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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the delay, guys. This one was a bit challlenging to write. It's still mostly breast play right now and some set up for later things too. I hope you like it! 

Part 3:


Mei walked to her bathroom and washed her face off. She thought about getting a shower, but decided against it. She would at least keep that much of her promise to Kayla tonight. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. Her skin glistened lightly with sweat. She wondered how that felt to the little guy. She smiled as she watched her plump breasts rise and fall with each breath. She could only imagine how it felt for her little passenger. Everything she did affected him. She looked down to her pussy, feeling it moisten at the thought. She ran a finger through her thick, but trimmed, bush. Down to her moist vulva. She bit her bottom lip lightly as she thought about what to do next. She ran through some spells in her head and decided on one to make Chris’s situation even more humiliating.


She took a deep breath and then used her spell to focus on Chris. To reach out to him.



I managed to climb out of the canyon on Mei’s nipple and now stood on the ridge looking around the immediate area. It was darker now. Mei must be in her room. Everything is colored by the cool low light from outside her window, casting the world of her nipple in a cool shadowy glow. Making it look even more alien. I figured I was on a bump on her areola because I have a pretty good vantage point to see the landscape before me. Directly in front of me, many miles away stood Mei’s mountainous nipple, towering above me. The ground was laced with canyons and hills. Natural imperfections on her nipple, magnified to the extreme. It looked like a massive valley at the base of a mountain. I shook my head in awe at all of this. I was mad at Mei for doing this to me, but this view was breathtaking. Alien, but familiar at the same time.


I turned the other way and saw the reddish terrain of her areola continue in the distance before ending at a massive creamy dessert. Her breast. I thought back to when I saw Mei topless, she had fairly large prominent areolas. I was probably closer to her nipple than to the rest of the breast. It didn’t really matter. It was probably the size of a county to me anyway.


One thing that will be hard to get used to is the smell and the heat. All around me the natural smells of Mei’s body were magnified. The air was salty and tangy from the warm sweat that covered her body. I could see steam rising from the thin layer of liquid as if quickly cooled in the air. It was colder in her room than in the kitchen. I didn’t feel it apart from the gusts of wind that blew past me whenever she moved. The ground and air around me was warmed by the unimaginable furnace of her body below me. I could feel the heat radiating from the ground. At least I wouldn’t get cold, I guess. I hate the cold.


This whole time Mei had been walking through her room. I couldn’t make out what she was doing. I think I was finally starting to get used to the low rumble and shaking from her steps and breathing. Really any movement she made rippled through her body to me like a small aftershock. Suddenly I was blinded by a bright light. When my eyes adjusted I saw stark white all around. She must be in her bathroom. She turned, the movement catching me off guard, and I nearly lost my balance. Then the world started to turn upside down. I looked up to see the ground of what I assumed to be her bathroom counter approaching. I screamed in surprise just as her breasts avoided touching it. They continued to swing down until my sky was filled with a strange view of her shorts covered legs and feet. A loud scraping and booming sound shook me as her arms stretched down to grip her shorts and slide them and her panties off at once. The sky swayed with her breasts as I got a heavens filling view of her taunt stomach, crotch bordered with enough hair to be a vast forest to me, and her shapely legs. The ground shook as she stepped out of the shorts. The sky rapidly shifted at a nauseating rate as she stood up and the sky was filled with…Mei. I could see her. Well, some of her. She was close enough to what I assumed to be a mirror that I could easily make out her face and chest in the mirror. I couldn’t even make out the hill on which I stood in the reflection. It was like trying to see a simple ridge on the moon in the night sky. I could make out the larger features, but the finer points were details to me. I couldn’t even guess what part of her areola I was on. My new place in the world, or rather her being my new world, was beginning to sink in.


“Hey, Chris, how’s it going down there?” Mei said smugly. The ground rumbled around me, but her voice seemed to echo around me. I could actually hear her!


“Uh…Mei?” I ask nervously as I crouched on the ridge of nipple flesh. “Can you hear me?”


“Yep! And you can understand me too, little guy. It’s this fun spell that lets me locate and listen to you if you’re within a certain distance of me. It’s like I can see you and hear you in my mind. It takes some concentration though so I actually have to try and focus on you. I won’t do it too often. Only if I want to dick with you!”


The ground rumbled sharply as she giggled, causing me to roll forward off of the ridge down to the valley below. The rough, hard reddish ground slowed my fall somewhat but I continued to slide down the almost imperceptible bump on her areola, closer to the nipple.


“Mmmm…” A deep moan shook my world. “Seeing just my laugh do that to you is so…fucking hot.” Mei muttered.


“You gotta get me out of here!” I shouted up at the underside of her chin.


