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Author's Chapter Notes:

Alright, this is my newest story idea. It's a fun micro exploration story with some sexual content and smut to go along with it in a few installments. I hope you guys like it! I am also going to take your input in deciding how the story will progress. If you have suggestions on what parts of the girls our micro explorer shall encounter, let me know!




“This is what you get, Chris!” Mei said as she raised me up to her almond shaped, blue-colored eye. I was pinched between her thumb and forefinger, still shrinking down. I could barely wiggle my arms and legs as she held me tight between the massive fingers. I was like a bug, trapped and panicking between her fingers. I was shrinking so fast that I was pretty sure that soon just the oils on one of her fingers could hold me. “You lost a lot to me and now you’re going to have to pay me back. One way or another.”

I’d lost a bet. It was as simple as that. Then, I lost more bets. My friends and family have told me for years that I have a gambling problem. The problem being that I suck at gambling. I rarely ever win. Which is how I ended up in this situation. Mei was an old friend of mine and during a friendly card game with her girlfriend Annie and their roommate, my sister Kayla, in which we all drank more than we should, I lost far more to Mei than I could ever repay. So, Mei proposed one last hand. If I won she’d forgive the debt, if I lost she’d shrink me for a month. If I survived for a month then she’d return me to normal. 

My sister and Annie looked at Mei and giggled knowingly. I had the distinct feeling I had been set up. Needless to say, I lost to Mei. She used a shrinking spell on me that I honestly didn’t think would work. Sure, she claimed to know magic, but I never believed her. I mean, would you believe that your little Japanese friend had the power to turn you into a parasite?

I looked at the women in confusion. Kayla was a year older than me. I admit that she’s a pretty attractive woman. She was fairly tall, about 5’8, and very athletic and thin. She had the smallest breasts of the group, maybe barely C-cups. She had a toned ass that came from being a track star in college. Like me, she had brown eyes and hair, though her hair was down to her waist. Annie was a spitfire type of gal. She was tall, African American, with dark skin. She had sizeable breasts, probably the biggest of the group. She was about 5’11 tall, with large D cup breasts; she had a shapely, curvy figure. She met my sister through track in college. Her hair was cut in a cross between a pixie cut and a flat top. Her hair was naturally “poofy” as Mei described it, and she perfectly shaped it to this style. Finally there is Mei. Mei is a Japanese-American with creamy skin. She is 5’6 with an overall petite build apart from her unusually large breasts. Easily large D-cups, not much smaller than Annie’s. She had long black hair that came to the small of her back. She had a cute, button nose and a round face. She had piercing eyes, eyes that were locked onto me right now and cute pouty lips that were muttering something in another language. 

I stiffened, unable to move, as I started shrinking. I looked up at the growing girls in panic, each face showing a different expression. Kayla looked at me wish some concern mixed with curiosity. Annie looked amused at the situation. Meanwhile, Mei looked at me with a lustful hunger as she slipped her top and bra off, exposing her surprisingly large breasts to the air. 

“This is for your own good, Chris. We planned this as sort of an intervention for your gambling.” Kayla said nervously, pausing as she looked at our friend’s exposed breasts. “Though I’m not sure about the… methods.”

“Don’t worry, sweetie, I’ll take good care of him.” Mei said as she reached down and scooped me up into her hand. Which brings us back to my current position.

“Though don’t expect me to be too nice or make special exceptions for you,” She said teasingly as she lowered my still shrinking form to her right nipple. She cupped the breast up towards her face with her free hand and smirked at my tiny form. I looked over at the gigantic nipple rising in front of me. It was rapidly growing into a mountain before me. I then realized that I was dwarfed by a nipple that wasn’t even hard yet. I was about an eighth of an inch tall when she deposited me on her areola at the base of the nipple. It was an imperceptible drop for her, but for me it felt like I fell five feet onto the hard skin of her nipple.

She leered down at me, chuckling as she did so. The force sending vibrations through the nipple that caused me to fall on my ass. Her voice basically boomed and shook me from sheer volume, but it didn’t feel too deep or distorted yet, just loud. It would probably get even harder to understand her the smaller I got.

“Take one last look at him, girls. You won’t be seeing him for a while, but he will see a lot of us!” Mei’s voice boomed and her chest shook rapidly as she giggled. The flesh and ground rippled, causing me to fall to my hands and knees before her nipple, it looked as though I was worshiping it as the sky was filled with the faces of Kayla, Annie, and, of course, Mei. 

“Look at him!” Annie said, too excited for my tastes, “He’s so small that I can barely see him on your areola!”

Kayla frowned as her face lowered to me, her eyes hovered over me, and I could feel her breath warming the nipple, making the air moist and humid. “He’s getting smaller!” She said in shock, she turned her face towards Mei, “How small is he going to get?”

Mei raised her breast closer to her own face and lowered her face closer to look at me. “Until he can’t even be seen!” 

“You didn’t say that! How will he live?” Kayla asked, her mouth widening with horror.

“Don’t worry too much; the spell makes him more durable. He’ll be fine. I hope.” Mei says with a shrug as she suddenly lets go of her breast, letting it drop back to its normal position. I fall flat on my face, amazed that I wasn’t launched from the breast. I closed my eyes and gripped a ridge in her areola as tightly as possible while I waited for the shaking of the quivering flesh of her massive mammaries to stop. 

“He’s gone.” Mei said simply. “Too small to even see.”

I could barely hear her over the crashing sounds caused by the quaking and shifting flesh, but I could tell that she sounded content. I was still shrinking and she couldn’t see me on her own nipple. I looked up and saw the nipple rising over me. No. I wasn’t even on the nipple. I was merely a parasite on her areola. I continued shrinking as I watched the reddish-brown landscape expand around me. Imperceptible drops of sweat now showed as small ponds to me. I marveled at this alien world I found myself in and looked up. In the far distance, barely even perceptible, hung the faces of my sister, Annie and of course Mei. They were so large; they looked like watching moons hanging in the sky. I heard dull rumbling and saw the hazy satellite that was my sister orbiting this new world open her mouth to speak. I could barely understand a single word she said. I guess I was so small now that the spell couldn’t help me understand what she was saying. More thunder shook the air and the ground rumbled slightly as Mei replied. Annie and Kayla’s faces disappeared and Mei looked away from me. I was not even worth their notice. The sky began to shift as Mei started moving. I saw the overhead light shining like a distant sun. Then the view shifted with each step as her breast wobbled. It was barely a minor tremor for me; I barely would have noticed had I not looked up at the sky and seen the horizon shift with each step. I collapsed to my knees in shock and awe as I saw Annie standing off in the distance. She was so massive, I couldn’t believe it. She sat down at the card table, and Mei followed suit. I saw a continent of white fly over me as Mei lifted the deck of cards. Her massive arms appeared on the side of the breast. I could barely comprehend it. The ground rumbled again as she spoke words imperceptible to me. 

For Mei, she simply walked over to the table and sat down, picking up the deck of cards. She waited until the others were seated and smiled at them. Both girls were staring at her exposed breast. “So is it my turn to deal?”

Chapter End Notes:

So, what do you guys want to see happen next? I have some ideas for his future, but am open to your input.

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