a suit. Many of the people around him were barely wearing what he'd call clothes at all. What kind of restaurant is this? Stevens had told him that Mona was going to be here and he decided to get an autograph for his daughter. He didn't care for the atmosphere at all. Does that hostess have purple hair? Maybe I'm in the wrong place.








"Excuse me ma'am, Is Mona supposed to be here today?" Wil asked.








"Sure is, Just sign here and get your purple bracelet. Right there. Now don't lose this k? The concert's upstairs and if you're not wearing the band they won't let you in,"








He thanked the lady and went upstairs. The price was steep for a concert, but he figured it would be a nice change of pace for him, besides, with such a small crowd he may get a picture to take home to Ruthie.
















Chaz Nelson was Mona's number one fan, and don't you forget it. Also, don't bring her up in conversation with him unless you want to hear so many "fun facts" that you are tempted to break his head open and spill every "fun fact" on the fun pavement. He has all of her CDs. Even some that were only released overseas and very hard to find audition recordings. He tried to date her once, but the judge gave him a restraining order. He knew that if she ever met him though she'd know he was her number one fan, and fortunately for him for reasons he did not understand he was actually allowed to come here and see her concert. Not only that, but he got a letter in the mail asking him to come, so here he was in his Cheeze Twirliez stained Mona shirt. He got his purple bracelet and headed upstairs.








"I can't wait can you?" He asked some guy in a suit.








The man sniffed the air, grumbled something about Cheeze Twirliez under his breath, and stepped away. Pretty much everyone he talked to had the same reaction He didn’t know why.  Chaz just shrugged it off, stood quietly, opened a fresh bag of Cheeze Twirliez, and waited for the concert.












“Seriously Danielle, we’re missing out.” Lindsay cocked her hips to one side and leaned against the wall. She was decked out in white pants a small T shirt with the silhouette †of a woman holding a two inch man. Underneath it said “Boys are Yummy,” and in smaller letters below this “The Forbidden Dish.” Over this she wore a jacket to ward of the Autumn chill.




“You’re just jealous that you’re not going to get to eat anyone tonight,” said Danielle, sending a text to her boyfriend Quinton on her phone. Her pants were also white. Her T-shirt said “Eat Them Alive, The Forbidden Dish.” Above this there was a caption of a woman sitting in front of a plate of tiny men. They had both been told to wear company shirts. Because they were going to be serving Desdemona, Meghyn wanted them wearing something that she hoped Desdemona might think was trendy and wear herself, preferably in front of several thousand fans and a nest of TV cameras.




Danielle flipped the phone closed. She had never cared about IPhones or Droids and had never played Angry Birds. Instead Danielle preferred an older phone that she simply used to call or text people. It was just another reason her coworkers called her a hippy. Turning to Lindsay, she smirked.




 “You eat more people than any other girl here. It’s just one night. You can stand it.”




“I could stand it a lot more if it were someone other than Desdemona Angelou. You know I hate her music.”




“Really? I seem to remember you dancing rather suggestively to that song of hers last week. What was it called again? Make the Glitter Fly? Such a complex song!” She batted her eyelashes and briefly went through an exaggerated dance while mimicking Desdemona’s voice. “Make the glitter fly. Make it fly in the sky!”




“Okay. Guilty as charged. But in my defense, I was trying to convince a guy to let me eat him at the time.”




“How’d that work out for you?” Danielle asked with a toss of her hair which had become slightly entangled from her dancing.




Lindsay grinned and patted her belly. “As planned. He thanked me all the way down.”




“Those are the best kind,” nodded Danielle.




“Those are the only kind you eat!” said Lindsay. “I wonder how Desdemona will take it if someone backs out on her? Ten bucks says she eats him anyway.”




“Deal,” said Danielle. She doubted that someone begging for mercy would stop Desdemona, who was rumored to be self-centered, but Danielle was always willing to believe in the best in someone. †”Although, she’d be crazy not to eat them given how much Meghyn is charging for this as a venue,” Danielle added glumly.




Shortly thereafter, a stretch limo arrived. Danielle and Lindsay greeted the superstar and escorted her and an entourage of several other attractive women (who Desdemona had introduced as a “close, close friends,”) up the back stairs and into the building. Lindsay guessed that they were there just to try eating people for free but she kept her suspicions to herself.