“No need to shout, little guy, I can hear you fine. And we agreed. We’re not letting you go just yet. This is to break you of your gambling problem. It’s for your own good.” She paused and smiled, “and for my own amusement of course.”


“You can’t do this! What about my girlfriend, or my mom? They will be worried about me!” I pointed out as I leaned against the slope behind me. It was damp, moist, here. Probably more of her sweat or oils. I sighed, I hadn’t even thought about Sarah. We’d been dating for a year now. Would I ever see her again?


“Well, Chris, your folks and Sarah are being told by Kayla that you went mountain climbing for a month. Which isn’t necessarily inaccurate.” Mei rumbled once more. “You’re stuck with me. Unless I lose you or something.”


“What?” I shout in terror. Just the thought of her losing of misplacing me terrified me.


The ground rumbled as she laughed again. I feel to my hands and knees to try and steady myself. To her, however she managed to see me; it must have looked like I was bowing in worship if service of her.


“Don’t worry too much, little guy. If I lose you and am within twenty feet or so of you, I can do this.”


The instant she stopped speaking I found myself on a different part of her nipple. The ground was firmer here and there was a high wall directly behind me. I saw a ledge in front of me and looked off of it. I could see her areola stretching out like a low desert valley below me.


“What happened?” I asked, confused.


“Isn’t it obvious? I teleported you. About three quarters of the way up my nipple to be exact. Granted, it will still likely take you all night to climb the rest of the way.”


“The…rest of the way?” I ask in confusion as I looked up at the pitted and ridged mountain that towered above me.


“Yeah. If you make it up top before I wake up tomorrow afternoon, you’ll be rewarded with food and drink up there if you can find it.” She giggled slowly at that last part before continuing, “I made it myself with magic.” It could be dangerous for you. You could just stay where you are and live off of my sweat and stuff instead. Think of it as a gamble,” she said in the smuggest way I have ever heard her speak before adding, “Oh! Think of my nipple as home base.  As long as you are within twenty feet of me, I can teleport you back to it. Don’t get too cocky though. It takes a lot of concentration to focus on you and do that and talk with you like this. I won’t do it often. I’ll only check on you every couple of days. I don’t want to have to alter my life too much for you. You’re just a parasite now after all. Most women wouldn’t even speak to something as insignificant as you.”


“What do I do about food or water?”


“Well, you’re a bit more resilient, but you do need to eat and drink. For water, you are just going to drink my sweat and bodily oils. You’ve already found out that it accumulates on me. It’s just filth, like you. As for food, climb up to the top of my nipple and I’ll have something waiting for you. It will take risk and effort on your part, effort that I won’t even notice to be honest.”


“Well, what about when I have to…use the bathroom?” I asked awkwardly.


“Just go anywhere you’d like. You’re so small that literally nothing you do will be noticeable to me unless I am using a spell to check in on you. Piss, shit, wherever you want. I. Don’t. Care. You are literally an imperceptible parasite. You could hump and try to fuck my nipple and I wouldn’t notice. The only thing that you can do to turn me on is just me visualizing how tiny and at my mercy you are. That’s it.”


I’m not going to lie, just hearing those words, being told that I was an unnoticeable parasite to one of my best friends and that she would not even recognize me on the most sensitive parts of her body was a bit heart breaking. I just slumped against her side of her nipple and looked straight up at the sky to see the underside of her face staring down at me like a god judging from the heavens.


“Will I be safe if you lay down? It’ll be dark under the covers or your shirt so I won’t be able to see!” I reply meekly.


“You’re so small that even if I wore a shirt or bra I think you’ll be safe. I’ll tell you what though. I will sleep topless tonight and try to keep the covers off of my nipples. Granted that will make it harder for you since they get bigger when they are well…hard. Also I’m casting another spell on you to let you see in the darkness. That should make things a bit easier for you. But this is the only time I am helping you. I am disconnecting our link now. You won’t be able to talk to me for a while. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, if I remember you. Good night and good luck if you decide to take that gamble.”


With that, she turned off the light to the room. It was pitch black for a moment and then my eyes began to adjust until I could gradually see. It was like looking through a pair of sunglasses on an overcast day. Everything looked dimly lit and kinda hazy. Before I could adjust, the monolithic Mei began walking. I could see shadows of the world around her move past me in the air but I couldn’t distinguish anything. The ground shook stronger than it ever had before as the nipple I was on shook and swayed with a lot of movement. I heard deep creaking sounds in the distance, followed by what could only be described as the sound of a continent sliding against another one. It dawned on me. She was only getting into bed and covering her body with sheets. The shaking subsided and the ground began to steady.


