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Author's Chapter Notes:

Not as much action as I’d initially planned for this chapter. It’s mostly just focused on our hapless protagonist getting used to his new world and us getting to know everyone a bit better. The fun starts soon. I promise there will be some interesting lewdness in the next chapter or two. 


Part 2:

The girls continued to play cards further into the night. I had no perception of how much time had passed. I just felt rumbling every time Mei spoke or moved. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying, but as I stayed there on this brownish surface of her areola, I began to pick up certain things. Like I couldn’t understand the others speaking or Mei, but I figured out when she laughed for instance. Instead of low slow rumbles of her usual speech, the ground would tremor much more rapidly sharply. I can walk around and move around alright when she spoke, but the laughter of this Asian landmass I now found myself on could knock me on my ass. Occasionally I could see her cards move up and down with her indescribably large arms. So far she hadn’t even acknowledged I was down here. I tried shouting at her a few times, or for Kayla, but got no response. I honestly felt that Annie would just play with me or ignore me if she could hear me. I was much closer to Mei (literally now) and I had a great relationship with my sister.


Even though my sister was a year older than me, we were in the same year of college and were pretty close. Annie and Mei actually met through my sister and I. Kayla was on our school’s track team and freshman year, she met Annie who was also on the team. They became instant friends. I’d been good friends with Mei since our second year of high school. Apparently I was one of like three guys at our school who liked anime so I would recognize the character charms she had on her bag. We’ve been tight ever sense, and up until this point, I considered her to be one of my best friends. Now that I am imperceptible, sitting on her massive nipple I am beginning to rethink that.


As their game drug on, I began to stop panicking and try to adjust to my surroundings. I still couldn’t believe what happened. I admit that I’ve always loved the chance to see Mei naked, but as I look around at this vast terrain, I didn’t want to see her naked quite like this. The first thing I noticed was the heat. The air was fairly cool, a constant breeze washing over me from Mei’s movements and the air of the apartment. The ground however radiated heat. It wasn’t oppressive or anything, it was just her natural body temperature, but I could feel it seeping up underneath me. The ground was radiating her heat. I wonder if it will be hotter when she puts clothes on. Oh, God…I hadn’t even thought of that yet. The ground was a brownish red plain stretching on for miles, filled with large hills with ridges and canyons tracing through them. It was a strange hard surface. I wonder if the skin on other parts of her body was softer to the touch or just as hard at this size. Towering over all of this was a massive mountain that seemed to stretch into the heaven. It reminded me when I went mountain climbing a few years ago in the Rocky Mountains. There was a valley liked this. It had smaller hills and canyons running through it with a large peak overlooking it all. But this wasn’t the mighty Rocky Mountains. It was merely Mei’s nipple towering over me. Wait? Towering over me? I looked back in the other direction and off in the great distance I could see the underside of her chin. I turned back towards the nipple and looked above it and saw the blurry image of what I assumed to be Annie sitting across the table. I recognized her dark skin and the blue shirt with our college logo on it that she had been wearing, granted at this scale it is all just a hazy blur to me, like looking at the ghost of the moon in the afternoon.


Mei was sitting straight up and her nipple was pointed towards her girlfriend, which means that I should be clinging to her flesh instead of walking around like I was on flat ground. Her nipple should be below me, not towering over me! I tried jumping to see if I was perhaps fall off of her. Nothing. I jumped my usual distance as if I were at the gym. I walked over to a ridge on her nipple that rose about eight feet above me. I wondered if I was just sticking to her skin… I tried to step up it by placing a foot on it. Nothing. It was like trying to walk up a wall. So was I so small that her breast had its own gravity to me? Or did the spell do something to make it to where I could move around on her like she was a planet to me. I lean against the ridge of dark flesh and sit down, resting against it. She spoke and the ground shook. I guess Mei was a planet to me. My entire world now. I looked up at the sky and saw the sky swinging over to an outline wearing a white shirt. My sister.


A warm wind gusted over me, disturbing the fairly cool air as the rumbling continued. I looked up and saw Mei’s massive mouth, something that looked capable of swallowing entire mountain ranges moved above me, the scent of alcohol and soda washed over me from the wind of her breath. I could barely make out her massive face as it hung above me like the moon. Her eyes were narrowed and her cheeks were turned up in a familiar amused smirk. Her face looked up, the warm winds disappearing, as she addressed someone, likely my sister. The rumble continued before becoming a more jarring shaking. She was giggling again.

 This was too surreal. It defied logic. I tried wrapping my head around this concept. I could piece it together and work it out but it was just so hard to accept. I leaned my head back and began to doze off.


I woke up to more rumbles and a strange swaying, like a large ship at sea, or a suspension bridge in strong winds. I shook my head and climbed up the ridge behind me, using indentions in her skin as handholds. I crawled on top of the ridge and looked up at the sky to see the room rapidly moving. The objects were too large and moving too fast for my eyes to track. It was mindboggling to see things so large move so quickly. I saw a wall of white with gigantic mountains jutting from it moving towards me. The mountains disappeared and my sister’s face hung above me. Her hair cascaded around her head, almost making a curtain surrounding Mei’s breast. I could hear the countless strands crash against the breast, it sounded like surf crashing on rocks during a storm. Her eyes scanned the breast, likely looking for me. Her mouth opened and I was hit by a gale of her hot breath as her thunderous voice shook the air. Kayla’s mouth was much closer to me than Mei’s was when she spoke. The wind, smelling like lager beer and some sort of energy drink caught me off guard and was so strong that it caused me to fall down the other side of the ridge I’d just climbed. I screamed in surprise and fear as I fell much further than I’d climbed. There was a canyon on this side of the ridge of nipple flesh. I tumbled uncontrollably down the slope of flesh until I crashed into knee deep liquid at the bottom. I broke the surface and sputtered out mouthfuls of the stuff. It was disgustingly salty. Was it sweat or just her natural bodily oils that had accumulated in this canyon? It was a canyon to me, but merely an imperceptible wrinkle of flesh on her areola to Mei. Kayla finally stopped and the wind and thunder died down. I tried to pick myself up from this liquid but then Mei started speaking, catching me off guard and causing me to slip back in this stream that ran along the minute wrinkles of her areola. I looked up the steep canyon walls to see Kayla’s face move closer to Mei’s ear. Kayla didn’t realize it, but her hair drug along Mei’s breast. A few strands crashed down above me, each appearing to be thicker than redwoods. The covered the canyon top for a moment, casting me in darkness. I was chilled to the bone for a moment as I realized that just their hair would be dangerous to me. It eventually moved and my view of the underside of my sister’s face was restored as she continued whispering to Mei. I couldn’t understand what these titans were saying, but I had a hunch it was about me.