Lindsay looked out into the club. She eyed several cute boys who started her belly rumbling. She frowned at their purple bracelets that seemed to mock her from the wrist of what otherwise might be potential prey. She couldn’t eat them. They were wearing purple bands. It hadn’t saved the tiny man she had swiped in the kitchen. He had been tasty, but he had not lasted long.








“She’s here,” A rich deep voice said over Megyhn’s office speaker. Megyhn smiled.




“Right on time,” she said.  The girls could take care of everything. They've done this before. She went back to writing invitation letters to various celebrity stalkers. It was a great way to get a guaranteed sale; besides, it was a public service after all.






While Mona was getting the star treatment, Skittles and the rest of "Who Bit Fluffy?" came in through the front. They came in Hess's old run down van. Hess was Adela's favorite. If the band ever decided that they no longer had use for him she had a nice spot for him to fill. Speaking of filling spots she hoped Mona didn't clean the place out. The fridge was empty at home. Adela had to wait at the podium just in case more people came in late. After the concert she’d stand guard upstairs, but until then she was left alone with her thoughts, most of which concerned Hess and a red bracelet.








It wasn’t until Lindsay heard Danielle’s voice over the loudspeaker that she realized her friend was up on stage.




“And now Ladies and Gentlemen; It is my great pleasure to introduce “Who Bit Fluffy!” Danielle hurried off the stage while Skittles and her posse of mismatched rockers started jamming. It appeared that Skittles had built her band by collecting a musician of every genre of music and incorporating them into an unlikely musical alliance. It seemed a ludicrous idea but against all odds the band seemed to mesh well and sounded a damn sight better than Desdemona did. Everybody grew quiet when they played. Skittles and Hess were on Guitar, Bernard was on bass, and Helmut was on drums. They did not look like a cohesive band. Every one of them was in a completely different costume. They played "The Almighty Dollarhide", "Stuck Zipper", and were really getting into it, but then they played "Delicious Bran" and Skittles left the stage in tears.  The band did two instrumentals that they'd perfected for such occasions. (It was a bad habit she had, though the crying was new)






Despite the decent music, someone had dialed the sound up to eleven, giving the base a particularly teeth-jarring quality. It almost hurt Lindsay’s brain. With a last, longing glance at a particularly tasty boy (who was wearing a purple bracelet and also completely unaware that he was being sized up as a potential meal) Lindsay went in search of whomever was in charge of the sound. She had the idea of asking him to turn things down a few notches so she could hear herself think. She reasoned that if he turned out to be one of those half deaf music junkies and didn’t want to turn the sound down then maybe she could eat him and turn the sound down afterwards. From there, she would look for a guy with a red bracelet. Seconds after she got the sound problem corrected “Who Bit Fluffy?” Finished playing. Figures.




When they were done there was polite applause, but no cheering. Most of the people had no idea who they were and were only there for Mona. Mona on the other hand liked their work and decided that she'd ask them to open for her on the rest of the tour. The lead singer of her previous band had a family emergency and she had no opening act.








After "Who Bit Fluffy?" vacated the stage, Mona and her backup dancers came forward surrounded by her personal security detail. The crowd went wild. She smiled and blew a kiss in the general direction of the audience.








"Thank all of you so much for coming out," She said smiling. She was wearing "clothes" that made the wait staff at Forbidden Dish look conservative. It was mostly a series of straps that covered just enough to be legal. (She was famous for dressing controversially) Her backup dancers were similarly dressed, "Now, let's make this worth your while!" She danced to prerecorded music, but her singing was real as far as anybody there could tell. The more obsessed fans (including Chaz) sang along. She sang many of her signature songs and tried out some new stuff she'd been working on. When they were done, she and her dancers were covered with a sheen of sweat. The crowd sounded like they were going to rupture their vocal cords cheering.








"We're going to go get ready for dinner now. I can't thank you enough for this," Mona said toweling off, "I'll see you downstairs," She blew another kiss to the audience and was escorted back through the employee stairwell.








Wil was confused. I thought there'd be a signing before she headed out. Two of the waitresses stood at the door and called for the people's attention. They'd closed the door, and he couldn't be certain, but it almost looked like they locked it.








"Ok people, I need you to line up over there. I'm going to take you down to Mona ten at a time. Please don't shove each other," She was calm and professional and didn't take any of the grumbler's crap, "Ok, The first ten can follow me," She filed out with ten fans while the purple haired waitress watched the crowd and made sure they were orderly.
















Lindsay guided each of the first ten into a shrinking booth, then closed and locked the hatches down the line.