Now the only shaking I felt was the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she breathed and the beating of her heart miles below me, past this large fleshy mountain. The air here was cooler then on her areola itself. I wondered if that was because there was less flesh to put off heat? It was still enough to keep me warm, but it didn’t block the cool breeze blowing through the air. I gave Mei a few minutes to settle in before I started to climb. I had no idea if she were awake or a sleep as I sought out hand and footholds on her nipple. I began climb. There were plenty of ledges and ridges for me to use to climb. I even saw some shallow caves and recesses in the skin of her nipple that I could probably take shelter in if need be. I realized that these were probably just imperceptible imperfections on her nipple.


The wind was at my back when I pulled myself up a cliff and almost immediately fell over into a canyon. I clung to the thick wall of skin and looked down to see a deep ravine in her nipple. This was probably nothing more than a crease or wrinkle. As I clung to this bit of skin, the ground around me started to rumble and shake. A grinding noise like a landslide shook me to my core. I looked over to see the ravine beneath me disappearing. The ground shook and groaned like leather scraping leather. The wall across the ravine was rising up higher into the air. I wondered if I was being shrunk more, but realized that her nipple was growing erect from either arousal or the cool night air. The nipple shook and pulsed as it grew, almost throbbing as I clung to it. I struggled to keep my grip as her body shifted in response to the cold. I doubt she even noticed the movement.


Finally it subsided and I looked up at the rest of my climb. It now seemed to have doubled. I took a deep breath and resumed my climb. Her scent was everywhere. A strange mix of sweat and body lotion and something I couldn’t place that almost smelled like baby powder? Maybe it was a lotion or body wash? I was thankful that it was so cool tonight and her nipple was exposed. I was worried about what it would have been like if she slept under the heavy sheets and comforters on her bed. I’m not ready to face giant streams of sweat. The basic oils on her body were enough. Surprisingly, her nipple was fairly dry. Nowhere near as moist as her skin. Some sweat was puddled up here and there from her breast being trapped in her bra until recently, but it was easily tolerable. Tolerable? What am I saying? I’m mite sized on Mei’s nipple and I’m thinking about how her sweat is tolerable right now? Still, I had best climb to humor her at least. Maybe there will be food and supplies up there? I hope so because I have no idea how I will get by on her. I am already getting hungry and its only getting worse the more I climb.


The room had brightened some from the morning sun creeping through the window by the time I made it to the top of her nipple. It was this expansive, rolling plain as far as I could see. There were canyons and hills covering it. I saw what looked like a ridge to me; it was merely a line for her, which seemed to run a good distance into the horizon. I climbed atop it and saw that it stretched on for as far as I can see. There was a strong wind up here that would occasionally gust up around me. It was strangely rhythmic, but there was a strange familiar scent to the gusts. Almost like alcohol. I look back to see Mei’s face in the distance. Her mouth was partially open and she was exhaling through it in her sleep. She had her head propped up on pillows so her sleeping face could fill my vision.


The sun was streaming through the blinds and I figured I’d walked about ten miles at this point. I hadn’t found any of the food she mentioned and I was cold and tired. She said it was up here and I had to look for it and that finding it would be a risky gamble…I got nothing. I kept walking, exhausted and not paying much attention. She shifted in her sleep just as I misstepped and found myself falling face first down a deep slope. I screamed in surprise as I tried to grab onto something to slow my fall. There were bumps and pits, but I couldn’t get a grip on anything. She kept squirming which caused the ground to shake even more. The pit I was falling into turned into a long dark tunnel that stretched on as far as I could see. I looked around frantically as the natural light disappeared and I fell into this dark tunnel.


I tumbled down the dark tunnel as my eyes adjusted to the absolute darkness that I could now see in thanks to Mei. The walls were textured and tapered of soft pink flesh. Still firm to me but softer than the skin of her areola or nipple. The tunnel narrowed, but never enough for me to worry about being caught or trapped. No, I just kept tumbling as she kept shifting. I bounced into a small outcropping of flesh that pushed me away from the wall of the tunnel and launched me into a straight freefall into the dark depths of my friend’s massive breast. I hit a curving slope in the tunnel hard and bounced off of it. I rolled a little ways until I came to a rest on the ground.


The ground was sloped downward as the flesh tunnel seemed to gradually go on, continuing deeper into her body. It was stifling hot in here. It made sense, I was miles deep inside of her breast…or was it still just her nipple. I looked up the tunnel from whence I came. It was so long and far that I couldn’t see the entrance.


“How far did I fall?” I asked aloud.


