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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hope you like it!

Kevin was walking around the park, trying to find someone to help him.  The reason he needed help was a rather unusual one.  He was an ant!  But he hadn’t always been an ant.  At one time he was a normal 15 year old.  Now he was less than an inch tall. 

            He crawled through the grass much like a normal ant would.  He tried to avoid anything that might pose a threat to him.  He stayed in the grass where birds would be less likely to get him, and he quickly walked away if he saw another bug.  He didn’t know how he was going to get through this.

            Then, a giant foot came down in front of him.  It was huge, and it only missed him by a few inches.  Kevin saw tiny blades of grass crushed beneath the giant’s foot, but all he could think about was how lucky he was that he wasn’t under there.

            He looked up at the giant whose foot has nearly crushed him.  He recognized who it was.  It was Timmy, one of his best friends.  Timmy kept walking, picking his foot off of the ground he just trampled.  Kevin thought for a second about what just happened.  His friend almost killed him.  But then he thought of something else.  The idea was absurd, ridicules even, but what else could he do?  If he stayed like this he would be dead within a week.  Maybe, just maybe, if Timmy saw him he would recognize him, and help him.

            Kevin climbed up the nearest blade of grass trying to find Timmy again.  He saw him not to far away, sitting at a table.  Kevin smiled at his luck.  He might actually be able to get to Timmy!

            Kevin ran as fast as he could over to the table, although his tiny ant legs could only carry him so fast.  He broke out from the shelter of the grass, but kept running to where Timmy now sat.  He soon reached him.

            Timmy’s shoe towered above Kevin.  It was only now that Kevin saw the error in his plan.  Timmy couldn’t see him.  But, he still had to try.  He ran between Timmy’s shoes and started jumping up and yelling, begging for Timmy to see him. 

            Today was Kevin’s lucky day.  Timmy chose to look down.  He looked at the woodchips around his feet, and the grass that lay only a few feet away.  Then he saw a tiny ant moving below him.

            “Hello little ant.”  Timmy said, not expecting an answer.  Kevin stopped in shock.  He actually saw him! 

            “Timmy!”  The ant shouted.  “Its me!”  Timmy couldn’t hear him.  He was just too small.  To Timmy, Kevin was just a normal little bug.  He put his hand down on the ground, in front of the tiny ant.  Kevin was amazed.  He happily climbed on top of Timmy’s massive finger thinking that he had been saved, thinking that his ordeal was over.  What he didn’t notice was Timmy sliding his foot out of his shoe. 

            “So little ant.”  Timmy said in a playful voice, still unaware that this tinny bug was actually his friend.  “Have fun!”  Timmy held his finder over his shoe, and then with his other hand, he pushed Kevin off.

            Kevin landed on the soft fabric inside of Timmy’s running shoe.  He was dazed by the fall, and confused about what was happening.  Why was did Timmy drop him?  And where was he?  He looked around quickly, although he was already to late.  His location dawned on him right as Timmy went to put on his shoe.  His foot slid in, blocking out most of the light inside.  Kevin tried to get up, but he didn’t know what to do.  Then, Timmy’s heel fell onto Kevin. 

            He was pressed between Timmy’s sock and the fabric of his shoe.  The life was being crushed out of him.  He couldn’t breath, and the only thing he could feel was the weight of Timmy.  He struggled to push his foot off of him, but it was to much. 

            Timmy smiled as he slid his foot into his shoe knowing that the ant was about to be crushed.  He barely put any weight on his heel, hoping to keep the ant alive as long as possible.  He could feel the little guy still moving around inside, trying to stay alive. 

            “Now ant.”  Timmy said, more to himself more than anyone.  “Don’t die in their OK.  Not yet at least.”  He smiled again as he stood up, and started walking home.

            Timmy’s foot pressed into Kevin even more than before.  He was pinned down, unable to move, even to wiggle the little bit that he could before.  Timmy shifted his weight a bit, and his foot pressed into him even more.  Kevin let out a scream as the lower half of his body gave out, being pressed felt against his heel. 

            Kevin felt each and every impact of Timmy’s foot.  After two steps, Kevin wished he would just crush him and get it over with, but Timmy’s shoes took just enough of the force away for that not to happen.

            When Timmy got back to his house, the first thing he did was take of his shoe and look at the poor bug he had stepped on.  He saw it at the bottom of his shoe, almost flattened.  Then to Timmy’s delight, it moved.  Not a lot, only a little, but it was enough to prove that it was still alive.  Timmy reached in and grabbed the little ant between his forefinger and thumb, being careful not to squeeze to hard. 

            “Well little bug.”  Timmy said.  “Good job staying alive, but I don’t think you’ll survive this.”

            Timmy opened his mouth and placed the tiny bug on his tongue.  He didn’t chew.  He swallowed the ant whole. 

            Kevin was barely conscious when Timmy pulled him out from his shoe.  He looked at the giant that now towered above him, unable to move more than his legs.  Then he was placed on Timmy’s tongue.  Then Timmy gulped him down, swallowing him whole. 

            Timmy rubbed his stomach at the small meal he just had. 

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