"All clear!" she yelled, then went by and pressed each of the buttons working up the line. She grabbed a tray with a large bowl on it and gathered each of the first ten. She didn't dawdle but she didn't run either. Slow is precise and precision is speed. They went downstairs through the employee stairwell and to the clubroom. Mona and her entourage were seated at the massive oak dinner table. Other waitresses had brought the backup dancers shrunken people from the main restaurant. Mona smiled as Lindsay placed the first bowl in front of her.








"Thank you," she said politely handing Lindsay a 20 (she did this each time Lindsay brought a new bowl), "I've never done this before. She was nervously drumming her fingers on the table as she talked to the people in the bowl, "I'm not sure how to begin," She picked up one of the men, "Are you sure this is ok?" she asked Lindsay.








"Are you kidding?" The tiny man in her hand said, "I've wanted this for a long time!" The others in the bowl nodded enthusiastically. Mona started. She wasn’t used to her food talking. It was very surreal.




“Don’t worry, they’ve all volunteered,” Lindsay said.








"Well, if that's how you feel I'd best not keep you waiting," She said to the tiny man as she lowered him into her mouth. She made a strange face as she tried to get used to his movement on her tongue. It took her a while to work up the courage to swallow him, "Oh wow, I can still feel him move! Is that normal?" Lindsay nodded. Mona had an easier time with the next three since she finally understood how to position them.








"Should I get another set of ten ready?" Lindsay asked. Mona nodded as she swallowed a fifth,




“Just keep them coming. I’m going to try to break Jordan’s record,”




Her entourage cheered.




 "Ok then, after I bring this one I'll go get the next ten and keep bringing them in sets of ten until you tell me to stop. Mona nodded as she swallowed another one.
















"Next ten people come on in. Single file please," she called from the booth room. Chaz was excited. He wanted to be in the first group, but most of the people were too fast for him. She guided them into the booths and closed the doors. As she was locking Chaz's hatch reality came crashing down on him.








"Wait! I don't want to do this! I change my mind!" he yelled. Lindsay locked the last three hatches and looked down the line.








"All clear!" she yelled.








"Didn't you hear me? I want out!" Chaz yelled banging on the hatch. The lock held firm. Lindsay must not have heard him. He saw her pressing the buttons as she came up the line closer and closer to him. Each time she pushed a button a flash followed,  "Excuse me miss! Please unlock the door!" She finally got to his button. She looked directly at him. There's no way she didn't notice him, "Whew! For a second there I thought," but before he could finish she pushed the button.
















Lindsay carried the bowl with the next ten to the table. She was glad Danielle was only in charge of drinks. If she would've heard the guy complaining she would've backed up the whole system to save him. Lindsay knew that if Mona had to wait too long between servings she'd start to feel full and in trying to save one idiot who changed his mind too late she'd get nine people sold to someone else. If she filled up this early they lost more sales. It was simple math.




“Hey! What’s the big idea?” The one that tried to back out yelled.




She ignored him.




“I changed my mind! I don’t want to be eaten!” He yelled.




“That’s between you and Mona. She purchased you, so she makes that decision. I’m very sorry, but I can’t help you,” She’d already decided that if Mona let him off the hook she was going to make it a point to eat him. These stairs were hell on her feet and she deserved a reward.




“Purchaser? I’m a human being! I can’t be purchased!” He yelled. Lindsay pushed open the door and deftly switched Mona’s empty bowl for the full one. Before the tiny man could gripe at her any more she was back upstairs lining up the next ten.




Mona was on a roll now. She’d figured out how to swallow them fast and decided that she needed to pick up the pace if she wanted to beat Jordan’s record. No time to sit around and chat. Her best bet was to just pound them down. She began to slurp them like oysters.




Chaz was trying to get Mona’s attention, but he wasn’t the only one in the bowl that was yelling. The others were cheering her on as she lifted them and quickly slurped them up. She downed five before finally grabbing him.




“Mona! I changed my m,” There wasn’t even a full second between the time she grabbed him and the moment he was stuffed into her mouth. Before he could wrap his mind around what happened he was being sucked down a hot wet tube. He landed with a plop in her stomach and found himself in a huddle of bodies. As he struggled to reach the top another person fell on him and pushed him under the pile. Arms and legs buffeted him from all sides and held him under the stomach acid.




Mona paused. That last one was dangerously cheesy. She shrugged and grabbed another. Lindsay brought in the next ten and dumped the last three into the new bowl so she could take the empty one. Mona continued to tuck in.