As I spoke, I caught a taste of the air. It had a strange almost indescribable taste. The air was warm and smelled of moist flesh and some sort of earthy smell. The heat and scent almost made me lightheaded. The smell was strange, but appetizing, comforting. I took a deep breath, the heat filling my lungs, surrounding me from without and within. This was a strange feeling. Mei enveloped me completely and she couldn’t even feel me. I had fallen inside of her nipple. Into one of her milk ducts. This was insane. The walls lightly pulsed and the ground shook with every breath she took and ever beat of her heart. It wasn’t disorientating as I feared. Instead I was able to grow used to it. The ground was soft under my feet and the vibrations and pulsing felt rather nice. The ground was surprisingly moist in here. Almost like there was a film or mucus covering every pulsing, quivering surface? I ran my hand along one of the curves in this massive pink tunnel and looked up at the ceiling countless feet above me. I was so small that I didn’t even take up much space in her tiny milk duct.


I honestly didn’t think I could climb out of here. I was just too small and she was too big. The only think I could do was wait for her to get me out. Thankfully I had air in here somehow, granted it felt heavy and full with the various strange scents of Mei, but it was breathable. As tired as I was, I decided to walk further down the tunnel. I had nothing else to do, so I may as well.


The tunnel continued to slope down deeper into her breast and I followed it.


Suddenly, the ground around me trembled violently. Two loud crashes vibrated through the walls knocking me from my feet. I fell face first into the film of liquid that lined the tunnel with a squelch. The ground continued shaking as the impact reverberated through her breast. Before I could try to gain my bearings, the world shook again and the floor I was laying on suddenly became the wall. I hung onto the wall for a moment, looking down at the tunnel below. As Mei moved I heard strange crashing sounds, like surf on a beach, off in the distance. Finally, the surface tension of the liquid could no longer hold me and I peeled off the wall and fell deeper into the tunnel once more.


The uneven walls whipped by and quaked as my hostess began moving out there in the real world. The world inside of her was in turmoil from her basic movements. I continued to fall, wondering what she was doing when I crashed face first into a warm lake. I broke the surface and looked around, seeing that I was surrounded by a strange yellowish-white liquid. I coughed as some of it made its way into my mouth. It was milk. Breast milk. That explained the smell and taste earlier. I looked around the shaking chamber I was in as waves of milk sloshed around me, battering me with thousands of gallons of the stuff. Mei was moving, but the waves of milk settled and I could finally see once more as I wiped milk from my eyes. I floated there, trying to tread the milk like water. I was in her milk glands… I was so small that her breast milk was like a lake to me! I started freaking out in confusion and shock at this thought. How was Mei even producing milk? Was it another spell? Then it hit me. This was the food she was talking about. Her offer was another way for her to humiliate me, wasn’t it?


The milk was warm, as was the air, heated from Mei’s own body heat. I floated in the sea of milk until I saw waves breaking on a shoreline formed by a ridge of skin. I guess the milk didn’t fill up this whole chamber? Lucky me. I felt so embarrassed and disgusted as I pulled myself out of the milk and onto somewhat dry land. It still had a coating of milk and the scent was everywhere in the air. I sat there, feeling the ground rumble from her movements and watching the waves of milk break on the shore. My stomach growled. I was so hungry and tired. Then it hit me. She was right. I am completely dependent on her. She said I’d live off of what her body provides and I am going to have to. With a sigh I crawled over to the milk and began to drink.



Mei woke up around 1:00 pm with a splitting headache. She’d had far too much to drink the night before. She squirmed in bed, nearly turning onto her side when she remembered what happened the night before. With a smile she opened her eyes and looked at her nipple perched atop her mighty breast. She liked thinking that one of her best friends was lost on that little nub of skin. She thought about using her powers to focus on him, but was too tired and too hungover to focus. She’d do that later. After all, like she told him, he was a parasite to her. Completely beneath her notice. She gently patted the side of her breast, watching it shake from the impacts. That should wake the little guy up if he made it to sleep, she thought to herself. She pulled the covers off of herself and sat up, getting out of bed. As she bent over and pulled some panties on, she wondered idly if Chris decided to take her bet or not. Maybe he was wondering around on her nipple looking for food, not realizing she meant the milk that she was now producing.


The milk was the result of a spell she cast for Annie. Annie wanted to suck her tits when they had sex and mentioned that she wondered what it’d be like if Mei lactated. Mei decided to make it so, just to please her girl. Later in the day she should start lactating and leaking milk for her little guy. She’d have to arrange that. Later. For now, coffee, then maybe a shower, she thought as she pulled on a shirt and walked to her bathroom, completely unaware of what Chris was going through.  

Chapter End Notes:

Please comment and let me know what you think so far! Your comments really help inspire me to keep going. Also, let me know what you want to see in the future!

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