Mei sighed as Annie won another hand of Poker and shook her head. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was nearly 10:00 pm. She yawned slightly and looked across the table at her friend and girlfriend. Annie looked relaxed, nonchalant, as she slid her chips over towards herself. Kayla meanwhile pretended to look at her chips, but Mei could catch Kayla sneaking glances at her exposed nipple. Kayla was worried. She protested Mei’s plan, but gave in eventually once Mei told Kayla that Chris would be basically indestructible. Something she did not tell Chris. She also didn’t mention that Chris would feel the need to eat and drink as well, even though he could go for a long time without doing either. She wondered idly how long it would take before Chris succumbed to the urge to drink her sweat for nourishment. She wasn’t going to pay him much attention, but the idea of him completely subsisting off of her and at her mercy really turned her on. She wouldn’t tell anyone of course. Still, it was getting late.


“Hey, ladies, I hate to call the game, but I’m tired. Time for bed.” She said, sliding her chair back.

Annie practically jumped up from the table, surprising Mei and Kayla with the burst of excitement and energy. Kayla stood and walked towards Mei who stood and turned away from the table to put the cards away on a shelf. She turned back, her breasts lightly swaying from the movement, causing her to giggle slightly.

“Mei,” Kayla began, “What about Chris?” Kayla said as she leaned forward towards the exposed breast, as if trying to see her little brother. “What are you going to do with him? Like when you bathe or sleep?” 


Kayla didn’t notice her hair brushing against Mei’s breast. Mei did however. Mei used a focusing spell to quietly sense Chris. She could hear and visualize him falling and screaming on her nipple. The image made her laugh slightly once Kayla finished speaking, causing her breasts to jiggle.


“He’ll be fine. I will sleep topless so he has plenty of air. I am showering in the morning and he has a protection spell that prevents him from getting lost or separated from me.” Mei replied. She was lying partially about that last part. True, she put a spell on Chris that makes him adhere to people like they have their own gravity, but a large force could dislodge him. Such as water, or…


“Annie. What about Annie?” Kayla asked nervously, leaning forward and whispering in Mei’s ear.

Mei saw Chris’s plight in her mind and broke the connection between them, not wanting to be too distracted by him. She turned her face and whispered to Kayla, amused to see what her friend was implying.

“What about Annie?” Mei asked flatly.

“Well,” Kayla started nervously, “You two are together, and I am worried that you two would…you know with Chris there.”

Mei smiled and glanced over at Annie who was putting away the chips on the table. “What, you don’t want me to sleep with Annie while your brother is on me?”

Kayla nodded slowly, a look of concern on her face. Mei sighed and turned towards Annie.

“Fine. Annie, you’re sleeping in your room tonight, not with me in mine.”


Annie cocked her head to the side. Mei noticed a flash of disappointment and anger flash across her face. She knew Kayla didn’t pick up on it. Annie may be Kayla’s best friend, but there are some things that only lovers notice.

“Why? Because of your friend lost a little bet?” Annie replied with a smirk and a raised brow as she put the poker chips on a shelf. “You know, most men would kill to be in a three way with me and you.”

“Yeah, well most men aren’t microscopic on a breast,” Kayla replied bluntly.

Annie started chuckling lightly and shaking her head. “I feel sorry for Sarah now.”

“Well, she wouldn’t have gone along with it. She loves Chris too much.” Mei said with a shrug. “She doesn’t think he has a problem.”

Annie walked over and looked at the bare breast. She still stood but her gaze was unmistakably directed at Mei’s breast. “What are you guys going to tell her? And your folks?”


Kayla also looked down at the breast. “That he decided to take the last month before classes start back off and went mountain climbing. He’s done it before.”


“It’s not a complete lie,” Annie said with a nod, before adding with a sly smile, “And my girl here definitely has some mountains on her.”


Mei smiled and leaned up and kissed Annie on the cheek before turning towards her room. “I’ll see you girls later! Goodnight, my lovelies! And don’t worry, Kayla, I’ll take good care of Chris.”


Mei didn’t look back as she closed and locked her door behind her, thankful that the apart had separate bedrooms and bathes for each person. She took a deep breath as she leaned against the door. She heard Kayla and Annie go to their respective rooms. Kayla’s being on the far side of the apartment. The walls of this building were thick, so Mei and Annie could get pretty rowdy some nights and no one would hear. This could prove useful later, Mei reflected. She looked down at her breast with a smile.


“Now, the fun begins.”

Chapter End Notes:

I hope you like how it's going so far. The next few chapters are going to have Chris get intimate with Mei (and maybe someone else too) in ways he never thought possible. 

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