The others in her group were no longer eating. They were watching and cheering her on. She’d already eaten twenty with no signs of slowing down.








Lindsay came back and lined up the next ten. Wil waved over the purple haired woman.




“What’s taking so long?” He asked.




“Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s eating as fast as she can,” she said pleasantly.




While Wil was trying to figure out what her answer had to do with his question Lindsay came and got the next ten. Wil was pleased to see that he was next in line.




Not long after she’d sent the last line in, Lindsay came back and guided Wil and the next ten into the booth room. She had her hand on his shoulder and guided him into a strange booth closing and locking the door.




“Excuse me, what’s going on?” Wil asked, but she was already going down the line shutting the other booths, “Hello,” He called. He could see her pushing buttons on the other booths steadily working her way to his. Before he could call out to her she had already pushed his button. The next thing he knew he was being placed in a bowl with other tiny men. He was too dazed to yell, besides, he still wasn’t sure if this was real.




Mona was losing steam. She’d already eaten fifty and the next ten were being placed in front of her. Can’t give up now. Still need at leas eleven more. She grabbed one of the tiny men and put him in her mouth. There was a glazed expression on her face and her normally tight stomach was mildly rounded and complaining. She grabbed two more and managed to finish them, but she no longer looked like she was having fun.




“Whew!” She sighed, “I think that’s (burp) that's it. I’m sorry, guys. I just can’t eat any more,”




While most of the tiny men had slumped over saddened by the news one was yelling up at her.




“Mona! Mona, please!” he yelled as he jumped up and down.




Mona paused for a few seconds, rolled her eyes, and picked him up.




“I guess I could have one more,” She said as she brought him to her mouth.




“No!” his yell was long and clear. Everybody at the table heard. Mona paused startled, “Don’t eat me!”




“Oh no, I thought you were begging me to eat you,” Mona said alarmed, “I’m glad you said something,”




“Why would I want you to eat me?” He asked horrified.




“That’s what you’re here for right? Didn’t they explain this when you came in?”




“No! they just told me it was for the concert! I’ve never heard of this place before,”




Mona looked green, “I hope you’re the only one that didn’t know! Now I can’t think of anything but how many tiny people I just ate!” Just then Lindsay showed up with the next ten. Mona signaled for her to stop.




“I just came here for an autograph for my daughter,” Wil said.




Mona signaled to one of her handlers and they gave her a photo and a pen. She kissed the corner and signed it. She also got two tickets to her next concert.




“These are for you,” She looked uncertain as to how to give them to him. She turned to Lindsay, “No more please. I’m stuffed. Could you hold these for him until he’s brought back to normal size?”




“Sure,” Lindsay said, “So, seventeen left over,” she said as she dumped the men into one bowl. She also gently took Wil from Mona’s hand and placed him in the bowl too, “I’ll just take these back to the booth then,” Lindsay walked off as Mona and her crew sat back and allowed their stomachs to settle. She wasn’t as bad as Lindsay had thought.(and now she owed Danielle ten bucks. good thing she'd made way more than that in tips.) She still wasn’t sure she’d use the tickets though. Maybe she could sell them.




On her way back she told Adela to let the others know that they were done for the night. She hoped a few would trade their purple bracelets for red and stick around.




“Excuse me miss, but we just passed the booths,” Wil called out.




“During normal hours of operation shrinking takes priority, you’ll have to wait a while to be let out,” Lindsay said.




“You mean we have to wait in this bowl? How long?” Wil asked.




“Don’t worry, you’ll get out of the bowl soon enough,” While there was no rule specifying that the staff had to tease the unwilling and be evasive about what was going on everyone Lindsay knew did it. It was sort of a game for them. She placed the bowl down in the back where the other unwilling usually were. Thanks to Mona the bin was empty today. Lindsay grabbed one of the men from the bowl.




“I believe there’s an opening for you right now,” She walked away leaving the rest of the group alone and confused.




Wil watched people walk by the bowl as if it wasn’t there. What kind of place is this? After they were there a few minutes the girl with the purple hair walked up, quickly but gently picked up five of the other guys, and put them in a bowl as she lightly hummed. She smiled at the others and left. She sort of danced as she walked and was very fun to watch. If he wasn’t still unsure about what was going on he would’ve enjoyed the view much more.




A young bespectacled woman approached the bowl. She seemed to be looking around making sure nobody noticed her. She had large innocent looking eyes that, combined with her small frame, made her look cute and harmless. Apart from Wil (back when he had clothes) she was the most conservatively dressed person he’d seen in the whole restaurant.




