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During war, governments always keep secrets from there people. Some people dislike the fact, but in all truthfulness sometimes it's necessary. Some secrets must not be revealed to the people, for fear the enemy my be listening. Others can be so terrifying that they might drop the people's moral to the breaking point. And that is why you've never heard of the battle for Pine Cliff Montana, the single worst day in WW2 for American civilian casualties.

During WW2, Germany dreamed of a way to strike The United States. They had Russia and Britain in there reach, but America and Canada were a thorn in there side. They experimented with missiles, bombers, and anything else there scientists could think of, but nothing worked. With the Russians coming from the east, and the new American, British and Commonwealth landings in Italy, they needed an answer. That answer was Dr. Runshtadt...

December 25, 1943, 7:30pm
Mountain lodge, Germany
"Fuhrer, The doctor wishes to speak to you now." Said a young SS soldier.
The man looked up from the puzzle he had been obsessing over for three days, He was short, had a very round head and a thin mustache over is upper lip. He picked up a puzzle peice with a shaking hand and and put it in place.
"Send him in." Said the man, in a quavering, barley audible voice.
"Yes, Fuhrer." The soldier left the room and a few seconds later a man in his mid 30s with wild brown hair stepped in.
"Hello, Adolph."
Adolph Hitler sat his elbows on the desk and folded his hands. "Dr.Runshtadt."
"Yes." Said Runshtadt, sitting down into a chair in front of Hitler's desk.
"So what is this...super weapon, you were talking about?"
"Well, for the past two years I've been working..." He was cut off by Hitler.
"I do not have time for this! Tell me what it is and what it does!"
"It's a growth ray, Fuhrer." Said Runshtadt "I've created a weapon that will cause a person to grow to about 50 to75 meters."
"Perfect! I will grow my army to giants!"
"We have won the war Runshtadt!"
"Tell my Generals to gather our soldiers to become giants!"
"What Runshtadt? We have little time to waste."
"The weapon only works on females. I'm not sure why, but any males I tried it on died."
"What!? We mean you came here to tell me nothing? How can I use a woman?"
"Fuhrer, we can attack the Americans with her."
"Her? Let me see her."
Runshtadt opened the door and in walked and beautiful brunette woman.
"Fuhrer, This is Irina. She has been undergoing training and is fluent in American english, along with the easy American culture."
"Why is she not a giant."
"Well, once I grow someone, the effects are permanent. And it would be easier to get her to the United States at this size."
"I've heard enough, Runshtadt." Said the Fuhrer. "What is your plan?"
"Simple, Irina and I are shipped to America in a U-boat, from there we make our way to our target. Then Ill grow her, and the Americans will not know what to do."
"And what is our target?" asked Hitler.
"That is up to you, Fuhrer."
Hitler pulled out a map, and looked it over. "Here." He pointed at eastern Montana.
"But, Fuhrer? Why not New York or the Capitol or..."
"No. I want to hit them right in the middle, where no one will feel safe. And It's close enough to Canada to frighten them too."
"As you wish, Fuhrer."

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