“The waitresses are very busy, but they wanted me to tell you that one of the machines opened up,” She said timidly. The men began to stampede toward her, but she’d already picked one out. She carefully (almost reverently) lifted him from the bowl.




“Thank you so much. I’m not supposed to be here!” he said,” I’m Wilmer, but you can call me Wil. Don’t be so shy. I won’t bite,”




She smiled, “I’m Martha, pleased to meet you. Now, lets get you out of here,” Finally things are starting to look up. Wil thought.








Sam was huddled in the back of a bowl of rapidly disappearing men. Mona was full by the time she got to him and despite the reassurances of the waitress he was pretty sure that the men who had been shrunk to feed Mona were in fact being recycled to whomever wanted to be eaten. Guys were disappearing in ones and twos to be “returned to their normal size.” Yeah right.


That pretty waitress, Lindsay, hadn’t had an expression of ambivalence when she grabbed that one guy and hurried off with him. Sam hoped the guy was okay but was more worried about himself. He reviewed the facts.


1) He had agreed to be eaten by a hot pop star


2) The hot pop star had eaten a bunch of people (sexy!) but was now full and therefore not going to eat Sam tonight.


3) Sam was still shrunk in a restaurant that catered to women who ate tiny men.




Sam was trying to figure things out. A few moments ago he had been pretty excited about being eaten by his favorite pop star. Now he was going to be eaten by some random girl. Not what he signed up for.


“Yeah I guess you can pick out the one you want,” said the barmaid named Colby, walking over to him. “It’s a bit unorthodox to let a customer back here but who cares?”




“Thanks again,” said the girl. Sam looked up to see she had brown hair and light blue eyes. She was very pretty. “I’m just so hungry that I can’t wait for the shrink line. I really appreciate you doing this.”




“We’ll no one will know. Just hurry,” said Colby. “It’s a good thing you’re one of my regular customer’s. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone. Don’t tell,” she added with a sideways look at her companion.




“I won’t. Oh look at all these little guys. Hey fellas,” said the woman. She put her hands on her knees and bent down to get a closer look. Her face hid the ceiling above them and Sam was reminded again just how small he really was.


“I’ve got bad news and good news. The bad news is that Desdemona is not going to eat any of you tonight,” the girl made a pouting face, sticking out her lower lip. “the good news,” she said, brightening. “Is that I am hungry and will be willing to eat one of you tonight. Now if I could just decide on whom I want.” She straightened up and tapped a finger to the side of her face as her blue eyes scanned the tiny men. They briefly passed over Sam before moving on.


“What about you?” she reached in, too fast to dodge although there was a collective “Ahh!” from the men in the bowl. The woman picked up a tiny man just behind Sam. “Hmm. You’re a kind of ugly fellow. And I don’t wanna eat anyone ugly. Sorry. Back you go.” She placed him gently back in the bowl.


“What about you?” The girl picked up another man and held him before her. “No. You’re scrawny. I want to get my money’s worth. And you’re barely worth swallowing you’re so small. Oh. Sorry but it’s back you go.” She returned him to the bowl as well.




Bending forward again she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear as she searched the tiny men. “You,” she said. “You’re perfect!”


She is looking at me! Sam thought as† she reached towards Sam. Her hand cast a shadow over the bowl. Of all the girls to be eaten by, she would not be so bad. In fact, she is just as cute as Desdemona in ways. Maybe I am lucky here.


A man who had been standing directly behind Sam was lifted behind from the bowl. “Oh you’re perfect. I bet you’ll taste perfect too! Oh don’t think I didn’t remember you Colby dear. Here you go. She slipped a twenty-dollar bill to Colby and the two women exited the room.




“I don’t want to be eaten!” shouted Goggles.


“Really Jim, you need to be more accepting. You did sign up to be eaten by Desdemona after all. Maybe I’m not quite as pretty as she is but I would have thought you would think I was cute. All the other guys I’ve eaten did. Plenty of guys have volunteered for me! Is it really all that bad?”


“Err, my friends call me Goggles as opposed to Jim.”


“I like Jim better. It sounds more like a person,” said the woman. “Eating someone named Goggles sounds like I’m just swallowing a pair of glasses and that’s just weird.”




Great. I’m stuck with a woman who likes calling me by my name because it sounds more like a person and doesn’t think swallowing me alive would be weird but swallowing glasses would be.




Ever since the woman had walked into the room with Colby, Goggles had somehow felt that she was bad news. This feeling had obviously been correct since she had bribed Colby to get one of the shrunken men to eat.


Goggles hadn’t known he had been signing up to be eaten. He had just wanted to meet Desdemona. He had been shocked to learn that had he actually come face to face with his heartthrob that she would have eaten him. It has been as if he had dodged a bullet when he found that she was full and would not be eating them. Of course that meant that a bunch of other poor guys had been eaten tonight but that was their problem. He wondered how many knew that they were going to be her food. He hadn’t stopped to read that damn flyer they had made him sign. Thinking back, it had said something about being dinner for Desdemona. Huh. It hadn’t jumped out at him. He really should have taken the time to read it rather than just thinking with his dick. If he had read the damn flyer he wouldn’t be two inches tall, being held by a stranger who wanted to eat him and appeared to have every intention of actually doing it. Her beautiful face seemed almost disappointed to hear that he didn’t want to be her dinner. She was still cheerful though and was taking great pains to explain how enjoyable it was for her to swallow live men. That sent a chill down his spine. It meant that she had done this before!




“Let me tell you a quick story little guy. Once I made plans to eat a friend of mine at the Forbidden Dish. He was all excited and we showed up looking forward to a fun night. Well what do you know but we shrink him down and he changes his mind when he sees me towering over him and ready to eat.”




“So what happened?” asked Goggles.




“Oh we had a long talk. I explained that I came here with the intention of eating him and it wasn’t fair for him to expect me to not eat him after I’d been looking forward to it all night. Not† to mention that he’d already promised he would let me eat him. I think after our talk, he saw it my way.”




“So he agreed to let you eat him?” asked Goggles, surprised.




“Oh no. He was still scared out of his mind. But he was only two inches and he really couldn’t do anything to stop me so I ate him anyway.” The woman smiled at him. “Really good too. I mean I expected him to be good but not that good. Who knew my friend was so tasty? If I had known, I would have tried to eat him a lot sooner.”




“Oh. Perfectly understandable,” said Goggles.




“Thanks I knew you’d see it my way. And of course if you didn’t now, you would once I’ve digested you and you’ve become a part of me. Doesn’t that just make you excited?” she grinned widely, like she had just won the lottery.




“Oh. Very much so,” said Goggles, hoping to keep her happy. “So what you’re telling me is that no matter how people feel, if they’re shrunk, you’ll eat them.”




“Totally! Like I come here for any other reason,” said the woman. “And now little friend I think your time has come.” She raised him over her mouth as she tilted her head back and opened her full, beautiful lips.




“Wait! Wait!” said Goggles. The woman seemed almost surprised that he was still talking. “I don’t even know your name,” said Goggles.




“Oh mygosh! I am sooo sorry! How rude of me. I’m Candace.”




“Nice to meet you Candace. You have a very pretty name.”




“Thanks. I think so too.”




“And you’re a very pretty person,” Goggles said, not lying in the least but hoping to make the girl like him more and therefore keep him around longer.




“Thanks!” said Candace. She obviously enjoyed being complemented. “But I’ve gotta ask you. Are you suffering from Stockholm syndrome? I mean a second ago you didn’t seem all too happy to learn that you’d be spending the night in my belly.




“Oh no. Me? Far from it! I am so excited you picked me to be eaten that I can hardly wait. I just want to draw out the experience a bit.”




“Okay!” said Candace, brightening. “I’ll play with you on my tongue for a bit before I swallow.” She opened her mouth and Goggles was treated to another scary look into the inky blackness at the back of Cadence’s throat.




“No wait! Wait! Let’s play hide and seek. There are private rooms for eating right? I heard someone talking about them Get one of them. It’ll be fun.




“Oh my gosh Jim. That is such a good idea! I’ve never thought about that before. You’re sure you don’t mind waiting for me to eat you a bit longer?”




Goggles assured her that he was sure.




“Okay then. Let’s go. I am sooo wicked excited Jim!”


Candace carried Jim off with Jim wondering just how he would get out of this one.








Sam was the last of three men in the bowl. Everyone else has been “Regrown,” as the serving staff had put it.


“Oh that was totally a great time!” said Kat. She wasn’t the prettiest of women but she was still cute enough.


“I know,” agreed Jamie. She was one of the serving girls who had been grabbing guys out of the bowl all night.


“And look what we have here; leftovers,” said Kat. She didn’t work at the forbidden dish but she was best friends with Jamie.


“I know. They are leftovers from Mona’s show. I tried a few of them. They were pretty tasty too.”


“Well should we polish them off?” asked Kat.


“Okay,” said Jamie with a shrug. “Have you ever eaten someone who was unwilling before?”


“No,” said Kat with a frown. “Any good?”


“Depends upon what you like. Some girls prefer them that way. I don’t really care one way or the other as long as I get to eat them.” †The two girls laughed together.


“Seriously, can I try one?” asked Kat, walking close to the bowl and peering in. †Sam and the other men inside began to back away.




“We signed up to be eaten by Desdemona!” said one man.† “Not by you!”




“Picky, picky!” said Kat and grabbed the man. “I wonder how you’ll taste.” She didn’t have to wonder long. In a flash she put him in her mouth. She moved him around her mouth, obviously tasting him. She had a pensive look on her face. Then, she gulped him down as Jamie picked out the other man. Sam was beginning to shake now. He wasn’t sure who would eat him but he was obviously sure that it would be one of the two girls.


Jamie popped the other man in her mouth and swallowed as Kat was smiling.




“Hmm. Not bad. Not as good as that drunk guy I ate earlier. Do you want the last one dear?” she asked her friend.




“Sure. If you don’t want it,” said Jamie. She reached in and grabbed Sam. Being brought up to Jamie’s face, he had only a few seconds to admire her pretty face up close before being forced into her dark, wet, warm mouth. Then, in a second, she gulped him down.


It had been Sam’s fantasy to be eaten by a pretty girl since he was a kid. Despite the fact that it wasn’t the pretty rock star he’d wanted, the girl eating him was very pretty and he was enjoying himself. He slid easily down her throat. As he travelled down her esophagus, he could hear muffled screaming coming from below him. He fell into the stomach and the screams became loud and clear. It was the man Jamie had eaten before him.


“Ahhh! Ahhh! Let me out!” he cried as the stomach acids began to burn Sam. Sam didn’t scream. He had resigned himself to the pretty girls body. He would be dead soon but he was enjoying himself.







Candace set Goggles on the table in the private room and then began to lick her lips. “This what you had in mind?” she asked seductively.




“Actually I’m more of an ass man. Would you mind walking over there so I can watch you in motion?”




“Hmm. Okay Jim but after that I think I’m going to eat you up. Better enjoy being outside of my tummy while you still can.”


She stood up and turned her back to Goggles and began to walk. She looked over her shoulder back at Goggles. “Like it?”




“Sure do,” said Goggles. It was a decent looking butt. “Keep walking.”


Candace laughed and kept going. The moment she turned her head, Goggles jumped from the table and sprinted for the door. It was closed sure but there was a crack between the door and the floor, which Goggles decided was the best way


to escape.




The trouble was that at his size everything was a lot further than he would have liked. It was a long sprint to the door and he was a bit winded when he arrived. He threw himself on the carpeting and started to squeeze under the crack, chancing a look back at Candace as he did. She was posing, her hips half cocked to one side, her jeans tight across her backside. Obviously she thought he was still watching her.


Goggles squeezed through the door and into the hallway. Whew! That had been pretty tight even for his size. Now he just had to get out of here. Get out of here and go where? Well, never mind that now. He would cross that bridge when he came to it. For the moment he had to concentrate on escaping a building full of women who all wanted to eat him.




He started down the hallway when he heard the door open behind him and Candace come out. She spotted him at once and hurried after him. Of course Goggles tried to run for it but there was no escape. Candace caught him in one hand and lifted him to her mouth.




“Oh Jimmy,” she said. “I can see that you never wanted to be eaten at all. Well that is just too bad. After all that teasing you did, it was a bit rude to leave the room without saying goodbye.”




“I don’t want to be a snack!” shouted Goggles, dangling from Candace’s finger and thumb. “I never did.”




“Poor Jim. You’re just a victim of circumstance. Too bad I’m way too hungry to let you go.”




“Please Candace. Please. Think of how horrible it will feel for me when I’m in your stomach.”




“I prefer to concentrate on how I’ll feel with you in my stomach. That’s a date you’ve put off for far too long. Later Jim!”


She opened her mouth wide and Jim screamed, but Candace didn’t stop. She pushed him inside. Jim fought tooth and nail against the pull of her tongue but it was no use. She easily manipulated his body.




“Mmmmm!” she said, which was so loud that it was agony for Jim. But a moment later his pain was forgotten as she began to swallow. He flailed his arms and legs, trying to prevent her from swallowing him by making himself as big as possible but she easily guided his body into her throat and down her esophagus. His body, now slick with saliva gave almost no resistance to the walls of the esophagus and he slid down with a minimum of fuss, despite his attempts at the contrary. He was expelled from the esophagus into her belly and landed in hot, thick, smelly liquid with a splash. It was burning him. He tried to climb out but kept slipping back into the liquid.




Candace smiled as she felt the slight fluttering that always went with swallowing a guy. She made her way back into the club, enjoying the feeling. Before it had even died she had begun a conversation with a guy wearing a red wristband.










Adela sat down at her favorite chair in the restaurant. Most of the customers didn't like it because it was in the corner and some of the decorative plants obscured the view of the rest of the restaurant. The only other person she'd seen sit there was Martha when she was writing. Since she had seen Martha take one of the leftovers from the bowl and knew she liked her meals in private, Adela had the table to herself.




She plopped down and sat the bowl in front of her. Her stomach growled. She didn't dance or perform for them. She didn't even talk to them. She only got a brief lunch break before she had to get back to work and she was pulling a double. It kind of bordered on the edge of her personal code to eat the leftovers from the purple bands. They hadn't signed up for her, but technically they had accepted the fact that they would get eaten one way or another. Foods at the restaurant were cooked in animal fat and there weren't enough red bands to work up a decent lunch quickly enough (she skipped breakfast), so this would have to do. She hurriedly grabbed one of the tiny protesting men and downed him as she hummed to herself. The complaining from the bowl had gotten louder. She grabbed and swallowed another. While she was eating Skittles ran up to her barely able to contain her excitement.




"Guess what?" She said trying not to jump up and down.




"What?" Adela said popping the third guy into her mouth.




"Mona asked us to go on tour with her!" She could no longer contain herself. She was actually jumping now.




"Yay you!" Adela said popping the fourth guy into her mouth, "This could be your big break!"




"I know right?" Skittles said, "You able to watch the house for a bit?"




"How long?"




"I forgot to ask," Skittles said as if it was a minor detail.




"No biggie. I should be fine. Have fun, and say hi to Hess for me!"




Skittles rolled her eyes, "Sure thing," She rushed out the door.




Adela's thoughts happily drifted back to Hess. His name was Jan (pronounced yahn) but most people read it as the girl's name of similar spelling, so he just went by his last name. It was too bad really. Adela liked the name Jan. She looked down at the last guy in the bowl. He was busy trying to shrink down into the bowl to make himself invisible.




"Hey, could you do me a big favor?" Adela asked the man in the bowl.




He looked up, but he stayed stooped over.




"You see, there's this guy I really like, but I'm not sure how to talk to him," She said looking like she found something interesting in her lap, "Could you pretend to be him so I can practice what I'm going to say," She blinked prettily at him and smiled.




He stared up at her. He couldn't tell if her eyes were so dark that they made her skin look whiter or she was so pale that her eyes looked dark, but it had an entrancing effect. She was very pretty and who knows? maybe playing boyfriend for a bit might save his life.




"I, I guess I could, yeah, sure," He said.




"Oh, thank you, you're so nice," she said, "Jan, is it ok if I call you Jan, that's his name see?"




"Sure, sure," "Jan" said.




"Jan, I, uh, sorry I'm a mess, It's been a busy day,"




"Don't worry about it. You look great," Jan said. Gotta earn brownie points wherever I can.








"Yeah, of course, you always look great," He said.




"That's great, because there's something I've been wanting to ask you for a long time," Her voice got lower as she talked. She gently picked "Jan" up from the bowl.








"Well," she said making a more sultry face, "Every since I first laid eyes on you," She drew him closer. He could feel her warm breath as she whispered, I knew, what I wanted, more than anything in the world,"




"Jan" was excited. Obviously she really liked this guy. This was his ticket out of here.




"Was to eat you," Adela said.




"Wait what?" The moment was gone.




"It's all I can think about," She said.




"Please don't! I don't wanna die!" "Jan" said.




She stopped and stared at him.




"I don't think that's what he'd say, but thank you for helping me practice," She said as she popped the last tiny man into her mouth and swallowed. Maybe when he got back from the tour she'd ask him for real. Who knows, he might like the idea. Her light snack was satisfying but not filling. She could still feel the movement as she went back to work. The purple bands were not so bad after all. Adela couldn't wait for the next celebrity visit.








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